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Muhammad Ali and McGregor fight that just happened last weekend that many, many people watched all over the world and specifically the Muslim community with such a very unique and special enthusiasms upon Allah. If it shows us anything, it shows how desperate the Muslim community has become to find hope somewhere, anywhere, something to give them some sense of pride. Why because that finally just proved that we really need hope we need heroes,

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as to that level, that we're looking for symbolic winning or victory, even if it was on the octagon, and Subhanallah for many people, as we know, the fight is not really about to MMA professionals fighting You know, it wasn't about that for them. It's a fight by proxy between bad good and bad and, and, and, and right and wrong. So for them, that fight is just like a symbolic. They always wanted someone just to stand up, you know, for this hate speech, for this Islamophobia, for racism for all this, those commercialise Subhanallah hate all of this is not someone to stand up for this. But they didn't do anything until someone came to parlor. So they thought of him that he was the

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hero that they needed, when in reality, it was just the hero they wanted. heroism is not necessarily on the octagon or Gemma is not there somewhere else, that we need to work on it to show love to Baraka, what Allah but why do we need Heroes for anyway, it's a human thing. It's natural. And it's not even new in the history of mankind, not just the Muslims, they all spoke about heroes. And the word hero itself is comes from Greek mythology, which means the protector, someone that guards you and protect you, we look for that protector in our lives. Why? Because there are symbols of virtues, there are symbols of attributes we all cherish and we strive for. So for the for us when it looks

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for heroes. If they're real Subhan Allah that means it's doable. Some of you can achieve Oh, you can find someone who can stand up for justice done, and stand against, you know, the tyrant and so on. So it's doable. And we would love to have heroes like this so we can emulate and follow their example. But once again, many people they think this is necessary, but is it? Do we really have to have heroes in order to bring change and find success? Do we really need that? Maybe we want this when reality maybe we don't need this panel and we have an example for this I was mentioned upon. See in Surah Al Baqarah, Allah subhana wa tada bringing to us the example of how much people always

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looked for heroes. The story of Elijah, the story of Venezuela is all about heroes By the way, when musala his Salaam to you shall be known and so on. But then the famous story after the time of musala sermon, Allah subhanho wa Taala narrated to us the story of Benny sorry, lm todo el mela Eman Benny is 11 by the Moosa is called in a de la Santa Monica Nakata feasability la. Look at this, so hit the time after musala is Sam, what happened to Venezuela, they went into a lot of you know, terminals and going up and down. And somehow the difference between our own mind Benny saw is that every time a prophet dies in Venezuela, it used to be followed and succeed by another prophet. So we

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all they always lead by prophets, symbols of virtue, and they always have this divine connection with Allah subhanho wa Taala. So they always aspired for someone like this, but then they needed some sense of you know, strong leader that they could follow. That's what they wanted. So Allah Subhana Allah is the storage was that after some time, the time of weakness for Benny Israel in time of defeat, they've been actually driven out of their home, their children, they've been enslaved and so on. So they needed hope. So they went to one of their MBA who came right sometime after masala ism it's called when to be alone. It has Lana Malika Nakata lfy Sevilla, can you bring us out a

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king? We want a king whom we could follow and fight with in the way of Allah azza wa jal. What do you call this Mr. hero?

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Can you find us a hero that we can follow you take us lead us into the fight so we can win against evil and then that's that that's what they desired, right? That's the these are the ideas right now on their mind that we need someone strong we can follow so we can you know, defeat you know, tyranny and defeat injustice and, and stand up again and and have our name and fame back as it used to be before that's what they wanted. But is that what they read it? So what he says Callaghan I say to me, kuchibhotla como petaloo Allah toccata. So the Prophet told him what if it becomes true that Allah Subhana Allah prescribed that you fight in the way of Allah in order to bring back what you

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have, and you're right. What would you do in this case?

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vocaroo Why not? Why wouldn't we do that? Because diamond Dr. In a webinar, you know, we've been driven out of our homes and taken away from our children, our families,

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Then Allah Subhana Allah makuta ballyhoo Makita tala

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one of the real fight came their way, they all turn their back to Allah Subhana, Allah went somewhere else. So they always desire that. But there are no doors.

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We always look for heroes, but we're not willing to do the fight. It just like happens in doing these kind of things. We want someone to beat the devil out of this, you know, this racism and Islamophobia and so on, and then happen on the octagon. But after that, what happens?

