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Alhamdulillah Allah Allah means that Allah wa salam Bara kind of you know Muhammad and while earlier CIBJO seldom at the Sleeman Kathira to mama but may Allah subhanho wa Taala make you all from the pivotable Jana and may Allah subhana wa Taala grant us all the highest level and Jana imam in our Mo loudhailer towards the end of the other side of his book, as he was speaking on the chapter, we're still far seeking forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa Taala finally he comes to the last part and now he says after talk about still far seeking forgiveness, what do you really hope from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada Elgin? So now he's leaving you with the greatest incentive, and motivation to be prepared

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for Elgin. So the last few Hadith in the book of rassada Hain is him speaking on what what Allah subhanho wa Taala has prepared for the believers in paradise May Allah make us a monumental Bellami he began with Fiat from the Quran and which ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, in them with the cleaner future nuttin while Yun the Trudeau Matata in the pious ones will be

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amid gardens and water springs, but Hulu hub is LM in Amman there will be called come on in enter with peace, internal peace and meaning feel safe which means you're going to enter with peace and you'll stay also have that peace when you get in there. Because once you get in there, there may be a fear that you know what is that for how long am I going to be taken out again? Meaning you're gonna come in with peace and you will find safety there. So you will never leave Jana called when Asana Matthew Solomon when the one Ara Surah Mata Karbolyn that we have taken from our shall remove from their heart any kind of ill feeling towards one another. Allah Surah Muto Karbolyn. They're

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facing each other on these couches and these cushions mashallah like recreational time enjoying their time together. And there are many many IATA homolog data he actually he caught it here in regards to the reward ALLAH SubhanA whatever prayers for the people of Jana, but then from the Hadith he started with Hadith number 18 at carnavon Jabba Rajala anakata Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Yeah, cool. Hello Jana, if you have a Sherburn

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because the people of Jana, they will eat and drink

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they will eat and drink. Can you guys believe that AS Roma in general going to eat and you're going to drink right? Now if you have a meal over here what happens after you have your meal?

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You spend three hours recovering.

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Is that the case in Jana? What type of food we're talking about and how does it look like that's going to be explained later? But he's speaking about the qualities of the lifestyle in general. Because the people have agenda they will eat and they will drink usually in dunya if you eat and drink what comes after that is your mouth.

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I mean, digestion happens after that and then what happens? You have to use the bathroom. You have to get it out right how do you get it out many different ways. You Burb you do other stuff, right? You sweat it out many ways. What about Jana? Are you going to eat and then have that kind of stuff? The prophesy some said after that call? Walleye, Otago. Wartune and then we're gonna be using the bathroom.

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Like no need to use the bathroom. Wait a minute, I mean if you eat heavy dinner and you don't go to the bathroom for two days, what happens to you?

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You explode right?

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In general what happens Cara, Wallah young tequila tune. And it's not just like they don't have to use the bathroom. Like there's nothing comes out as a result of that. They don't even have to know more because nothing like they're not even gonna have anything come out of their noses even call walleye at about Walloon and they're not going to urinate. So even the water is not coming out. Okay, but what's gonna happen God well I can bomb him daddy Kedusha crush hell misc. So how did that do that? digest the food. He says when they eat when they eat the way it just kind of like harass it's consumed and goes out to just like a gentle Burb that smells better than the mask that you've

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ever smelled in your life. That's all

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isn't that what told you to do and to eat heavy Mila Gemma you go look for sprite and you look for you know Tom's and everything just to kind of help you kind of get it out right? And hit Allah subhanaw taala they eat enjoy and then they just burn it out.

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That's all by the way, there's not any permission for anybody to do it and then merge it over here. So Jeff house the house of Allah has also magenta Shalonda Nighat keep those beautiful January here in dunya please don't do that.

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So he says Allah some called Crush hell misc just better than this the smell of the mask, Allah before we get to the last part of the Hadith. So there was the

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What if eating then? I mean, do you need nutrition in general?

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You don't? Do you even grow in a Jana? You don't you don't grow old. I mean, I don't know about growing muscles, but you don't grow old. But the point is that there is no need for you to eat or drink for survival or for to stay alive. So what do we eat for them? What's the purpose of eating in January? My

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Just for pleasure. Sometimes, you know, that's what we do here in this dunya right? We just finished dinner right now and then someone brings a pizza and just like oh my god, Masha, Allah, whatever pizza, right? Well, he just finished dinner right now while eating this for pleasure. Smells good. It looks amazing, right? in Jannah no one needs to survive. They only eat to enjoy that's it.

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And everything there is enjoyable. We're gonna see some of this coming in the next lesson shall Alterna but one of the, one of my favorite qualities about the food of agenda, which is something that is very unique to the foods have agenda, what Allah Subhana Allah says, and sort of Bukhara Cardwell to behave with the Shabbiha.

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And everything they came to them with a Shabbat, which means, like, there are a lot of similarities. The food sometimes look alike, right? The food look alike. So then what's so different?

