Yaser Birjas – Hospitality In Islam Part 1 April 2nd 2012

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The importance of hospitality and the need for it is discussed in the Muslim community, where guests should be treated with hospitality and not be too busy with activities. The guest experience is not just about getting food, but also about being at home and being at night. The guest experience is also about the at-home experience, the guest experience, and the guest experience. The speakers emphasize the importance of honoring guests when they eat or drink, and mention the use of Arabic language in English.
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa sallam Baraka, Amina Mohammed, your sacral selama Steven.

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Remember no Rahim Allah to Allah other than the other side of the book of good manners from the other side of Han chapter, Babel economic life honoring the guests and honoring the guests. If someone comes to you as a guest, are you obligated to?

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To offer a hospitality or not?

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What's the outcome of offering hospitality for a guest?

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Is it recommendation is to obligatory?

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If you believe is obligatory, why don't you? Yeah.

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What's the *'s going on honoring the guests number second. What level? To what degree could you say that you've done your part and aren't the guests that's what remember no more laughter I will be explaining and this is and this actually I did in this chapter. I thought I loved Allah * attacca Hades alafia Brahim and Luke Roman, in the shallow alley, for Carlos Allah tala Salam Tong Kowloon for Allah I

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mean for him.

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This is the story from Rahim Allah is with the three angels when they can on the way to destroy Tom looks a lot happier. So they stopped by his house and they came in the form of human beings. Very handsome, beautiful in all three young men. Every man is proud of us as here has the story. Rich, you have the honor of the honored guests in the angels

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alone lot

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of Ibrahim, when they came when they came in to him and said Salah, Osama.

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That's basically they talk about strangers. strangers, they come to Sega samurai, what do you tell him?

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Who are you? So at

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the beginning, this is one of the beautiful things about Islam and Muslims. You always start with saddam to break the ice

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right away. Once you feel comfortable. Remember the last time you went the airport, traveling somewhere, you feel kind of out of place. suddenly someone says

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yeah, well.

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It could be a non Muslim. It just seems it makes you feel comfortable. So that's like an icebreaker way of saying Salaam and again says they just started with Salaam gessner. Allah is now in title

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fatality. And he feels indebted to them because they began with a Surah Rahman

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Why did you know that they were strangers because he said he said he responded he answered Salaam and said you are people are known to me is your strange you must be

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a stranger What does that mean?

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Then you don't have one usually when you have specifically in fact, then cities were smaller and

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smaller than that. So no one was new, you can tell right away. So it says you seems to be not from this area means Come on. Let me feel something is most likely there will be hungry on the road travelers so they might need our help from tala Salam uncommon colonias

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for hospitality, for other either leave a job. He went straight to his family offices. And he said you are people are known to me. Then he turned to his household and brought out a roasted calf.

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Can you imagine three people loss of volume and he said, and he goes on he and he slaughters a whole cow for them. All come notice of all cows. Mr. Ross, this guy, you know, what does that mean? How much time would it take to do to offer

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this whole entire time as he was with them. He was just offering that hospitality for the guest. The food was not yet there. And it says they're entertaining. The guests.

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Wanted source power so strange about the story. We'll see him soon. throughout this whole period as they were preparing the food. He even never asked them about them.

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Because that's the that's kind of the culture. These people basically the culture particularly they used in the past, when guests come in, they never asked about

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the specimen level. So the hospitality is completely objective.

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It's not because you're from the tribe, or enemy. Sometimes they will feed their enemies. They will feed the enemies and sometime know that they're their enemies. But because when it comes to hospitality that's above that level.

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is offered results. So, Ibrahima cerami offer them now all come. From this, we ask the question, how much hospitality should you offer?

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These days when you when people invite you over? What do you what is your expectation for the food,

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at least, at least,

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that doesn't really compete with appetizers. And the salads and the Swedes and the fruit and all that stuff does not even come into effect. Exactly. That's also even if you tell them to bring something for them to.

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So usually when you go when you're invited to people to ask, you expect something huge, that's what you expect, although it shouldn't be to that level.

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And you admin and module, the Arabic language, we say a junior module, hospitality is from that which is available.

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Whatever is available, that's what the hospitality is, you don't have to overburden yourself, just for the sake of inviting people. One of the biggest problems we have in the Muslim community these days, don't invite each other. Because what,

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that's the thing, you know, if I'm inviting people over, it's gonna be a lot of

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I'm getting angry.

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so eventually, as you see the problem with the Muslim community, now, this social gatherings are no longer just for the sake of getting together, I just enjoyed the time to get so used, there's so much stress on the family just to provide the best hospitality. So therefore, when someone invites you, you will say thank you very much, I don't want to come Why because you feel indebted to them, then you're gonna have to buy the copper.

