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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi discusses the meaning of one of the names of Allah which is As Sittir.

This particular name of Allah comes from the verb Satara which means to cover up. And it refers to Allah as the one who covers up and obviously, Allah knows what He is covering up.

Allah is As Sittir which means that He covers our sins and faults and instructs us to do the same in every circumstance unless the sin is of a huge magnitude such as murder.

Abu Huraira RA said that the Prophet ﷺ said, “A servant does not cover the faults of another servant in the world but that Allah will cover his faults on the Day of Resurrection.”

Abu Huraira RA said that the Messenger of Allah ﷺ said, “Everyone from my nation will be forgiven except those who sin in public. Among them is a man who commits an evil deed in the night that Allah has hidden for him, then in the morning he says: O people, I have done this sin! His Lord had hidden him during the night but in the morning he reveals what Allah has hidden.”


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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Marina Mabry we are continuing in our study of the names of Allah azza wa jal, and the name that I have chosen to shed a little bit of light on today. And I have to point out, by the way, that and everywhere everybody says this every time they give a lecture, but we're lucky, especially for this series, it is especially true that we are having to condense so much information, and not really discuss the true names, we're having to limit all of these names to 1015 minutes. And the fact of the matter is that each one of these names can be discussed for many,

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many hours, especially the names of a foreigner before, we could actually have entire lectures. So we have to just because of the time constraints, take every name and just squeeze it into maybe 10 or 15 minutes. So the name today is actually one of my favorite names. I love it immensely. And it is one that always brings a new sense of awareness to my heart. And it is a name that is not found in the Koran. It is found in the Hadith. And it is the name of a law, a city, the name of a law, a city and the name of a city comes from the verb cetera, and cetera means to cover up cetera means to cover up. So a CT is the one who continuously covers up over and over again, covers up what's well

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let's understand what the connotation here is. A city is the one who covers up the faults and the sins and the shortcomings of the servants so that they are hidden from one another. And the one doing the covering is well aware of what is under the cover. The one who is doing the covering knows what is being covered. And Allah azza wa jal mentions this in the Quran, worker, founder of deca, the blueberry by de hubiera basura. Only Allah is coffee to make account of all of your sins, our sins are so much Allah is sufficient, and Allah can keep this up, nobody else can keep his up. But even though each one of us is a sinner to the highest degree, even though we commit sins day in and

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day out, still, amazingly, our friends, our relatives, our spouses, our children, our colleagues, our parents, they're not aware of these sins, and we live our lives and we have these sins. And a law in his mercy continues to a city continues to cover up those sins over and over and over again. And the evidence for this name is mentioned in other contexts, relative related contexts, but not exactly this one. And it is a hadith in Abu Dhabi, in which the prophets are some passed by he was walking outside of Medina, and he passed by a Bedouin. And you know, the Bedouins they don't have the same manners as the city dwellers and the Bedouin had taken his his art his lower garment and

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had wrapped it only around his private part. Like we would say, an underwear, like just his private part, and he had sat down and he was doing a looser out in the public. out in the public, he's taking a bath, and it's as if he's wearing nothing other than what we would call a swimming trunks that tight swimming trunks. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, in the LA Halle moon highy une city run your bull hyah was sitter. Allah is honey, we're going to come to the name haleem inshallah, in a few days, he will come to the name Hawaii, the one who is shy, sit deal alone Allah loves to cover city. Allah loves your hip boo sitter, he loves to cover so when one of you takes a

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hustle, then cover your hour between the navel and the knee as we know the outer ferment is between the navel and then the end this man only had the actual Oregon covered and everything else was exposed. So this had these kept gives us the name a city or gives us the name of a law a city and what it indicates for us, a law loves citizen. So we have two primary connotations number one, the physical covering and we all know our shediac has laws about what we can display in public that our for men or for women, that's a filthy discussion, Allah is sitting here and he loves that our our is covered and that is why we recited a few days ago right over here we recited ensuited are off Allah

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azza wa jal explicitly says that over all children of Adam we are the ones who sent you down with clothes. We sent you down with clothes