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Somehow, so we want that but where are the doers? Where are those people who stand for justice? Those who can stand you know, against tyranny against all in justices and so on? Where are these people want to take the action, the real action and the right action? It's not going to be easy. But there you go, we had an example. So these people, they came to the prophet and say, Can you find this a hero? We can follow on we can, you know, go after? He says, What if I bring it to you? And then you don't gonna follow him? So no, we will. We'll do it. I want the real task of holla I'm tired. I have family to take care of, you know, I think I can do that. We have tons of excuses.

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The fight was over last weekend. What did we get out of the gym or nothing? We enjoyed it. And we just started you know, debating over the, over the Internet, if that brawl afterwards was justified or not? And if it was okay, or not, if it's good or not, that's what we got out of it.

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Did we do anything? That reminds me with the hot leaves in Muslim countries, you go to the masjid in some Muslim countries specific in the Arab world and Suhana you go there. If the hottie wasn't shouting or yelling or smashing the member, people live say I didn't I was I wasn't a good football.

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If he wasn't cursing or yelling, or saying something political for people to feel good about themselves, he wouldn't be a good football. Why? Because I could not, you know, get that energy out of me. Well, good for you then use it for something positive. Many people come to them to the gym and they listen to the football. And when they leave you ask them how was it they said it was great. What was it about was about 25 minutes. That's all they remember the time they spent here, but the delay anything? Are they going to take action? That is what matters. azima So we have these kind of examples. But then there is no action that comes afterwards. And then the story continues with

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Venezuela is Allah subhanho wa Taala says, What call alumina bu enough Allah God bass Allah Kuta luta Malika so then I believe Benny Isra, he comes to them and says your wish was fulfilled. Allah subhanho wa Taala send you sending you a kink. sending you the hero that you need.

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So one day we're told Who was he? balut and Allahu Akbar, Allah come to North America. They objected to it. Carlos, Anakin, Roman Carolina, when I came in, what am you the SATA middleman? Remember when people look for here is a look for virtues that reflecting their own things.

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They want something that they desire. So there they complain about this hero, this king that the Prophet brought to them, it says, How come he can be he's gonna become the king when he is not from the Lion of kings. You know, Benny is able to have different tribes and each tribe has a specific duty to their towards their community. One of them was the tribal, the tribe that produced the leaders for them. So How come he's not from that live on that line? Some somewhere else I don't even know. And then they said to him about to him. Wanna know how COVID monkey man, we deserve to be the kings, not him. So again, now suddenly, it's not what they needed, what they wanted they were

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fighting for, even though they were brought what they needed. Color while on mute. They said, Well, I'm mute assata middle man, he's not even rich.

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So over there fighting for all the striving for virtues and attributes they themselves cherish. Maybe we're cherishing the wrong attribute to Gemma.

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Maybe we're looking for the wrong virtue. Not that I think because it's maybe easier. Maybe because it's, you know, a shortcut to success. And that's why Allah subhanaw taala sent them a king that they needed, not that they wanted. So the Prophet answered call in Alaska who alikum First of all, it's Allah selection. What does that mean? And the story?

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If Allah selection for you, what do you need more than this? That's the last choice for you. And it must be the best choice from Allah subhana wa Tada. And then he said, Carla, in Alaska, Pharaoh aleikum wa sallahu Boston, Phil Elmi. Well, just so he said, Allah selected him for you. And he has two things that you need.

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So he has the knowledge, and he has the power, the strength.

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So the LMR they say as for the knowledge, that's the dean.

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This is where we get our morality, the moral law, the manners

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The etiquettes that's what we are looking for. We're looking for this, that's what we need, maybe not what we want in the moment in time. But that's exactly what we need. While Justin, also someone who is adored, because you need the physical strength, because you need to do something you need to move, you need to go out you need to write in to talk, you need to stand up, you know, stand again, against the tyrants and seven wrong doors. And so you need that you need the physical action. So you have the URL that gives you the wisdom, and you have the action by which you translate that knowledge into victory into success into achievements. That's what you needed. And but when they

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looked at that, for them, that wasn't what they wanted. They thought they're gonna bring someone who brings them where they were just with the shortcut, like many of us, you know, just will love to hear something that makes it feel good. And when we leave hamdulillah that was exactly what was in my mind. Like, I posted on this on Facebook and have a lot of emails and posts from people saying to holla he spoke my mind. So why don't you speak about it first?

