Yaser Birjas – Asking Allah To Die In The State Of Islam

Yaser Birjas
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Alhamdulillah Malala means hello Sonnambula Baraka, Nabina Muhammad and Daniel Sacco cylinder Sleeman. Kathira mama bad. Today we did in the DUA from Surah Yusuf number 101.

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And number one a one from Surah tus of ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala speaks about use of Allah CERAM given making that Da da Robbie data tournament al Mulki will turn him into will ahaadeeth Father Osama virtual untoward, Li for dunya will after the orphan a Muslim and while Hackney beside him, that translation use a valid ceramah saying in this Allah's panel does already on from his words, my Lord, You have given me something of sovereignty and taught me of the interpretation of dreams, created the heavens and the earth, you are my protector in this world and in the hereafter cause me to die Muslim and join me with the righteous under Saudi, Allah Muhammad. What's the context of this

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IR right now, if you look at the IR from before that was towards the end of the trial, and the dilemma that use of RSM was going through, and he was speaking when Allah Subhana Allah blessed him with sovereignty or the financial, you could say, leadership in Egypt. And that's when he really was reunited with his brothers. And he brought his family the last two handsets over here called Rafa Baba he, or her ruler who sued Judah. And he brought and he placed his parents upon the throne, right next term. Now this statement has a huge significance as your mind what is that word it has come from?

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Where did it where did it come from? From a sham, right? But what was the condition

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for miserable as long as God God and gentleman by the majestic mineral bamboo, you are newer Bedouins, you visit in the desert. Because the situation was was terrible. It was dried a drought for seven years, eight of everything. So they were in very bad condition. So for him right now to bring his parents on the throne. It's a huge significance. And watch throne, we're talking about the throne of the land that at that time, probably was the greatest civilization.

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Everything around it was going through drought and famine, but Egypt, but all of ALLAH SubhanA wa Donna, and then the amazing leadership and management of use of Valley CERAM survive that atrocity.

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And they don't just survive, they became the center of trade where people would come and trade with them, so they can actually get some grains and food and so forth. So for he was on the top of his position in this dunya. And he brings his family from the desert, put them on the throne, and place them next to him, not feeling embarrassed. He wasn't embarrassed of them, was not shy. He wanted all the people to know who his parents were.

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Nowadays, unfortunately, some of us panela we forget where we came from.

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We forget the struggle that we had to go through to become where we are today. And worse than that some of our children unfortunately, they grew up you know, once they become successful professionals, they don't want to even associate themselves with their own tradition and culture and parents and so just want to become something different completely and he's just a valid CERAM no matter how high in position and power he became he still remain humble in that regard. And then that's where the dark comes in. He saw everybody prostrating beforehand. Everybody was probably before him, his parents, his siblings, all these you know, servants around and that was acceptable

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at that time. It's probably in Islam. were accepted at that time. Kawahara Allah Who Sued Judah and they all prostrate before him. Then he told his father karate had uncovered this is the interpretation my dream that I once told you a long time. I do remember when I gave you that dream. I lost my father. carvaka Center be a hydrogen and oxygen and ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala he was asked and it was so good to me. When he took me out of prison for a bit come in Alberto and he brought you from the desert MINVALUE and this is a beautiful statement is vajrasana called membaca and NASA shaitana Baby Verbena equity after the Chateau

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On had induced estrangement between me and my brothers.

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What is the beautiful thing about the Statement of Use of obey when it says after the shaytaan has caused us to separate? I will say Tron has caught us in a feud between my siblings. What's the beautiful thing about that statement from Isabella, Selim, anyone can decipher that word

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is not blaming his brother. He didn't say, after my brothers would have done to me as though they have done it and say that it was after the shaitan because fitna, between us. So cousin was attributed to the shaitaan. And that's also part of Adam, in order to show his brother's look, I'm reconciling with him. I don't know. I don't blame him anymore. It's such

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an inner ability for dementia in order lingual Hakeem, this could be the moment of fitna for unto anybody this moment could be a moment of failure to anybody, which is why use a valid Salam. He's asked Allah subhana wa Tada to keep them humble, to keep him humble, keep them steadfast, and not get that fitna of the glory that He has reached to in this dunya that would lead them astray. And they want him to die. You ask Allah to make him die as Muslim, which means you die, believe in Allah subhana wa Tada in full submission. And that's what he was asking for in this dua. And that's what we need to ask ourselves as well to what do you want from this? Dunya? You want the name and the

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fame and the glory? And the Oh, do you want that but still remain steadfast on the worship of Allah subhanho wa taala. And that's exactly the meaning of this drive. When he says, Claude Robbie, my Lord, He says, I know, but tell him, You have given me sovereignty. You have given me power. He says, while I'm telling me that we had it, you gave me knowledge that no one has what that knowledge, what that knowledge he was talking about over here, then the interpretation of dreams. Like I have a knowledge that not so many people have thought there was some article, I admit to my Lord, You are the Originator of the heavens and the earth until the year you are my Wali, you are my

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protector, you are my guardian, which means is attributing all this power and glory to to Allah subhanaw is humbling himself. I didn't I didn't make this on my own. It's you're doing your divine intervention and everything in my life. Then he says call telephony Muslimah or what I'm asking you, my Lord. When I die, I die in full submission to you.

