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The human heart is the most extraordinary organ in the entire body, and the brain is the most important for the human lifecycle. The human brain is the most important for the human lifecycle, and the heart sends energy to the brain. The speakers discuss the history of creole language and its use in various fields, including the printing of the Koran and the removal of "wasps beast." The importance of the heart's actions, including heart rate, breathing, and the body's movement, is emphasized. The speaker emphasizes the need for more room in one's heart to handle the loss of information and the potential for Islam to overcome evil forces. The spiritual]] is also discussed, and the speaker emphasizes the importance of remembering the presence of Allah and the ability to remember his name.

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Shut down regimes menorah, Rahim salatu salam wa sharafuddin via even more saline water. He was so happy he woman to be sending it to me Dean Allahu Allah in Lima Lenten. In the contract even Hakeem Allahumma alumna million found on founded Bhima alum Tana was in a in

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a long in earnest Erica.

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Calvin Harsha and what do you send in Dec urine?

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Wine and then you know

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Or a second was

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what I hold over quwata illa billahi Ronnie and I'll be

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alone in the burrito Erica. Holy Macavity

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The, the topic that I was given is about the heart, the human heart. And it's a topic that fascinated me for a long time, not only the spiritual heart, but also the physical heart. And I was actually on a cardiac unit

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for several years,

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and spent a lot of time with people that had had heart attacks. In fact, I took care of a lot of people with heart attacks, and I saw people die from heart attacks in front of me.

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something always really amazed me about seeing somebody that came in to hospital with a heart attack is that there was a type of opening that they had a window,

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where suddenly they were challenged, deep within their own souls to assess their situation to assess their lives, and to really think about what they were doing with their lives. And yet, as they started getting better, and not all of them did, but the ones that did, as they started getting better, you could see that window close.

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And they were back on the phone and making plans to go back to work and to go back into the dunya.

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And really forgot what had happened to them.

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And then you would have these physicians that would come in and tell them how their cardiac enzymes were down and looking good. And it was a mild heart attack, and really nothing to worry about.

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And you'll be back in the fray. In the rat race, they didn't use that word. But that's really what it meant. You'll be back in the rat race soon enough. And you'll pedal around some more on that, like in those rat cages, where they have that wheel that rats spin around on, you're not really going anywhere. The nearer you are to your destination, the more your slip sliding away and like an American songwriter said.

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And before long they were they were gone. And who knows maybe a lot of them have died already. And maybe some of them are still ticking.

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But we know that the heart is the most extraordinary organ in the entire body.

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We know for instance, now that the heart is pulsating at about 40 million times a year.

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In the human lifespan, your heart will pulsate about 3 billion times.

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It takes about 40 gallons of blood an hour.

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You try to get some buckets for get 40 gallons and move them from one room to another and see how tired you are. And yet this extraordinary organ that Allah Subhana Allah has put into the body continues to pump throughout our lives effortlessly.

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not asking us for anything not even asking us to tell it to pump for us.

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And even more unusual about the heart is now we know that the heart is actually not only is it self regulating, it begins beating before there's a central nervous system

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who made the heartbeat before there was a central nervous system

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who made the heartbeat.

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The one that created the heart made it beat and sustains its beat and then one day it stops beating. And this form in time suddenly leaves and goes to another realm.

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And during our life, Allah subhanho wa Taala

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has challenged us. He called the heart called when I say he called because I believe like many of the scholars although there's difference of opinion about it that they are

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Language is Toki fear that it was it was made by Allah subhanho wa Taala for the Koran, that it's a language like one orientalist said, this is the most artificial language in existence. In other words, it's very clear that it wasn't a conventional language like English is really a creole. That resulted from Pidgin languages. Pidgin languages are when people from different original languages come together and they try to communicate with each other. So like West African came to two when when they were brought here from West Africa during the the period of slavery in this country illegally brought against international law at that time, which was the law of the Muslims because

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they were the international community. Now it's the Anglo American Alliance, when they say international community read English and Americans.

