I Called Boonaa! [PART 2] Racism, Karens, Public vs. Private Life

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Imagine you live your life down dedication to the community. And then like, you know, 1520 years later, maybe not. Obviously, he dies from a loss of data, like, there's no guarantee, right? But imagine you leave that legacy with other people. And then with your own kids, your own family, it's just like,

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they got it under the deal. That's your thing, man. You know, that's why I you know, I never judge people. And because you just never know, right? A lot of there's a lot of moms and scholars and speakers or whatever, and their kids are very far away from the deed. Yeah. And that truly shows us that he does for from a law, you just, you just never know. So, yeah, that's true. fives are from it's weird when their wives look like they're far away from a slap somebody sticks out, like,

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I always worry about, like, especially makes sense. It makes sense to me, to be honest, why is that? So I'll tell you what. So look, when you look at any mom or scholar or whatever, you know, that person, you know, their life, you know, their development in knowledge, and so on and so forth. You have to understand that people, the people around him, his family, they have their own life. Right? So hypothetical, maybe they both they got married, neither of them was practicing, he became practicing, he learned to do whatever she just didn't develop in that way. Right? Or maybe she went through some trauma in her life that caused her to go away from the dean. And, you know, he still

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has to be a good husband, and responsible for her and, and so I I see that all the time. And that's why, you know, to me, I know, it may seem odd, but I you know, I'm, I just I guess I've just gotten used to the idea. Because a lot of families feel like it's families of speakers and scholars amounts to them. They feel like it's very unfair, that they have to live up to the standards that their husband or their father has set. And I know, I've talked to kids who have like, on purpose rebelled because of the expectations from them. Right? Like, oh, you're the mom, son, you should be like that. They're like, you know, what, get you. So they'll go in the other direction. They'll purposely

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like rebel. You know, they always say like, the preachers kids are the worst. You know, you hear about that sometimes, like,

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in like, the Christian world and stuff you like, the preacher, and the definitely, there's probably a level of resentment they might have like this. This community has taken everything from me like, I don't even have a dad because of you guys, you know. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, exactly. And, you know, the other thing is a lot of kids, you know, they see their, their real dad, right, or their real mom, you know, in public, everybody, like respects this guy, or whatever, and this and that. But the kids like, oh, but he yells at me, or he gets mad at me at home, he doesn't have good care, you know, right. Yeah. So then they're like, well, what are you preaching? You're just a hypocrite and

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this and that. And that can cause somebody to heart to, you know, go away from Islam, Allah protect this man. They're all trials. I think that's, that's probably a little bit for me, that's more unfair, because I completely understand that I like to beat my kids or anything, right? But I understand that idea and notion of the fact that look, I'm trying my best to educate and preach and do so I may not do I may not even practice everything I tell you, but it doesn't mean I don't think it's right doesn't mean that I I'd like who better to tell you not to smoke than a guy who's like, you know, on is like one of those breathing things called you know, where he's like,

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someone might not be in a position to always practice everything they preach, but it doesn't deter them from actually seeing the truth and then reaching the facts. I always, but I like I said about a madman his daughter, like I that's one thing that I always like, pray for, like a lot, don't humiliate me, like don't allow my legacy to be tainted by you know, or don't allow me to be humiliated by maybe the people who will come after me or, or you know, and I lost my family. So kind of like, you know, he hides our sins from people and he like protects us from so much when, like you said, my kid dies from almost pantalla you never know, you know, what your kids might turn out as

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and there's this old saying, when you're wearing an all white, a nice, like, all white shirt, like the smallest stain stands out. Right? So it's like, when you put somebody on the microscope, the smallest things would be like, Oh, look at that, you know, as opposed to making sure it's all dirty and stuff. You get to another stage and people won't even care. That's why I only wear black.

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Me to man. I will dress way too much pressure called Black though. I've had this problem black now. Because I'm doing like more recording and online stuff and, like getting Lin on black stuff.

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So I can see some lint on your shirt, man. You gotta get a lint roller take the HD on it. I didn't add the HD it would have been fine.

