Intellect And Its Limitations

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The speakers discuss the intellectual property of Allah's faculty and how they are responsible for creating "imm physically" and "imm physically." They touch on the deceptive nature of intelligence and how it can lead to war and damage, as well as the deceptive nature of sex and how it is used to achieve success. The importance of marriage, self and crime in society, and a culture of fear and cooperation is emphasized, along with the need for a fearless society. The speakers emphasize the importance of aligning oneself with principles of Deen and not trying to understand them.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah in 100 to One A Star you know what a star film when I was with him in Shuri and fusina woman say Dr. Marina Murthy Hello fellow mobile data from A to Z

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when a shadow on

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the hula sharika when a shadow no Mohammed Abu

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Magaldi aku terracotta

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Mojito for Conan Hamid la mina shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. Well hello wahoo Bay harbor Omar River. McAllen maybe you Salah lohani you send them yo lo Katara overdue mahalo como la cual from McCall up build up Bella. So McCall at Bella, Bella. So McCall wiser to Lima holla, to hollow con Accra, Malaya mink, because we cover it will be caught. We'll see when we go out. So the Kala Nazim.

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Under honorable all Mr. Respected elders and brothers.

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There's great emphasis laid in today's day and age on the intellectual Faculty of men.

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Or should we say in simple terms, as rationalism

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and we are asked to take our decisions based on this principle.

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If things make sense to us, then we should go ahead with it.

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And if things do not appeal to our logic,

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it doesn't come within the grasp of understanding that we should let go of it.

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So there's great emphasis on the intellectual Faculty of men.

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And it's taking the rise in many parts of the world. And you find groups been formed, who are known as the rationalist, the modern thinkers, and many other names.

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Let me start off by saying no doubt,

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no doubt that Allah subhanaw taala has given us a unique quality and that is the intellectual faculty that we possess.

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After all, it is the distinguishing factor between the animal kingdom and the mankind.

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Allah has given us this faculty which we enjoy over all other creations of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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In fact, in his book, a halo Mima was added after Allah has brought the phenomenal narration

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over my father called love an apple.

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One of the first things which were created was intelligence.

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After a war created intelligence, a lot addressed it from McConnell up to bill for up Bella.

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I was set to intelligence come forward, and it complied. It came forward. So makala was built.

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And then Allah says, I told intelligence to withdraw to retreat and it complied.

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Allah says, Where is the tea? We're generally Mahalo to hollow con, Accra, Malaya mink,

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I take a custom, I take an oath on my grandia I haven't created anything is so unique as intelligence.

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Because a lot goes on to say, it is through your intelligence that I will take people to task

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will be Co Op. And through your intelligence, I will reward people

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well, because he will be co opted.

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So no doubt intelligence is a great gift of Allah subhanaw taala. It's a prized possession of a believer and every human being for that fact.

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If you look at America, Talalay in his book, disciplining the soul writes,

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that to understand the excellence of anything,

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look at its fruits

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and the excellence of the mind. And the excellence of intelligence is found in the certain examples that he gives us. He says, number one, the mind contemplated on the signs of a law and it's recognized its creator.

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The mind contemplated on the signs of prophethood. And the mind accepted that the prophets are a unique human beings who do not lie, and they convey the message of Allah subhanaw taala

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goes on to enumerate the excellence of the mind and he says, through our intelligence as humans we have subdued and tamed wild animals.

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In the open

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through our intelligence we have built ships on which we have reached destinations, which the sea prevented us from breaching previously.

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And even though claim goes on to say that there are so many other bounties that Allah has given us through this intellect, and in today's time you would say through our intelligence, we are both skyscrapers.

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We have, we have invented such machineries. And we have invented such technology that has made life easy. Today we are able to traverse from one place to the other in a short span of time we've got a craft. We've got other modes of transport and other modes of conveyance.

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These are the benefits and these are the fruits of intelligence.

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Having said that,

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intelligence is also a very deceptive Faculty of men.

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And that's what I want to address today. That Yes, Allah has given us intelligence. Yes, Allah has given us the mind.

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But Allah has also set some parameters. Allah has also set some boundaries, there are certain bearings that go with the intelligence.