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Because that it should be inter two nations community, that's what they should call it. Right? They shouldn't call international community like it's a whole bunch of nations together, because it's not it's just the Americans and the British. And really, they're one people the Anglo Saxons, and, and all the other the other white people are, they're not really part of the Anglo Saxon, they're not even accepted by them in this country. They used to have a word they use last, but I think that's one of the few words that's still not in the politically correct.

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prohibited dictionary, there's a whole bunch of words that are prohibited, you could still say was, right, because there's a lot of people that have been victims of the wasp sting. And so they're not reluctant to put that in that dictionary. But the wash is a white Anglo Saxon Protestant. And these were the people that came to this country from England. In fact, they were really like how average in the Islamic history because the holidays were people they didn't like the rulers, so they just broke off and did their own thing. And that's what the American did, ultimately, and, and then they split, come together again, and the ruling the world, and they're not doing a very good job of it.

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And in fact, it's really from the absence of the Muslims from the quote, unquote, international community. But anyway, at that time, it was illegal.

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And in fact, it was actually illegal.

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International slave trade was outlawed in the 1820s. A lot of people don't know that. But it continued by American slavers illegally, even by their own laws. So they were actually bringing people over from West Africa illegally by their own laws for several decades, until it was finally stopped. In the really, it's going to go into the 1880s because you they were bringing slaves to

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the Caribbean area and also to South America. But when the slaves came over, they like the West Africans in Gambia, Senegal, or senegambia. They say lo k will k means okay.

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And a lot of people don't know that. You see, it's the most American word there is and it's actually

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a word from West Africa. You told the white supremacy that no stop using it probably. Right? You're speaking West African dialect.

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Okay, so so they told the, you know, the West African Go bring the put those over there and he'd say, Well, okay,

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that's how he responded and then that's that they would say that to them, then they understood that means Okay, they'd say okay.

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And that became part of the language. So, English is a language that really resulted in a lot of different peoples coming together and then their children from a Pidgin language the children will create a creole language. And so, all of the languages that we speak today in the world are actually Creole languages. In fact, Urdu is a creole language, right, or there is mixed up of Cindy and Persian and Arabic. Right. Like in in ODU. They say k jiamusi. But hey,

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what what am motiva? You know, animal Seba is the Arabic word where they get that word from.

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Right? Where they get they got it from the Arabs, and they added to it the wrong things, right? This what they say? Or they say, like I would say or do.

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Right? And my no means it's known, but that's the Arabic. But the facts as you know, that's all do because he doesn't know where it came from. Right? And then when you start to learn Arabic, he says, hey, that's from ODU

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But it's not it's from Arabic because Arabic is the first language is the mother tongue. It's the language of our mother how our and our father and the mother used to them. And they're the words are Arabic names. So this Arabic is not an arbitrary language, it's not a conventional language, not it's not a agglutinated language, just sticking things together.

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The word in Arabic for heart is spelled, that's one of the words the Arabs have a lot of words for heart, one of the words is color. Now, if you take that and switch the letters around, you get a patina. And there's a science of the meanings of the words when you switch the letters around like you have a word like, which means action, if you switch the lens around, you get Iman, which knowledge and then you get Ahmed action, because knowledge and action are related, and

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kobina are related also, and tabla before are also related, because the heart knows something that it knew before it came into this realm. You see, the heart knows and has to be erotic from the heart knows the answer to that question, then.

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Indeed, we testify to that truth. So every human heart that came into the world knew this truth, this spiritual truth. And then the human being is tasked in his life to once again testify during his life on Earth, because he Terry's on the earth for a period of time, and he has to testify sitcom mentality, he, in truth from his heart, that once again, he has to testify just as he testified in the primordial world with almost no Adana, he has to testify in this world before Allah subhanho wa Taala in his unseen manifestation because Allah subhana wa tada is manifesting himself in creation from an unseen realm before we were in a realm in which Allah subhana wa tada was loyal.

