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Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The title "ofil of the Bible" is a reminder to remember the promise of the Bible and is used as a way to develop a new understanding for oneself. The title is a reward for believers, but there is another level of understanding that can be pursued. The importance of understanding the words "ENT," "any," and "any" in one's life is emphasized, along with the need to find peace and merges with "naughty," to achieve peace and reconnect with the Quran. The importance of creating a connection between "any" and "any" is emphasized, along with the need to focus on reading from cover to cover and finishing one's life.
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Welcome Welcome Welcome to Aruba COMM When are you to Allah or sudo fucka the first the first and Alima Allah may Allah Nasser al Karim Karim Allah Azza wa Jalla

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wa chiral hottie * Mohammad and sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were shown on memoriam of data to have Hakuna Matata in VEDA Wakulla Allah Allah wa Kula Dalton phenom thermometry right Hola. My dear brothers and sisters, this is the month of Ramadan. And we've heard so many haters already about the connection of Ramadan and the Quran. Allah subhana wa Taala he chose out of all the months of the year to reveal the Quran in the month of Ramadan Shah Ramadan Allah the only reveal Quran he said subhanho wa Taala This is the month of Ramadan in which the Quran was revealed. For what who the Linas guidance for the people to the world's brothers and sisters. Allah subhana wa Taala did not

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make it a secret what's the purpose of the Quran but ask yourself the question Do you even know why Allah subhanho wa Taala sent the Quran to you what your relationship should be we understand the relationship between Ramadan and the Quran we understand that. But what is your relationship with the Quran whether it's in Ramadan or outside the month of Ramadan? Alhamdulillah at least Ramadan is an environment creates the environment for us to have that connection reestablished and understand the purpose that we have with the Quran. Allah subhana wa did not make it a secret My dear brothers and sisters, that your relationship with the Quran was revealed in one eye when ALLAH SubhanA wa

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Taala says Kitab and unza Now who will you come? Mobarak he said this is a blessed book. Allah Subhan said about it. The Quran is a blessed book Kijima you're looking for blessings, it's there. You'll find it there. Can't leave the borrow it he said subhanho wa Taala so that they might contemplate its verses to reflect over the ayat contemplate over the Quran. liegt de barro Aya T wali yet at that Cara oral Al Bab and those who have reason those who have the faculty of the mind so they reflect and they remember, so the Quran, Allah saying it no secret, it was sent for you to reflect over the ayat of the Quran. To start having reminders and reminders when you are losing

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focus when you forget when you become heedless. And this is so much of our time in this life is within that heedlessness moment as your mom will be distracted. And the Quran was brought to you as a reminder to reflect on a nama question to my dear brothers and sisters. Do we even do that? If Allah Subhan Allah says, if Allah yet at the balloon of Quran Shouldn't they contemplate the verses of the Quran? He says he's asking you Subhan Allah wants to fly to the boat on Quran, which means Allah knew Subhana wa Taala even though the Quran has purposes clear, it's in their hands, but they're still not doing what the Quran was sent for. So what do we do with the Quran mainly read it.

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We read it. We beautify our tissue with it, but how much time we spend focusing on the word verses of the Quran so you can put that into action brothers and sisters, Allah subhanho wa Taala when he speaks about the Quran, or our relationship with the Quran, he uses three verbs usually, he says Subhana wa Tada flirc Luna Fela taka Lune? Shouldn't you be reasoning like those who have reason? So basically use a reason for it. And what does it mean to have reasoning what is to come to Islam the Quran, it means to understand the ayat of the Quran the way they will reveal to you at least this is the basic level of alcohol to comprehend, is when you understand the meaning of the ayah for what it

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is that's it. So when Allah subhanaw taala speaks about Jen and Johanna, you know what it is? When he speaks about the promises for the believers, you understand? What does that exactly mean? That's the basic, the basic level of connecting with the book of Allah subhanho wa taala. But then there's another another level, the second level is called at the fucker, Allah subhanaw taala mentioned and the many Ayat as was mentioned, sort of Anelka Allahu Tabata Kawata, Allah one Zelina Iluka vichara and we have revealed to Muhammad a vicar the words of remembrance which was the Quran why YouTube Al and nasty man who's de la isla him so that you you explain to them you explain to them what was

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revealed to them for what purpose while Allah homeopathic rule, so that they might reflect on it to reflect when ALLAH SubhanA spoke about the mountains What did he say? Paulo Anza Quran Allah Wa La Righto Akasha matassa dama Fisher Tila so if we have reviewed the Quran over mountains, you will find these mountains crumble and humility and humbleness to the words of Allah subhanho wa Taala will kill him. Xenadrine Ohana Nasir Allah Mehta karoun These are the examples the parables that we set forth for the people so that might reflect on it. So the other purpose is to reflect so what's reflecting them novella they say would come to reflect and after you understand now, after you

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understand the meaning of the IR, the basic meaning of the ion, now you collectively put everything together, that's the fucker you start, you start now comparing

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Looking for an ayat and versus try to develop a new meaning a new understanding for yourself. So when Allah subhanho wa Taala saying paradise and Jana is the reward for the believers, but then he says that, okay, musataha to circa, you need to know to pray and pay does occur. What's the correlation over here? If I need to go to Jana, what do I need to do? I need to do this.

