Admitting Our Limits To Allah

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The transcript describes a series of conversations between Allah and Lee What are you doing and how many people are coming across. The aftermath of the Spanish flu and the aftermath of the American flu have affected the nation's image, and the aftermath of the flu in the UK have caused traumatic events. The importance of mercy and showing mercy in actions is emphasized, along with the use of "has" in the language and the importance of showing mercy in actions. The segment also touches on various topics, including a proposal from Subhan calculations, a playful competition for sports, and a presentation on various topics including culture, sports, and personal experiences.

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come to LA vaca

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Al Hamdulillah Mallanna Amin said Allah wa salam Bara kind of you know Muhammad on early was salam at the Sleeman Kathira mama but another dua that we learn from the Quran this time is in chapter 11 solitude is number 47 The conversations between Allah subhana wa Donna and know how to set up will know how to ask Allah subhanaw taala and he says Tala Robbie in the old vicar and as Alec, Mrs. Arabia will boil for Lee What are how many are coming across?

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In this I know how this is asked Allah subhanaw taala say My Lord, in the oh the beggar and as Allah camellia said, My Lord, I seek refuge in You from asking that which I have no knowledge. And unless you forgive me and have mercy upon me, I'll be among the losers. Let's talk about the context of this Ioway so the contents of the I start from almost two pages before that prior to this, I'm not going to go through all of that story, but it begins when no one is that um, was given Dawa to his people. And no honestly I'm dedicated 950 years of his life for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala for the Dawa and then Allah subhana wa Taala told him ya know, no one else is gonna believe you I'm

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gonna I'm gonna communicate Allah Maka damn colors no one else is gonna believe in your message. Don't bother trying to give them doubt anymore. So Allah subhanho wa Taala gave me

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the ultimate you know answer to this situation with this people like Carlos no matter what you say? No one else whoever believed they say believers, those who decided not to follow they're gonna stay non believers. So that's when I made the I guess as people call on that ultimatum, they don't leave anybody living in a house. Destroy them. And Allah subhana wa Taala answered the call of knowledge salah.

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How did he answer the call of knowledge that he sent the flood? But prior to this, he told me you're gonna

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build an ark. Just build an ark and Wait for my command.

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And the middle of nowhere far away from the water. People would pass him by no Hadassah McKinney is like really a boat in the middle of the desert. You can imagine that you're building a boat in the middle of the desert for example, or image of mountain area. Well, how would you build a boat over there? So they will mark and he goes he just wasn't responded and he was busy, busy fulfilling ALLAH SubhanA does command was now full. Aquila. marmorata Hemara Omen comesa Kuruman. Everytime some people group as by him working on his on his arc on his boat. They would love her. Clara interest Coronavirus, hermit glucometers Quran you laugh at us we're gonna laugh at you, you will see

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that they will come they will laugh at you. And then Allah Subhan Allah says falahat Ada I'm gonna have to know pornography. I'm coolin xojo Nene will alaka LM and Saba kala kala woman Amman and Mr. Hula Colleen, when the time came, and Allah subhanho wa Taala de la hora out South gushing from the ground coming from above from all over, flooding the area. Allah Subhana Allah sent His command to know how to set up until when our command came and,

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and overflowed. We said Lord upon the shape of each creature to mate and your family, except those who are about about whom the word has proceeded, and include whoever has believed but none had believed with him except a few. So in the ayah, Allah made it clear to Musa to know that what halacha and your family that you load and that boat on that arc from every creature creature, a couple a pair and also bring your family and those who believe with you. So at some point what happened

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the flood says rising up, rising up, taken of course the ark on the surface of the water and I was getting towards the hills. No honey CERAM witnesses son, running up the mountain going up the mountain. And then he started calling his son. Well now they don't have no cardio When are your commander What are talking about Kevin? He called his son My son will kind of imagine his son he thought he was harsh sheltered himself away from the world Korea Border command our to command cafe and my son ride with us and don't be Amanda Cafe the disbelievers so this this man told his father caught a Japanese Sunni middle man though whatever about me, though.

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I will go to a mountain that will protect you from the water. You know if not harder is CERAM at that time, he was maybe over 1000 years old right now 150 years Java so he must be 1000 years old. How old was the Sonoma

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don't know 100

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Maybe 150 Allah Allah. So when I was thinking about the I'm thinking of I was a teenager.

