A Tolerant Neighbour Is Good Neighbor

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2017-06-30 – Isha-Khatira at the Valey Ranch Islamic Center – Hadith# 307 from Riyadh-us-Saliheen


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Anyone who still remembers that the chapter we're discussing this evening the past few nights,

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neighbors being good neighbor right? Tonight inshallah we have another Hadith another short Hadith that speaks about good neighborhood and being a good neighbor. tolerant neighbor means a good neighbor. You want to be a good neighbor, you need to be a tolerant neighbor. How far to what extent? In Hadith Abu huraira de la lancar Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam la Jara Jara who and the other is a Shabbat and Fiji dari, semi puto. Barrera, Mali ora kumana meridian one lawyer min max Africa, Mata Kannada and the translation the prophets of Assam said, No one should prohibit his neighbor from placing his his rafter in his wall. The rafter is basically like a wooden piece that

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is put close in the in the wall in order to support that and support something on top of it. He said no one should prohibit his neighbor from doing that. And then he said, I will return I was saying, he said now I see you turning away from this. By Allah, I shall go on proclaiming it. Actually the statement he used in Arabic, he says, I'm gonna throw this between your shoulders. That's the literal translation Army and Navy have been act AFRICOM and the word, the word throwing it between your shoulders could mean one of two things, whether what was mentioned the translation, like, I'm gonna keep repeating this over and over again until you heat until you listen to me. Or it could be

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something physical, which means I'm gonna beat you up, if you don't listen to me. But why would a Valera have this authority? Or even have this you know, kind of like? I would say this attitude you could say, to proclaim that if you don't listen to me, I'm going to beat you up until you're a sentimentalist. antiestrogen you

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anyone could figure it out.

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What did you get that power that authority from?

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At that time? Who was the governor for Medina?

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Who was the governor for Medina? Are they allowed to run a law? So when he was governor he had the authority says, Listen, if you guys don't straighten up your ways, I'm gonna make it happen. That's what he's saying. Basically, like I'm gonna punish those who prevent this from happening. And his biggest concern obviously, is not really the stick itself or the wooden part that is being put on the wall. No, his biggest concern is people not listening to the Prophet sallahu wa salam and people disregarding the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam as his biggest thing. He will not listen to me you debate disobeying the prophets of Allah Salah. Now let's go back and say to the Hadith, the

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hell it is very simple. The Messenger of Allah says I am now jaren Jara, Raya Shabbat and Fiji and neighbor should not prevent his neighbor from placing cassava rafter or that piece of wood to be placed on the wall. Here's the thing first, in the past, people used to build these houses from Adobes and bricks, right? They used to share the same wall. It's not like today we have separate houses and you have space between these houses, it's not the same anymore. But back then they used to share the same wall. So if someone wants to dig, let's say, put that that piece of wood on the wall, maybe to create another space for a roof, for example, or to cover an area further from the

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sun and so forth. People that might be annoyed by that. So he's saying here don't because it doesn't hurt you doesn't affect this, the sturdiness of the wall. And it's not on your side probably. So therefore it's okay, it's a shared wall between you that's fine, should be fine. Now that could apply to in our time could apply to the shared fence that we have, you know, between these houses, if you have a fence that you share with neighbors behind you, or between the houses, that that fence is basically is a mutual responsibility.

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So let's say let's say I would like to your neighbor wanted to tie a rope on one this one of the side of the fence to the other side, they want to have a snake for their laundry, for example.

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You know, they want to do that they just want they say that it's healthier to have you know, the sun that was exposed. Doesn't hurt you.

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Is there going to pull that fence down on the ground? No, it doesn't. So you shouldn't be bothered by that. Yeah, but you know, they're close. Yeah.

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You don't have to look at it.

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Maybe it's completely invisible to you. As long as it doesn't affect you doesn't hurt you should be fine with that. You should be fine with this. Similarly, if you have let's say a shared bushes or shrubs that separates between the front yard for example, the houses same thing too. If they decided to add let's say a flower or a tree here or there that doesn't hurt you doesn't cover you doesn't close any sides, from your windows and so on. You shouldn't be bothered by the just the fact that they are trying to improve or do something that has that bothers you. You shouldn't act mean towards your neighbor. A tolerant neighbor is a good neighbor. So the Harriet basically teaching us to be to

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be actually tolerant towards one another

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Does the government has the right to enforce the law or the rules? Even if people would resist? The answer is yes, like a high bar over here. And I'm going to have a similar incident. When Amaro de la Han was the Khalifa, there was an incident that took place between Mohammed muslimah rhodiola, Rhonda zahavi and his neighbor, they used to have this to have

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an basically

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lands adjacent to each other. So they're close to each other. These lands were, of course, agricultural land. So basically, there was they were, they're planting their stuff in there. Obviously, you know, the water stream moves through these lands. And people usually have turns. So what do they do? Well, it's your turn, you block the water, until the water actually fills up and covers the land, and then you release it for the next neighbor next to it, they take turns basically on that. And they have a system that they follow. So the respect that system, one of those days, the neighbor, the neighbor, who, who's who's actually he was his land before Mohammed muslimah, didn't

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want the law, the water to go through.

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He didn't want the water to go through. He says, No, I'm not gonna go through. So Mohammed muslima, if it doesn't go through the neighbor's land, it's not gonna come to Islam. So it was kind of like, come on, I need the water in my life. That's your business, not my business.

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Like find another way. So they want to have a hot tub, our hot tub, started the case, realize what the situation was. He told the other guy, he says, Let the water go through.

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The man says, No, I'm not gonna do this. So he said, Okay, if you're not gonna let go through, I swear, I'm gonna make the water on over your stomach.

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Which means I'm going to pin you to the ground. I'm going to beat you up on the ground and lead on over you. Basically. That's all right.

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Obviously, the water didn't have to go that far. But I'm on as Oliver as being the judge, he has also the executive authority, in addition, of course, to be the halifa he could enforce that law. So here in our society, we might not as individuals have the right to do so. But who has the right to enforce these rules in our neighborhoods? Who's has the right to do that? Mm

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hmm. Yeah. The home Association

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and homeowner associations have tried to do that Hidden Valley Ranch for example, if you would like to have a jumping ball in the backyard, for instance.

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Maybe it's not allowed. You want to have a trampoline

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that the neighbors next door they would say we don't want that. Yeah, but it's not a human it's not in your backyard. No, it's not in our backyard. But if the law in the area says no trampoline, because they might have some issues with that then you're gonna have to respect that

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again being the tolerant neighbor also might say you know what, doesn't hurt us they have little kids but if you realize this is gonna be affecting maybe you know your life and your family life and this and that you have the right to object to it. But again, the point from this highest is that being a tolerant neighbor means you're being a good neighbor and Charlotte avacado millimeters all good neighbors to each other horrible me any questions?

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Mashallah, good neighbor,

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Salaam Alaikum