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always, always stressed me out when I hear that I even I stressed when I hit Send reminder emails I says every time I track just thinking about oh my god, what I said earlier this cycle up here, as usual, I know you're going to be waking up, because it's gonna be for a session that's exam. It's a pleasure for us to have you have taught before. And now to make yourself available to answer questions. Just a curiosity, just because we're discussing some other things. This course is the perfect course to take, while you're preparing yourself for home run, when you're trying to get that connection to the provinces. And and before you visit his his last sites online, you're in kinds of

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kind of, you know, to get vulnerable and to feel that emotional, Texas, it's such a perfect course to take, are you taking any agents this year as well. So Pamela was actually supposed to be in the air at the moment. But in Australia, we have a very strict kind of quarantine system just in general, like even before COVID restrictions and mandate. So actually, in the city that I live in, in the state that I've lived in, we've never had really COVID spread within the community. Over the last few years, we've never really worn mask or had any moss closures for any significant time, maybe a week or so in the last couple of years. And the reason for that is that they've kind of, I

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guess, isolate us from other parts of Australia and from other parts of the world. So we're actually officially opening up February 5. So I haven't done any international travel in just about two years now in sha Allah, I look forward to RoamRight in the month of March evening, last spring break I'm Ravi in the lack of data in sha Allah. So I canceled my December trip to Canada into Emre as a consequence of that. Yeah.

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What about Canada forget everything.

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While it shall I will be all the sweeter for it, when you get to return. It's a shame, I was excited to see if you had a group coming as well. And we think that

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that's always a pleasure to go with any other constructor family because we always get to take advantage of all the other instructors were in the area and mashallah I recall some of the great experiences that we've had in Shawn alone.

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So we'll jump into it, this is actually a great gel, even for this we're not able to attend. I know, that's the vast majority of us to get that feeling to get that connection to get that intensity. And I was just watching some of the course modules before as we back again, and it's the most beautiful way to set the tone for your day. So in sha Allah, let's jump into it. Once again, you guys have pre submitted some questions to the Google Form that's available on your portal, and that's emailed to you. We're going to jump into those questions first, inshallah. And any questions that are submitted throughout the session, if you want to just jump with you, and you had a question that you really

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want to ask. And it's specific to the class and raise your hand.

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Are you ready to go? Yes, yes, absolutely. Awesome. So the first question that I see is, what are the profitsystem used to think about the most and what should I be thinking about the most thoughts of his mind and what bothers

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some Allah How do you answer them? And Hamdulillah 100 Check it in WA Salatu was Salam o Allah say you didn't want saline so you didn't want to be you know, Mohamed Salah Allahu, Allahu Allah early, he was off he was seldom, which manner Bohemia Alhamdulillah I mean, we pray that Allah Subhana Allah sends his choices, blessings upon our Innovia sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that Allah gathers with him, his family, his companions and the best and righteous of people throughout humanity in the highest heights of gender with him, Allah

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subhana Subhan Allah, it's a very interesting question. What did the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam think about the most? Now if I do striking to kind of conceptualize this, but it was his Oma. It was his community of believers. It was those who accepted him as the last vessel and message of truth that has been sent from the Almighty Allah subhanaw taala. The last communication that is given to him sallallahu alayhi wa sallam put such a great burden upon him.

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And one of the books that I wrote is called tearful moments of the life of the prophets. Allah selama gathers that hadith where the Prophet went to the Prophet cry, and one of them is where the prophet laments about his ummah. So when the Prophet would be alone, and he would be seated alone, as he's doing his final prayers in that in the middle of the night, there were moments where the inner family would describe that he would begin to weep and he would say Almighty Almighty Allah, my community of believers, my Uma, my OMA Allah, and there's this beautiful Hadith where Jibreel is ordered by Allah descend Wahoo Adam and Allah knows the answer to the question.