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You know, I don't know why I was like, of course, like pasta seldom used to wear white films. But I actually like, I don't know, like correct to say but I don't I despise wearing white because I'm also conscious of the fact that if I drop anything on it, that's the

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Game over. Yeah, yeah, change immediately. Like I don't trust my I don't trust myself around. I don't believe in myself enough to wear white. I'm the same I'm the same way I like darker colors I wear a lot of black and look and that by the way that's a little bit misunderstood by people when they say if I send them you know we're white, he loved white. Absolutely he loved white and he wore white. But he didn't only wear white. He wore other colors as well. But he did like whites I always tell people like to implement the Sunnah every now and then try to like wear something that's white, like at least like joma or IE or something like that, where something is white because I love white.

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So, you know, it's funny, I sewed up on the day of my kneecap with a dark blue soap.

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And my dad and my father in law sent me back home to get away. No way. I kid you not? Well, I was like, in my head. I'm like, I look good. Like

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I was wearing a nice oh. And they both and this is my mind you they don't even know each other. That was literally the day like when they met each other maybe from time but this is the day where it's like we're sealing the deal. And they both unanimously were like, Yeah, you got it. And I was like, Damn, I'm like this whole system is set up against me, man.

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You guys don't even know each other and they're working against you know? Well, what are you gonna start recording this? recording one?

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Oh, did you already start recording this thing? We've been recording dude. A law. So you gotta look good, man. You didn't tell me I got lint on me. I gotta do this line. Because this is

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where parents

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will be at home just in their underwear because they don't have they don't have no expectations. So the whole point of this is to be as casual as normal as possible.

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Like it's not scripted. It's just I want people to see a normal like, so. You know, I've done this. You know, I'll send you some links, but like I've called other people.

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And I want to

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do I'm on *head Brahim, I did one

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and I just want people to see like how we interact normally, right? Like the real life interaction. And, you know, maybe get some benefit out maybe if not, you know, just Oh, yeah, that's why that's why you're like, I didn't want to like give too much away. I was like, Yo, I'm gonna call you want to talk to you. I thought you were just gonna be on the phone. I didn't even know it was gonna be I first of all, I didn't know it was gonna be zoom and I didn't know you're recording it That's how you know this is really casual. I didn't even know

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you were checking up on me cuz you cuz you love me. And then I realized

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I'm like, oh, man, I want people to see that. I love you. I'm just kidding.

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Good luck admin. Emmys good. Everyone's good. Otherwise, handle. Everyone's doing well. Kids are doing well. family's doing well. hadn't done enough. Not sure.

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Yeah, everyone's asleep as well. Five years old now. Latest five soufiane is

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one and a half. One and a half. That's a good age, man. I missed it. It's a crazy age. Man. Capital twos are coming up. Yes. My son. My son is going from JK, no. Going from s k to grade one. What's SK? Oh, man. That's the American education system. Right there is like kindergarten kindergarten, right? Yeah. You have like Junior kindergarten, senior kindergarten. What do you guys have? We just have kindergarten. Pre we have pre K.

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boot camp at five years old. sign them up.

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We have preschool preschool is like four years old. That's like when you're four. So there's pre K and then there's kg. Kindergarten. That's it. Hey, geez, how many years? Can it one year? Oh, that's why you guys are like that. Okay, that makes sense. Yeah, of course, we don't like to waste. We're not gonna waste taxpayers money. When I don't waste our time and send our kids to school. filling a Starbucks that needs baristas. Let's get our workforce. You know, I was the first my year was the first year that didn't have grade 13. Okay, and Ontario. So we actually used to have a 13th grade which was actually designed to help students like you know, like people take that leap here like

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after high school. So it was like a built in Leap Year, where less of a workload you did some like co ops and stuff like that. Yeah. Work Experience. And I was actually in the education system, but they were I was the first year that they didn't include that. See, that's the problem with Canada man. Y'all just saw what is this?