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And now he's boffin. See Allah subhanho wa Taala has hidden himself from us by manifesting His attributes in creation, and it is the human heart that have to recognize this. And this is why the heart is the organ of cognition. It's not the brain, you see the the the non Muslims would like to say that you think in your brain, this is what they would like to say. But you have to ask the question, why is it that and people who study martial arts notice that if you cut off the carotid artery, for a short period of time, people lose consciousness.

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They lose consciousness. Why? Because you cut off the source of consciousness, which is the heart. Without the heart, there is no consciousness. And its blood. In fact, the blood which is carrying all the glucose and the oxygen 60% of which is being utilized by the human brain.

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And it's the heart that's sending it there. So it is the heart that is the source of human consciousness. And now, we're only beginning to study things like the atrial peptide, this this is a hormone now, they didn't even know it existed before. And now they're seeing that the heart is telling the brain things, it's telling the brain what to do. This is very recent research in, in cardiology, you see, they didn't know that before. So how much Don't they know? They don't even know how aspirin works. They don't you ask a doctor, ask your doctor, how does aspirin work? We haven't worked that out yet. It's the most prescribed drug.

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And he said, We don't really know how that works.

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You can ask them a lot of questions. If you want to stump a doctor. That's an easy thing to do. If you want to stump, you can stump any of them. You see, and and really in the end of the day, they can explain things how but if you ask them why that question will always stumped them.

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If you just switch from how to why. You see, for instance, you ask them

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why does the heart beat?

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Easy? Why does the heart beat you know what? Why didn't it? Take the blood somewhere else? By summit? Why does it go contraction expansion? You see diastolic systolic, why does it do that? It could have done other way. There's lots of ways you could get the blood around the body without a beat. Why did Allah make it a beat? And then and then you ask, why did Allah make the breath? expansion contraction?

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Because that's what and bossip. Allah his father and his boss. He's the contractor and the expander. And the heart is doing that every moment you see your heart is if you listen to it, they call it lub dub,

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dub dub. Right?

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So they don't know what it's saying. But if you listen closely, you can hear that. I mean, they say like meow. in, in, in. In English that's supposed to be the way a cat sound. They say meow. Well in Japanese, they don't say meow. They say something else like cow. Right? Well,

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so what is it meow or kiya? Right? What? It's just the way they're hearing it. All right, so they're trying to get an approximation. But if you listen to the heart, with a stethoscope, and very closely, you will hear what it says. It says, a lot. A lot. Allah, Allah, Allah. That's what it says. contraction expansion. And if you look at the, the the name, the Divine Name of Allah, it's a contraction, expansion. That's what it is. That's what the tongue is doing. A law, a law. Allah, Allah, that's what he's doing. And this is what the heart is doing. The heart knows who his Lord is. But the novice has forgotten who his Lord is. And this is because we become tainted with the dunya

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we're in the world we forgotten who our Lord is. And Allah subhana wa, tada sent messengers to remind us who our Lord is, so that we can return so that we can return now if you ask how do we bring our data to life? The first recognition is that it's dead.

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That's the first thing that's the place where we start. The bad is dead. You see in the Muslim world, now we are in the perfunctory mode. We went on to automatic pilot several 100 years ago, right? We invented it long before these people ever got it. Right. We just turned on automatic pilot and went into what's called the muffler or heedlessness, that's what the pilot does they get once you get up in the air. If you ever opened that door, you'll have a heart attack, because they're snoring. They're lying back there, and they even go to sleep.

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People don't know that. But it's true. Right? They actually go to sleep on those planes, those pilots.

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And that's what happens with Muslim you see, you can go into a mechanical mode, Allahu Akbar. And you can pray rockets and you and then a few, like, five minutes later, you'll start wondering, did I pray?

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Or how many records did I pray?

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Why do we have so many intentions in Islam? Is the interesting thing about a bad if you don't make an intention? The attempt now where's the intention? You know, what the owner, my state, my lunia

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the place an intention is in the heart is not saying the way through so lots of both because that could become a tape recorder as well. Right? You just go into automatic pilot no way to or Baraka ads for you button, right? And then you just do that every time. And you just change the tape if it's

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awesome, right? You got to get the tape straight, right?

