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The Quran provides guidance and advice on building on the message of peace and understanding, as well as the power of the church's guidance and plant to carry it. The title of Islam is related to mindset and can lead to success in life. Reciting the Quran is necessary to attain the full benefit of Islam, and practicing the mindset of the creator is key to achieving reward of loss of habitat. memorizing the Quran is also key to better memory and better memory in the future.

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So, the topic is how do we benefit from the Quran

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it's a very big topic, no doubt and a lot can be said about it and due to the length of this reminder, I'm going to inshallah just give key messages, hoping that Allah subhanaw taala can allow us to benefit from these messages and build on them. No doubt, one of the most important things in benefiting from the Quran is to first of all have the right mindset, the right attitude towards the Quran.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam in a hadith he said a dino and naziha he said that three times Dean is not free ha and I'll see how he can mean it can be translated as sincerity.

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Or they said you almost do a lot to whom is this sincerity to whom is this Nazi he said Lila Wiley kitabi. While he rosu Lee solely while you're in met in muslimeen, or Amity him, so this is Sarah T, has to be directed to Allah to his book, to His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and to the leaders of the Muslims and to their general public. The point being here is that the mentioning of a Nazi had a sincerity to the book of a law means that a person needs to understand or needs to realize that they have to have that kind of

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want to link to the book of Allah and no here in this Hadith, the beauty that we can see is in that this hadith

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that he distinguished between Allah and His book. So having sincerity to Allah subhanaw taala is one aspect and focusing and having sincerity to the book of Allah means that this warrants more attention doesn't mean that obviously as we we believe that the book of Allah is his word, and so it is part of him subhanho wa Taala. But it is a focus and it's like an attention you need to be concerned with the book of Allah. So having that see how having the right mindset and understanding that this is the words of Allah, and if they are the words of Allah, and they are the message of Allah subhanho wa Taala as a Muslim who believes in Allah,

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as a Muslim who understands who Allah is his, the creator understands his position in life knows that Allah wants from him certain aspects, then the words of Allah are not like any other words, the words of Allah are the words from the magnificent Almighty Creator, who has sat down and has chosen these words from his infinite words to Las pantallas words are infinite as he mentioned to us in so little can happen for local man that you know the words or law cannot be enumerated, they cannot be written, no matter how many seeds you try to use as ink and how many trees branches use as, as writing instruments and implements you will not be able to collate and gather the words or last

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pantalla from those words, Allah has chosen the Orion which is as we know we has an amount of words has an amount of versus has an amount of signs and Ayad and so on. So from there, Allah has chosen them. So that means that these words are special, and they are special in another way because they are the only words of Allah subhanho wa Taala that are unchanged. You know, today, some people might claim that you know, the things like the tower or the engine or the which they believe might be preserved in the Bible. The Christians and Jews themselves do not agree about who are the authors of the Bible, who wrote the Bible, you know, the Bible, when you read it, you can see it's written very

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much like a biography like a car describing what happened here and you know, excetera In fact, some of it is also messages related to people who were not even prophets. So

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the Quran has that superior claim, that it is the word of Allah subhanho wa Taala. It is untainted, unchanged, and it is there for you to access so therefore that mindset is important. Thirdly, it's very important to understand

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The Quran

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it has information relating to history of people from before it has scientific facts. It has linguistic,

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greatness and eloquence and what might seem to people as you know,

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in a format which which is can be considered as a strange meaning that not usually used but so, so eloquent in that it has aspects of aqidah it has aspects of FIFA, he has aspects of guidance teaching, all that is in the Quran. But the one word that encompasses all the Quran is that it is Huda. It is a guidance and it is a guidance for us to seek in the Quran, where we can

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live our life how to live our life to the best how to make use of the Quran so that we can achieve the best.

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having that kind of attitude to the Quran will allow us to benefit from the Quran Why are we saying this because we're talking about benefiting the Quran we are and I will mention a little bit about the hessonite obviously as also

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shehab Allah mentioned previously, but also it is important about that

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not just attaining the Hassan adverum but this is a key and you have that's why we have to understand that the Quran is a key to us, seeking the guidance everybody we want guidance when we ask Allah subhanaw taala day in day out, at least you know 17 times a day when we are praying our for prayer and we probably praying more in sha Allah, we are asking Allah He did not set off on stopping we want the guidance. And Allah says this is the guidance so look for the guidance in the Quran.