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But then just like when I'm in

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I mean 1000 You know the time his son must be around that age probably and the youngest the youngest of his children, probably maybe it's still a few 100 years old, right? But that shows us no matter how old how young we are Subhanallah would come to this kind of attitude. It's there. Unless this person is guided by Allah subhanho wa Taala and that cultivated by the Goddess Manasa. So, Alison, I'm telling them Come jump with us on the boat. He says, I'm fine. I'm fine. I'll just go climb the mountain and I'll be okay. Carla are seven almond amarilla they have nothing is going to protect you for today from the Command of Allah azza wa jal Illawarra. haematoma Allah Subhana Allah mercy. And

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then this is the painful thing. No Aleister, I'm looking at his son as Allah described called wahala, but in a hermit mode, so the water sun rising and the waves as rising also up, and it's a separate between. He couldn't see his son. And the only thing he saw after the wind and the waves came down, or Kapha cardamom over a kid, his son was drowned there. Can you imagine how painful that moment is for a father to witness his own child drowning in front of his eyes? How traumatizing that is? Imagine? You know, it's traumatizing Jani alone just to someone to see his beloved child to drown in front of their eyes. Pamela Adams gonna

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come over here

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it's really traumatic, traumatic Subhanallah to see on child drowning in front of your eyes. Imagine he's not just seeing this drowning in the in the ocean, which is the water over here. He's seen his son drowning in the ocean of jelly and Coover, which means that the trauma is even bigger than his son is going to drown. I will never survive the ACA or the villa.

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This is what's what's traumatic for him. That my son died in front of my eyes disbelieve in Allah azza wa jal, knowing that the older Biller, this child of hers was going to end up in Ghana, for eternity, Allah particular sort of banana so no Hara is Allah has spoke afterwards what happened later Carl

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will kill your aim at USM. Okay, well, Allah Subhana Allah gave the order for the earth to swallow the water and that's it kind of subsides. And then the Ark stalwart allah God on the top of the hill. And then Allah Subhan says, Boy, the mandala mean that these Abdullah mean the transgressors.

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Allah subhana abandon them, then know how to is Salam. He takes Allah Subhana Allah does promise what Allah your family, and then Allah says Kawana no horrible vaca rugby in 70 Min early, we're in no other Cal Haku untuck him and help him in.

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He says that no called upon his Lord Subhana wa to Anna and said My Lord in 70 Minetti my son, his family, his family to me, and you promised me and your promises always true one Takoma Heikkinen Ya Allah, you are the most just of all judges.

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You want to participate away and you shake up

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the circle Okay, now Marsha, she looks for the prime spot varkala Right in front of the camera

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so know how to ask Allah Subhana Allah my lord, you promised me that you will take care of my family and my son, his family, his family to me. And you promised and that's what Allah azza wa jal he is changing newest perception of what family is called I know her notice me and Alec don't count on my family. Not anymore.

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Maybe by blood ties is still with us that doesn't belong to you anymore. Hollis is with me now.

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In the hallway seven Erica is not a family. In now I'm gonna lay it aside. He didn't do his deed we're not good. We're not righteous ferratas attorney Melissa Kabira don't ask me that what you have no knowledge of

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like saying Allah Tala him stay out of it.

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Between me and those who disbelieve it doesn't matter if your blood or otherwise, that's not between him and Allah subhanaw taala called in near Iluka into Poonam unije hidden I warn you

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and admonish you don't be like those ignorant ones. And that's like us unfortunately, us living in this world and this time, and especially for the brothers and sisters convert to Islam, Allah subhana wa Tada confirmed that a man that Archer Bellarmine they struggle with their feminine to bring them to Islam. And some of them they cry their eyes out thinking that my mom, my dad, my surgery, my brother, my sister gonna die and I'm Muslims. And nowadays honestly, for those who are born Muslims, sometimes it's not even different. There's no difference anymore. Looking at our many Muslim kids

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Hello, I live in Islam. Remember the hijab stop, you know Salah denouncing Islam altogether. And you look at them separated from from the deen and your heart is aching and break ins Paola, for that. And for the exact same reason, Allah subhanaw taala Don't be like those ignorant ones who just kind of like they're willing to compromise their own a man just to satisfy their disbelieving parent dispiriting child has proven, you know, siblings and so on. So Allah subhanaw taala don't do this, don't ask me that what you have no no knowledge of so then know how they certainly immediately respond with a DUA. kohlrabi, my lord in the obika I see Griffey Jr. and as Ella Kamara Celebi here

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and that I will seek refuge with you and who knew in see in asking you for that which I have no knowledge of, well let out fully My Lord as if he's saying I wronged I wronged you, my Lord, forgive me. And if you don't forgive me, and if you don't show mercy upon me, our communal ha serene I will definitely be will be among the losers. So when we make that dua we always ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala Allah, show me my limits.

