What Counts As Catching Laylatul Qadr?

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The concept of catching a cuddle to God is discussed, with emphasis on the importance of avoiding hedge and hedging abroad. The speakers emphasize the need for observe and honor hedging deeds beyond the current period, including upcoming events and holiday celebrations. hedging is discussed as a way to prioritize mercy and miss opportunities, with a focus on avoiding hedging and considering actions and events.

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Hello everyone Ilan Omar Al Amin, where are people to limit Sapien? Allahumma salli wa sallam radical AB de corte suka Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, while early he will be he was salam to seamen. cathedra. May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to catch Leila to Qatar. I mean, hamdulillah we're in the best 10 nights of the year. May Allah allow us to be focused and sincere. And Bismillahi Tala realize the full reward of every single one of these blessings nights alone. I mean, what does it mean to catch little cuddle? So I actually wanted us to think about this question in a schematic way, because nothing in the Sharia. Nothing in our tusky nothing in our spirituality is

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random. Everything has a logic to it. Everything has a coherence to it. And so when someone asks the question, what does it mean to catch later to God? And I'm not talking about the idea of, you know, what does it look like outside and the sun the day after and the peacefulness of the night? I mean for you as an individual, what does it mean to have caught Laila to Qatar? May Allah azza wa jal allow us all to catch up a little cuddle alum I mean, there are two things I want you to think about Bismillah he Tana, as we talk about this particular subject, there are two levels of catching the Laylat al Qadr. And in general, when it comes to seasons of Allah subhanho to Allah's mercy, when

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Allah gives us an opportunity, a season or a place where his mercy is more present to us, or there's a greater opportunity, there are two levels of observance. Number one is to witness and wish shahada to witness. Number two is Allameh are the deeds that are present they're in so first and foremost, and Masha had to witness something. Secondly, to perform extra deeds to perform blessed deeds during that time. So I want you to think about everything in our deen, that's relegated to a time or a place and think about how the scheme fits in sha Allah to Allah for a moment. Observance means how do I know that I fasted a day of Ramadan, and will shahada I witnessed the day of Ramadan I did not

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eat or drink. I witnessed that day of Ramadan in sha Allah, the hub Allah ma have tended to rule without an urgent Sharla. Hopefully, the reward of that fast is maintained. It's preserved so long as I didn't do anything to break my fast in the physical sense, that would mean nullifying it by eating or drinking. In the spiritual sense that would mean nullifying it by backbiting or gossiping or lying or arguing or doing something that would compromise it spiritually. Otherwise, I caught that day of Ramadan I fasted that day of Ramadan, when we talk about hajj when we talk about aroma when we talk about being present. On the day of Allah, Fela Rafa Fela for Sukkot Allah je dalla Phil

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hedge, Allah defines hedge and the acceptance of hedge first and foremost by what the lack of violating that hedge and hedging abroad on the profit side some talks about an accepted hedge, you can read any book of Hadith and the word abroad here have accepted refers to not violating the hudge meaning if you go there, and you pass them your thoughts, you pass the station and your firearm and you don't violate your firearm and you perform what needs to be performed. You can consider yourself amongst those who witnessed that day you witnessed the day of alpha, you witnessed the Umrah you witnessed the Hajj. So this is the first level Ramadan is first and foremost defined by that and the

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last 10 nights are first and foremost defined by that insalata Isha law your Slava in Ashkar. No one will reach Hellfire except for the one who is deprived and a spa and a spa. The deprived one is a person who even if they are placed in the center of height in the center of goodness, they're immersed in it, they will still find a way to miss out on the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala Ahmed Ibn Abdul Aziz Rahim Allah Sedlak Aqaba Hassan Maharaja and Rahmatullah let us here at Coolessay. Indeed, a person has lost and failed when they find themselves excluded from the Mercy of Allah, though it encompasses all things How could you miss out on the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala UScar

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is the person who missed out despite the fact that they were right in the middle of it they had the opportunity but they were deprived of that good and when the Prophet sighs some talked about a gathering of goodness he said home and home they are a group of people if someone is amongst them, law yes SCA luxuries. A person who is sitting amongst them will not be deprived. I say this to first and form

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was give you some hope but at the same time give you a warning. That isn't half of them and lots of Rahim Allah says you want later to Qatar to be accepted what counts as catching later to Qatar as a believer being awake at the time of Laylat al Qadr not doing anything to violate it even if you just prayed salata Isha and you prayed so lots of budget and you attended some Halaqaat and you made some wicked, you didn't back bite, you didn't sin you didn't insult anybody you didn't disobey Allah subhanaw taala you are present on the night of Laila to Qatar and hamdulillah that's observing Neva Takada in sha Allah to Allah the reward of Laila to Kadri Hiram and Alfie Shahar that the night of

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Anaconda is better than 1000 months has been written for you. That is the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala the to start with, that you you know, first and foremost be happy that you're here say Alhamdulillah that you're here. You're in the masjid in the last 10 Nights. This is where you need to be your your you're doing Mashatu you're witnessing the salah you're witnessing the prayer in Jamaica and the last 10 nights in a masjid you're attending a halacha in the last 10 nights of a masjid. That's exactly what it is. Observe it.