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Great. Boom off to college figure life out of your hands on this in America. You can join the army before you can drink alcohol. Yeah, you can legally kill people on a payroll, but they don't trust you enough to have a beverage of alcohol. Yeah, I mean, that to me is a bit like not to say it's a great thing. Like Yeah, you should have you know, lower fees. But of course, of course, it's like it's a bit strange, don't you think? Like we're America, America is a strange place, man. What's cool, what's to you?

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Like you gotta make up your mind. It's really arbitrary. A lot of times it's so arbitrary. Somebody decided this age and they went with it and became law and that's just how things no no, there's the there's the red and blue and the black and white camps and people are right or die about it. It's like, yeah, everything. Everything is right or die here, man. You're either for it or against it. Yeah, no, no, no, that weak sauce middle stuff.

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Oh, you're compassionate. You can empathize with the other person get out of here. There's no room for you, buddy, man. I in many ways, you know, so strange. As a Canadian, I always felt more American, it's probably cuz like, a lot of our media is American. And we have like, I had a lot of American influence stuff growing up, even like, when I go to the US, I can easily blend in. Like, I don't feel like I have the temperament of like a Canadian. Like, I, I know when to ask for something that's mine. Like, I can act like that if I need to. Yeah. And then, but it's just funny. Like, when you come back to Canada, then I feel like in Canada, I'm overly aggressive sometimes. Like, they're

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not expecting me, like I show but I'm like, you know, like, or somebody messes up an order. I'm not a jerk or anything. But like, Yeah, I don't let people walk over me, you know, like, and I think Americans are like that. Americans, they understand the idea of like, this is my right I have the right to do is a very privileged and like, it's definitely like a spoiled worldview like that. You you feel entitled to everything. But in many ways, like you're right, like certain things that you're hot, like you do deserve to have certain things done a certain way. So one of the positives of that is that in general, we have great customer service. Oh, yeah, 100% of you realize it like I

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realize it when I go to other parts of the world, like going to Europe going to UK. Like, I just, I guess it's my entitlement as an American, but like, I'm like, wait, what is wrong with the customer service here? Why is no customer service game? It's a it's a phone and you have to like punch in buttons. Yeah. And there's no one to talk to. Yeah, in the US, you can talk to someone at 3am you'll get a lady in the Philippines who will answer any question you have. And the company's done it because they value your business. Right? Like they understand that if you're not satisfied, you're gonna go somewhere else. That's a byproduct of my capitalism, right? Because

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I guess in other places where that's not the emphasis, they're not as aggressive with it. So definitely, I see that as something uniquely American. And that's actually a really good thing like customer service, people knowing that if you the whole, like Yelp world, like it came from America, like, you know, this restaurant doesn't mean bad. I don't just gotta like take it in, in quiet like I can help people I can share. And that restaurant, then in turn, realizes, like, Damn, we got to set it up. Because if you know people can really we can lose our business that way. It's a good thing. But you know, people take that to the extreme as well. We got the whole Karen Karen culture

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now, you know, oh, Uber entitled, bother. I'm so happy about like, all this Karen exposure. I wrote a poem by the way, I feel like I've been dealing with Karen my whole life. Y'all just finding out I kid you not. I've been dealing with crazy white woman for so many years. I can remember being like probably maybe in grade like seven or eight. And I had a teacher who asked me, Do your parents hit you? She was upset at me. She She wanted to get me in trouble for something. And she wanted to tell my parents and she asked me Do your parents hit you? And I was like thinking she'd be sympathetic. I'm like, Yeah, they do that. Alright, great. What's their number? I'm like, Damn, you really? My

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arch nemesis? Dude, I'm 12 years old. What's wrong with you? Like, wow, like these women were really out to get me and I remembered living in a reality where like, I wasn't so much scared of white men as I were of like white women who had that power. Who had that ability. Those crocodile tears that could like ruin your life. You know, they they cry and the Calvary come running. I wrote a poll about it. I wrote a poll on one of the examples I brought up was the Emmett Till case, right? Yeah, that that lady was a class she was like the first Karen the woman who you know claimed that amatil looked at her a certain way whatever like and years later we find out she recanted her statement and

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said you know that actually is your home online and on YouTube. I haven't I haven't released it yet. I wrote a post a link I was gonna post on I'm just giving you the inside scoop.

