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From the Quran in Surah Surah we sit in Surah today surah chapter 17 ayah number ad, Allah subhanho wa Taala said to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Rob be affiliated with colossal qinhuai originally Maharaja certain vaginally Milla Dukkha soltana nasira. He is asking Allah subhanho wa taala, my lord, at Kinley, mozzarella silk, give me a truthful entrance was originally Maharaja Amok Raja suit, which means also give me a truthful exit. Watch Ali Mila Dukkha soltana nasira and make me or give me from your affairs. So Tara nasira, a strong soul bond which has different meanings someday so her job is proof and some they say, might and power. So this ayah Allah subhana wa Taala

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is teaching the prophets that Allah has and to make dua Allah azza wa jal is tissue the prophets of Allah Sallam to make this beautiful dua. Rob be at her name with Allah, Ya Allah basically whatever I entered, make a truthful entrance wherever I exit from also make a truthful exit. Now what does it mean? So some of the alumni they have different reputation to this. So they say says it for the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that is exclusive for him. Because in this case, a girl named Carla served Yeah, Allah gave me a truthful entrance. Where would that be? They said Medina was originally Maharaja mocha and gave me a truthful exit the where would that be from? Makkah. So Allah when I

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come to Medina, I come with a truth. When I live from when I live from Makkah, I also live with the truth. That's one interpretation. The other meaning they say no, that actually means asking Allah Subhana Allah at hindi mode. Hola. So in terms of this message that you have given me, like you have given me a message that I need to deliver to the world. So it's important that I do it in with power with might and of course what truthfulness? So I said at Finley mode, colossal, Allah make that entrance into this mission with truth and truthfulness while acknowledging originally and even as I'm finishing that mission and as the depart from that missionary Allah, also with truthfulness as

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well too. So that will be exclusive to the prophets of Allah there was

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some they say actually, no at Finley in terms of Jana, your Allah, Allah so Allah admit me to agenda that's what it means make my interest agenda with the truth and truthfulness. And originally Maharajah so from Mecca. So the entrance is to Jana. And the exit is from Mecca. Some Allama they say actually, it is for over for everybody. It applies to everybody by saying attorney mode colossal which means in Islam in faith, whether you're born Muslim, or just given the shahada, you're asking Allah Subhana Allah, Ya Allah give me a truthful entrance into into faith into Islam. And the same thing as I leave my old ways, I leave that with the truth from you we are Bananaman. So that applies

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to everybody. So when you make the DUA, your ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada to give you that interest into the faith and then with truth and truthfulness. And as you leave your old ways, you also with the truth and truthfulness of Allah subhanho wa taala. There are other meanings but there's a general meaning that they say if we keep it to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam then that was exclusive to him. But if we use the last meaning and the last interpretation, that means for everybody, because you want to have your entrance into the faith into the deen in truth and truthfulness. And also leaving you're always You're always with the truth from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada Allah

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truthfulness. Then the second part from the ayah when Allah azza wa jal Lee mill lagoon Castle Tonon nasira and your Allah Ajahn Imola don't give me bestow upon me from You, from your from your command soltana nasira Sultan, which means basically, it's actually it means the meaning it means control, it means power nasira there will be actually give us victory and triumph. So what does that mean? So some of them are they say this for the prophets, Allah said if it was for the Prophet sallallahu wasallam that means soltana macera which means power and might by which he gets victory against the people who deliver them out from Makkah.

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The Metcons when they will drive him out. So Allah salah, Allah promises that he's going to be back. So he's making the dua to Allah make my return back swiftly and give me that power that aid that you promised that will bring me back again to Mecca. So that's one meaning to it. Other lemma says will don nasira with me is proof and Hoja proven evidence that will give me victory against any argument against any debate that I have with people about the truth. And that applies to everybody as well to soltana nasira it

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Basically it is for everybody that when we deal with the difficulties of this life, your Allah gave me the aid and the power and the relief that will help me to prevail over all these difficulties and hardships. So whichever meaning the first minute is for the Prophet, Salah Salem, the second to meaning will be actually to everybody and for everybody because we need the proof so we can remain strong. When we start when we talk and we speak to the doubt Allah subhana wa Donna, it also we need that strength and power that ALLAH SubhanA give us relief and help us to exit out of every difficult and every hardship. So this is a dua that will end today from Surah Surah. I want to start to repeat

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that together and sha Allah azza wa jal and we will repeat that what we learned from yesterday in sha Allah with the baraka data, so together we're going to send sha Allah rugby

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at Helmy. Mode Hala cert

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was originally

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more Karasu.

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Wa John Lee Miller dunka So Don nasira

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rugby at Phil knee model

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was originally Maharajah sir

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what John Lee Melaleuca soltana Sarah

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Rob be as a felony? No, the caller said was originally Maharajah sir.

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What John Lee Miller Danka soltana nasira

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Rob be there hamari de

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Gama Rob baya Annie Saavedra.

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Now Allah subhanho wa Taala from Urbana Loma I mean, Zach molucca Annika love 100

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Shadow those would like to read with us but now we're gonna continue to read from the Quran today we're gonna read the beginning of

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