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AI: Summary © The story of siblings and siblings in the Bible is discussed, including struggles with parenting and negative media, struggles with brother's parenting and parenting, and dysfunctional encounters with players. The transcript highlights the importance of avoiding violence and staying true to one's values. The segment also touches on various speakers, including a man named Robina who refuses to give up and talks about a woman named Lana and her brother's struggles. The video game is a story of play in a playful way.
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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen sola, sola Mubarak kind of you know, Muhammad Anwar earlier so he was salam to Sleeman Kathira to my my bad. Another dua from the Quran from surah chapter seven area number 150. Actually 150 51 151 in which a Musa alayhis salam he says in the eye of God Allah Tabata, Kota Allah, Tala willfully when he was filling erotica

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or hamara Haman, in a translation Musa Ali cerami says, My Lord, forgive me and my brother and admit us into your mercy for you are the most merciful, of the merciful.

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Now this is very special and very unique. Anyone knows what's so unique about the special you don't find it in any other than the Quran?

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His sibling

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making dua, verse seven, how have you made the other siblings as your mom?

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I hope so. You see, when it comes to siblings relationships, unfortunately, it's always the under served in terms of studies and researches and speeches and talks and so forth. Although Subhanallah It is the longest relationship you will probably ever have in your life.

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It will the world Outlast your parents, I will also probably will precede your children's relationship and your spouse. Because you will have your kids unless you're a Palestinian you have kids older than their uncles. But

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you always you always have this harder situation when you have siblings, your siblings, your siblings relationship but Outlast most likely your parents relationship with you. The parents will pass you know pass away and then the kids that siblings will still live with you, right. And then the same thing, you started your relationship with your siblings way before you got married. And way before you had children. So out of all the actual interpersonal relationship you have in your life, your relationship with your siblings, is probably the longest but unfortunately is the least served and is paid attention to.

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And the example of the example of Musa alayhis salaam here is very beautiful example on paying attention to this relationship in particular. You see when Allah subhanho wa Taala he selected Musa alayhis salam to be a messenger. Where was Musa it wasn't the desert, right coming back from Medina and on his way to Egypt, hopefully to reconcile, you know, his life there and so on after 10 years.

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And they're on the road. And in that desert, he sees that fire he goes wait for me over here to his family. Wait for me. I'm gonna go and check it out. And maybe I get you some some warmth for some fire and some fun that he gets there he meets his Lord subhanho wa Taala no matter that was His Majesty and Allah assigned him to be a messenger.

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Allah says, You are my messenger.

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What was the first day Musa alayhis salam ask ALLAH SubhanA wa dawn?

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What is it?

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She is my Lord. How am I my brother?

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How about my brother Harun? Can you also make no profit?

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There's nothing you negotiate with God right? But Musa did, he took his chance.

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He took his chance. And Allah told him to do the solar Musa where you're given your soil, what you asked for I give it to you. And subhanAllah if Allah subhanaw taala guided your heart, how many of us when we see guidance, the first thing in our mind is just like my brother, my sister.

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I would love for them to taste this that as as I do, I want them to enjoy this as I am doing as well too. How many of us think about that. Versus unfortunately nowadays we have so many horrible stories between siblings fighting over land over property of others over there and just horrible stories, unfortunately.

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So here's moose Allah, Allah subhanaw taala bestowed upon him one of the greatest gifts, the greatest gift that you can ever bestow upon anybody the gift of word of prophethood and the first thing that crossed his mind, I want my brother be part of this as well to color up the canyon make my brother a prophet, Allah says you got it. He's a prophet, you and him go around and do this and that and so on. Subhanallah he took his chance my ALLAH SubhanA wa dawn on the light violet for him. How many of us can take these chances with Allah azza wa jal Robbie, guide my sister god, my brother, God, my siblings, how many of us can do that? And in this dua, Allah subhanho wa Taala has

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given us here a context the context of the story is when Musa alayhis salam, he took Bani Israel

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from Egypt, and they went into the desert, so on the way to the Holy Land, and then they were tested with many things. Among the test is most Atos, the people of various raw eel use the here I have an appointment

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to meet my lord after 40 days,

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he was fasting all these days and now it's time for him to go and break his fast and receive the commandments. That Allah subhana wa Taala was given Benny's right? So Musa Salam tells his brother Yeah, Harun, you will be my my deputy. Stay with Bani Israel lead them until I come back. So Musa alayhis salam, he trusted Allah subhanaw taala as in this matter, as brother Harun to take care of when Israel when he went on that journey to meet his Lord Subhana wa Bucha to receive the tablets and receive the Commandments from Allah azza wa jal what happens was Benny is Ryan

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they unfortunately they belittled most don't look, I don't know most are different. Because when it Musa Grow, grow up, Musa grew up in the house of the pharaoh as one of his kids. So when he was raised, he was raised like what? An elite, an elite warrior. So he was a strong, tough guy, he pushed him and killed him. Hard on the other hand,

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was Benny trying not to that level that he was with this level of servants at the time? So moosari Sam was much stronger. Haroon probably did not have the same qualities like Musa except that his tongue was of course more fluent than Musa Islam because of the speech impediment that he had.