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Allah asked you brief to ask the Prophet I sell them. Sell Mohammed, may you kick ask the prophets of Allah Allah Mohammed, why is he so

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Move. Why is he so sad? And why is he weeping at this hour? What is a grieving? And you breathe descends and as the prophets I send them in the prophets I send them simply says, my nation, my people, and you breathe them ascends and returns to Allah and Allah knows the answer before it has been given. Allah knows the heart of the prophets. I seldom know Allah knows what is coming into the future, and Allah has already prepared the answer. So Allah says he had to breathe and go back to Mohammed and say to him simply in NASA nordique, coffee O Matic, your contentment will be with your own map, meaning

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that I will treat your own man with generosity with mercy, with gentleness with comfort with ease. And it doesn't mean that we're not going to have any difficulties in life. It doesn't mean as individuals or as a collection as an ancient, we're not going to experience war and sadness and trial and hardship. What it means is that Allah will see us through it, that our faith in Him will carry us through it. And whatever losses that we have, we will be rewarded for it and re compensated for it in the life to come. And therefore the prophets of Allah who are us, limbs greatest thought, his greatest and gains his dream were always about his OMA, that's even greater. It makes you even

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understand that in a greater way, when you understand that the eulogy of Allah for the prophets I sell them Allah gave and now you for the profit I sell them Allah let the Prophet know and his companions know for those who were able to understand it, that his death was soon to come. And that is sort of the nuts, either jack or not reliable. But when you see the victory of Allah and the support of Allah has been delivered, what are at NASA Toluna vdna of weather, and you see a multitude of people with your own eyes and also see them in the visions that I show you of what will come into the future. You've seen that Islam has entered into the hearts and the homes in the land.

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Here I am sitting in Perth, Western Australia, one of the southern most tapes.

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And nothing past me except the Antarctic really. And you may be all the way you know, people in London people in Canada, way up north, the expanse of the world has had the message of Islam delivered and remaining intact in my household and the household next to me, people have committed their life to the memorization of the Quran, Islamic schools established to maintaining our ethos of love and conformity to that which is right in our in our viewpoints. And therefore, that answer to the Prophet I said, that your mission has been completed your OMA has been as you aspired, as always thought about, will now be maintained even without you, a messenger of Allah or Rasulullah

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that's a powerful kind of thought, to think of his great hope for us, peace and blessings be upon him and finally on that, just while you submit more of your questions in sha Allah, is that on the Day of Judgment, the prophets IS LM has already told us what his final request of Allah will be in the authentic hydroxide Salim said liquidly Naveen down Musa Jaffa for every prophet, every messenger, there's one invocation one that they can make to Allah, that if they ask Allah Subhana Allah for it, Allah delivers the answer. It's accepted by a law. And that'd be handed to you and all of the prophets of God have already expended made and asked for what

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they wanted. And all of the things that they asked for were things that actually were within this life within this

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first existence that were in Atlanta except I, the back to our tea, I maintained I hate I kept back my dua, Shiva utterly Almighty, so that I can make it my invocation for my community on the Day of Judgment. So the Shiva the intention of the prophesies and in which I'm sure you'll get to in the details of your of my of my course,

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is a thought of it shows you what the thoughts of the prophets iclm has always been his ummah, even preceded his own self interest. And there were moments in his life where his door I could have prevented much harm could have prevented much difficulty could have made he for him and those who were with him at that moment, but the prophets I seldom saw past that for the entirety of his nation and his community. sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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for just like Walker check the next question is actually funny because we were attending or we're thinking about being an entire Bonus Session on this, because this is an area

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expertise for you as well. But Someone is asking what were the favorite kinds of perfumes that promise to them like the most and then someone else is asking as well what brands which we like and chosen that are available in our time today. All right

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so yeah I do enjoy the the mixology of within I'm bought and things like that it's a little pastime of mine. And you can look at the hashtag rude school so I have like this informal Friday boot school where I review certain I guess elixirs and perfumes and things like that on my social media insha Allah.

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But the fragrances of the prophesy Salah Marie actually easily identified. So there are authentic hadith of the prophets. I seldom said, the best of your plebe this of the things that you perfume yourselves with is,

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is rude route is this fragrance that comes from the the distillation of woods. And of course, wood has been a natural carrier of fragrance for, you know, for the for millennia for the first

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for the first of us and into the last of us, of course, is a like a fungal kind of infection that comes to particular types of trees. And then when you place that wood on coal, or on a heat source, the oils in it, they begin to melt out, and they become very fragrant. And of course, there's different nuances for them, and so on. But UHD was something that was known to the prophets of Avari, seldom known to the Sahaba, it was something that was worth its weight of gold at that time, and even more than its weight of gold in our times. So it's a wonderful kind of thing that would be mixed. And it was something that was known to the prophesy sell him he would perfume himself with