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I wrote it because like, as this whole Karen thing was unfolding, I had so to say about it. Like I'm like, wow, this is to me. It's and it's such a such a weapon. Now your phones become so weaponized, like anytime somebody even record somebody to start acting crazy. He's gonna start doing this.

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It's like a tough one. But it's like you just Oh, sorry. I forgot where I was, like,

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people just need real sense is great. Common sense in like, two seconds. This is fantastic. I love it. I've been noticing, like, even in my area, when, like a cop has somebody pulled over, like people actually drive by and they'll slow down now to look like is it a person of color? Like Who is it? Yeah, and like some people and so now I mean, that's a good thing that cops feel like, you know, they have to, you know, be on their best behavior. Yeah, that's accountability. Right? That's the only way because obviously we don't trust them. I mean, I don't know if you've been following this whole isn't random off topic, but you following the whole

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Recent Raptors fiasco with the general manager of the Raptors, who

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so after the win win Toronto won the championship last I know you're from DC Do you guys have a Washington Post? We do that the wizards, man, come on. Yeah.

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I know. I know. They're whacked so much I can say

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that I know. But yeah. Anyways, so after Toronto won the championship last year in Golden State, the general manager who's actually he's African, he's from Nigeria. And listen, he was Masai ujiri. He attempted to walk on court with his like, he had his credentials in his pocket, and he's gonna show that and there's security guard who was actually a uniformed officer. And this officer saw this black man walking with a suit and immediately like shoved, you know, started.

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And the entire time this last year, the officer said that this man approached him aggressively pushed him. And he was actually countersuing. For like, like, he said that he just suffered like, you know, mental emotional distress, distress that he had, because he realized afterwards that this guy has deep pockets, right, not just him, the organization we represent.

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And they just released the body cam footage, like probably two three days ago. And it is literally the exact opposite of what this man said. He was the aggressor. He put this is the general manager. He's like the highest position of General Manager. Wow. But he's the highest position there is right? Wow. Imagine if this guy. Imagine how many of those circumstances happen on a daily basis without access to the lawyers like he had without access to, you know, fame and publicity. Like, that is like a daily occurrence for so many people. Like, I've always felt like that I've been scared of police my entire life. I never had a good interaction with my entire life. I don't even

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know if a cops like, if I was lost, I don't even ask for directions. I don't want them to think I'm plotting, you know, like, I don't even take a chance. And some people found that weird, but like, I just thought that was normal. Like, that's because that doesn't that's not a reality for some people, right? So they can understand that, like, a lot of people live their life in a way. It's like, well, that's not real for me. So it's not really the hardest part about it actually is trying to teach like my five year old son like, how do you what do you teach him about, like law enforce my son, you know, like four years old, like, I want to be a police officer. Give it about a year, so

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you'll survive.

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Right? But then it's like, at a certain point. I have to teach him like, okay, now you're a threat.

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Now, you're not default, the default is your threat. Yeah, you're a threat. I gotta teach them at some point. And that, to me is like, because we're having it like even my kids, you know, especially with this whole stay at home thing, like your kids hear things, they learn things, they hear your conversations with your wife, whatever. So a lot of this, you know, Black Lives Matter stuff that my kids have been asking me talking to me explaining to them about racism and how anti black racism works. And what are some of the things that we actually had an incident, my kids are going to a day camp right now. And they had an incident when one of the kids said that my son looked like a monkey.