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Show me my limits what I can say what I cannot say what I can do what I cannot do, because sometimes you know as Palla when we don't really observe the limits, we cross different lines without me noticing that and ruin our life. And here we're asked Allah Subhanallah be you know better for me. So show me show me Allah I don't want to ask you that which I have no knowledge of, I cannot I don't want to demand something I don't deserve Allah. Help me understand what is what is for me. And Allah, Allah Fidel, if I make a mistake, if I cross the line if I wronged you, Allah forgive me Have mercy on me. Otherwise, I will be among the losers. May Allah subhana protect us from the subtle

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Bananaman so that was a do I have no hurry Sarah let's repeat that inshallah Tada to get up in the nozzle.

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in the old obika

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and as alaka Melissa Lee l

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will talk fairly

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What are how many are communal? Ha sit in

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rugby in the road. obika.

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And as Erica, Melissa Lee be here and

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while I talk fairly, water harmony, a communal house in

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rugby in the old obika

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and as Elijah Mara is Leb here LM

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was fairly water honey, a communal ha Syrian

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Robina Hara Katakana fell outta Jalna fifth, nuttin little como la limine

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wanna Gina Mira Motyka mineral coal mill Catherine

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Allahumma and Toluna fell for learn our Hamner.

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One to Hiral warfarin.

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Robina for Lana. What equa Annina word FIRA Matic

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we're under hammer Rahim in

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Robina Afro Zilina sobre

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whatever Fernau Muslim in

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Robina if turbina were very in a commoner will help.

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One to hire researcher hen

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Robina lotta Jana myotome Malala Levine

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Robina the alumna and fusina

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while I'm talk for Lana

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water Hamner, learner coo Coonan nominal ha serene

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Robina origina minha Hill Korea, Allah Allah, Allah, wa jal Lana Mala Doom coerulea

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wotja Alana min lagoon Colonel Zerah

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Robina man Calacatta heard about ADA

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Subhanak fortina Avanade

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Robina Inaka man to the Helena

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forgot the ACA zeta

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amado volley minim unsought

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Rabbana Inanna Samina Mona dia, you know the real Eman

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Amin Ogura become

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for Armin Rob Robina fall for Lana don't Obinna

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bakufu Rana say Tina.

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What our phenom algebra.

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Rob bene

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One, two Zinio Malkia

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in Tokyo live with me

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Robina l Furlanetto. Verna

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was Rafi Emery now

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with a bit Akadama Anna

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one Solna calm will Catherine

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Robina Amana Bhima and Zelt what Ivana Rasool

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facto wsna Masha headin

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Rabbana taka Belle Mina

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in a Qantas semi Aladdin

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Allahumma inna now the bigger brother reata na minha shaitana rajim

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Robina have Alana Milla Dong cavalry Atlanta Yeva

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in NACA semi

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Allah Mericle molk

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total milkman Tasha

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returns your annual commitment Tasha

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what was Zuma Tasha?

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What's the dilemma and Sasha

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the ethical side in Nicola Coolessay in Cambodia

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today July 11

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What origin hora de Lisle

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auto culture Hi MNL made

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auto cordial me terminal Hey,

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what are the coma the Shah will be right

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Rob Robina in Munna

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Felina the nobuna

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Robina Lata Zuko lugana

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bad Hadith Anna

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will have a learner. Mila Dukkha Rama

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in the Kanto hub

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Robina in Nikka, German nurse

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laomi Laura Buffy

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in Nicola totally balmy

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Robina Semyon, our Atlanta of Rana qurbana while Ecole merci

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Robina Lajoie Hytner in nesina Our Tana

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Robina wala Malala Anna Israa

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Kemah Hamilton who are Alladhina uncovered in

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Urbana Walla to her Mala? Mala Catarina

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wanna work for Lana for Hamner? untamable Tamela Anna from SORNA. Coleman Catherine

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Robina. Africa Allah in our sobre

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was a bit after Domina

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one Solna adult coal mill curfew in

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Robina teknaf Dunya hacer una

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Villa para hacer una

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in La la

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la la la la June

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Aloha majority V masiva at work lovely Hiram minha Robina the cup Bellman

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in UK and a semi aniline

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Rabbana was Muslimeen allOK

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woman Daria Tina

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Oh Amata Muslim at aluk

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worried I'm gonna second

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whatsover Allah inna in the wobbel Rahim.

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Rabbana wa jal fina

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may yet to Elena.

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While you are live on Al Kitab al hikma

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in Nikka anthologies with Hakeem

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Robina H al hurdle Bella the Amina

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was Okinawa Minister Murat

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Well hello, man, man I'm in home bill he will Yeoman

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Allah Medina Surat Al Mustafa in

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surat al Medina and I'm Tara him.

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Right in Malibu and I am

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one of the only

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nominee fanatical lava handed