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it. There's a general Hadith in that. And so I had with a prophesy sell them says, your women, they should use the perfume that's darker in color, and men can use a perfume that is lighter in color. And what was meant by that is that there are certain perfumes, you know, for our sisters, we're not meant to be heavily perfume that you go out that you know the scent wipes and carries and turns the attention of people towards you. Because there's different levels of intensity and you want to be able to be guarded against that. So women used to wear, you know, perfume at the time of the product, I sell them and remove on you know, you know, scents that were were not pleasing. But they

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did not put it on, on their clothing or on their itself in a way that would carry past them. So it was something that was within the jape something that was intimate to them, you had to be very close to them to be able to sense it. Unless they were in the luxury of their own home, while men were asked to perfume themselves as authority to others. And therefore you find our mineral katabi as the same where he says that it's off of sleep, that you can't be extravagant when it comes to perfume, perfume in yours, because it's considered an act of charity. So the people that you walk by, when they smell something nice when there were other things that weren't smelling nice, you've done

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something nice to them. And it's an incidental act of charity. We also have the hadith of the prophet Isaiah Mori speaks about the different categories of people who you should and shouldn't be friend, he says, A good friend is like a perfume seller. And that you can come even if you're just in his company, he doesn't give you anything doesn't change anything with just being in their company, you have smelled something nice, but if they are generous enough, or if you're smart enough to buy something for them, or share something, or they share something with you, then you can take something that lasts with you and extends beyond you. And so so many allusions to the effective of a

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good scent sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but the things that the prophets I seldom would have enjoyed the most would have been the mixtures of the thought if rose which was regional to him, and it's still in existence today. So people talk about the masking rose, they're really the best of Rose scents are the most unique of them as the thought if rose, it's the tip of the masking rose. And that, you know, those fields have been for millennia, you know, rotated and then the same kind of bushes have been used time and time again. And that would be carried on to a bass note of rude and M burdens and burdens is actually a derivative of, of the whale, the sperm whale, it kind of deposits,

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deposits outside its body, it's floating in the ocean and the people of Yemen and Somalia, they would take it and then when you powder it and you you treat it, it becomes a carrier and gives longevity to the sense so

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that the rows with the Ember gents with their food. And finally with the musk and Musk is actually taken from, you know, the deer mosque, it's a part of its gonads, it's taken from it and it's dried. And it's hard. And it's a very pungent smell. But when it's treated, it becomes one of the most incredible kind of scents and carriers that you could ever use very, very expensive as well. So those raw sets were things that were very familiar to the profit isolate, but a day to day use would be things like frankincense and myrrh at the time of the prophets of Allah he was selling. So putting those kinds of things together, you could kind of see what were some of the things that

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would perfume, the masajid would perfume, the homes would perfume,

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the areas that were there they were in. So if they were using an incense, they would use food on cold if they were making a plebe or a paste, you know, didn't something you paste yourself with, it would have been that rude with, with the rose with the emergence and with the mass. And of course, the natural scent of the prophets. I seldom exceeded all of that. And I know the natural question may be, well, why would the Prophet put more sent? And that kind of shows you the importance of people, especially men, giving that act of charity towards others, you never want to be in a place or in a time where your sent is not right. And the prophets I send him says in then melodic attack,

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and that didn't matter to them in the New Adam. The angels are repurposed, by the sense and by the things that mankind is repulsed from, and if we didn't enter the masjid spelling bad, you shouldn't enter the masjid having body odor. You shouldn't, you know, live a life that is not where you are unkept, untidy unclean. And of course, I'm not saying you know, cover up dirtiness with cologne because that's the wrong perspective. The Prophet was regular in his will do regular in his bathing, regular in the Sunnah of that sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but in addition to his fragrant sense of isolated, he would enjoy the team and the prophesy Selim said, of the things that I love most in

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life is a key hope that it's things that are dear to my heart, is to perfu myself sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, may Allah give us a set at the center of the prophets of Allah Azza wa sallam, even if it's in our dreams, Peace, blessings be upon him. There are also narrations from some of the righteous that before they saw the prophets, I send them they could smell him, and you can smell the scent of the property, sell them in your dream. It's something that you do remember, may Allah bless us, we bought a lot from me.