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Why did you wait for someone else to write what you had in your mind about it? Why don't you do something about it? So be a do or not just the listener? You just read? If you think that you can write it and put put it together in words and share it with the people. The point is, we need to create doors that people who take that knowledge and put into action that will that desire to achieve something good and put it into action and shout out about acota Allah. So Allah Subhana continues the story, but Allah who UT Maluku Masha, and he told him and the loss of Hannah says what Allah gives that molk gives that power to whomever He wills will Allahu wa soon alleen Allah

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subhanho wa Taala has been a generous one sir he's just his mercy and has his realm is so spacious upon wadala

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walk or alumina boom. And now then a B is telling them Furthermore, that in Mulkey at a coma taboo to face a funeral tomorrow become Baba to Metallica, Allah masaharu. Monica, like listen, you're going to see signs that will prove to you that he is the one he is the one you need. You may not have that faith in him but he is the one you need. And Allah will provide him with the evidences for you. Evidence is tangible evidences such as loss of how will give him the ark, which is then in the Jewish tradition with the Venice tradition has the relic that left by Moosa and Harun every time they go into a specific event or a specific festivity or even battle they take it out, because

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basically ask Allah subhana wa Taala, for the blessings and for the support as well. And he says, you will see this, it will come to you through the angels that come to you. So all the evidences were given to them that he is the one you need.

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And then what happened, the story continues.

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They went out with him, not so many, but they went out to them. And then as they came, of course, after a long journey to find loot, they came across the river. They were thirsty, they were tired. Now the ultimate test, you want success. It's not going to be a short journey. And it's not going to be an easy journey. You're going to have to put some sacrifice. Even if you desire these things. In that moment, you have to delay it until it's the proper time for you. So they were tested, Allah and Allah mobitel convenor Allah will test you and tell you that you're going to come across a river. Financially, women who have so many, if you drink, you're out.

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One malema, amavasya Khomeini, and if you don't, and you abstain, and he's remained fast, then you wouldn't you continue with me. So the test was an open book test. Like it wasn't a secret. They were told, listen, I know you're hungry. I know you're thirsty, you're tired. We know all of this. But you know what you need now. You're going to be tested. You're going to come across a river and the desire to drink from it is so strong. Everybody is the same thing. We have the same opportunity. However, to pass the test, don't drink from it.

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Don't drink. They were given the instruction. They were given even the solution they were given even you know the success rate like hey, make sure to do that. But then when they came across the river, what happens your ma forget you Let's drink.

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That's what happens in the Muslim Ummah most of the time.

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We know what the problem is. Whenever the dangers are. We know we have the resources and we know what needs to be done and how we do them how to use them in the right way. Alhamdulillah we know all of this, but when it comes to doing how many people will take the action. We always have in our mind. Someone else have the action because I have the excuse hamdulillah excuses are amazing.

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It wasn't for my for the excuse I have I will be held accountable who said you want

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Because you excuse yourself doesn't mean you are. So here again, we see him bringing his people to the test. And so don't drink, stay with me. But then we came across the river What happened? The majority they took from the river. So they were out. Now as they cross the river, the next side of course of it, a small group of people remained with dilute Alice.

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So when he came across them, and he just, he made the people that people look at each other says, That's it, we're doomed.

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We're not gonna be able to stand against that as long as he says, No, no, no, come if you had some kind of Allah but unfetter Allah, Allah Hama sabreen says, Listen, it's not about the size. Like we see it today. When you go online. It's scary. realize you're not well ahead is scary. Try dare to post something positive about Islam and see in the comment section, what happens down there, this carry off. See the amount of the loud noise that has this this sense of hate, and sense of racism alarmist and against Muslims and others as well. All of this, it is so loud, that will scare you off. And that's why a lot of people do start wondering and asking among themselves.

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I don't think we can do something about it. But the truth he said to them says no

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commentary, I don't care how many in the past how many small groups of people want to get larger group of people? Well, lahoma sabreen, and they give them now how we could win. It says you need to be patient. It's a process. It's not a one time thing. It's going to take a while. So it is a process to get to this level of success and make that great achievement. And you're going to have to learn to go through the process.

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And he says that you will need to be patient. And they did. And they stood firm, against the army of dilute. And then what happens? They won Subhana Allah who brought the victory to loot and his army and Benny Israel.

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It wasn't balluta himself.

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It was the hood. It was a young man, a young boy and the army of generals at the time.

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And with a slingshot. He hit Gerald and he killed him Wakata Duluth. And so how are we learn from this that you're not you? Maybe you're just one of those few people in the crowd. You don't know your faith. Maybe it's going to be you you don't want is going to take it to the next level first when the lazur Believe in yourself.

