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Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The use of visual in media can lead to problems, including losing control and causing drinking and drinking alcohol. dressing properly for the message and respect for worship is crucial, as is the use of proper language. The Golden Golden is a beautiful thing, but mistakes made by Mussa sparkline have caused French soccer's language to become angry and give excuses. The definition of "arouseland" is discussed, as it refers to the situation of a man trying to avoid social interaction and may lead to unnecessary pressure.
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And that allowed me

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to kind of you know

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let me know

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give me a

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chapter on clemency tolerance and gentleness

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want to find that our film film as he says a bird one urinated in domestic which means is that as Mr.

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Moser the enemies

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don't have your measurements sacred and that was it

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so that is the measure of Rasulullah sallallahu reservado coming from the desert, he got into the structure I mean for him whatever it is, doesn't matter. It's not a house doesn't look like a house. It's finished with purple. Some people are sitting somewhere in the distance and he found an empty corner on the side. So he went to himself

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tourism he was answering as they call it the answer the call of nature.

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So when he did that, Barack Obama NASA at a coffee he said and some people rushed to beat him

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was when they saw that the Russians have beat him imagine you see some but as we speak right now here someone comes in and they were in shorts for example very tight shorts they looked weird

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what would you

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take them out get out here let them score them overdue to go and inquire what's going on maybe they don't have idea what what's displaces maybe they're just in an emotional or spiritual crisis. They need some guidance some help. Maybe that's the best clothes they have. If you check if you see what's the reason behind it, all the superficial image that you see my next question, but the superficial when you see it doesn't make any sense this guy Kevin in Saudi Arabia in the corner of the machine, it's definitely offensive. But when you go and check with check with this man, he's a bad one doesn't know any better. He thought it's okay to do that. So eventually, that's when you say

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okay, but next time Don't do this. So again, this man, he did what he did, and also how they jumped over described skin, almost a billion dollar forgotten Elisa, loss of doubt.

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That was removed, which means Don't hurt him, don't hurt him, let him finish the urine, he basically finished. Otherwise, you might cause them some physiological problems if you hold it. To that extent, the prophet SAW said he was careful about the health of this man. Just fine. It's Tara, just let him finish.

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And then the other reason the Prophet told them Don't, don't do that, besides, you know, not hurting and not scaring him. He didn't want also for this master running around. And then instead of the adjuster being contained in one spot, will be all over the place. And this case, we're gonna toss the whole muzzle

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until it finishes. So then, when they finished the process, or some part of our require only such an amendment

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says when he's done, just go take a bottle of water, or a little bit larger, and just put water over it. And then we'll be fine.

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Then color in numbers to read. When I'm to Gotham mastery. He said to them, so a lot of you have been sent news to people to mankind, you have been sent to make things easy, and not to make them difficult.

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You see this?

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We were sent to the world to make this life easier to people that have made it difficult. Of course, we're talking about making it easy. And the one that allows permits to be easy. Because sometimes some ways we might think it's easy. But with allies, though, does make things difficult, for example, which is easier Gemma to prohibit alcohol or to permit people drinking what he does,

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which is easier.

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What's easier is to forbid them from drinking.

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When Sorry, sir. And then on 1030 is the drive time what do they do organized crime. But yeah, if it comes from the heart, believe that it's command from the last panel with that. It makes it easier for the society. There'll be less, less consumption of alcohol, less crimes, less domestic violence problems, less people in jail, less killing less, whatever you want to call it. So when you say when you look at things that were lost, I don't want that to happen. That's how it is concerned easy.

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So don't say easy. It means whatever people think it's easier. Sometimes what people think it's easier to the difficult it's difficult it cause actually difficulties in the long run. Like river for example. People think you have a we're going through a difficult financial situation. So we have to permit we have to allow the use of visual at river but you

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If you if you use that it might, it might cost stimulate the market and the business or the economy for some time. But in the long run, what could What does that cost to the community to the society could absolutely economy like we see, we saw it in 2008. And a lot was happening. So again, when it comes to something when the rubber stamp said you've been sent to make things easy, in the way Allah subhanho, wa Taala, commands things to happen. That's what makes it easier for people. What people think is things to be easy sometimes, as they violate a lot of rules. It might look easy for them and the short time short term or the long term would cause so much difficulties and problems. So

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look at it in that fashion, eventually to continue the story of this man is better than one the problem here when he was brought to the prophet SAW Allah Salah, the man, of course, came shivering when he saw this group had inherited towards me, that's correct. All of them running at him. Imagine you're just stranger and you see all these faces, like someone comes through this door. And you all guys rush towards him. What's gonna happen to this guy, he will freak out, perhaps you will. downstroke. But that's how he was when he was brought to the prophets of Allah seller. He's a prophet. So he told me he taught him in the nicest way. He says, you know, this kind of American,

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they couldn't could lead us to Chairman admin admin. And this, this place is not done for these kind of practices. Well, I can actually take away what

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this is for remembering the last panel.

