Abdul Nasir Jangda – Illuminated Tarawih Khatirah Night #10

Abdul Nasir Jangda
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses various record announcements and upcoming events, including a new H fac unit being installed, a new H fac unit being installed, and a new H fac unit being installed. The importance of not using the negative words " illiteracy" and avoiding evil language is emphasized, along with the stories of the Prophet and his actions. The segment also touches on the use of words like "naught out the light" and "naughting out the light" to indicate people's beliefs and actions.
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so don't want to like Barakatuh just a couple of quick announcements Inshallah, and then we'll get started. First and foremost, the last set of record that we prayed there was accidentally three instead of two. So inshallah we'll the according to the way that works if you don't realize it at the moment where you're able to add one more and do such a cycle, you basically have to do it over again. So after the holiday is over, instead of the normal 12 We'll be having 14 inshallah. Alright, so just a quick announcement if somebody did intend to do eight, than just stay after the holiday inshallah number one, number two, the second announcement very quickly, is that if it feels kind of

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warm in here than Welcome to Texas, right, for all the people that are always talking down to us every time it gets cold, all you Texans freak out, how do you like to heat now? Okay, exactly, not just joking. So humbler as y'all can kind of see and you've kind of noticed over the course of the last, you know, week we can have, everything has been slowly but surely kind of coming together here. Piece by piece. We wanted to get in for the month of Ramadan for the obvious reasons and the blessings Alhamdulillah of having all of y'all here with us, and being able to pray in our new campus and being able to worship Allah and remember Allah here. So one of the things that's kind of

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a work in progress is we actually have all new H fac units, AC units going in, in sha Allah, they're already here, we've already acquired them, but the technicians that are installing them, we're a little bit behind schedule, so inshallah by the end of the week, all those units should be installed the next couple of days Inshallah, and things will hopefully get a little bit nicer in here, but until then, it's good. Don't worry, Allah will reward you for your sacrifice. All right.

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Okay. Besides that, you will hamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah ru ala alihi wa sahbihi admiring

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Inshallah, continuing with our series illuminated where we are studying the ayat to noon, the verses in the Quran dimensioned * light illumination, today, we're going to be talking about sort of out off surah number seven is number 157. What's fascinating and remarkable about this is this, I mentioned the concept of noon, and it specifically calls the Quran *. And it says that the people whom this *, this light this Quran was sent to, and they follow it the way that they're supposed to, then those people are successful. They shall attain success. That's where it ends. But where it starts is Allah subhanaw taala tells us describes to us actually in quite a bit of detail. What does

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it look like to follow that * in that light? What is it requiring of us? What is it asking us to do on a very practical level? We've talked a lot of the philosophical concepts. Now it's going to talk about, you know, very practically speaking, what is it asking of us? What is it demanding of us, and it specifically talks about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as well, that what our obligations and responsibilities to the prophets Allah, He said them as the conduit between us in that light. Right, we didn't directly receive that light. The prophets Allah Dixon received it.

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Right, and then he shared it with us as a famous narration says Wallah who you are to Anil, awesome. God is the one who gives, I am simply a distributor.

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And that's the process of being humble. We, of course, respect him tremendously. But that's still the idea. So what kind of respect do we owe him? What kind of loyalty do we owe the prophets a lot. So let's read about this. Allah subhanaw taala says that the believers are who Alladhina Termeer ona of Rasulullah Nabisco alumi,

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that they are the people who follow very closely follow in the footsteps of its EBA in the Arabic language means to very closely follow to put your foot where you see the footsteps in the sand. So those who follow step by step who are the following are assuming the messenger that he received revelation

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and Nabhi, the prophet, he is a role model.

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And then third description is only

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right only in the Arabic language literally means Allah the liar to what I, Accra, Accra to the person who does not formally read nor does that person formally write properly

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Fully right right and although a lot of times in the English language that is translated as illiteracy being illiterate, but in the English language the word illiterate and illiteracy has a negative connotation so we do not use that for the prophets a lot.