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But I go the next morning to find out the kid who said it is half black himself. There's some deeper things like

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wow, like the kid is talking about black people. He's black, he looks black. Like,

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like, that's why we got racism in the Muslim community. Right? You're being discriminated against. And then, you know, racism is rampant. It was just me it was so sad. Because I'm like, I'm like, Man, you haven't? You haven't worse than my son. Like, yes, you might make fun of my son, but secretly you make fun of yourself. Like secretly you say those things. But you actually you mean them about you? Yeah, like that. That's such a it's such a young age. You know, he's learned, like, anti black racism, like you can actually legit hate yourself. And I mean, not just anti black. We know colorism works. We know. Yeah. Why skin skin bleaching is a huge industry. Why? You know, so

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many young girls are taught like, you know, to be lighter shade and

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nonsense. That's why I only wear black. That's why I keep telling people. That's why

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I I'm trying to deal with all that drama, you know, I'm saying. I said, but like, it's, it's sad, you know, and on top of this whole, like quarantine and stay at home thing, and it's good in a way but having to explore those realms, like with your children in society. Like even in the Muslim community. I did a lot of stuff, you know, right after the whole George Boyd thing. And everyone was quick. Like you said, they were quick to talk about racism. Yeah, I did like a ton of panels. And I did that with people that I know. And I know, they had good intentions, but I'm there to help and support. Like, obviously, I want to help, you know, even broader people's understanding of certain

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topics. I couldn't help but think like, Is it really like, this is what it took for you guys to acknowledge or think or care about certain things like, like, I was here all along. Like, I'm like, it's not my first time showing up to the dance. You know, like I've been here. Yeah. And I've heard that from a lot of people, man, like, oh, now you care? Yeah, you want to give me a platform. Now you want me to come speak at your event? And you know, I mean, that's why I always value like, and this is not like a selfish plugger. But like, I'm loving, for example, like to me was an organization that before it was like, before you needed the color quota. Like No, there are there

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are certain organizations that were real about, they understand like, you know, this is

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what it is we are really upon like those, like we want to age communities and people. And that's why I always appreciate it like those organizations and communities that make space for those conversations before this. Yes, like, after the fact was like, I don't know, man, your your intentions are a bit fishy like, it seems to be and all of a sudden you care about this topic. It was organic. Yeah, it was organic, and you genuinely provided spaces and opportunities and platforms that have discussions about race and script before this whole thing. I reached you, like, I can see, you know, you are genuine. But afterwards, I'm like, a little bit too late. Even like, you know,

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personally, when I when I start working for a Muslim, one of the things that I appreciated was that, you know, they didn't just hire people because they're popular. Right? Yeah. You know, especially like, my time my generation is like, they wanted to like help speakers and develop them. And you know, they saw potential.

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They helped them grow. And that to me was like a sign like a really good sign. I was there at your first Film Fest talk. You remember that as well? Yeah. Toronto. Yeah, I remember that. Yeah, I introduced you. Yeah, I introduced YQ. And like you introduced you know, you introduced it.

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Introduce me. Yeah. Okay. I'm gonna say, I've known you for a long time. He's like, he's my guy. All right. You guys like the DMV connection? You know, back then as well. Yeah. Yeah. That's why that's that's how I knew him. Oh, I knew him. I knew him when I started. You. Were you were the original. You were the original buddy. Buddy driver. Exactly. Exactly. You're the original. You had the bad you had the itinerary. Exactly. Back then we had nothing. Oh, it's like his match. Oh, oh, I can only imagine. Imagine like before self was that? No, that wasn't like before. So

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it was actually not actually not everyone had a cell phone.

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Yeah. How do people get anywhere? You know, I remember going I had I had a map of all the massages in Toronto. I used to do this thing. Like I used to pray 30 different massage it in Milan, just for fun. You know, like in my area. We have a lot of massages. And I used to have a paper map that I used to follow. And I'm like, How the heck did I get to these? Yes. I couldn't like imagine a map. Do you even know what a map looks like? nowadays? Like, could you imagine driving and following a map that was crazy. You remember MapQuest to give me a MapQuest? I'm telling you that

00:22:28--> 00:22:33

you have to like imagine texting and driving that was dangerous. Before I had a book. I had

