Majed Mahmoud – How To Make The Right Sacrifices

Majed Mahmoud
AI: Summary © The importance of sacrificing everything for Islam is highlighted, including death and school. Personal communication and sharing are also emphasized, especially in the wake of accusations of bullying and bullying by different speakers. The struggles of lost jobs and hesitant coworkers are also discussed, along with the importance of positive psychology for happiness. The segment ends with a mention of a funeral and a photo shoot.
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What is the one thing you will truly give up everything for? What is something that you will live and die for sacrificed everything that you have for that one thing. You might say, Brother What an introduction is an easy answer job saying Allah. Okay, it sounds great, but I hope your answer also looks great. Your answer sounds great. But I also hope that the action sounds great and looks great. How do you know what do I mean with sacrifice? When it comes to Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah has for example, today Duma an example how many of us were willing to sacrifice uh, hang out with the brothers at night or with a sister they go hang out? Because they are fearing they may miss

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Frederick, did you? They had you slept but he had the genetic he sacrificed that part.

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Or did you go at the expense of like, bro, there's a big chance I know my body. If I see that too. I'm not waking up from Belgium. Be honest, Allah. Allah is your priority. How many of us we put the alarm for failure?

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How many?

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And how many put the alarm for eight or 9am for school or work or etc. So these are things to kind of show you what is it that you're willing to prioritize as your number one. And one of the best ways to show you and display to you this example and meaning in what we should do is the example of Prophet Ibrahim alayhis salaam and his people. Allah Subhana. Allah says in the beautiful I in the Quran, Selamat Janani.

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Kava. The people of Prophet Ibrahim, they used to prioritize things besides Allah worship the stars, the moon, the sun, so he wants to show them that what you are sacrificing your life for is something that will not always be there for you. The thing that you're willing to give up mom and dad for your whole health for is something that one day will disappear from you.

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So he looked at the star at night, when you looked at he says has this star is my Lord, the ban, but I am innocent didn't believe that the star is his Lord, but he's trying to make a case and you will all see insha Allah has been selama effort when that star eventually disappeared and was no longer visible. What did he say? Allah Alayhi Salaam he says let him fit in. I don't like the things that disappear I cannot give up my life for someone that will not always be there for me. I cannot know him will ask me that this month

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at Bishop Mitch no demons can yet have your domain model. The cloud will make it disappear. I can't

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follow Mr. Al cammarata. But now he saw the moon nice, bright, beautiful, he says are the hobbit No, no, this is the real deal. This is God. And when I say star and I say moon we have stars and moons today.

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We worship things other than Allah May Allah protect you all but some people do. Like who worship the star brother there's a few people but today star can be fame can be subscribers and followers and likes and shares. Let's say

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my focus is to post something that will spread like wildfire goes viral. It's not whether Allah likes it or not. Some people's Moon is not same but it can be status. I don't care about being famous. I want to I want my word to be listened to. If I say change, change if I say Stop, stop, I want authority and status. Some people's Moon is money, whatever it may be, because the Prophet told us there is a good deal. Some people worship the dollar will lie no exaggeration I heard a story secondhand for brother who says well law he swears by Allah. When I have a headache his Rukia will lie is to put the $100 bill in his head

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is Rukia and this is a brother in California May Allah guide you in Grantham Jenna and as he guides him coast agenda in electron tal for lemma al camara basically saw the moon nice and practices No, no, this is the real deal. Forget the star. I tried the star I tried that life was no good didn't give me the peace. He said the moon dilemma effort. When the moon eventually has disappeared. What did he say? He says the enemy idea of being lacuna minakami.

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If Allah does not show me the way if my Creator doesn't show me the way, I will be astray, I will lose my way. So he's telling the people indirectly, that we cannot worship something that will not always be there for us. Not just that the thing that we worship needs to communicate with me. The Creator is not someone who made us and let go of us now. There has to be communication, the things that we worship the star in the moon, according to these people, they can't communicate with you. What have they told you to do? Nothing. You just make your own bidder you don't want innovation of how should God you worship. Like one time I was working at

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Place and I told one of the brothers I just newly hired the deputies. I told the brother Dad, let's go pray.

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She says interrupt Sunday you go pray and I'll pray right here. We're jealous and he sat down. So I wouldn't the Qibla is not this way. The other thing is that you're able to stand up so so what's up with that setting? She says, Okay, I know Sunday if you can be his only brother, I pray with my heart. It's not about the movements now. It's their actions. It's about the heart. Yeah, I mean, were you making these things up from Look what Allah told us? So Ibrahim Ali Sam is telling the people if God doesn't show me the way I'm gone, so you have to have a manual sent to you. Then the third and last and look how long is taking a star than the moon then Allah subhanaw taala says in

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the Quran thelema shall

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a sham Shams Akbar. I see I see that this is the real deal for them. But the sun just like the moon just like the start just like you just like me just like the world could lumen Allah have

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shown the sunset and was gone. Look what he says. He says all I have for me in the berry.

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repo or guys, people my people. I got nothing to do with the things that you worshiped. I burden that what are you going to do? What

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Joe people start arguing with him? But before the argued with him I missed an idea. Look what happened? He says in the what Jeff to what you hear the lady photos Santa

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hanifa so he said La la la la when he said what these idols are worthless La Ilaha. The next area in La Jolla. He says I will give up my life not to the sun and the moon and the star. I will give up my life to the one who made the sun and the moon and the star. The lady for Taurus Sun awatea Well, Alba hanifa I will be upright I'll be straight on the path. I will not be zigzagging when the sun one day moon one day I believe this is the right in a way of having the Haram income. May Allah protect us. Another day. No, that's the way to Allah Allah. Allah Hanif, an upright woman and Amina mushrikeen and I will never put anything above God. Never in my will I make a decision in my life

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when the karate hayati MOBA, the likes of Hannah Montana.