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Either in a state of Islam, so it doesn't matter. It's okay to be rich. It's okay to be to be powerful. It's okay to have you know, status in this dunya it's okay to acquire something like that. There's nothing wrong with that. As long as you remain steadfast and humble, unshipped Allah subhanho wa Taala attribute this to Allah Azza that there's nothing wrong with that. Don't try to escape any path that Allah subhanaw taala is leading you to, if that path is going to be given you power, it's going to give you wealth is going to give you name, take it as long as you always check your heart your intention and stay remain steadfast InshAllah to Allah, quite often a Muslim Oh

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Lord, when I die, die May Allah take me in a state of Islam while helping me beside your hand. And yet Allah count me among those who are righteous like join me with the righteous on that day. That's the ultimate request of your user valid CERAM when he was at the top of his career

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at the top of his career when he was asking for your Allah, I want me to I want you when I die, I want to make humble me and keep me on a set of submission to you and your Allah on the Day of Judgment joining with the most righteous malas FileMaker some of them are Bananaman. So let's make this draft for ourselves in Sharla Tabata Katara Allahumma father Osama Swati, will

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Antonio Lee fit dunya well after

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our funny Muslim

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while his neighbors Salahaddin

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Allahumma father Osama tivol. org

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and our li for dunya era

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telephony Muslimah

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while happening beside the hand,

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Allah Houma father Osama Guatemalan

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and our li for dunya will Eartha

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telephony Muslimah

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while heavenly beside the hand

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rugby, India older beaker

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and as Elijah Mala is Leb helm

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while fully water harmony, a communal husserlian Robina aliquot our Khulna ferrata Jana fit not under coma Levine

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What are Ginebra hermetic?

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Mineral coal mill Catherine

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I'm totally gonna fall for learner. We're Hannah, one to Hiral wife Robin.

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Robin Alpha Lana.

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Wally is one in a was Phil Knight FIRA Majid one Thor hammer Rahim in Robina F Risala in sobre

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whatever Fernando muslimin

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Robina if the Binah webinar call me and I will help

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will antiviral fatty Hain

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Robina lotta Jana Merle tombola Levine

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Robina the alumna on fusina

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While I'm talking for Lana

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water Hamner, learner Coonan nominal ha serene

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Robina origina minha Hill Korea. Allah Allah may Allah wa jal Lana Mendonca Walia

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wa Johanna Mila Duncan of Sierra

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Robina ma Calacatta Baltierra

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Wilma Lolly me and I'm an unsolved

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Rabbana in Nana semana muda the you know the real Iman

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and Amin obrera become

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Munna Robina fall for Lana. Fell for Lana. Dono gonna

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work after Anessa Tina

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What are phenomenal Abrar

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Robina Tina ma Tana,

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are also lick wala taka, Xena yo Matsuyama

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in Nicola talk live with me.

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Robert L. Furlanetto. nobuna

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was Rafi Rafi and Marina

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was a bit Akadama Anna

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one Solna Angela Coleman Catherine

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Rabbana mana Vemma and Zelt

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what Ivana rasool

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Allah Masha headin

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Rabbana Taco Bell Mina

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in the contest semi rallyin

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Allahumma inna now will become whether retina Mastretta and regime Robina have Alana mela Donkor the Rio Tinto Eva

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in Nikka Samia da

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Allahumma medical model

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so the model commands a SHA

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110 Zero mol commandment SHA

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what was the man Tasha?

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What are the lumen Tasha

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bearded theatrical hire in Nicola could Alicia in Cardiff.

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Today, Leila Finn na.

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Are tourism in the heart of a lion

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Otto cultural high MNL made

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for Tokyo digital media terminal Hi,

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waters Okoma Tasha will be very hisab

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Robina in mana

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for Lana, the Aruba

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Rabbana law to the CO lubaina

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bother it had Atana

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will have Alana Mila Dong Kurama

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in Nica and Tel Wahab

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Robina then NACA German nurse

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Leo Malarkey, Buffy

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in Nicaragua live with me and

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Roberta Samana Wattana

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of Rana Cara burner. While Ecole merci

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Robina Lajoie in nesina aka Anna

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Robina wala Tamil Allah Anna Israa

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gamma Hamilton who are Alladhina mancha Milena

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Robina wala to her mana, mana ma catalana

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wife wanna work for Lana? Warhammer Anta Maulana from

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Sona alcohol milk kefir in

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Urbana Africa eyeliner sobre

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was a bit Akadama Anna. One Solna alcohol mill Catherine

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dunya Hassan

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Orfila karate Hasina

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working on other Banagher

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in the law, we're in LA Roger your own

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Allahumma journey female CVT

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workflow fle Hiram minha

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Rob Bharata Koppelman

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in NACA Anta simulium

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Roberto Jana Muslimeen allOK

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woman the retina

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tamatar Muslim at aluk

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What are you arena monastic Anna

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Baba in

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in Nikka entered the world Rahim.

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Roberta Alvina

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my yet Lu Allah inna

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while you are live on Al Kitab al Hikmah

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was a Kena in UK anthologies of Hakeem

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Rob Burj Al Ha, Bella the Amina

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was open Amina Samara.

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Wha Hello, man, man, I'm going home. biller evil yo Milaca

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Allahumma Dena Serato monster theme

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Serato Marina Ananda and I am

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a viral Moldova and I am

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one of the in

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Spanish the low hanging

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tomorrow Shala project going to be doing the last day and then the rest inshallah we'll be reviewing what we've been discussing for the whole month of Ramadan. meloxin from all over Europe.

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