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We do not use that to describe him. That's why some of the, you know, really remarkable translators and biographers of the prophets a lot. He said, I'm in the English language, right? They almost kind of like, if you will made up a word to describe the process somebody said, unlettered, unlettered, right, pick, tal Mamadou picked all he wrote, the prophet who can neither read nor write. So we don't use that kind of a negative word to describe the process. And I talked about this earlier, what is the what is so remarkable about that? What is the wisdom within that, that this revelation, that such profound wisdom, the history of all of humanity, to analyze the human condition so

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profoundly, to prophesize? What will happen in the future, to tell us about the life of the hereafter to teach us so much about ourselves, is all being given to us by a man where Allah subhanaw taala says, Why am I contented lumen kita? Well as to who we are Munich is alertable multilumen you didn't read a lot of books. You didn't sit there and write with your hand extensively.

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Otherwise, those who like to poke holes and things, skeptics, people that are just like to be skeptical for no good reason, they would have had a reason they would have had something to latch on to and cast aspersions upon you. But now what are they gonna say?

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So the prophets Allah Allahu Allah describes him. Now what does it say about him? I Latina Ji do know whom to whom photography will enjoy.

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That he is the one that they they they find him who are the they they are they is talking about the Jews and the Christians. I don't get up the people who receive scripture in Revelation before us. Right, as we've been talking about, where there are narrations there's a beautiful narration that we've maybe maybe you've heard of it, a part of it before, but I'll share with you the entirety of it.

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This particular version of the narration is narrated by Imam Ahmed Rahim Allahu taala. And his Muslim

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where he says that a man from the Arab the Bedouins he said you love to jello button Ilan Medina, Tiffy hayati Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, I went to Medina to go conduct some business and trade for nama for Octoman Bay it he said that when I was done doing my business, go to LA lkn have a Roger follows me on a minimum.

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He says that I want to go find that man that everyone talks about. He's talking about the prophets awesome

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for la semana Minho, and I want to hear him for myself. Father for telephony, Bina have you back to where I'm gonna go soon? I ran into him in the street. And on one side, it was Abu Bakr on the other side who was amaro the Allahu taala. And they were walking kind of swiftly and quickly

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fit to VR to him. Fie, fie. A thought to him had Roger limonaia hood, and they were kind of in a hurry. So I said, Hmm, let me see where this goes. So I just started trailing them, I just tagged along and I followed them and they approached a man who's from the Jewish community. Now she run a Toyota Corolla. He had the Torah the pages of the total the Old Testament in front of him, and he was reading them you as Z nuff. So who Yahtzee behind if so who and even in the who filled boat.

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He had a son

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and his son was very gravely ill

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and his son was near death.

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And he was reading a toad are trying to console and comfort himself that his boy was dying.

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godson in fifth Yanni well actually he and he says I looked at his son and his son was this young, beautiful boy.

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For cholera Sula, salatu, salam, and Chinook Abdullah the unzila Torah. So he's the Prophet SAW, Selim said to the man, I asked you in the name of the one who sent the Torah. * turgidum vikita. Because if it were Maharajji do you find the rain within the Scripture? My description and the prophecy that I would come for follow up you don't see he had

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a law. So the dad the Father, He says like this, he doesn't open his mouth but he just shakes his head no.

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The other evening who? His son who's lying there, in the pangs of death, dying

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He, He speaks up through all of his pain.

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And he says II Yes, well, Lizzy Angelica rotta Inala Nagi to Vicki Tabitha sufa Tacoma Craddock? He says, indeed we do find in our scripture, your description and the prophecy that you would come to us. We're in the eyeshadow Allah Allah, Allah, Allah will enact Rasul Allah.

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And I bear witness on my deathbed

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that there is no one worthy of worship except for Allah and that you owe Muhammad Salah, the psalm or the messenger of God.

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And then shortly thereafter,

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the boy passed away while they were there.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said Hakim who Allah Who Dianna Akiko

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the prophets a lot he said, Go and lift up your brother,

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Somalia governor who was salata, Allah He and then the prophets, Allah Nizam took care of the, the preparation of his body, and the salata, janazah and the burial of this young boy

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so the prophets a lot ism was talked about was described. There's a hadith of Bokhari that actually very specifically comments on this, where it says that the prophets Allah at some in the original form of the Old Testament, which the Quran tells us, yeah, how do you feel now Colima ama well, they are he was one of them, I look up they altered and changed it. But some of the descriptions of the prophets are somewhere that this messenger will come later before then we'll have at ease. He will not be mean and he will not be rude. Well as a hub infill SWAK he will not be ill mannered he will not yell in the streets and in the marketplace. What I get is he say a to say utter, he will never