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And a few if they do something to you, you're gonna have to do something similar, or I'll do it you can't done you can't undo that. So eventually, this keeps escalating, escalating until you reach the level of inflation, no one can afford him.

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So eventually, the best the best word hospitalities this is just you know what, forget.

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You don't have to abide by anybody. You don't have to accept anyone's invitation.

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Please make it simple and easy. Ibrahim is he was able to afford one cow handler lakita for one camp has been provided you don't throw anything away. Whatever food that you provide for hospitality, you do it and you can get the rest of it. You divide that and give it you know, to other people, or a lot you have food for the next two weeks and no

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regard regardless, you don't throw anything you are allowed to offer a lot. But whatever you offer, you make sure they don't throw away. And so Brian Pallister and

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he offered this World Cup, then caught a photographer who did a lot of panels that I said they brought him when he did he he listed before them in the Arabic language not just before them talk to me like he pushed him towards them.

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It's not like these days of studies, the food is actually open my family which means he put on the table. That's how it started. That's how I would say as far as

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so basically the point is that I didn't tell the guest this will not go and you know serve yourself. Nothing but a man so I didn't want to burden the guest to walk in to get the food.

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Instead he bought the old countenance

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and he pushed him towards them. Not towards themselves. Now them first the guest for Robo LA.

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The thing is, he didn't see that contradiction.

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And I'm

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a little bit envious of that Sabina cc is felt uncomfortable. But then they told him all the way. So that means the entire time that he was entertaining the guests until the food was ready. He didn't even know that he was talking to him.

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and this is partner says

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Aleta. Go ahead. You just given them the permission to lease the permission to eat. And when you say what would you tell the guest Go ahead, Mr. Milan. If there is no limitation

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you know, what does that mean? It means you try that.

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Other people now you don't put limitations on the guests. Once you open now. They get the permission to eat. They have the right to eat from anything that is available for them that you're offering.

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These days no you just offer one plate and take it away.

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These are different styles, different traditions. Again, it's not that it's hot hospitality actually offering different cultures

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Right, as long as you do you do the heart of the guests to the entertainment and the food in terms of feeling comfortable, not being you know, restrained in terms of return this time with the host and so forth, that would be fine. Another thing which is the most important, one very important activity is

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compensation. It seems that around the food people don't, you know,

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all depends on the culture don't Converse very much, because they're too busy right now in something more important, right? So as they eat, they don't like to complexes we can talk about this data will have its shine shall not just not enjoy them, it's actually part of enjoying the meat itself is a conversation. In some other cultures, they say there's not an etiquette to speak while you're

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eating was not an etiquette to speak while you're chewing them. That's true, but to speak. And of course, you know, food and meal. It's all right. There's nothing wrong with even the profits are somewhat

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like in the very famous hadith of

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Hadith about the journey of the hereafter the Prophet sallahu wa sallam he was eating.

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He had the meat in his hand,

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he took a bite, then he starts speaking so much.

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And the masses

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say this out of pride, and you get the long story of the shofar and intercession on the day of. So for this I will enter the profit and loss panel data, loss

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of money, money. That's why the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam, he spoke highly of Rahim Allah as being the most generous. He was one of the most generous people you can think of. It was reported a lot of Rahim Allah is Allah that He never ate alone.

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Ronnie man, he would never eat.

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If he doesn't find guests, he will walk out of the door with somebody walk on the streets. Anyway, I don't want to pass by

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anyone. Today you have one sandwich. You don't

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remember the good old days when you guys were younger, used to each other, have a mind. But there today it's all hygenic things and you know diseases and also just take these things away from from us against all cultural practices. Hospitality is is what the prophet SAW Allah salam, he spoke of hospitality to the guests, Father, so a lot of them have been Muslim and Muslim.

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Muslim, one of the Muslims, one of these one of these is actually a common life, that he also you are one of the guests. And he says that when you when you receive a guest, when you receive and get an autograph ceremony, so the first, the first,

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the best, the best hospitality is the one that is offered in the first day.

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Which means if you haven't guessed more than one day,

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then the first hospitality should be the first day that's what the property is. for you.

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The offer is this price, the best. And then next day, you can feed them from the list of yesterday, the third day, you feed them something else. And after that, you're

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serious after that, after that you have

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of course that's

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assuming that because of the kind of lifestyle they had back then people always on the road traveling between different distribution villages, and tribes. So that's how are they doing? They need to they need to stay somewhere that didn't have hotels back then. So in this case, there was

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And it was

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hospitality was applied to the emos.

