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In fact in one Hadith he talks about a man in a you know if you're sick if you're, you know, feeling that I'm sinful, right? If you feel I'm sinful and if you feel in that well I can go to Allah How will Allah See me after the sin? Allah will be so happy to see you how happy how happy this Hadees explains it it's a hadith in Sahih Muslim okay Rasulullah sallallahu he explains a man who's in his he's got to come on okay man's got a camel he's in the desert right and this camel in the desert that camel has all his belongings every single belonging of his right so his his you know literally it's the only got both belongings so his water for him to stay alive in the desert his little food

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that he's got okay and his clothing and his his few things to make attend to our everything's on this camel. He's going with this camel in the desert he gets tired he ties the camo to a tree or something. He's he takes a quick nap. And when he wakes up his camel has become loose from the tree and his cabin has wandered off. The man wakes up in absolute shock and disaster. He gets up his his going from left to right left right because literally seeing death now he's going to die at any moment without this camel. Everything is on my camel and he's so he's so much in panic there and suddenly he sees his camel running towards him. And the man grabs on to his camel. He's so happy. He

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says you know in his joy in his excitement, something which Allah doesn't even mind he made a mistake. He's about to make a mistake. The man so happy he actually makes a mistake. He makes his big mistake and what is that mistake? His mistake is he says oh Allah. Oh Allah and His attachment says instead of saying you're my master, I'm your slave. He says you're my slave. I'm your master. Alright he makes that mistake. Allah doesn't even mind that and prompts Allah has him says the happiness this man showed in finding his camel his last come on again. Allah azza wa jal is more happy than that. In having one of you that like the last servants come back to him after after

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sinning, okay, so if you feel that Allah doesn't want to see me know, when you sin, Allah wants to see you even more and he's waiting for you. So don't fall for that for that trap. Now let's