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So this is what people do. They go to sleep.

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And they and then there's a lot of people they've gone to such a degree of sleep because there's different types of sleep, you have REM sleep, rapid eye movement, you see a lot of people who are in REM sleep, but there's other people they're not even in REM sleep, the eyes aren't even moving. There's no movement. Right? And so there's degrees of sleep.

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When so many young people are asleep, let's say now he said that it's true. You just have to think about it. People are asleep. They are saying it. What's it what is all of this creation? Somebody asked him what what is creation? And he said, How about when you're in the cinema.

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This is like the dust in the air that only becomes visible when the light of a law strikes it.

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You see that was out of the lead. I was a man who knew Allah subhana wa tada what a more profound description of the atomic room. You see all of these atoms like floating, floating in this aetherium space that was created. And the only reason they're visible is because Allah is new to some

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minobu somehow it without getting nominated the heavens and the earth. And the heart is the organ of the human being that is capable of proceeding that in the most profound and deep ways. And this is why the heart is a gift from Allah. And you have to protect the gift look where he put it. He put it behind the sternum, the strongest thing in the body, he put it and then he put a rib cage around it. He didn't put it like the genitals he the gentle turns right out.

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They're right, seriously, look, I mean, a person doesn't have any protection there. That's why you want a down a man. They teach you that's the first thing they teach you in martial arts go for the growing. Because there's no protection. You see what the heart a lot put protection there, a powerful protection. And then he gave it a pumping, this oscillating power in which the blood is flowing in every single cell of the body in every pulse. There is blood to the heart reaches every single cell of the body every moment.

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And then he made it an oscillator, the heart is oscillating. And if you know anything about oscillatory physics, that's a big word that I learned recently. So I'm using it if you know anything about oscillatory physics.

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It's the study of entrainment how things in train with other things like people, when they march, they they start to entrain. Naturally, if you try to walk with somebody out of step, and it's hard to do, you naturally train like soldiers naturally in train.

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This results in amplification, which is even more frightening, the famous bridge story that they teach every engineer in Germany when all these soldiers were marching across the bridge, and they were, they were all marching in one step. And so the actual the the force of the wave activity was amplified exponentially because it was all together, you see, and that's the power of being unified. When you're unified. You have power, and when you're disunited, you're weak. Now, the heart also has a power, the heart literally in trains the body, the brain and the hardware and trained at the same point one hertz.

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The heart and the brain are in train, there's an entrainment taking place. Now the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that in the heart of the human being is a lump of flesh. If it is sound, the entire body is sound. And if it is corrupt, the entire body is corrupt. Why? Because the entire body is in entrainment with the heart. And if the heart is disease, then the entrainment will be diseased. If the hardest sound, the entrainment will be sound. So how then this one bring the heart back to life, the first thing is to recognize that the heart has died. Now the heart dies for various reasons. And there's spiritual death of the heart, one of the signs that the

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heart is dead is that people don't weep. That's a sign of the death of the heart. Another sign of the death of the heart is it when they hear the Quran, it has no impact on their heart, when they hear Wow, it has no impact on their heart. Now, it could also be vice versa, if the word is dead, then also that that has a reality also, and this is part of our problem, because we're all dead as well. So dead talking to dead. And then we go into this state where it really it's it's a frightening situation. And this is the problem with leadership. You see when the leaders are sick, the every may have now Wales when the leader gets sick and goes and commits suicide on the beach,

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all the other whales follow it,

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even though they're healthy,

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because that's what happened. And that's why leadership is such an Amana and that's why any intelligent person would not want leadership. Because if he destroys himself, he takes other people with them. And then he has the wrong actions of the other people as well. Because it's an amount it's a trust from Allah subhana wa Tada.