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respond to evil with evil. What I can Yahuwah Yes, Pharaoh, but he will forgive and let things go. He'll be very generous in his spirit. So Allah says that this messenger was described in their books. What does this messenger do? Yep, Moodle whom Bill maruf. He tells the believers to do good. He enjoys good upon them. He encourages them to do good we and hug them and munkar he forbids them from the evil. He tells them not to do bad things. Well, you Hill Lulu homotopy but he emphasizes to them the things that are good and healthy and pure. God has permitted them for you so enjoy the blessings of Allah.

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What you heard the more about if any tells them that bad evil, filthy things are not allowed. And what does bad evil kind of filthy things mean? So the scholars explain that primarily what it's addressing is they used to make offerings in the names of their false idols.

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They used to make offerings, sacrifices, and they made their false gods, their idols. So Allah said never partaken that never partake from that. Secondly, the things that Allah has prevented prohibited in the Quran. Right How do you metallic ml Mehta what dumb Well, indeed, in the ML camera while may sit when unsolved well Islam will resume anomalies on the road kill the blood that is let out of the animal, swine, pork, wine, gambling, all these things are haram stay away from them. They're not good for you. Well, you're the one who is talking. Well Allah Allah, Allah He cannot Allah him. And he removes this prophet removes from you the burden that you carry on your shoulders

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and the shackles that are around your neck. What does that mean? What that means is this.

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Allah says Allah talks about this in the Quran, what are Baniya EBITA the Ruhama Katana Holly elaborative added Manjula, Famara, aha, Korea

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that the religions of the past they committed a very critical error. What did they do? They became fanatic. Right? They became fanatical in their religion. monasticism, like being monks being celibate, or swearing off that I won't eat this, or I won't sleep, or I won't do this or I won't do that. Right, this kind of extremism. The process I'm saying Yep, and we'll Halawa 15. Don't engage in this. This is bad. And Allah says in the Quran, we didn't tell them to live their lives this way. They made this stuff up. And the stuff that we told them to do, obey Allah, they wouldn't do that. But then they made up all these like, false constructs in the religion.

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So Allah removed all those burdens and those shackles, that's why the prophets Allah, Allah says in the Quran, read the lock will become will usara while I read to become an Ursa, Allah wants you to practice the religion in a very practical

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Allah does not want you to practice the religion in a very difficult and you know crippling way. Allah says in the Quran, Masha, Allah, Allah confident, even hydrogen. Allah has not obligated this religion upon you in a way where he will break your back. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to Bill honey figure to somehow

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that the prophets, Allah, He said, I was sent with a religion that has two features. Number one, it focuses on the worship of only one Allah. It is a very worship, to heed focused religion. And the second feature of it is somehow it's very easy, it's very practical, right that if I've hurt my back, where I can do it, I'm going to do

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I don't have to harm myself further. I can sit in pray.

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If somebody is very sick or ill, where they can't fast, they don't still have to deliberately try to fast and end up in the hospital. They are excused from fasting.

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To just give a couple of basic examples. So this practicality of our religion, that the prophets are certain removed those kinds of false burdens. And then Allah says for Lavina Amanu. So the people who believe be he who believe in the Messenger,

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then what did they do was true. And they honor the messenger, they respect the messenger. Right? A lot of times in our religious discourse, when whenever we talk about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it seems like we, you know, you hear it like we talk about him with a lot of reverence and a lot of respect.

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You know, we call him the Messenger of Allah, the Prophet of God, we don't say his name, like just like a normal person. We always send peace and blessings and salutations upon him. Because Allah commanded us to do so

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that the believers they honored the messenger, oneness or who and they support the messenger, what Tibet are unknown, and they follow the light. And let the only dilemma who that came down with the messenger.

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They follow that light. They read the Quran, they listen to the Quran, they understand the Quran, they live the Quran, they practice the Quran, they preach the Quran,

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Allah eager, humble muffler Hone, those are the people that will attain success both in this life and in the next May Allah subhanaw taala make us from one source people. I mean yadda blah to me to Zack McLaughlin Baraka la frequency electronic labor.

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