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So this man is so he was so scared. Suddenly, when he saw the profits or some crushed him, he got so relaxed. So he said, God, Allah, Mohammed, Mohammed, what of the man

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have mercy on me and Mohammed, nobody.

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Which means those people don't deserve it. Just me and him. We had this man, that's all. So the professor was me against modern Scarlet hijo de la San Miguel containing a vast thing, and you can't do this for the last panel with that. So the point is, as you can see, from the editor, we decided that we were at

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a couple of months ago, the professor Samuel, Allah, Allah, Allah will give, will give so much if you need it, and kind and gentle, more than what you do if you try to be rough and flush with law. Any question?

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This kindness

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Welcome back. I

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just came back from Kuwait. So make sure to go down and shake hands with them and

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this for this man his story

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and offer the

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dress and he's not repeating the same thing. True. I also have because actually what happened is now we've

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got a good point, exactly. Look at this example we mentioned is actually when this happens the first time with this individual. But if you know some Muslims, they come to them regularly. And every time they come, they don't respect the place of worship, the place of worship. So you see, some people, they always come, they smell bad, they don't wear properly. Sometimes with all due respect with a sister, they come without proper hijab, even to them as

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I mean, yeah, we need to be nice and tell them sister, if you don't mind, you know, this is also the last panel, whatever, appreciate it. You know, make sure when you come into the muscle area that you dress properly for the for the place. Yeah, I mean, don't say I don't want to hurt her feelings. Every time she comes, she does the same thing. What about the feeling of those who brought dress properly?

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Why should we also consider those people who come and they maintain the law and the manners that is required for the message. So if someone does that frequently, it means they don't really show respect for this place. In this case, we need to talk to them. First time, second time, third time, then we take stands for them. Why do you say three times? Just like the example of Musa and the film? When muslims for the word together? What was the condition that had allowed most of the Golden?

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is a dancer question. Don't ask why it's ending for so the first time when he saw when he saw after the break in that you know that the ship or the boat? Moses, what do you do? After they gave us a free ride? That's what you do. That's how you reward them.

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When I say you're not going to be impatient with me. So the first time what Moosa was missing, he forgot that Allah LA County manager, please don't forget him.

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That's the first time he forgot. The second time when he saw him killing the boy. It wasn't out of forgetfulness right now it because you saw something awful. kata, kata dimensions that create an

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innocent life without any reason. Allah Allah aku laka. This time he had the word luck, so Didn't I tell you that you are not going to be patient with me? So it's now

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Not because he forgot the second time. This was a mistake on Mussa sparkline.

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color. So he said, Oh, the color is data on shape. You know what? Give me a third time, a third chance. If I ever asked you after that, that's it, you got excuse. So when when they did what they did on fixing the wall of these two orphans. When they did when the people refused to give them hospitality moves, I was helping each other. And I'm sure he was angry. Why should we fix it for them? For free? I guess you could have asked for food for hospitality. So imagine that Jose says, You know what, if I were you, I would have asked him asking them to give us something in return. That's quite easy. Now, I thought that's part of that said,

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determinism. So. So if anyone does anything wrong to you consider these three steps. The first time, maybe they forgot. The second times how a mistake. But the third time, that's it.

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You give them another experience. One time and when I was in one of these massage, give me a hot water Juma. So the first time I heard the cell phone is ringing,

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so I stopped, as usual.

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And then I started that direction. I thought just like Musa maybe he when he came in, he forgot.

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Then after sighs continue to talk about the same phone is ready.

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And I looked again, that same direction, not knowing who the person is exactly. But eventually look at that direction. I said maybe like Moses said after. It's a mistake. Why? Because instead of pressing no OFF button, he didn't turn it off completely. So give him that excuse. After that started the hook by again, the same phone rings again for the third time. That's what it was that was it. Caught on a demo was over became over the telephone.

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Eventually, we will learn the lesson 109 after that you would never hear suffering in the midst never.

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So even the people they came up to the homeless said you know what, I've never heard a football like this.

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I have never had to repeat that again. So eventually would give the people the you know, the benefit of doubt. First of all, maybe they will go second, maybe they're a mistake. But third time, you know what, I just gave you enough excuses. So you can and you are allowed to take a strong stance, there's a difference between taking a strong stance and being rude

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is difference in you can be hazard which be decisive, be strong in your position, using firm language. And being so rude and be involved. There's a difference. So when we say to take a stance or a position is to be decisive, to be strong to be firm, but at the same time, being gentle. And being you know, nice meaning you're not you don't use a bad language. And your concern is for the benefit of everybody. Yes, I care about that individual, I advise them. But at the same time, I had to seek respect to those who are attending.