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I think you knocked out like multiple questions on fragrance, I realized that half the questions were on fragrance alone that

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someone else was also asking or recommending in the chat that you should try Cairo by I'm not going to attempt to pronounce that. Have you ever tried this question? Ah, I'm not. I'm not really sure. So Oh, yeah. I think you added a question about which brands, the prophets I said, I don't know about brands, but I could say that the prophets I sell them was a person who was always

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balanced and naturally inclined. So the things that are essential oils and things like that would probably be where the prophets I seldom gravitated towards. He wasn't a person sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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who put on pretenses, but anything that smelt good would have been of attraction to him peace and blessings be upon

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us for humoring us with all those questions. Feel free to go somewhere I see quite a few questions are quite different expressions, you can just drop them to the probably the highest degree of expert you could find in this field.

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Is that letter for those words to me, I see the next question is friendship is for the sake of a lot. What do you do when people cut ties with you because you can no longer

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be there for them to help?

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It's such a difficult kind of question to answer general, right? Because I want this to be a general answer to a general question not specific to the particular circumstances that maybe the questioner is asking about or asking on behalf of a friend because that would be doing you a disservice. So whoever is asked this question or asking on behalf of whoever don't take my general answer as a specific solution for a specific problem. So in general, and that's really important in general you're

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wellbeing is before anybody else's. Now that's it sounds like, you know, counter to I thought Muslims are supposed to be, you know, yes, we're helpful when we're able to help. But if I'm putting myself in a place of harm and in a place of difficulty, where I'm no longer going to be able to effectively help others, then I'm doing them a disservice as well as myself. And that's, you know, a Quranic Maxim, who and puts a comb, make salvation for yourself the priority, and as along with you, and after you and with you, welcome your families, those your communities and so on. We have also in in just in the language therfore, do shade in a girl to the one who has nothing can give nothing,

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the one who doesn't possess anything, can has nothing to transmit and to pass on to others. So that that's important.

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So how do you deal with toxic people who are intimate even, you know, close family, friends, you know, could be fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, it could be cousins, it could be neighbors. So this is part of a, I guess, a broader discussion, maybe we can have a session on that at some point in sha Allah. But in particular, I guess, you know, three important dots that I want you to connect. The first thought is, people do things for reasons, right? So people say things for a reason. And if, if you want to increase your emotional intelligence, if you want to increase your tolerance, if you want to increase your ability to sidestep arguments and just learn where to stand up and where

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to ignore comments, then look past what is being said to why it's being said. So perhaps, you know, just say you're living with an in law, right? Just say it's your mother in law. And you mashallah cook this amazing meal, you believe, mashallah, it's it's a great meal.

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And as you serve it, you know, your mother in law, she takes a bite off, you know, it's doesn't have enough Solter, you know, the chicken isn't, is too overdone, or whatever it is, right? So it's at that moment you ask yourself, why not? What not? What did she say? Right? Because you might mean, what did she just say?

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Don't worry about the Wi Fi. So if you kind of think to yourself, well, listen, you know, this lady, she's been cooking for her son, cooking for her husband cooking for her family for nearly 50 years. And now she's in my home that I set up and I've made my kitchen and I've cooking in my way using by recipes. And it's damn good. It's delicious. And she kind of feels

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sad in that it's not her doing what she's done for so many years, even though she's retired, she shouldn't be retired, she should hang up the spoon, hang up the apron. Just call it a day. A part of her is like, but that's my glory. That's what I've done. So that comment, it's not really because she doesn't like me. It's not because it could have been anybody in that kitchen. It could have been anybody who made that food. It could have been at any other day, anyone would have gotten that same comment from her. So it's not. What did she said, Oh, why did she say it? Now at that moment, you can just lean back. And you can, you can say one of two things, you can either say to yourself,

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you know, subhanAllah, I, you know, I'm glad that I've my family, I'm glad that I've contributed something, I've made this as a Sunday call upon her as well. It's not an obligation, I see the reward of Allah for this, or you can get in a fight. And that's really, you know, it's one of two things. So connect that first thought the why. The second thing that I will say to you is, not every comment requires a rebuttal. Not every statement requires an answer, not every incident needs