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And as humans,

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we are encouraged to use our mind,

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provided it is within its jurisdiction, and provided it is guided by Sharia and provided it is guided by divine revelation.

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Otherwise, human intelligence can lead us to ruins.

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Let's look at some examples of the mind and its deceptive nature.

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About eight centuries ago, there was a group that sprang up known as the kurama Tia or the botany, and one of its renowned leaders was Obaidullah bin Hassan Alfred Wani, I want you to just listen to this example that I'm going to throw to you.

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He writes to his followers, and he says,

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I fail to understand why we read our sisters off to strangers.

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If you have a lady in your house who understands your temperaments,

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she understands your strong points. She knows your weak areas. She knows how you are and she has adapted accordingly.

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Since I find it foolish that a man with his daughter and his sister have a total stranger. And he brings in his house, a total stranger, not even knowing whether it will work out or not. Therefore, I advise you to marry your own sister.

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That's not all he goes on to write. If a sister can arrange meals to satisfy your hunger,

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if your sister can arrange your bedding, if your sister can do your washing, and if your sister can maintain your needs, then I failed to understand why can she not fulfill and satisfy your sexual need also.

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And therefore I advise you, my followers, to marry your own sisters and preserve the wealth of your household.

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But yours is a man who is exercising his intelligence where there is divine revelation. If you oppose him, and you say that it's immoral, and it's disgusting.

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We would say on an intellectual level, you've got no grounds. The reason why you regard it and you classify it as disgusting, is because of the cultural norm and the cultural customs around you that people do not marry the sisters and therefore you're also you're also shunning this practice. But on an intellectual level, you cannot oppose him. He's got a point. He's got a very strong point.

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If you say medically incest is harmful, then you would say today in the West, you find literature promoting and showing the benefits of incest also.

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So do you have a man who's exercising his intelligence where there's divine revelation?

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Allah is not saying do not use the intelligence. But why he's saying that exercise intelligence within its jurisdiction and not beyond his jurisdiction.

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Let's look at a closer example.

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Before the bill of homosexuality was passed in the UK Parliament, it was vehemently opposed.

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And so they decided to set up a committee and this committee was tasked to find out and to debate vociferously with regards to the passage of this bill.

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After deliberating, they came to the conclusion and listen to this.

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They said, We understand that this act is not good.

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We have, however, made a difference here. And we say that the law should not interfere in the private affair of a man.

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And therefore, in the light of this principle,

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we do not see anything wrong with this act. So long as we make a distinction between self and crime.

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we regard it as a sin but it's not a crime. We see no justification for this bill not been passed.

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Now, yes, men in exercising his intelligence, and he thinks that he's smart enough to use his mind where Allah subhanaw taala has already decreed the meta is wrong, and is prohibited.

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And this is a test of men.

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The more educated we become, the greater the test for us in life, the dewy subdue ourselves to a law. Do we surrender to a law or do we exercise our own intelligence?

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Let's look at some examples. Mr. mahasaya Rahmatullah ladies are here writes in the chapter of hug, that the entire ritual of hedge contradicts logic

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circumambulating the cover seven times around, running like a mid person from Safar to miroir. And in slaughtering and sacrificing an animal and shaving the head and camping in the open sky? It doesn't make sense.

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Mr. mahasaya writes in their lives, the test of men.

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Does he exercise his intelligence? Or does he go with the auto of law? Why seven times he doesn't ask. I'm making the law seven times. Why am I running between Safar? miroir, seven times.

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A lady ran between Sapphire and Morocco. Why are the men running? The ladies was supposed to be running. it contradicts logic.

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Why are we sacrificing an animal doesn't make sense? Does he subdued himself in front of a law? Or does he exercises his intelligence in that place? Also?

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Why is the last the police the 2.5% of the cart? It doesn't make sense. Why is the five times daily Salah It doesn't make sense.

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Why a man can marry for women It doesn't make sense. And so many other injunctions of Sharia. The question Why does not not come up with His revelation? That's the rule of thumb. If Allah has side two records for future and you want to read for you can't

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that is where the test lies. It will you surrender to a law a Will you follow your intelligence? earlier the law Carlin said a profound thing and he said, Locanda deal will be

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the kernel must show us.