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I need to pray, I need to give charity and give to God. If Allah subhana says that those will go to * because they do these things. Now the correlation is that I need to avoid these things that are not to not to do that. That's called the fucker. How many of us sit down and try to see what are the what's the connection? What are the messages Allah subhanaw taala sending for me send it to me in the story of Musa and for Ireland, for example. And the story of the people of the cave, or the sort of use of Alison and what messages is Allah subhanaw taala sending to me right now, so I can reflect on these verses. So I have a new knowledge, you development of that knowledge. And what's the

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purpose of that knowledge? brothers and sister Allah subhanaw taala says called in the Maya, Allah Hammond anybody to Allah, those who truly have the full conscience of Allah subhanho wa taala. The true view of Allah azza wa jal are those who have the knowledge. And he says clearly, polyester will lead in Ala Moana Valentina element, are they equal? Are they equal? Those who know and those who know not? The answer is obvious you're absolutely not. So you won't have that knowledge of the Quran you need to do the fucker

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not just to sit down understand all this was a beautiful story. Oh my gosh, I will beautiful recitation. Mashallah, what an amazing chapter of the Quran it is. That's not sufficient. I need not to know what's the correlation between these stories and verses and all these things that Allah Subhan these gems are hidden in the Quran? And how should I understand them, put them in the right order. The third thing that Allah subhanaw The third verb that Allah use in the Quran is at the bar to the bar which could try and be transferred to contemplation and what's the difference right now. So at the fucker is after you understand through reasoning and you put things right personally that

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developed an increase your knowledge and your understanding of ALLAH SubhanA whether the creation of Allah azza wa jal, what comes next right now is what's the point of all this knowledge, it has to be put into action. So at the dub bar, is to go all the way to the to the to the bottom of these things, that what exactly the cause what Allah has asked me exactly to do now that I understand. And I know the correlation and the importance so when I was the action item for me at the bar is all about your action items.

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And that's what Allah says called FLR. Yet at the Brunel Quran he didn't say for that for Karuna Quran. He didn't say fri occludin Quran is AlFalah yet adopt Barudan Quran am Allah coluna follower, or their hearts have locks or don't over them.

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They don't understand it. They don't comprehend and they don't put that into action brothers and sisters, ALLAH SubhanA wa COVID amid the Quran, for us is like a roadmap. This is not your life manual, by which you will find peace and tranquility you find that certainty that we all was fight for in this world in this life. This will give you peace and tranquility in the midst of chaos everywhere you see right now is on Lama Stein is chaotic. And we need those moments in which you can find that peace and tranquility that break from the craziness of this world. We need that and Allah subhanaw taala has put for you in the Quran message after message after message where you can find

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that peace and tranquility but unfortunately gets so much distracted in this dunya Allah must Dawn even for rightly so of course we get distracted with what's happening around the world for our brothers and sisters husband, may Allah subhana make it easy for them to brighten man. As a handler we find peace and tranquility in coming here to pray Juma and pray and Gemma and comfort our RV and pray at night and come for Fudger in mashallah in 1000s our brothers and sisters has the don't have that luxury anymore. Nothing is safe and even the roof above their heads Nothing is safe Allah Mastan May Allah make it easy for the enemy's brothers and sister This is a distraction no doubt

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about it, but it sounds right for you so because but we need to understand okay what Allah wants from me in regard to the situation. In matters like this. When I hear the news, what are the last spam message to me? What can I find the answer to what's going on around me? Not only that, mashallah they are her father unbelievers and we have seen the videos of people reading Quran even under the rubble praying when they're trapped Subhanallah so the power of the Quran is unbelievable. If people in such a situation can find peace and tranquility, to remove their physical pain, let alone the emotional pain or the stress that they have with anxiety they have if they can find that

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moment where the Quran has such difficulty. What about us?

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Sitting here 100 the luxury of our homes, our cars or massages? Why can't we find that peace and tranquility

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We have everything that happens a lot of damage. And still we have so much anxiety, we dealing with depression, brothers and sisters, you really need to go to the purpose. The purpose of this Quran was not just to sit there at home for the baraka or put it in your car for protection, or read it over water just for healing. All these are good, but there is much more to the Quran and justice and that is to live by the Quran so you can find that peace and tranquility have been pursuing and looking for your entire lifetime. And how would you do that? By doing your Clune so you start now understand a tackle reasoning. I want to understand the words of the Quran I want to send well Allah

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is one one for me. I want you to call to correlate and just connect these ayat and the stories to my life and what I need what I need to do as the double of the Quran. That's how we find peace and tranquility with the book of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada and Ramadan before the light of Baraka wa Taala is a golden opportunity my dear brothers and sisters. Ramadan is a golden opportunity, it opens the door for you in sha Allah to find that peace and tranquility and reconnect with the Quran. So now that you read the Quran, take an extra extra time with it and just focus on these three things, to understand, to reflect and to contemplate, to realize the meaning of the words and the ayat realize

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the meaning or the connection between all these ions in your life. And what is the action item that I need to do that I need to put implement in my personal life Wallah I guarantee you will find that peace and tranquility Allah promised you Allah subhana wa Tada. He says God Alladhina amanu watermain no pollun bakerella Allah but Equiline manual Kulu those who have faith and their hearts, find peace and tranquility, through the remembrance of Allah. Because through the remembrance of Allah, the hearts will definitely find peace and tranquility.