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a you know,

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I stands to be given. And sometimes, you know, we have this concept, it's called a lawful. So a golfer that is to be heedless, to be unaware and you caught by surprise, the lawful is that you're fully aware, but you just overlook it. It's whether it's your self control, it's it's my power to overlook what you said. And that's actually a much more powerful way of dealing with things because power is no longer with them who approached you to a reaction, the power is entirely now with you and that will actually at times a bit tip or more, right. They'll be like, what she didn't say anything back what's happened, you know, and so maybe another comment might come and so on and you

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deal with that in a different

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way. So being able to rise above it, being able to just smile and say, I chat, I hope you enjoy it maybe next time when I, you know, maybe, maybe if you share with me your recipe and child I would love, you know, whatever it is.

00:25:14--> 00:26:04

The third thought is to recognize that Allah is observing of assault. And, you know, Allah knows what's in our heart, and Allah knows our actions. And I found that if we are careful in how we treat other people, Allah allows those who are mistreating us to adjust how they treats. So I'm not saying that the person asking this question maybe have done toxic behavior in their own regard. But that's very likely that at times, we have an imbalance in our own lifestyles, in our own spheres, maybe in our workplace, maybe with our friends, we've done something that kind of, you know, kind of maybe in our past, that we haven't asked a lot for forgiveness for we haven't moved past we're still gossipy,

00:26:04--> 00:26:40

we're still under, and perhaps we're even gossiping about the person who's addressing us directly. Right? It might be that you get in your hate, you know, he talks to me, you're telling your sister about your mother in law, and you know, God, she's this and that I'm not saying that you can't unburden yourself. But perhaps consider that for every action, spiritual action. There are reactions and consequences as well in childhood. I hope that's of some benefit. And just I've tried to keep a very general response for something that of course, I don't want to give you

00:26:41--> 00:26:44

you know, some some response can cause greater imbalance and show

00:26:47--> 00:27:29

that thorough response, a couple of clarifications. So he was asking, What about Kelowna? I guess Kelowna deodorant to apply after bathing is that masking yourself to sweat. It is yeah. And that should be done for certainly should be done for men and women. What I would probably say is for sisters who are worried about you know that aerosol kind of thing and about things like that there are natural products that are pastes that you can paste there, there are also products that are simplest that don't have a particular scent that don't carry a perfume and you don't really want to put perfumes under your belt. You don't want to put those kinds of chemicals, especially under your

00:27:29--> 00:27:48

natural oils. Great, but you don't want to use perfumes under places where your pores are kind of opened up and releasing. And just clogging them up with things like that. And challah there are wonderful natural product that can be used for those sensitive areas and Schambach

00:27:50--> 00:28:03

very natural technical answers just going off topic, but I'm gonna love just one little thing for myself. Just impermissible if you do have a sense that you prefer that you have something elegant antivirus printer, whatever a natural for that is

00:28:04--> 00:28:25

not like yes or no, no, no, it's fine to use a scented version. It's fine to use it as long as it doesn't broadcast for the sisters. So it's not something that as you walk by, you know, somebody seated on a bench two feet three feet away is like wow, she smells incredible. That kind of thing. Yeah, okay. Okay.

00:28:26--> 00:28:44

And yes, I did see this question submitted as well can be addressed in the recipe but Brian's asking Where did the custom apply for yourself and were you planning on ourselves to get the most out of it? So we know from the hadith of each of the Allahu I'm had that you would perfume the prophets hair, his beard, his

00:28:45--> 00:28:57

hand saliva sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his chest. Peace and blessings be upon him has not any place that require any place that required some alarms.