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Join the effort. I mean, when that will join the one that would join Duluth did he know that he was going to be you know, the one to kill. When he joined thought was he didn't know that he got killed jalota didn't. He was just like anyone else. But Allah Subhana put Baraka in his hand and as a result he was rewarded at Oh lol mucho el hikma Allah, Masha. Allah Subhana gave him the knowledge and the wisdom, gave him the hokum he became a Prophet he became a king for benissa in he did a lot and a lot autumn so many things. Allahu salatu wa salam. O, Allah is Allah. So your duty is just to make that effort and join the good effort. If there is something good going on, just join, say, I'm

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just one person, what am I gonna do? You might be the next node. Now that you're going to be a prophet or anything, but you might be the one who's going to bring the real action you probably going to be the one that can make the big difference. How slingshot the wood had nothing in his hand. And that's how he brought about actually the big difference. Some heinola I don't know what your talent is. Maybe it's making a short video. Maybe it's writing something maybe talking to some politician you know what just voting in the next actually voting that's coming next election coming soon. Maybe that will be the big difference you might make bring, but just do something about it.

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It's not just about sitting there and watching and waiting for the next hero to do the job for us in sha Allah tala No, be the next that would that will join that hero that even if you don't think is the one you need, or the one actor you need for sure, but pay me maybe that person is that the one who bring you success in shallow Tabata Katana. Again, my dear brothers and sisters when it comes to the subject of your wisdom and heroes, it's not new. Like I said, it's in Venice, la isla as well and it's also in the Muslim Ummah until this day.

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Whenever we go to Muslim lectures and conferences and speaking about role models, who they bring to us as role models, we bring Beautiful Names of the Sahaba are they allowed to run home? Even? Abdullah Muhammad Ali Baba butala Chateau de la la. We bring Beautiful Names I want to read their stories are amazing stories. Horrible, Walid amabile hapa amazing stories. There's no doubt about it. They're heroes. We believe that but they're real. They're not just imaginary heroes, the non mythical real people, but we speak about them so much so in a way that we make the myth that we can't even emulate we can't even actually follow

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if we think about how

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Many so hobbies were around the prophets of Allah Salaam. They were in the 1000s in the 1000s. But how many can you count by name?

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150 3020? I don't know. Most of us probably maybe we'll stop at 20 and then just like start struggling. Why? Because we only remember those who stood out among the crowd. And they're not always the majority. They're just few. So the most However, they will not remember. They will not eliminate we thought they were not Abdullah and Omar Abdullah bass or Ayesha? No, they were the average Muslim. But you know what, they changed history. Why? Because they, they join a good cause.

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They participated. They were doers. Maybe they were anonymous does and that could be you too. You might bring the change from behind. We don't even know who did it. But Subhanallah that change can be the most amazing, most positive change. Why? Because someone was really taking the right action and put it in the right direction in shallow data. If there is something good happening in your community, join it. If something happening outside of the society as well and you think it's good, join the good causes drama, bring that positive change. You might not think that this is the person that will bring that positive change but you might be the next word in this community. May Allah

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subhanho wa Taala bring the successor of blood I mean, am Allah subhanho wa Taala protect the screen with your Oh Blimey colocado stuff will come

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through in order for him.

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Under a lot of blonde amin sallallahu wasallam Mubarak and avina Muhammad while early he was obvious Elementor Sleeman kathira mama but mighty brothers or sisters, a lot of us take Hadith interview sallallahu wasallam when he mentioned about the time the difficult times prior to the Day of Judgment, call us Allah Samia Kuru Allah rasa Cooley Mia, that

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the head of every century like every 100 year Allah subhanho wa Taala will bring out to the Muslim Ummah, a leader, Majid, someone who revives the tradition revives this you know, the principle revived hope for the oma but a major dilla Deena who was revived the dean for them. So perhaps a lot of people that kept digging this hadith and since Apollo, where is he so that's what we keep looking for heroes. It's not about looking for is about making the museum

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that's what matters right now. So we Let's stop looking for heroes somewhere and start making them. How do we do that one step at a time. We only responsible to do our part. And like the last of how that spoke about jello, he gave him the URL.

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And he gave him also the power. Learn and learn a skill. Learn what you need to be done. Learn about your deen. Learn about the universal society. Learn about your culture. Learn about what really, you need to take as hikma and wisdom in this society in this time, and they learn the skill that brings that change in sha Allah hota Baraka Wada does not wait for this Majid to come. Let's be part of creating the Michel de Vaca tada Aloha, molybdenum and fana when finally my alum Tina in the cantle alleman Hakeem allama to fusina taqwa was romanza Antonio amo la vida la in the LA Malika to soluna v au alladhina amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam Otis Lima llama salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina

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Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa la Mancha Rashida Rebecca Omar Osman Ali Juan Soto sabotage main woman Toby young the illuma de and welcome Sala