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It's a lifesaver

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I just wanted to comment check about Salaam Alaikum. How it is an icebreaker I truly experienced that firsthand. I traveled the state when I used to be a salesman. And I visited a lot of convenience stores and gas stations was shown by a lot of other Muslims from all over. And it was interesting when I walk in once we find out that we are Muslim. salaam aleikum. Some of them after five minutes, they they trusted me with the store. They say, Can I go to the bathroom? Excuse me? Can you watch the store for me and they would walk away seriously. Leave me behind the register for them. And this is the guy that I just met for five minutes. So panela it was I mean, it's so calming

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when you see somebody who says that you feel like you're at peace. That's why there's a seven counter just this past weekend

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when I first arrived in New Jersey, so we stopped by a gas station, simply

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So as we're stopping there buying something you can tell that the person on the other side is actually looks like Muslim. So the moment he saw me were the heroes amigos psycho. salonica. Musab amatola. And so how do you start the conversation just like you said, as if you know the person for ages. I've never seen him and I don't even know if I'm gonna ever see him again.

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And when I arrived here at the airport, I wouldn't ask you to get a cup of coffee from one of the coffee shops at the airport. The lady behind the counter, she also looked Muslim, even though she was wearing hijab, I can tell that she looked Muslim somehow. So I just intentionally said Rahmani. So the woman who said salaam aleikum, she had that big smile on her face, which was 100 in love with someone a good Muslim Muslim. But these icebreakers and that's why the prophets are awesome says.

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He says that one of the ways of spreading peace and love of monster he says, Allah, Allah.

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Shall I get him to do something that if you do it among yourself, you will love one another?

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And somehow that's exactly what it is. It's not alone. Yes.

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That's the first one.

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The question is regarding the Arab predating Islam in the journey, even though they were not Muslims, and they don't believe in and they believe in idols and statues and so on. But they were very good people when it comes to hospitality. Is that true? The answer is absolutely.

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As a matter of fact, if you read the Arabic tradition and culture, from the poetry from the folklore and stories of the bedrooms before Islam, these people actually have the pure culture of hospitality. The reason they became the most hospitable people, you know why?

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Because of the harsh environment they live.

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They live in desert and desert means scarcity of everything. Food, water, shade, dress, conflict, all of this doesn't exist when you're traveling for the arms. So therefore if anyone if anyone wanted to keep for themselves a legacy or they wanted to keep for themselves an honor or name after they die, they were racing and competing to be the most hospitable and that's when you will pass by there is something called the Arabic language

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there's a program so that this person is fired never actually is never gonna extinguish never just sets off. What's the meaning of that? Because at night these bedrooms will live in the desert they used to light fire camp lights around their tents, why is that to guide people who are traveling in the desert to come home

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is just too if you need any help feed water into the village shelter, we haven't 14 they also there's another program and Arabic language they said

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this person has dog is too coward. Why is that the dogs usually when a sister and what is do some modeling, right? But if it gets used to

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commuters and people and so it becomes used to that, so therefore doesn't work. So let's say his dog has to cover to park why he got used to get used to the crowd to the people because of their hospitality. Also, they say they say food and fuel.

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Meaning is of your alignment. That means the post and the pillow and what they actually have the tent, the main posts in the tent is so high. And when you have the pillar or the post of the temp is so high, it's like the mast of the ship. That means the tent itself expands larger actually bigger. So this is very huge because it always receives guests and then in his lab room for that. So yeah did for them. It's actually it was a big honor to to one of the guests. Until today, honestly until today, when you go to the origin of our societies over there. They didn't have communities until this day, we're not influenced by unfortunately. And in different foreign cultures. You will see the

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same thing. They are very hospitable. They're willing to kill and all the other animals to feed because for them it's a great honor to

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be part of that underground.

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And it was in demand

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the other prophets

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that when you say Salaam is that the central edition of the

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Prophets before Islam before Mohammed, Salah Salah. I would say very much Yes, because even in Judaism right now and Hebrew, the Hebrew language, how do they greet each other?

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Which is exactly sir America. But it's just in the pronunciation. Aramaic is another Semitic language or the language.

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So it's similar to Hebrew as connection to the Arabic language. And it would be the same thing. You'll be similar to that pronunciation as he was originally on the cross, whatever the same is the only phrase in the Bible, the English Bible that is mentioned in RMA. When he was on the line today again on the cross. He was saying, Eli, Eli, lama shabaka, which sounds the Arabic language like this, Eli, Eli Lema, tarakan.

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sounds exactly the same as mine, my Lord, my Lord, what have you forsaken? So that pronunciation will be similar, that they have the same process of not necessarily exact translation but exact concept of spreading.

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The second question

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yeah, basically, if the guest if the guest is take advantage of the host,

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do you still have the obligation to honor the guest? Well, I definitely I mean, the other end the guest is when the guest is actually his most abusive. Because the guest is good. You're not going to be any different from other people, right? Everybody will feed another good guest. But when you feed an animal, the bad guests, that's when you become most hospitals. However, this person is going to get into much that in this case, you have no you have the right to objective

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was extremely spicy

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