00:28:58--> 00:29:41

If you're going to be using natural scents and oils, you want to kind of use it as your heat zones. So heat zones are things like at your wrists, a little bit in the palm of your hand. Where your elbow and arm kind of come together underneath your clothing of course, under your arms, you know the back of your ears, the tip of your beard I always like to put just a little thought right there if it's a nice scent, just a little dot and just to perfume yourself in a way that when people greet you they can take something from the from you with them. Or when they come in close enough. It's that has

00:29:43--> 00:29:55

you know a nice I remember the in London this actually a funny story. I was in the airport and I was going through customs, you know when you get checked. This is three or four years ago and

00:29:57--> 00:29:59

the brother I

00:30:00--> 00:30:07

I don't know if it's a brother, he you know, I always used to get the second check in the wanting and stuff. So this person one bid me

00:30:08--> 00:30:49

and he goes and he says something like me you smell incredible and I thought what you know that's a bit bit of what is that? And I mean this you know little i It was literally a drop of food and under that I just put under here I said all it's like this natural light goes way to work. And I said, Well, you know, it's kind of weird, but you got to buy it like, you know, Mecca or something. He's like, Oh, but they don't let us people there. And I was like, I kind of smiled. And I said look, I can give you a dry goes on and I'm not allowed them on the job. So I was like, Alright, I'm sorry because but that's amazing. So you know that kind of thing. It does leave an impact on other people

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and it's something that you know, it is an act of charity in sha Allah for the brothers. So just in your beard in your especially if you're getting wandered in the airport, in your hands when you shake somebody's hand especially in July before you go to Juma perfume your hand it's as soon of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam as simply Maliki says, I never felt the hand that was more

00:31:11--> 00:31:40

that was alien that was more soft. You know he wasn't a crusher. When he would shake you wouldn't crush people's hand and his hand was with soft and there was no hand that was more fragrant up the other mean? I mean the end hustle I sent him that had a better fragrance than it. Oh masala, Marathi Allah and the wife of the prophet Isaiah love she says that when the prophets I send them had passed away, and his body had released this incredible you know,

00:31:42--> 00:32:19

fragrance you know the scent of the prophets lie Selim. She said acid or didn't Rasulillah the last time I came in contact with the prophets I send them was when I placed my hand on his chest as I greeted him. In his final you know, before the ride is shrouded the prophesy robot together and so today, I placed my hand upon his chest, postal lay to be had do more and I prayed with that hand for June was meaning for weak July after July after July, he would wash and bathe and, you know, muslin will do and his scent remained on it. sallallahu alayhi wa said.

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I see we're getting a little bit of a rabbit hole, when it comes to some of the questions. The one thing because I know there's a lot of sisters in attendance and this is technically a question for complicated.

00:32:35--> 00:32:45

The A to Z, a modern woman today. But because we've been discussing a lot someone's a few people have asked about what is the permissibility resistors? Do they apply the same way? Do they apply at all? Well with it?

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Yes, of course. So for the sisters, you apply it in sha Allah to the inside onto your body, and it's preferable that you're sent should be on your body. You know, from our field, where we're not permitted to put sent men and women to add to the when we're in, in the state of haram May Allah return us to the blessed land soon. And it specifically said not to your body or to your clothing. So there were you know, the both were done at the time of the prophets of Allah Hardy was send them. So for sisters, what I would say to you, and what you would hear also from Shefali is that you can apply your perfume underneath onto your body and onto your intimate clothing onto the things that

00:33:30--> 00:34:10

are under your eye under your femur. So you can smell it when a sister comes in, close enough to hug you. And you do that little two kissy kissy thing on each cheek and whatever it is, then that's something they can smell something that is, you know, from you, but it should not be something that wax way it shouldn't be as I'm getting out of the car. Let me just spruce up and you know, that kind of thing that isn't from the shooting of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam you can use any natural products and you can use of course synthetic products as well. Just make sure that it's something that doesn't cause you know irritations and things like that. Because in general, as

00:34:10--> 00:34:58

Muslims let us we should not bring harm to ourselves to our bodies. There are things that contain aluminum that plug up pores, there are things that are related to causing Alzheimer's disease, there's cancer agentic elements in certain type of makeup products, certain type of, you know, modern day perfumes that kind of don't have our longevity and interest in mind. So do dig a little bit deeper. You want to use products that are clean in that sense and you want to use ethical products. There are certain manufacturers that are contributors to oppression and who are contributors to political entities that do not have an ethical perspective in the lifestyle so you

00:34:58--> 00:34:59

want to have a holistic approach.

