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happen to live with regards

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to human hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen whether in one Illa Allah while Amin on Akeeba too much pain a lot more somebody was telling him about it and Abaco so they can Mohammed in Salalah it was still a minor only he was likely he was salam to see him and cathedra. So I remember in,

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in New Orleans, you know, every single year, we would expect hurricanes, and Subhanallah, it got to a point where hurricanes were like vacations, you know, we knew that they would come, we would evacuate the city. You know, it would rain heavy. We'd sit outside drink tea and watch the trees go all over the place. And then we'd return home and we'd return to our cities, we'd return we'd return to our city would return to our homes, we return to work in school and everything would be okay. And somehow Well, this is something that I actually grew up with. And there were a few hurricanes that kind of took us out of our elements. You had Hurricane Andrew, back in, I believe it was 93.

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You know, kind of took us out of our element a little bit where it was shocking that we actually got hit by something that moved us to that extent.

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You had hurricane George, which I want to say was around 2005. I might be wrong. No, that was its way earlier than 2005 actually. And subhanAllah. I remember when before Hurricane Katrina hit.

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It was the same old story that you know, a hurricane is coming. evacuate the city, go to Baton Rouge, go to Houston, spend a few days out and you'll come home and it will be okay. And it got to a point where it's kinda as the newscasters would come on. And they would say look, don't worry about it. It's I'm sorry, this newscast will come on, say this one's going to be the biggest hurricane ever. And this one is going to, you really need to evacuate. People just said whatever. Right? The people that always stay home during hurricanes just always stayed home and they said it's just gonna be another hurricane, whatever will weather the storm. And then Subhanallah lo and behold, Hurricane

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Katrina hits. And there we are in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, turning on the TVs and watching the entire city underwater. And it was really a very stark reminder that you really don't control Allah subhanho To Allah is what Allah azza wa jal has destined for you and what Allah subhanaw taala decrees for you. And it reminded me of when ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada tells us not to feel safe from his plan, that we never feel safe from allotment omakr Allah to never feel safe from the plan of Allah subhanho to add, it doesn't matter where you live, what the situation is, how everything seems to add up. If Allah subhana Hartside decree something that Allah subhanaw taala would decree it. And

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that's something that I think that you know, today, obviously, you know, we got hit. For those of you that don't know, we had two earthquakes, a 3.5 and a 3.6. Here, this was actually my first time in my life actually experiencing a shake, I felt I was in the house for both of them. And I actually felt the house shake. And I was I know we have matched from California, and we have some other brothers from California. And that was, you know, reading online, all the people from California making fun of us, you know, in Dallas getting paranoid about an earthquake and you know, they, they wake up in the morning and you know, their tables are falling all over the place and plates are

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flying across. And they're fine with it because they're so used to it right? So many different memes, you know, of a fork that fell off the table and says, Never forget, you know, like 911

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so many different things. And I thought to myself, as we're laughing about these things, and as we're making fun of it at the end of the day, you know, these are reminders from Allah subhanho wa jal, as light as it is and as insignificant as it may seem, it's a sign that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah if he decides to test us with with something Allah azza wa jal, he's surely capable of doing so and who's to say that tomorrow it won't be a seven or an eight. Or it won't be a you know, a catastrophe? We never know. And we know that the prophets lie Selim. Even if the wind started to blow a little bit harder the prophets lie, some would rush to the masjid. Right. Even if the wind

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started to blow a little bit hard the prophets lie, some would rush to the masjid seeking refuge from Allah subhanaw taala. So it's a reminder for all of us, really to always, you know, keep in mind that death is one and the ways to it are many, right? Allah subhanaw taala threatens us on a daily basis. And there would come a time where these things would be so frequent that a person would wake up in the morning and they would say, and hamdulillah today, there was no earthquake, you know, there would come a time in the world where that would be the situation. But also loss is not even mentioned to us a time that would come where people would be swallowed by the Earth once again, as

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they were before. I remember a few months ago, or maybe it was last was last year for sure. But there was a family in Jacksonville or in Gainesville.

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That somehow

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A sinkhole, just this massive sinkhole. They literally in bed and the sinkhole just formed in their homes and they felt, I mean, they died somehow, like, can you imagine you're in your bed one moment, and then all of a sudden, they showed the picture. It's a sinkhole literally swallowed by the earth. And it's a sign that you really never know what Allah subhanaw taala has decreed what Allah has printed is determined. And we should never feel safe from the plan of Allah subhanaw At any point in our lives, and that's the Sunnah of life that we always err on our toes, we're not just waiting for something to happen or waiting for the circumstances to be in a way that would cause us to have

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extra fear. So we ask a lot of parents out to protect us and to grant us personal free time to grant us a good ending and that when we are tested and tried collectively or individually, that we're prepared for those tests, and that we meet them with email and we meet them with their healthy side with a sense of seeking the reward we asked last Pantai to protect our community along I mean, questions? Yeah, very specific, needs to be recited. Is there a specific you're not that I'm aware of from the Sunnah chef is there a specific for earthquakes?

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So the profit slice and I'm sad when you see those these things and you rush to the thicket of Allah to the salah to the remembrance into the prayer, but there is no specific you're apt to say a lot of them I personally don't know one either.

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When you speak about, you know, not feeling safe on the planet. But where do you draw the line between paranoia? And

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so where do you draw the line? When you're talking about fearing the loss? Parents are not feeling safe from a law? Where do you draw the line between paranoia and a healthy fear? The answer to that is that the prophets lie Selim, despite having more fear of a loss Hunter than anyone else still was beside and behind can still smiling still being you know was was a joyful person, it is salatu salam, we don't see the Companions living their lives in that way, either in the sense that they were not constantly paranoid, they weren't depressed or dead people, they were alive full of life.

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But when they went to their PM, and when they called upon Allah subhanaw taala, they called upon Allah subhanaw taala like people who fear that they would die that night, and they cried like people that that feared that they were the only people that were going to hellfire. So finding that balance, obviously, is very difficult to where you can still be a joyful person still be a happy person still be a person that pursues their livelihood in a healthy way, while at the same time constantly remembering death. But that's, that's the idea here that it's always in the back of your head. So that the point is Allah subhanaw taala doesn't want you to be depressed Allah, Allah

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subhanho wa Taala does not want you to be depressed, but Allah subhanaw taala also does not want you to become heedless to be in a state of a muffler. And so you have to find that balance where you're not heedless, nor are you depressed. You're in the middle there where you're aware, you're conscious, but at the same time, you realize that Allah subhanaw taala has put you here for a livelihood and you know, it could be that you live for 7080 90 years, Allah Allah Allah knows best but the point is that you're constantly aware that you don't and that awareness is simply to protect you from sin and to protect you from falling into anything that would be offensive. Right? So as

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long as it's doing that job, then it's a healthy level of fear.

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Anyone else shared with you want to add anything?

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Okay, so we've got a few