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If Dean was based on logic,

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then we would be making mersa on the bottom part of the hoof and the bottom part of the leather sock. Another top part

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because when we are walking, it's the bottom part that's getting dirty, not the top part. But when we make a massage, we make a massage the top part.

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He said that shows that Allah subhana wa Taala has not based on logic.

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And this is the test of human being.

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They too far have exercised the same principle the same what is wrong between Riba and a normal transaction.

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In a normal transaction, you are bartering. You are selling an item and you making a profit. Now why don't you apply the same principle when it comes to Riba we are borrowing your money that's an item and in return, we are making a profit. It's the same principle we apply in here, which is applied there. Why is it How long?

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Can you give one answer? transaction is Allah rebuys Hara, Allah did not go into the logic of it. Why? Because it's the test.

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It's a test for mankind that well is submit himself to Allah or not.

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The so called great thinkers of our time, they say you know what should be halal.

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Because pork in previous times,

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was heroin because the pigs were bred in a very unhygenic environment

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in a very filthy environment and they ate off

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There is why the Quran may poke around. But in today's day and age, we are so sophisticated in terms of hygiene, we've got proper facilities, and we've got hygienic farms to breed these pigs, and therefore pork should be Halla.

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So here again men is exercising his intelligence,

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he is using his mind beyond its parameters.

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And to understand this,

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a computer will give you an answer with pure faith.

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if you are going to ask your computer to give you an answer, which it does not have within its own capacity,

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it will not only not work, but it will give you wrong answers also,

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the same way with the human mind, if you are going to stretch it beyond its limit, it's not only not going to work, but it's going to furnish wrong answers. Just like how this men said, What's wrong, why don't we marry our own sisters?

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Likewise, you will question every tenant of deed also.

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And that is why there is a great test for human being. And why this and why that has become a very common thing in many social circles.

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Why Malala like this, why wanna like that? Amazing. You look at the Quran, Allah doesn't give the reasoning behind these injunctions Why?

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He gives you the commandment and straight you abide by it. A woman that is divorced must sit in it for three cycles. If a husband passes away, she must sit for months, 10 days Why?

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There's not a worse job to explain why.

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A law has set the commandments into this world as a test for human being. And we need to live our life in total submission as a loss of power with Allah tested Ibrahim alayhi salatu was Salam. And he told me mo Ibrahim placed that knife on your son's neck.

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Then you had logic knocking on the door of Ibrahim, how can you kill your only son

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after so many years of locking your son

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after so many years?

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How can you kill your son?

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Doesn't make sense a lot asked a lot. It doesn't make sense.

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He said Omar going ahead if God Allahu Raku a slim called a slug to the rock below the mean. And when we say to you bro him submit is submitted totally to Allah subhanaw taala University Allah Allah accept but you see this this part I really don't understand. I need some clarity. I don't understand this. But

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Allah says we Brian leave your wife and your son in open, barren land.

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He is not questioning the law

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tells you more Ibrahim make a call towards the bay to LA in the Kaaba. The question comes on what is no one here?

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There's no one yet Who am I calling?

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But he submitted there is what was his what you did tell Ibrahim Abu Bakar libertine attempt mon. When a work history Brahimi came out with flying colors. The test will be for every individual in this world and according to his intellectual capacity on lower test him in his life. And so brothers and sisters in Islam, we need to try to improve ourselves inshallah and align ourselves with the thought pattern of Islam with a thought pattern of Sharia. There is the thought pattern, the so called rationalism which the Western world promotes, they have taken religion out of the equation. And so they are now making their own sisters sleeping with their own daughters. And they have

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lowered the bar so low that it no longer strikes their mind that what they're doing is wrong. And so our safety lies in following the commands of Allah through the guidance of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and if we can submit ourselves to the command of a law then we are successful.

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It's a test for a doctor. It's a test for a Mulana. It's a test for a heartbeat. It's a test for a lawyer, it's a desperate for every intellectual person, Allah will test him in his field, and we need to be strong and insha Allah make dua that Allah keep us steadfast, and always keep us on Imani Chihuahua, and always align ourselves to the scholars of Deen never tried to understand any aspect of Deen on our own capacity. As I said, we will not only reach the wrong conclusion, but we will take a lot of people on the wrong path.

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With us now give us a TOEFL Malina.