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So the first thing is to recognize the heart is dead, and then how do we bring the heart to light the heart can be brought to life. One of the things that brings the heart to life is to go to the Quran without reading the Quran with reflection. And this is important why because you have to know why things happen. Once you understand why Allah Subhana Allah has asked you to do these things, understanding causes or engender is in the heart of desire to fulfill that thing, because you're now using your intellect. And when the intellect is behind something, it's not the same as when you're just following orders. When you actually believe something, you have conviction, and when there's

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conviction, then there's action. And when there's action, there's change, you will change and things around you will change. So Tina, Quran with podoco is one of the reasons that Allah subhana wa tada brings the life to heart. Now if you look in the Quran, there are many things. Allah subhana wa tada says, well you know carotid, Quran SR is Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim.

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When you read the Quran do is the Agha of Allah subhana wa tada from chiffon. Now, chiffon is real and chiffons realm is the heart

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He does not know what's in the heart is one of the things Ally's veil from shall find does not know your heart. He doesn't know what you're thinking. So don't think that he does. He does not know what you are thinking. But he has the ability to whisper in the heart and the weaker the heart, the more powerful his whispering. The stronger the heart, the more the decibels go down. And, and if a heart is really healthy, the beat is so powerful, that she'll find he screaming, and and it's not heard in that heart, the heart of a powerful man like Emma Minogue or called the aboubaker or emammal Junaid, who actually said he wanted to see ship on he has a lot to show him ship and ship on one day he came

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to him he saw shift on and this occurred to many of the believers including a Buddha or the one who saw ship on a Buddha and this is confirmed because shun takes form. emammal Junaid saw ship on in the form of an old man and he was hideous. He said when he looked at him, his heartbeat can do with terror. And he said Who are you? And he said, I'm the one you want it to see. And he said Subhanallah you're you're a police? And he said yes. And he said I have a question for you. Why didn't you bow down to Adam? In other words, he's thinking What a fool you know you I want to understand this right now. That's what he wants to he said you know what an idiot why did why did

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you do that? You want to understand that? Why didn't you bow down to you were right there. And our Lord told you to do something you You must be insane.

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Right. And and Chapin said, Yeah even Junaid How could I bow down to other than Allah? That's what she had been said. He said how can I bow down to other than Allah? Now this is called in shediac. Mohan refer to

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the Mohatta of somebody who has adept now Chapin is a liar he's cadet. And initially my Junaid was he was shocked by the answer because he thought about that, like Satan and he refused to wipe out the name Rasulullah when he was asked to by the Messenger of Allah, Satan aboubaker refuse to lead the prayer. These are times when Sahaba actually went against the Messenger of Allah to be Rasulullah out of edit. So So Siobhan was pretending to be Matthew, He was saying, you know, to end human, how can I bow down to other than Allah? And then he emailed me and said, suddenly, it came into his heart, he's a liar, had he really loved the law, he would have obeyed the law.

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And then when he said that you're a liar, and he told him chiffon fled because that's a man with a big heart. So Siobhan has no power. Now a law tells us for studying the law, and then Allah subhana wa tada says,

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In other who

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know who Lazar who so far known, he has no authority.

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And Alina amanuel are those who believe wind or a beam yet to work alone, and they trust in their Lord they have to work it out. Allah chiffon has no authority over these people. Now look what Allah says before he says that he says, If you read the Quran, seek refuge in Allah is the either and then he says Shelton has no authority over those who believe and they trust in Allah. Now. What a lot Why is he saying that before because he's saying if you believe and you trust in Allah chiffon has no authority

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but he tells us before that trust in Allah, but tie your camel make use the either say, Oh, the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim. That's as bad. You're trusting in Allah but you're taking the means. And this is what a lot is telling us. He's telling us to trust in Allah, but tie your camel like the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and so knowing that that when we recite the Quran, we seek refuge in Allah from ship on why? Because we don't want your phone to influence our understanding of the Koran. And then Allah tells us if you believe in Allah and you trust in Him but trust means taking the ASVAB you don't I'm just gonna trust in Allah that all

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understand it No, you study grammar, rhetoric, logic to see howdy all of these things before you try to understand the Quran because that is talking with us bad we don't just say a token Allah like somebody come over to someone's house they say

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I'm hungry and he said, You know, I'm trusting and a lot the food will come No, you say get up and go out and go I'm your guests go and give me some food. Right? There's no angels that are going to come in and sir, unless there's a wife, angelic wife who puts up with husbands like that, but there's no angels in there. Right that are gonna come and do that. You have to do things with us.