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Number four and importantly to understand as well is that there is power in the plant with the plant comes honor

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as Allah subhanho wa Taala

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he chose the gibreel to be the messenger to carry the Quran and so jabril was elevated because he was the messenger of the Quran as ellaby ruhul amin wa that Allah Subhana Allah sent Jabri so he became the greatest of angels because he was carrying the Quran. The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the greatest of creation, Allah subhanho wa Taala gave him the Quran. And so his link was with the Quran. The best months is the month of Ramadan because in it, the Quran was sent down. Laila to Qatar is the greatest of nights better than 1000 months because the Quran was it began to be descended in that month, and so on, so forth. So the link and the power of the honor of

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the Quran has encompassed all of those things that all of those people and all of the things that I've mentioned, because it's different, that's why it's not strange, that we can hear and we can see the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Hey, you rukon meant Allah, Quran, Allah, the best of you the best among you are those who learn the Quran and teach it to others. So therefore, you can see that hadiah that greatness is attached to the Quran. And, indeed, in one Hadith, the time of Omar of the Allah when he appointed someone called naffaa have been added hateth as the governor of maca, Natha, even Harris on one occasion, he met with Omar hubub, who is the halifa. And obviously

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he had come to me to Omar and therefore he had vacated MCE. So Omar said, Who have you left in charge of Mecca, meaning in your absence, who have you deputized? He said, I have left, even Abby observed, it can be observed almost I've never heard of this man who is an Abbe Zell, he said, he is one of our marwadi, one of our freed slaves, meaning that he used to be a slave, but he has become emancipated, he has been freed, and he is now in charge. So Omar said you have left a free slave in charge of making and, and the surprise here is not that there's anything wrong with somebody who is a slave or about raising about race or or the light but it is generally more related to a person's

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skills and slaves who have lived a certain time as slaves, they would have probably had got used to a certain mindset. You know, today, people who are running countries or business whether they have to be in their certain mindset of knowing how to manage how to look after affairs, etc. So the surprise of Rama wasn't related to from a racial or ethnic perspective, but it's more about mindset. But so almost said you have left that and he was more surprised, but he said, Yeah, I mean, I mean, he

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He is someone who memorizes the Quran he recites the prime meaning he's learned in the Quran, and he is somebody who has knowledge of the Torah, the knowledge of how to divide the inheritance and the light meaning that he is somebody who is a fapy. Because the word ra as well in the in the early terminology meant that somebody understood Islam.

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So what raised him and what made me choose him was that his relation to the so the prophets or Omar on this said, will lie he by a lie heard the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say in the law her layer of foul behind Al Kitab acquirement whereby we are hoping that Allah with this book will raise people will raise people will raise the status of people and he will displace others in accordance or in relation to this book. So this book, how your relationship with the book will determine how your position is in this life, and in the next life. No doubt in the Quran and benefiting of grant you have to understand that is great but again, the primary citation of the

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Quran is Baraka. And this is unlike some of the materialistic or maybe what might people who try to rationalize thing and say well Quran was what is the Quran related in bulk, but there is no doubt as a Muslim we believe in the Baraka and no doubt there are certain swarga certain verses which Allah Subhana Allah has chosen for that Baraka so seeking those as well. We will get the benefit in sha Allah, tala, like as an example is Surah Al Baqarah as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in

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Baraka, we're talking her Hazara well, to stop her and bapatla in taking Al Baqarah and reciting Al Baqarah. There is Baraka for the house and leaving it there will be sorrow. And it is something that the magicians and the sources are unable to crack if you like they cannot overcome the power of the Baraka. This isn't just an example of sort of Bukhara, and any other examples so how do we really benefit from the Quran it's essential that we understand that the Quran there is Baraka in reciting so even if you don't understand the Quran, even if you don't know what you're reading, just reciting the Quran, there is greatness, there is reward from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Each letter is

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by 10 times as the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned and not only that, there is blessing to attain with the Quran. So in addition to the hazard, there is blessings that will come to the household, to the family to the people, there is blessings in provision there is blessing in terms of light The house is not as considered a graveyard because a place where the parent is not reciting is almost like a dead place.