00:35:00--> 00:35:19

In that sense, but for women, yes, certainly you're allowed to use it. Certainly in your home, use it as much as you want and fragrance your home and fragrance your yourself, but you should not do so heavily as you're leaving your home, and with the clothing that you have as outerwear, on your way out to work, and so on and job

00:35:22--> 00:35:46

creation. Then just a reminder, guys, I know it's a little bit more of a casual session. So I'm glad you guys dropped in the chat. But for future, just remember to submit your questions before them just to make sure that we save them and we know they've been answered that you're not waiting on getting lost. I did see a question a little earlier by Sir, I believe and she was asking how can we act our kids to love the Prophet

00:35:48--> 00:36:27

sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one of the things is to speak about him often and to speak about him in different contexts about different different aspects of his life. We usually like to tell particular type of stories about the prophets, I said, but we want to go beyond the storytelling to some of his ethical stances, some of to you know some of the things about his relationships with others teachings in difficult times, to have a more holistic kind of perspective in how we discuss the life of the prophets of Allah, Hollywood, send them with others, we want to go a little bit beyond just, you know, the, I guess, a story that sounds more like cartoonish kind of things. One of the

00:36:27--> 00:37:08

downsides, of course, is when we talk to our children at times, you know, we make these people as superheroes and figures, but we need to go a little bit past that, to speak about some of the more normative things the habits of the prophets of Allah when he was sent him as a normal, everyday person, not just someone who was sent to be a superhero. So there are moments where we speak about the greatness of the prophets. I said it but also about the normalcy of the prophets of Allah how it was sent him, that it was difficult for him to maintain a certain aspects of worship, he had to make, you know, struggle, just like we struggled to get up for prayer. It was it easy for the

00:37:08--> 00:37:51

prophets of Allah Azza wa sallam, to get himself, you know, ready permission, he was afraid to carry on this message. And Allah strengthened his heart and he made dua to Allah when he was weak. And when he would say, he would mean to ask for Allah's cure. It wasn't just he was a super human. And that's important for our children to understand. That's the first thing. The second thing, I think, is important to highlight the prophets I live in his relationships with others, how was with Abu Bakr, how he was when he was angry with others how he was when he was sad about others how he was when he was in in wealth and enrichment and how he was when there was poverty in his life. So Lola,

00:37:51--> 00:38:00

and he would send him all of those are things that are important to kind of give a balanced, holistic approach a messenger, peace and blessings be upon him SallAllahu wasallam.

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00:38:04--> 00:38:10

I'll give you guys an opportunity, because just so that we can keep it a little bit more structured, to submit questions to the board, and we'll keep that

00:38:12--> 00:38:34

show up. Inshallah, I do a couple questions that were submitted earlier that I do want to honor and then we're pretty much set for the sessions. If you have any remaining questions, feel free to submit them now this will be your final opportunity for today Inshallah, the first question, which is, I'm not sure if we even cover this class, I'll be honest, if I haven't completed I'm still going through modules. But Someone is asking, Will you be covering the innovation of celebrate?

00:38:36--> 00:38:42

No, it's not something that's a part as a as a structure of the course where that's like a module.

00:38:43--> 00:39:24

And you know that the statement of the innovation of the the prophets birthday is something that has been written about commented about, in great detail, what I would recommend for the brother or sister who's interested in that is on Muslim matters, there's a website called Muslim There is a very detailed written analysis by Dr. Chaski, so Javi about the me lad and the content, where its origins are when it started, who started it, how it transitioned, what the viewpoints of the different camps of their own amount are about it. And it's a very balanced, holistic, consistent and comprehensive answer for that

00:39:25--> 00:39:25

insha Allah

00:39:27--> 00:39:42

that would be the place I would recommend if you want a good answer detail that's a meet that knowledge base that's not emotionally charged and something that gives a good perspective on that discussion in childbirth

00:39:44--> 00:39:55

is that look I just liked it. I actually actually like to have three but there's three parts it is a three part series it's a it's a well well worth reading. It should actually be you know, broadened into a book and shot

00:39:57--> 00:39:57

it's worth it.