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Now if Djibouti and it has salaam curse, the person who still manages to not be forgiven in Ramadan, where's that situated in? It's situated with sinfulness? A person who is disobedient to their parents, a person who does not send Salawat on the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, at least the first time that they hear his name in a particular setting or gathering it's sinfulness like what is wrong with you? How do you still miss out on the mercy of Allah. If that's the case for the month of Ramadan, imagine a person who sins on labor to cut them.

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Think about it. Because there's a scheme here, the better the time or the place, the more severe the sin. A sin in Iran is not like a sin outside of a haram. A sin at Hajj is not like a sin outside of Hajj. A sin in Ramadan is not like a sin outside of Ramadan, a sin in the sacred months, the sacred months the cardinal Headjam are haram and Raja is not like a sin outside of the sacred months. A sin in a sacred place or a sick a sacred time is that much worse because at the bare minimum to observe means do not violate do not violate, you have 20 days to practice guarding this tongue guarding your eyes fasting, consider the fasting of the night at this point, do not violate these nights if the

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only thing is you come and you sit here and you don't shed a single tear. And you even sleep for a good part of the night. May Allah subhanaw taala write down a little cover for you because you still could be amongst those who observe Laylatul Qadr because this is a gift from Allah to this ummah. So the first thing in is, and we'll shahada to witness something. The second thing is Allameh are the deeds that you put forth. And that refers to the multiplication beyond what Allah has guaranteed as a bare minimum. So what the scholars mentioned is that at the bare minimum in Allah and this is the Mercy of Allah. If you don't mess up on Laila to cover and you do the basics and you don't

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compromise it, you are observing of it. Heilmann Elfi Shahab

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but not everyone catches at the same.

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Some people would put forth deeds on the night of Laila to recover that make it worth even more than a lifetime. Some people will glorify Allah will pray, will have a moment of orb, a moment of closeness to Allah that make it better than 10 lifetimes that make it better than 50 lifetimes because not everyone touches at the same. So you start with that first level of animal Shahada. Then the second level is, what deeds am I doing in these last 10 Nights? Can you imagine the prophets like Selim, described as tying his waist belt in those last 10 Nights? Take the prophets I send them on an average night of PM. I can't imagine what is beyond look like in the last 10 nights if he

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would cry until his place would be what? On a regular night. Imagine the pm of the prophets lie Selim in his tent. In those last 10 Nights. He gave life to the knight sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, some of the Sahaba they came to the masjid and it was like eat for them in those last two nights. I was reading about telling him and Osa daddy Rahim Allah about the Allahu Taala animal companion when he comes to the masjid and those last 10 nights like AIDS, he's wearing his best garment. He had a particular hula particular garment that was reserved a particular type of perfume for those last 10 nights because it was special. These are the nights of the nights of celebration in the metaphorical

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sense because I'm celebrating that closeness to Allah subhanaw taala my mother crime Allah very similar narrations about him. So not everyone catches it the same way. And that's where you want to build on observance and think about the deposits. How can I make this night even better than a lifetime because

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As the potential is there, how can I do extra good deeds now? How can I do extra vicar? How can I have a moment in my dua, but at the bare minimum, do not fail to observe the rights of these knights upon you. So there is an shahada observance and then there is a Lamin b has to do the deeds that are befitting of it that honor the night, observe the night and then honor the night the same way that you do with your fasting. And that's when the prophets lie Selim says, On Sama, Ramadan, Iman and YT sovereign, Ophir Allahu Takata. Wymondham be he Whoever fasts on a bond with faith and accountability, Allah will give them the reward of being forgiven for all of their previous sins.

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Men karma Leila Takada whoever stands on the Knight of Laylatul Qadr Imana YT Zarbon. Wolfie Rolla who Mata cardamom and then be with faith, and with a sense of accountability, Allah subhanaw taala, seeking its reward accountability and seeking its reward, Allah will forgive all of their previous sins Allahumma in the CAFO one, two Hipple alpha for an O Allah, you are the one who forgives you love to forgive, so forgive all of us and accept later to recover from all of us make us amongst those that observe it and that honor it as well. Allama I mean, does that come along? Before you get up part of honoring it and observing it is please be courteous to the volunteers. Mashallah. And

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these last 10 nights this place gets packed, we have a lot of you from out of town. They are giving up these nights to try to facilitate crowd control at a time when our message is way way fuller than it is the other times. please be courteous to them in sha Allah to Allah and thank them as well and make dua for them as you walk in and out of the message as I can walk out with somebody