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No matter how chaotic the situation is, how difficult the pain is, no matter how hard the situation around you will Allah with the connection with Allah subhanho wa Taala you will find that peace and tranquility brothers and sisters, how can I prepare myself for that to dabble into photography I would like to prepare myself for what do I need to do. The first thing is really is the starts from the inside. The connection is with the heart, with your eyes that will your ears. So it doesn't matter how beautiful the recital sound is. It doesn't matter how fancy the most half you're carrying, it's colorful, not colored for one, you know version of a different version. That's not

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the most important thing about it. But I needed to be prepared. Prepare your heart first and foremost to bring it into the recitation of the Quran. That you make your heart available as you recite the words of Allah subhanho wa Taala The second thing what you need to do as well, making sure to make dua to Allah subhana wa Dona you know because it's a gift. Allah had to connect with the Quran, it's a gift. Not everybody is gifted that one. So you need to work for it. And you ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala to give you that gift, remember when Tamia Rahim Allah the shahada, Islam, even to me, Rahim Allah, one of the great scholars of Islam. He says, I would sometimes read 100

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Jews 100 They've seen like, a lot of diversity. So I can find specific guidance in one idea, or one I don't get, I don't find that satisfaction with it. He goes I go out in the open and I put my face on the ground. I put my cheek my forehead on the ground and soja and I ask Allah Subhana Allah masala Yama lemma that would eliminate Why am I famous today man for him he says Ya Allah you gave the knowledge that would give me that knowledge. Ya Allah you gave the proper understanding of your message to say man give me that understanding. Even someone like says WT Rahim Allah Tala making dua, how often do you make dua to Allah subhana wa Taala to help us understand the Quran, brothers

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and sisters when your kids start going into into exam exams? What do you do for them, you prepare the whole environment for them. Making sure it's quiet, no distraction. The room is handled temperature food, whatever. You just prepare everything for your kids so they can study well focus on it, reflect on their material and pass the exams. The Quran requires from you that attention as well too. If you want to study the Quran, create that ambience, that environment around you bring your heart into it. And you will see how Allah subhanho wa Taala would answer your call. I'll call you Cody ha that will start for Allah Allah Medina welcome What are certain Muslim University of

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Guru in them? What are the Fuhrer Rahim?

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Alhamdulillah Allah al Amin SallAllahu wasallam baraka and abuna Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman Kathira mama bad mother brothers and sisters, when it comes to reflect the what do I need to look for really when it comes to the Quran, the cam the rules, the messages, the hidden messages, it's not all just about do or don't do it Mr. Raja della TerraNova he said got it.

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As a matter Corolla hater Baraka Ouattara you Alladhina amanu Semak De Vere Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran all you who believed pay attention to it, because you're going to hear a command to guidance to follow or prohibition against Miss goddess to stay away from how often do we focus on the words? Yeah you Alladhina M N O you who believe, O mankind how much we focus on this because there'll be a structure that is important for us to follow. Afterwards brothers and sisters, one of the distractions I would like to add here before we close Inshallah, to Allah is as we get busy with, believe it or not, it's a paradoxical thing. Subhanallah because when you read the Quran, you

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want to connect with the Quran, we focus so much on what on reading, we focus on reading from cover to cover, we fact we focus and finish as many times as we can, no matter no matter what the reward is still there. 100 a lot of bang for reading and you get the reward for reading. But focusing too much on just reading is a distraction from the Quran.

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We start racing with time to finish from cover to cover, rather than just focusing on three, four or five pages the entire month of Ramadan that will change my life.

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So it's better for you to focus on contemplate, give some time for reflection on the Quran. Focus on that give the double for the Quran, even if it was just for few minutes every single day. And you will see how you lifestyle changed when the light about a katana. Allah Who Melinda and Fana one fan of Mr. Olympia Anna, in that Cantera lemon Hakeem Allah imagine for Santa Taqwa was a Kia antihero. msica Antonio Mola, brother Allah and Allah Malaika saloon Allah Nebby Yeah, you Alladhina amanu Sallu alayhi wa sallam waters Lima Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Jemaine what are the Allahu manakala for Rashida Amara Osman or Ali Mansur Sahaba

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Tasmanian woman who based solely on the deen Welcome to salon

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