00:40:00--> 00:40:40

And then the final question and I know you mentioned that it's very rarely the worst, but what would you? What would you recommend as as additional readings for this class or any other books that you use in reference for this course. So wow, the basis of the course is the shamanic love the prophets, I send them but because this isn't an interactive process, you know, it's not where we can do Hadith by Hadith, which would take a longer bit of time. It's a summation of the Shema of an imam activity, and also a part of an abdomen move rod as it relates to some of the practices of the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam, some of the newer kind of stuff about, you know, you know, the profit

00:40:40--> 00:41:17

as if in a corporate environment, although I sell them or the techniques of the prophets, I send them in teaching, or things that are taken from more modern kind of sources. So as a basis, it certainly is the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but to contemporize it and to add it together. So if there were books that I would recommend, it would just be a general book that you enjoy reading about the secret of the prophesy cinnamon and notice I said that you enjoy read, most of them are going to tell you the same information. Some of them the language is easier or more useful than others. And I don't really like to recommend one rather than the other.

00:41:18--> 00:41:59

You know, there are different books that I recommend you read and read widely about the life of the prophet and that's why I said them. So I wouldn't say just read a Hicklin Maktoum and a Shema, because those are great. But sometimes you want a narrative, you know, Dr. Tata or Milan, where he wrote about the messenger so it was a really, really useful book. It's not you know, so sourced and Hadith it says here in this idea, but it's taken from the the oral living tradition and the written tradition of the prophets I send and I don't mean to highlight his book at the exception of others Martin lings. And and so many other people Hamza Yusuf and others. There are so many I would

00:41:59--> 00:42:12

recommend you read as why about of it as you can, because different people use different points of emphasis and all of them will have value in chat a lot in celebrating the Prophet Muhammad Salah life, it was

00:42:15--> 00:42:16

a second authorship.

00:42:17--> 00:42:55

We've also been recommended recently the field nectar is that whether you would recommend it? Yeah. So that's our icon of doom, the sealed metadata. It's so that one translation of theirs, you know, as I said, there's different translations for it. It's a very good book, Mashallah. And that's more of a traditional CRO of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And there's the oldest series of course, this year of the Shah and others that are very valuable Chifa by Alexandre AR is a very powerful as well. Also a leak memory. I am sad in my ad that the summary of that did not buy Lima book, it was a very good book as well, and Charmin

00:42:58--> 00:42:59

is recording and right.

00:43:01--> 00:43:35

Yes, Meza, made a great recommendation for those who are asking about birthdays. Well, there's a great course that handles calls tonight and beyond where we talk a lot a lot with us, and that was covering. For that myself. I think we're at the end of the line for all the submitted questions that I have for the forum. And I think we caught up for the most of the questions that were submitted. After that in the chat as well, if there's any questions that you guys have remaining a challenge to drop them now into the forum, if possible, and we'll give you guys a minute or two, or feel free to raise your hand and skip the line for any of the sessions to ask the questions verbally. If you

00:43:35--> 00:43:42

would like to do something to otherwise look a little early today, we'll give you guys an opportunity Inshallah, to catch up on your modules and let you know which ones

00:43:43--> 00:44:15

next q&a session. And actually just to give everyone a heads up to go. So today, we're primarily meant to focus on modules 123. But if there's questions that you come up with, as you're going through the course, if you're just catching up to the modules, feel free to submit them in the next q&a session as well. So the next session will be covering any remaining questions through modules 123, as well as modules four, five and six. And those covers the characteristics of hypothesis designs and prophetic techniques and inviting to the tree. So those are the three topics that are sure that coverage is applicable for everyone for your attendance. I don't see anything new. that's

00:44:15--> 00:44:42

top of mind. I'm just gonna refresh in case I've missed anything, then what happened in that? So does that look for the for being part of experience? I hope that as you're learning, you're also sharing with your loved ones, and you're sharing the gems and the stories that you're learning as well throughout the class, and you're sharing any questions that may have as well. Part of the experience of taking courses to benefit your family members, and those around you as well. It's a pleasure to have you all as part of the questions that you have any concerns, of course could be reached out at

00:44:43--> 00:44:59

any of the other telegram groups is that monitored, and once again, for making this experience possible for joining us. We're looking forward to having you up early with us for the next several weeks. Actually, there's gonna be a bit of a gap for winter breaks, everyone can kind of relax and chill and catch up on the course visits a week or two

00:45:00--> 00:45:10

Watch over it to get caught up until and then we'll be joining your show I look forward to it inshallah does that gonna lock somebody from everyone like listen I want to put the light

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it's nice