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So understanding all of this, there is important that when we approach the Quran, we are going to be reciting the Quran but there is more importance in when we approach the Quran that we are understanding of the Quran and therefore it is important as a las panatela tells us if we want to get the remembrance we want to get the full benefit. We have to be attentive in the physiological as the crow Neiman Canada if you want the vicar you want the remembers you have to have a heart Your heart has to be attentive it has to be there you have to focus. Don't recite the Quran while you are somewhere else. And Allah says our one Shaheed you're hearing must be there. Your your show us You

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must be Shaheed you must be present, witnessing, so it's all about Kabbalah it's all about turning to Allah subhanaw taala in your attentiveness and in your presence to get the best out of the Quran and that's why we can recite the Quran seeking the reward of Allah subhanho wa Taala and that's an important citation. This is like a citation of sanity just don't and that's why we will read the stories of the righteous people of the past reciting the Quran many times in Ramadan, like,

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you know, a mama Shafi is related to have recite the Quran twice a day in Ramadan and then Bukhari and his lights once a day and that was a citation of attaining the reward of a loss of habitat. But then there's a citation of tetherball reflecting about the climb because the plan was sent down to be reflective of his guidance and his the words all I do not want to understand the words I do not want to know what you are reading and so you need to double fly into the balloon and Brian, wallow Can I mean en de la la la vida de la Finca Tierra? Should they not reflect on the Quran because if they were to reflect on the Quran, they will find that they will they will see that if it was from

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other than Allah there will be so many mistakes, so many errors about the Quran is beautiful, it's eloquent. There is a messages there's power that is Barker's all that. That means but that can only be accessed if you are ready to ponder and reflect and contemplate and the Quran and this

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means that in you being attentive with the plan, a few practical tips here and I will end because time is short.

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When you try to approach the client make sure that you're approaching with that consciousness. So remember, as chef Vaseline I mentioned to us at the beginning to have the intention, so important with every actions that we have intentions we are intending the best for everything and same when you try to come to the branch, have the intention, focus your mind, what am I doing here? What do I want to achieve? The why your intention the vaster intention, the more the more they will get from a loss of handle and more benefit in sha Allah

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and approach it with that reality. So first, firstly make sure that you are

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having you know going make

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reciting Quran just to recite the Quran, you don't need booboo, you need to be pure from there any ritual, any major ritual impurity, but just to recite the Quran, you can recite without wallboard, but touching the Quran, the majority of the relevancy if you're going to touch it up around, okay, the point that you do need to have will do but even so even if you're going to read the Quran without touching the most half, God make widow because making mobile gives you that mindset is for preparation, then choose a nice time, a time where you know, it's a little bit quiet, choose a time where you know, don't make your Quran you're sort of just, you know, I'm just going to read just to

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fill in my gaps, which again might be good in a way that you are making use of your free time, but try to also for that reflection, have a dedicated time, a time maybe when the children are asleep, or a time when you know they've gone out and you are able to be attentive inshallah so you having a peaceful

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attitude. And then as you begin the Quran, either karakter Khurana festa is below, make sure that you seek refuge of Allah from the shade line. So that helps you also to say I don't want any of that distraction that's going to come from the shade line, I don't want to be distracted. And then start reading the Quran and try to have opportunities where you're reading a little bit of the Quran and reading the message for somebody who doesn't know Arabic.

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And indeed, even if you do know Arabic, you know people will need to understand the context of the Arabic word some of the Arabic words a lot of Arabic will not know. So try to understand what are these words, read the translation that you are familiar with reverse read the translation so you can understand and reflect on that verse in sha Allah and try to see what kind of implications this has for me, how can I benefit from that. And also make sure that as you are reading a plan that you are continuously as some of the commentators mentioned, they should try always to revert back to the client. Don't just allow yourself to read the Quran and then go stray and then you become an

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autopilot. And you reciting the Quran without even thinking maybe even not even your last, you know, which happens to a lot of us. It happens to us when we are doing we'll do what happens to us when we're doing Salah. It happens to us in our Amman, we go so many places, forgetting that we are actually in the closet to summarize, to benefit from the Quran. We need to be doing the Masuda sincerity to the book of Allah, we need to have the right mindset we need on sand the power of the parameters and the Quran is a guidance and there is Baraka in the Quran. And then we have to approach the Quran with a attitude that we want to get the best having the right intention,

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purifying ourselves and purifying the whole environment that will allow us to recite the Quran. And lastly, there is a great thing to be mentioned all the time has finished now is to memorize the Quran because in memorizing there is great benefit as well. There is in different topic as well. Melis pantalla benefit us myself and you with the Parana malice pantalla makeup or on evidence for us on the Day of Judgment not against us. In the whole you delicado a desert unlock our solar hallisey the moment while early he was habiganj mine