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Similar to call me about him at qalamoun. Have you heard that people have brought him talking? Never. But now they're talking. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, now with people arguing? What's wrong with you? Hey, we need to talk man, we need to have a serious conversation here.

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Then what he says.

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Now you're talking you might not come by here was

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when I was lost, I was astray. I was with the wrong group. No one came and told me, brother, what you're doing is wrong. You know, no one spoke to me when I said the story is my god and i was like all over the place on loss. But now that I'm on the right path, look at the crowd that's coming against me and that's the sooner of Allah in this dunya. When you are on the right path, that's when the criticism comes. That's when the stabs they come and need to be awake and need to be educated and strong like Ibrahim alayhis salam. She says to her Junichi lopata Dang, how dare you? Well, nice a panel level but this week, this week, I had a brother call me. He said, Okay. You know, I want to

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tell you something happening at work yesterday. He said, I my wife was not my job. And now we'll handle the National Weather this week and handle me on Monday, all our sisters modest in a way that is pleasing to Allah yada. He says my wife wore the hijab by what's the issue? When I went to work? My colleagues, they heard about that, because he celebrated Hamdulillah, my wife and I wore the hijab is trying to tell people cannot delete any pictures you have offered in the past. But people start coming, Tim, did you force her into this? why she's still young. She's so beautiful. Why would you do something like that?

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Before that, when she wasn't on the right path, people said, you know, maybe one day she will know the truth. Right? Maybe one day when she gets older, she'll be educated. So the day she got educated the day she was on the truth, that's the day keeps on talking. May Allah protect us and granted strength era? Yeah, Allah. So then look what he says. When I have a metric una de la pena. His people start to threaten him, Hey, Abraham, if you don't worship the star, or the moon or the sun, you will, you will not succeed. And that's what they tell us sometimes. If you don't get into this river, how can you live in this world? Now you might wake up that's what is scaring him. So he says,

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Well, I have a motorcycle. You threatened me as much as you want that I will not fall for this. Allahu Akbar Monica strong. People will tell you well, I remember at work. My manager told me before I moved my job. She told me if you don't interact physically with opposite gender, whether you know being you don't start the handshake and you will need a hug in an appropriate way. Well, why is she

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told me you will not grow in the company. I heard this personally. But we need to be like Ibrahim at least and say no we will grow and shine light in a way that is pleasing to Allah.

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And be hungry. Let me unlock it from all of us. One day we fail one day we pass, I got another job that you could not match. This is from Allah subhanaw taala legnica steadfast in the syrup and Mr. King, today we pass Barton about tomorrow, Millennials all successful out of Bologna. He says, I'm not scared about what you associate with Allah insha Allah. Allah is the one who decides I'm successful or unsuccessful. Then he says, What's the out of the coolessay in the Quran? Allah is the one who knows everything you guys worship, things that can't hear, cannot see cannot talk. You need to worship the real deal. Then what happens? What gave a powerful man instruct him and he says how

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in the world let's make a point right here. You are trying to terrify me that if I don't worship your idols, then I will be out loss when you are not scared that you're making stuff up like you got no proof that what you're doing brings happiness.

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He's saying nothing that you're doing prove that you get brings you happiness. If you open up the books of psychology, and which psychology talks about happiness, positive psychology, psychology is positive psychology. That's the department or the science that tells you about happiness. You know, I read it person. It says that positive psychology and their study about happiness. What does it look for? What makes you happy? What makes you happy? They said we were successful at finding the things that don't make you happy. But we still cannot clearly pinpoint 100% say this is for sure guaranteed happiness or whatever. So primary, Assam says you guys it says you will be in trouble if

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you don't do this. What's your proof? What's your backing? Nothing. complete nonsense. Then at the end brothers and sisters, he says thank you for your cania hakuba me in quantum time on which team, the team that has proven dedied and Pooja and response and proper argument or the people that stand on nothing. Then at the end Allah subhanho wa Taala says alladhina amanu willemijn Vishnu, amen. Amen. The ones who believe and do not mix and tarnish their faith was shipped because that volunteer ship and ship can be us running can be the shilka Akbar is to worship someone besides Allah subhanho wa Taala and ship us. The minor Association Yama protect us all from Allah. A shift to huffy the

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hidden ship Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he tells us a harbor Let me tell you a ship colossal huffy. What is it the hidden ship you might not feel it sometimes. He says you're almost waiting for you. Suddenly a man stands up to pray for Allah. So miyamura Roger, then someone else passes by a us a new sala de Lima, Lima, then that person who prays for Allah sees someone walking so they make their Salah a little bit better. The record was like this. But when the guy passed by record was proper, how they should kill us. Let me Allah protect us from it. Let me help you sue a monomial. May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to be of those who tarnish their image and then at the

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end of that verse, Allah subhanaw taala says

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these are the ones that are truly deserving to be safe in peace and tranquility. So I end with this.

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The thing that we are to sacrifice for is something that should never disappear from your life. If we do other than that, if you go for something that will no longer be around. It's a day that we chose to be destructive to ourselves and to others may Allah protect us Hello Cody was still film it will confess them a funeral in no photo, Rahim.

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