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So when Musa left Barry Israel took advantage of that realize that most of that house was not as strong as Musa not assertive as Musa. And then one of their tribal leaders named a seminary, he fooled them. And he said, Look, he made them a calf, a golden calf and said, Look, Musa is he went, you know, way when his God is here. Like he's promised when he comes back, he's gonna appreciate that.

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And unfortunately, they left a worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala to the worship of the calf. So when most RS Salam now after 40 days and 40 nights with his Lord subhanho wa Taala and then he received the tablets. And so the commandments by which he would lead Bani Israel, what is the news that was given to Musa alayhis salam?

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You will people are worshipping the calf already.

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To which Musa was furious.

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He was so furious. He returns back and the first thing he does is going where? His brother,

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the sibling, his brother, and he's ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada speaking about this encounter with Moon Musa and arrancar what a mirage ah Musa for those who like to follow with us as our number 150 That's again in chapter seven 150 Akkad what Mr. Raja Musa Illa call me hot burner Asif and Karla Bitsa Macula Timonium in bed. And when Musa returned to his people angry and grieved he said to his brother, how wreckage ours is that by which you have replaced me after my departure, turned his people like are you kidding me? Are you serious? You replace me with this call agile tomorrow become? are you rushing Allah subhanaw taala judgment you will be so impatient over Allah subhanaw

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taala judgment that you just cannot push yourself away from it. Like Allah told you that hey, you're gonna get you to the Holy Land. You're rushing it, you're delaying it a look what you do to yourself. And he said also I want to go to go to get you the Commandments from Allah azza wa jal. And you rushed into this, you will feel it was delayed and that's what you do to yourself. And then what I'll call Allah, and he had a tablet in his hand and he just threw them in the ground and expression of course of anger. While Kalwa de Blasio, he he really, he threw the tablets down down the ground, and he said his brother by by the hair of his beard and head, grabbed him and come over

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What does that tell about musasa?

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He was angry. He was angry for the right reason. Hey, look, we took all this effort we took you out of the tyranny of Egypt and the Pharaoh we crossed through the whole the river. We went through all these atrocities to worship Allah subhana wa jahana And once we have a handle of freedom, you go back to worship the calf What's wrong with you? She was very angry. She was grabbing his brother's hair and his brother was telling him Carl Abner OMA is with the son of my mom visit them and like you know, my brother, my brother, this is an expression the culture I'm sure it's in every culture obviously would if you'd like to invoke somebody with a solid foundation or solid ties what do we do

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the blood ties

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like look remember? Remember mom My mom and dad when we were kids member we used to be a family what? We bring these actually memories as if you're telling him like my brother, my dear brother like do you really? suspect me? Is that what you're doing? Like I'm your brother. We've been on this for a long time we were in it together. Do you think I'm gonna be allowing that car ever oma in alcohol Masada phony worker do we have to do nothing? He says these people that took advantage of me they they kind of like so weakness he said like unfortunately is the kind of like so weakness and they

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Trust me, and this is a call and they they almost killed me. Like basically Hey, I was unaddressed I had to give up because the mob was dangerous, they almost killed me is it? And that tells us Subhanallah how people how people think, and human psychology and even astrology. When you have an oppressed nation oppressed people for very, very, very, very long time, and you give them freedom. Sometimes they don't even know how to deal with it. So they're either going back again to tyranny

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an example or the Arabs can bring countries in the Arab world.

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Allah brought them freedom to the feet,

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took the talent up. They couldn't say You know what? No, we don't like that. Please bring them back in alarm, Stan, how ridiculous the situation is. So he says, Look, they this mob almost killed me. I couldn't do anything. And another I ALLAH SubhanA says Carl, I didn't want it to separate between Venezuela and called a civil war in your absence. I didn't want to do that. I was waiting for you to see your judgment and this man. Then he says colorful attachment Bill adda please don't let my enemy rejoice over this. Don't let them look at us and start laughing at us and mocking us with this. They said don't do this. While at the journey, Malcolm Allah al Amin, and don't count me among the

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wrongdoers. I didn't do anything wrong. I was trying to save the unity of the community and unity of the people until you will turn back and you can deal with them. And that's when Musa alayhis salam he made his dua and called cholera Bill Phil Lee Willie fe, but good enough your medica were under our hammer Roman says My Lord, forgive me and forgive my brother.