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Angelina Aleikum labasa you worry so article militia. clothing is not something that is natural to man. We are the only creation of a law that we're something on top of our skin, no other beast or animal or fish or anything, whereas anything other than the skin it is morning, but a lot tells us yeah, bunny Adam are children of Adam. We were the ones who gave you clothes and we sent them down. So Adam and Hawa came down with clothes cut and Zen alikum lieberson Why you are so article to cover your nakedness, what Isha and as a beautification. So Allah is city, he loves us to cover our our, the second meaning of cities. And that is why, by the way, modesty is a characteristic of Islam. And

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we are totally against the promiscuity and the sexualization taking place in the culture. Here we are against this, and we say it is unhealthy. So Allah is a city, he loves us to cover. The second meaning of a city is to cover the sins and the faults. And this means we cover our own sins and we cover the sins of other people. So we ourselves when we commit a sin, we should not go tell other people about it. We should not post on Facebook, oh, I did this and that pic put a picture of you committing the sin. And some people have a bizarre understanding of sincerity. They say you should all know that I committed a sin app. If I did it in private. I'll tell you what I did in public so

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that I'm not double faced. No, this is an incorrect understanding. Perhaps the intention might be somewhat valid, but it fails the plotted it does not pass the test. If you commit a sin in private, your higher should make you even more embarrassed to say it in public. Everybody commits sins in private and Allah is citied and he loves that the sin be covered even if you did it in private. Our prophets Allah Allah when you send them back, it doesn't Bahati a law shall forgive all of my oma. Meaning those that are repentant, those that are righteous Allah will forgive all of my oma who wants to be forgiven, except for one category. lol moja he rune. They said Who are the what is this

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word Mujahidin? What is this moja? Iran. So the Prophet says that I'm said the moja is the one he committed a sin at night. Nobody saw him. Nobody knew he committed the sin. Then the next day he goes and he tells people you know what I did last night? Do you know what I did last night, and he lives the city that Allah had placed on him. So the fact that your sin was covered, even as you're committing the sin, the city is covering your sin. Even as you're committing the sin, the city is covering your sin and no one is aware of your sin, hide it inside Buhari as well which is elaborated on in other books as well that a man did something with a woman he found build in history didn't go

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for the whole designer, but he did flirtation and funding and whatnot. And he didn't know the penalty. So he was embarrassed to go to the process of them. So he first knocked on the door of Abu Bakar. So deal, he said Oh, but Chris dear, I found all the girls I kissed a girl. Now what should I do? I will Booker said way Huck wrote to you. Allah set Arak, Allah covered your sin. Why are you coming in exposing yourself to me? So he didn't give him any photo? And why because these types of things go repent to Allah don't come and tell me what you did. You don't have to go say and our scholars say if you have to ask a question asking the third person I know somebody who did this and

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that what is his verdict right the guy came and said I did it and I worked hard got embarrassed look Allah cetera Why did you come and lift the setup? Right so he didn't give him an answer? didn't know what to do. He went to hop off and Savannah look at how the Sahaba are thinking

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the exact same thing he said woe to you Allah cetera rock. Why did you come in lift Allah cetera and come and tell me what you did. And he got embarrassed as well. So he went, after a few days not knowing what to do. He went to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Now he has to give the answer because he is the Prophet system. So he said in the lesson that you'd have to say that you have to do good deeds, and Allah will forgive so you have to repent and whatnot. So he gave him the answer. But the point being both Sahaba Abu Bakr and Omar, the concept was Allah satanic, Allah covered you. Why do you want to go expose that satin and lift

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it up and tell what we have done. And we also learn as well from one of the tab your own from one of the tab your own, he said that.