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That's important. Why Why should I just care about one individual if he is loaded? Everybody does. You know and so eventually we give everybody the benefit of doubt. So it looks like it sounds like a lot have someone come to the masjid first time second time. But then after that, you know what, you should not be coming like this if you don't and give them the nice advice. And of course now as Muslims we should be gentle and nice later when we give advice. But if you think that your your advice is not going to be taken seriously or taken easily or maybe be considered advice, you better talk to someone who's more authoritative in this case they will deliver the message inshallah for

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people so they can listen to it and answer

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any question. Yes. What's the definition of

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inherent in Arabic? Like what's the difference between belief? And I guess what's the definition of

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a man in the Arabic language the linguistic definition of it means

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which means the word English that the English translation is actually as a matter of fact is that Arabic translation for us does not for a mash Eman is higher level and degree than does the reading. So in English, I would say believe or believe that is the deal. From sada pious Dacosta and the truth that's the main argument as in sort of use of the word as abusive candidate father with the fake blood on the shirt of the brother who said karma and the movement in an hour of goodness means you're not gonna believe us in this case, we're not gonna believe even for telling the truth. So that's the meaning of however the technical definition of demand is higher than just the word does

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the does this place is in the heart. So do you might fake it in your face that you believe in us, but we know you're not gonna you're not you don't have that. You don't believe in us because the heart doesn't show that. So that means that does this isn't the heart that's the basic of the of the of the map. However, the technical definition in mind includes also actions and statements.

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So actually the statement as a last part of the system, sort of the Messiah, you're

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hamana me, all you who believe by heart, um, you know, prove it by action and statement. So it includes statements including action. That's the minimum as for all your pain, but the pain is the highest degree of an EMA

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the highest degree because an EMR is data that comes in degrees, according to Gemma. So for if someone comes from us at the message that there was an accident, you know, this is a traffic light. And you know, the person is is a joker, he was meant sprains Would you believe in? How much belief or faith would you have in that story?

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Maybe the minimum 5% 10% depends on how he, you know, he makes that reaction. But if then someone else comes after that you don't know them, someone who's new to the community says, By the way, there's an accident over there. So take the other side of the road when you leave. And

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now how much your demand is going to increase? Maybe a little bit 20%, you don't know the person, maybe he's accomplished with them. So I'm not sure about Boris is someone you trust from the massive how much amount becomes the same thing it increases. So eventually demand increases based on the news and so on, you have seen is increasing with that. If you have if you go out yourself. Or if you go out to shop and you see it

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what what does what does this call this is called III. This is called intellect it means the certainty of the site for love on the highest degree of your team is what they call

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that when you see the actual implementation of law doesn't answer your question, although it's kind of

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I want to ask you about during the series and

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times where it will give people only two chances. Like the second time you ask.

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Yeah, yeah, it depends, of course. I mean, is there a difference? When the prophets of Allah Salah met the guy abaza there's a man who

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was this man cave fighting with a prophet sallallahu wasallam one, but he was captured.

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So when the prophets are required that they pay ransom for the freedom, this maniototo So, so young, I'm an old man, I only have girls left. I don't have any boys to take care of them. So who's going to be for my daughters? I don't have money. I don't have this. So the prophets, Allah salam, he took his word. He said, Listen, okay, I release you for free. However, you promised me never come fighting back against us. So the man gave the Prophet is what he says, I promise you, I'll never come back to fight you.

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So the problem

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when the Muslims were defeated in the battlefield, and they stood behind for a few days, finding their wounds the prophets Allah semi ordered the Sahaba they chased the the army, the mission team tried to catch up with them.

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They couldn't catch up with a big caravan or the gun, but they were able to catch some of those people. One of them was a Vasa

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So the COVID rate is even better for free to save his spirit life. And this guy is now in Brooklyn, he comes back, someone that when he was presented before the prophet SAW the last time he told him, didn't you promised me last time that you're not going to fight against us? So he said, he said, I am humbled. Please forgive me I, you know, I'm sorry. Then the Prophet sallallahu sallam. He told him says color No way. says I'm not gonna let you go to Mecca to Mecca, wiping your cheeks which is an Arabic expression, you know, I'm saying you know, I fooled Mohammed twice is doing like this. So the professor said, I'm not gonna let you do that. Go to Mike O'Brien about you know, fooling

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Mohammed twice. Khalid Mohammed What about my daughter's Marilyn Alma del bene mo is going to be for my daughter's. So Professor Sam said or not?

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Me, Johanna. I don't care killer and he was killed.

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Why? Because he he himself put him in that situation. Robert, let him go. But he can find it again the following in Milan. So sometimes if there's a covenant that has words, and there's a breach of agreement, then yeah, you don't give them you know, anytime and I give another opportunity unless you wanted

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