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And then they would say afterwards, Allah de la

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COVID. Isn't that like the one that we just ate earlier? unless it were to be able to share beer says no, no, it's not the same. It might look the same. But every every time it is different.

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Not just that some of the dilemma, they say that to the extent that every single bite will taste different. Imagine eating an apple. And then as you as you actually take the first bite, it takes an apple right? Second bite. Oh my god, there's an orange. Right? And then you take another bite. Wow, that's banana, right? That's kiwiana imagine something like this.

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There was a time I don't know if you guys if it's still there in the market, but there was GM that came out and they say the same gum has multiple flavors. So as you chew, all these flavors are bursting out and you can start kind of like oh my god. Now I'm testing this. I'm testing this when I first start my trial, because that was I was curious about it. First time I tried it. That's the first thing came to my mind. This Iola is Allah Allah, Allah Allah. Yes, I can taste these flavors. And that's something from a from a dunya. Imagine and Jana.

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Not even that. What is so special about eating something for the first time Gemma, especially if it was if it tasted good, you will never forget that taste and that bite? Would you? Like there are specific meals, every time you see the dish, again, what comes to your mind, that dish I had 15 years ago, in that small, you know, shop or even food carts somewhere in the streets of this country, that place. And you'll always remember that this because it was amazing taste. And every time you take a bite, oh my god, it's close. So in Jannah, every bite will taste like first time.

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Which means it's as good as it's for the first time. You know, sometimes it's too much of the same thing, even though it's so good. But by the time you're done Hallas you're fed up with it. I had a friend and Bosnia wisdom button for tea. He likes our tea. So he comes he said, I'm coming for tea. I said come on. And

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so he comes for tea and we serve him. I make a whole big pot for tea. And then as I'm serving, I give him the first cup. And I'll finish three cups. And he's still drinking his first cup.

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What he's done I tried to give another one he goes no no, that's enough. So we'll talk about we have so many it's still the summer. He goes no no, because it's so good. But I'm afraid the second one might ruin the first one.

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Like the second one might ruin the taste of the first one he will he wants to leave with this amazing taste. And just like Wallah this guy's so wise and Allah it's different sometimes that so dunya has all these kind of different ways of tasting food but in Jannah it is very unique so when we eat it's not because we need to not nurture our bodies. It just we need to enjoy the pleasure of eating and drinking in general may Allah give us a terrible idea. Finally the prophets of Assam says over here

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as they eat obviously part of their nutrition part of their day kind of like habits of the oval Jana is what you will have on a test be how it could be karma you will have moon and Fs says they will be inspired to glorify Allah azza wa jal and to do that could be saying Subhanallah and Allahu Akbar, just like they will have been inspired easily as they breathe.

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How sometimes when you do your test, we're just SubhanAllah 100 No, no, no, but and then you get tired and you stop

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Are you

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get fatigued and you stop. Or you get distracted you stop there in Jannah

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that's your breathing.

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The rhythm of your breathing is so antiquated. Subhanallah hamdulillah Allah Allah Allah constantly constantly and you're probably going to see in the next few are Hadith as well. There in Jana, there is no sequence so far.

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There is no saying stop for Allah to bury in Jana. Why is that at

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the time for this over?

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That was eaten dunya that's what you seek forgiveness for. Once you're there, you only glorify Allah and thank him for the blessings of being Indian. That's what you do. So make sure if you have anything, and we all have something to seek forgiveness for its time while you're still breathing. Because once you're gone from this world, that opportunity is over and that door is closed May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us among the beautiful Genero Bananaman. We ask Allah subhana wa Taala to give us the opportunity to enjoy the pleasurable Jana, we ask Allah subhana wa to make us among those who will be inspired this this to be hunted period of Bananaman We ask Allah azza wa jal to

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bring us all together. in Jannah differ does Allah Allah Allah Surah Muto covenant hamdulillah Grameen Slavia Muhammad Yunus any questions

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here's a question from the people of dunya

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going to have ice cream chocolate and I'll Jana, Jana, and then we'll talk about

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when you go to gender, you're not going to think of ice creams or chocolate

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but I hope inshallah you will get what you wish for. Because the Professor Sam said one time there was a man who wished her wish to grow and you know, any plants in Jana? I mean, who wants to plant anything agenda agenda just for pleasure, right? So Allah gave him gave him the opportunity so he just gonna throw the seeds and plow the ground and throw the seeds and plants grow in an instant everything just goes quickly. So Mohan Jain they laughed at this was the prophet saw some cholera so Allah I swear this man must be on sorry. Because I'm sorry, we're actually farmers says they must be Medina from Mecca. This guy's not a merchant on it. So yeah, probably when people wish for something

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from the pleasures of the dunya. Allah subhana might grant him something but it's not going to be from the same qualities of a dunya obviously, of course, even our budget says there is nothing in Jannah from what you have in this dunya except for the names. So when when you hear in the Quran, when you hear honey, when you hear fruits when I hear the only names, how do they look like? How do they taste? That's a whole different worlds. Allah

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subhana colomba has a Shalonda several go to work Sara Marie cuando la vaca