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And he was teaching his students and all of his students were around him and he looked at his students and he said that if you could only know my private sins if Allah hadn't covered my sins, rather than

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Taking notes from me, you would be pelting me with stones that how Lockwood Sevilla. And I say if that is what that's called, who said that what is my status and the status of any of us at this time, and another great alum of Hadith he said that if sins had a scent, then the stench coming from my body would prevent any of you from sitting around me. But Allah is seated, he covers it up, Allah is seated, and we commit sins, and he continues to cover those sins, even though we do not deserve that covering. But Allah is seated another element of citied brothers and sisters, not only do we cover our sins, we cover the sins of other people as well. It's a very fundamental point of our

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religion. If I see you committing a sin, or you see me committing a sin, that Shetty says, I advise you in private and then zip my mouth. It's none of anybody's business to be told what I saw doing you doing none of anybody's business unless it involves a murder or some other health, a private personal sin that is not affecting the health of anybody else. That Sherry our mandates on us that we do not inform other people. And the incident of the slander of Arusha is the best example of this, where Allah azza wa jal explicitly chastised some of the Sahaba when you heard these slanders, why didn't you be quiet and say subhanak? How they're both done on our team. We are not allowed to

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speak Why did you open your mouth? Is that a phone call center tickle? Why did you have to speak about it? What's a otonabee? FYI, Melissa can be here, a part of our Shetty because Allah is a city. You see my brother or sister doing a sin you see me committing a sin that is a privates. And again, there are sins that people need to know about safiullah murder, that's a different thing. A private personal sin that does not involve anybody else other than the person you saw for you to go and tell other people is a type of slander that is at times punishable by Allah subhana wa Tada. So we have to be very careful about talking about the faults of other people and falling into backbiting and we

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all know backbiting is to speak the truth about your brother slander is to go even beyond this and we learned this from the beautiful Hadith of the Prophet SAW some added report in Sahih Muslim that he said a Muslim or a whole Muslim the Muslim is the brother of the Muslim woman cetera and he Hill Muslim cetera hola yarmulke Yama beautiful Hadith, whoever covers the faults of his brother, a law will cover his faults on the day of judgment because a lot is a city. Whoever covers the fault of his brother, Allah will cover his faults on the Day of Judgment. So because Allah is a city, number one, our physical outro should be covered. Because Allah is a city number two, our personal sins, we

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keep them private, and don't publicize and announce number three because Allah is a city, we do not go and inform other people about sins we have seen. And number four, because Allah is the city and with this, we conclude our love for Allah and are higher in a law and our overall feeling of hatred of jealousy. What a beautiful Lord that we have, that we sinned against him. And he knows each and every one of these things, and he continues to cover our sins from the hearts and the minds of other people conclude with this beautiful Hadith, which is one of the most powerful Hadith reporting Sahih Muslim Ibn Abbas said that Do you know what the prophet is his son told me that on what's going to

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happen on the Day of Judgment, that each and every one of us believers he's talking about the moon will have a Muna judge with a lot more knowledge that is a one on one, Mona john is a secret session or a secret, a private session monaci that nobody else will be there. And even above that the process of said that a law will come close to the believer, and he will envelope the believer and He will speak to him one on one. And He will say to the believer, did you not commit such and such a sin that day? And the believer will say yes I did. Did you not commit such and such as in who say Yes, I did. And Allah will continue mentioning each and every sin? Can you imagine how long that's

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going to take for our cases, each and every sin will be mentioned. And the man will assume there is no hope. But this is a believer. And Allah will say

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for the sottero to her alayka dunya was

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I was the one who covered all of these faults nobody else knew of them. I am city. I was the one who covered these falls in this dunya and so today I shall forgive all of them from you. This is a city How can

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Do you not love a God who is a city How can your love for Him not just go to the clouds a lot is a city one of the draws of the Prophet system and I make it in our with the regularly a lahoma store our atina our law cover our faults our our here our physical, our and our spiritual our our our of sins, cover it up. So we use the name a city in order that Allah cover up our sins. final point, especially to the Arab brothers. A lot of us the Arabs, they say Yes, sir. Yes, sir. And it's not wrong to say yes. But sadly, as all of you should remember from grade five Middle School is not as eloquent as cityfiled. And very sad. It is not as powerful and the name of Allah is not satisfied.

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The name of Allah is city. And the difference between Saturday and city is obvious to those who remember their sort of Saturday is the easier the fact of the summer and the law is not Samir Samir. And in fact, the theory is not even fair, it is ferried with a shudder, which is even more powerful. So, it's not wrong to say San Jose is an Islamic but Allah His name is not Saturday. Allah's name is citied and that's what we should remember and make dua to Allah, Allah Houma city rooster our Latina, Latina inshallah we'll continue tomorrow. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.