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In the English language whenever you make dua, what do you say? Do you make dua for yourself first or for the people first. So when you talk to somebody say, my brother and I write in the DUA know the preference is to do what make dua for whom first you and then everyone else that comes after that.

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So that's what he says, My Lord, forgive me and forgive my brother. What could not be your Allah take us under your mercy? Want our hamara Amin because of the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate, like he says like he's reconciling with his brother. He listened to him to him right now you understand his situation? I like it like I forgive you. And I ask Allah Subhana Allah, Allah to forgive you.

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I forgive you. But now it's in the hands of Allah Subhana Allah forgive you. So it says My Lord, forgive me forgive my brother. Yeah, Allah take us under your mercy and your Allah you are the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate, that is a dua that we do. We need to do regularly for ourselves and our brothers and to us this ayah inshallah to Allah dua that sounds it will be Rob Bernard for Lana worry why Nina was good enough. erotica want to Al Hamra Iman, so let's repeat this together inshallah to Allah

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Urbana il for Lana. What is wha Nina

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was killed. Fear of magic.

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One tar hammer rahimian.

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Rob benna Elsa, Lana. What is one

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word Phil fear method.

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One tar hammer Rahim in

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Robina Elsa, Lana. What is running was in FIRA method.

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One Dr. hamre Haman

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Rabbana Afro Zahra in sobre.

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What have Muslimeen

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Rob burner if Diana whereby in a commoner will help

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one to Hyrule further Hain

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Robina Lata Jalna mal como la limin

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Robina la alumna and fusina while I'm talk for Lana

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water Hamner, Lerner Coonan nominal ha serene

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Robina UK Regina, Manhattan Hill Korea,

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Alana me and Lulu

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water Alana melancholia. Watch our learner. Mila Doom Colonel zero

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Robina Mahala Kota heard about

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Subhanak for Kena Avanade

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Rob benna in Nikka min to the hidden not

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forgot the zeta

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wema little dolly mean I'm an unsolved

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Robina in an essay mana monad Ian you know the really man

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um you know Europe become famine.

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Robina fall for Lana guanabana

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work if you run say attina

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What often man abroad

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Robina Tina Marwat Anna rose solid wala Zina yo multi

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in Nicola took the filming

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of Ghana for Luna Luna

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was rough on AFI and Marina

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was a bit awkward Domina

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one sunnah RL Coleman, Catherine

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Robina, Amana Bhima Burma and Zelt whatever Anna Rasool

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for Cubana Masha headin

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Roberta Taco Bell Mina

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in Ntaganda simulium

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Allahumma inna now odo Vika was a retina min ash shaytani R Rajim

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Robina have Alana Mila dunka the radiate anti Eva

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in NACA semi

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Allahumma Malakal molk

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to the milkman, Tasha

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Wattens y'all come in man, Tasha

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what was the man Tasha?

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What are the low man Tasha? Medical higher in a gala coalition Kadir

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today Georgie Laila for Nihar.

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What origin hora de Lisle

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Otto corrigin Hi MNL made

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well Toka digital may yet I mean and high

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water Zakouma Tushar will be very hazy.

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Rob burner in Montana for Lana. The new burner Joaquina Banagher. Rob burner law to the Canoga Bader it had Atana will have a learner Milla zoom Kurama in Nagant, Aloha

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Roberta in Naka Jamia nurse laomi Lara Buffy

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in Nicola TikiLive with me.

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Roberto Rabbana Santa Ana Wattana

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Oh Fran ACARA Birna

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where helical mercy

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Rob dona la to Edna in Siena, Astana

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Urbana, walla Malala inna Israa

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comma Hamilton who are Alladhina Commelina

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Robina wala to her Milna mal Takata Alana,

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WA for Anna, work for Lana for HANA and Tamela Anna funciona. Coleman, Catherine

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Rob Ghana, Africa Elena Sabra

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was a bit up Domina

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one sadhana Allah Coleman, Catherine

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Robina Tina for dunya hacer una

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Villa karate Hasina

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Okina Avanade

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in our Allah we're in Nyla here Raja rune

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Allah whom Houma Jordan at Mercy, Bertie,

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walk lovely Hiram minha Robina Taco Bell Mina in Nikka Anta Samuel Aleem

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Robina wa jal na Muslimeen Allah

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women the Rejina

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Omata Muslimah Turlock

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well Arina Manasa Khanna

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whatsover Allah inna in a cantata wobble Rahim

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Robina watch and fina, my yet Lu Allah inna

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attic while you are liminal Kitab our hikma

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while US Akina in Naka, until ISIS will Hakeem

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are a burner Johnhart Alba Amina

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what is Oakland? I'm in Assam Murad

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wha hoo man I'm I'm in home Billa he will Yeoman

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Allah Medina Surat Al Mustafa in

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Surat, Alladhina Ananda Allah him

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a viral Maluhia and I am

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Should I just want to love it