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a whole windshield was covered in paper, and I was driving and you didn't think that was problematic. Now just me touching. Google's not an issue, like I lived through much worse errors. Yeah, printing out the map, and then there's an exit and you're like, Alright, I guess I live here. What do I do? Exactly? Yeah, I just have to figure it out. I have to start a life here. Now. I don't know how to get back. You know, it's funny, right? Right. When the whole Corona thing started, a lot of things were getting canceled. And I kind of saw the writing on the wall. I'm like, Alright, you know, things are gonna get shut down really soon. Yeah. And at that time, flight tickets, sorry. You

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remember like flight tickets started going down like crazy. Like from Toronto, you can get them you can go to Mexico for like 150 bucks. Yep. Yeah, for a minute. I kid you not. I told my wife. I'm like, man, I think we should do it.

00:23:19--> 00:23:33

impromptu vacation like two weeks. We found Airbnb. We searched Airbnb. We found them like I'm talking like we were even taking, you know, Corona considerations. Like we were finding like villas, you can find super cheap villas, and we were like, Villa just stay there.

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And then we were like, hesitant, and then we were like, okay, let's not do it. It's our we talk to our families. And they're like, no, it's not a good idea. Right after that they shut down the borders so so my whole like, man, we've we've dodged the bullet. Even stuck, we would have been Mexican by now we would have. I would have just been Pablo, Mohamad. Just

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in this hypothetical, why are you changing your name? I gotta blend in. I gotta I don't want to draw attention. I gotta just my son would have just started speaking Spanish. We just would have been different people like, Yo, man. Yeah, man, when they were closing down the borders. I don't know if you remember. Like, there was a rumor or like, you know, they're closing down the borders. Like you weren't allowed to come back to America or something. Yeah. And like, the airports are flooded. And it's just, it's going insane. It reminds me of that scene from home alone. We're like, just running in the airport. I guess. Every family just left the kid somewhere. Yeah, yeah. All right now cuz it

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just we're in such a panic. Yeah, by the way, the Americans are the ones that were worried about right now. Like, have you seen the Canadian? You should be. And Canadians are like so big on this because I think there's a lot of schools like, you know, especially in places like Michigan where people just you know, across the border, it's nothing for the Yeah, but like it's like proper xenophobia now, like American Canadians are like, don't like don't let these guys in like, we don't know.

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I don't blame you. I don't blame you. Keep the Americans out. Man. We're talking about building a wall of our own medicine. I don't want to say well, we're talking about building a wall. Okay. I don't want to tell you do it. Do it man. Do it.

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It might have to be done it might be ice wall I don't know how it works

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but after invest time into

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took a lot of your time, man But yeah, I told you I was only gonna be available for 15 minutes but somehow I got 15 minutes I'm like I will see I haven't talked to my guy and like my kids are waiting for us to play with them right now and stuff but that's fine. I'll have more

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I don't think I've ever taught anyone this long so maybe we'll do I'll do like a part one part two. You might have to explain to people why you don't talk to anyone else for long they shouldn't

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explain your your introverted ways as

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possible. Oh, sorry. Oh, man. Oh, no realize you're on camera. You realize you're being recorded. I know. I just saw you know what, I never know when this red thing is on like on zoom. Yeah, you gotta watch it.

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I'm telling you, I realized that actually people's I was in a meeting and not long ago. And it was actually in the meeting, I realized it was being recorded. And I was like, Whoa, I shouldn't be careful. I didn't even need to fix that up. The only thing fake about that whole video is that it set up. That's why he started laughing halfway through the setup. Yeah, he's bad and he can't play along. He's not he's not a good actor. I'm in Lausanne. appreciate you taking some. Thank you very much for oh

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it's like the charades game.

00:26:22--> 00:26:23

Yeah, yeah.

00:26:25--> 00:26:26

I'm just getting ready to do anything. I'm just playing with

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your family and everyone at home inshallah. Hopefully we'll get back to normal life soon inshallah. We'll be here St. Helens again. inshallah. inshallah, looking forward to it, man. Take care.