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Under the Hadith that have that wording in it, whom we are not or what is not in keeping with our core values

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and then talk a little bit and then the series after I want to focus a little bit on volume and talking about oppression, I think I think it's something that I think this is a core Islamic it is I don't think it's a corresponding value in terms of the opposite obviously not oppression, but anti oppression, injustice or righteousness. And as Muslims, we sometimes we, we get caught up on other stuff, when they're not even remotely as important or

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even the same realm of talking about about this. So I'm gonna go through this series because I started it and I want to complete the tenant Hadith that I wanted to narrate to you. So I'll do that and Charlotte Allah. Interestingly enough, the Hadith tonight is also related, something that is relevant to the current events that we're witnessing any in the Holy Land, which has led to some color in say, a cool nobody humara yet because he bought over the moon, he said, after my passing, there will be Amara Amara, as in rulers, not princes, specifically, but rulers. But he also used the word because he knew at some point it was going to turn back into a monarchy, even though that's not

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what he wanted it to be. So he used that term, I think that term is very, very meaningful in that in that sense, and he kind of pointed out that really, what's going to happen is that we're gonna go from Shura, and people actually choosing rulers and holding them accountable to, to the way it wasn't Johanna Yan. And that's unfortunate, because they want to be after me rulers will lie, and they'll press but if I'm gonna sell data home for Mundaka, Allah him for data home fika DB him, well, I know whom Allah will me him for a 70 whereas two men who, what I used to be worried in Allah yet help, says those who enter upon them, they go into them and become a part of who of what they're

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doing. They believe them in their lives, and they help them with their oppression, then I am not amongst them from them, and they're not from me, he actually uses the term a little bit more complex and more complex matters. So if you think lace administer for ladies, I'm in the US two men who use it personally. for themselves. It's like I'm not i It's as if he's disowning them, like I will, I have nothing to do with that person. And they have nothing to do with me what a swat the knowledge will help and they will not come and get anything from me from my base on their judgment mean they're there amongst the people are going to be picked up and removed by the

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woman language kurabe him, will me also do configure DB him with me and who might lobotomy him for who I mean knee. And I mean, whom, well who do not let your help. They said the opposite. And those of them those of you who do not enter, enter upon them or become a part of their regime or what they do, and you not believe their lies, nor support their oppression, then I'm amongst them. And they're from amongst me, meaning he's conducting himself sort of life to them to that to those people, and they will come and drink from my hand from the base and on the Day of Judgment.

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And this is a very powerful Hadith and the meaning of what is true of these days. And a lot of what you see in the world occurs because of the corruption of politicians, it becomes become such an issue of we've accepted it all we know almost as a human race, you've accepted it, we expect nothing less. Of course, of course, they're crap, you don't even we don't even hope for anything different. Actually, someone asked if they're not corrupt, you start questioning now, what's the catch? There has to be a catch. But you're honest. Of course, you're not honest. You actually care? No, you don't care? Why are you doing this, it'd be impossible for us to believe because of the history of

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corruption all across,

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throughout throughout the world, and throughout our lifetime. And it's very instance, it's very difficult to like religiously, it's a hard topic to talk about, obviously, politics and religion don't mix as well as they used or they should, and caused a lot of problems. But but politics all over the world is always a controversial topic. But first to come to a point in our history as a human race, where it's just assumed that all politicians are just full of it. And there's no hope in them doing anything that's helpful. And the only way they'll do something that's helpful is if they are under an immense amount of pressure to do it. But really righteousness and falsehood has nothing

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to do with the, with why they'll do something or not do something that says something about where we are and what we're doing. And maybe, maybe we shouldn't be okay with the status quo. And maybe we should actually start questioning things that at their bases a little at their bases a little bit more, because that's just not a very positive world to leave your children to leave our children or to bring children in saying that those who are governing are all they just they just care about what's popular, what will get them to vote, and what will keep them in power and everything else is just background noise that they don't care for when really when really the determining factor in

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every decision has to be what is and what is about what is what is right just what is justice what is correct what is and what is what is the opposite. And you know, when he when he says hi, I guess I guess this is just an issue of

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a rant

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Every time these things happen, and when one of the leaders of the you know, the country that you're a part of goes ahead and shows unwavering, unwavering support for the, it's just like, what are we doing? What is what are we doing here? Like, what are you? Who is who voted this person? Why is this okay? Like, why is that? Just? Why is that?

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Look, I come from a generation where if I say the word politics, I look over my shoulder. I was I was raised, like, he's right here, I was raised, do not speak about politics, keep your mouth shut, just walk, just do your thing. Don't get involved. That's how it was raised. I can't shake that off. I honestly can't. I've been here for 10 years, I'm not gonna shake it off. teaching an old dog new tricks Not gonna happen. I'm never going to become someone who's involved politically. So we're at a disadvantage when you have emails like that, honestly, you are. Because we don't know how to get involved politically. But because I accept that. I'm like, of course, of course, you know, thanks

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for you know, giving us good, I'm going to go ahead and eat up Mubarak and all that stuff. But I know this was gonna say, I accept it, I don't even talk about it anymore. Like, I don't even expect anything. I don't expect anything more than I have no expectations of this person or anyone else, by the way, running for government, aside from being a complete sellout for something that is completely wrong, because of the fact that they get a lot of money from them. And they're scared. So I accept that. I don't think we shouldn't be accepting that. I don't think so. I think there should be an alternative to it. But we do. So how do you change the how do you change these expectations?

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How do you change the outcome? I think that's where we have to discuss a little bit more especially as Muslims living in the West to justify what we're doing here for the sake of those who are oppressed, those who are living under oppression and continue there's not just the the Palestinian problem is it's actually goes beyond that it goes to every active injustice that occurred and it continues to occur all across the globe, that as Muslims we fundamentally stand against we refuse oppression, regardless of who's oppressed, regardless of who's oppressing, doesn't matter we refuse it doesn't doesn't make a difference really, that act alone is very black and white to us is very

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clear. And the Prophet Allah is something this hadith is basically saying, If you enter into a realm where the person is an oppressor, and you believe it, or help it or is a part of it, you are not amongst me you're not you're not a part of my group, and I have nothing to do with you and don't even come to my base and you'll milk and you're just dead how hard that is. That's pretty harsh. Some Alacati is like Mr. Lim, but he's very clear on that. And then he says the opposite so that it's clear and if you are capable of not doing that then you stay well you're not a part of it you don't believe it? You know support it then and then you and I are because that's what he represented

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on it.

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I think we've lost that compass a little bit and I got compass I don't know exactly how to retrieve it again. But

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at least we at least if you have those conversations maybe and talk about it more, especially the next generation that's growing up if they talk about it more hopefully they can do more than then minded. You're reading a novel, a female study he said he then has an Adela Hypno doula who and whom I'll call Burnaby your son hola hola. Yo Yo sell them in no say Cordova do O'Meara we have lien when are we because even whenever I'm in Dhaka I lay him for Dhaka home Tikka Devi him. I know him i lobotomy in Felisa mini Well, there's two men who will they say the word in Allah you'll help Millennials kuraly himolla new soldier from tickety boo him well on your end home Allah boo me him

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for women new and I mean who were who do not get held so the closer to Allah, Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Azza wa Salatu was Salam ala kind of you know, Muhammad, which means I can love him but I can love you