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The means and the Dean of a lot, the Dean of allows a dean of of means. And this way, if you understand the reason why we're doing these things, you will have success, because it will encourage you, you'll begin to take see if you understood, for instance, if you had a glimpse of the unseen world, just for one moment, and suddenly you saw shopping on right on people's right there, their shopping, walking around with people, if you could see that out there in in Chicago, Cook County, right 32,000 abused and neglected children under government.

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Authority here in this county alone 32,000 neglected and abused children really Cook County,

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right. Children that throw other children off building tops in Cook County. If you could see the shale thing in this city, you know, you'd be doing you'd be saying

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everywhere you look

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you just go into a state where you would just be saying I want to be named mineshaft on the regime the whole time. You couldn't walk anywhere that and so it's a mercy from Allah that you're not frightened. Right, really, it's a mercy but you have to be aware of his existence. Right? You have to be aware and then you take precautions. What are the precautions who Allahu Allahu sama limited? What am you let?

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You do that three times in the morning? Three times in the evening? I wouldn't be getting mad at you later. Not even Sheree Mahara. Bismillah R Rahman

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r Rahim Allah mantra Bella

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and do all of those other cards every morning. And every evening you do them Why? Because you want the hill of Allah subhana wa tada you want to be in the protection of Allah is the best of creation did those

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and he had protection there were angels surrounding him mighty co cords warriors around him that if anybody threatened him from the inside of the gym, like the one who came up to the message or a law, and he and he found him sleeping under a tree, and he said, who protect you now he said a lot. And the man dropped his sword and started shaking and the measuring rod put it up and he said, Who's going to protect you? He couldn't say Allah. He said,

00:32:26--> 00:32:27

Go ahead, kill me.

00:32:29--> 00:33:03

Right That's the you know, the they were tough people. He said, Go ahead, kill me miserable. I didn't kill him. He became a Muslim. But the point is that man wanted to kill him. And he couldn't. Why? Because Allah subhanho wa Taala gave him Islam. He protected him when he came out. And the night when Satan and he took his place. He came out all of the strongest youth of Quraysh the people of Judah, the people of chivalry from the forest, each one of them from each clan had a sword waiting to kill the Messenger of Allah so he came out with a new idea.

00:33:04--> 00:33:50

She now home from LA You will soon This is what he said. Orange anabaena Cobain and Nadine Liu manana Jasmine mistura, if you recite the Quran, we will put a veil between you and those who don't believe in the ACA, and he was completely veiled. He was the invisible man he came out they could not see him. They couldn't see him. So he was setting them. And this is he was doing these things. Why? Because his heart was aware NACA before admira. His heart didn't deny it did not lie in what it saw of the HAC of the truth. His heart was awake, it was living the angels when they came, they found him asleep and they said his eyes sleep but his heart doesn't sleep. The Messenger of Allah

00:33:50--> 00:34:32

His heart never slept. It was always in the Divine Presence of Allah subhana wa Tada. And that's why if you came and you were with him, then you were immersed in that divine presence. And that's why people when they're around and they couldn't do anything but remember Allah when they left the Messenger of Allah, one of them humbler came to measure Romanies in Yara surah LA, when we're with you, we remember a law and we're and it's as if we can see the author in front of us. And then we go home, and we got it with our families that are in our work and all these and we forget, what why do we do that? And the Messenger of Allah, send them out. I mean, he said to him, that this, this is a

00:34:32--> 00:34:59

time for this and a time for that. This is the nature of being Benny azim kulu comme hapa own, all of you will make mistakes, Muslim, you're insane insanity, in that the unknown ESEA we forget this is our nature, but we have to be reminded. Now when the heart becomes alive, there's an internal reminder, you no longer need these external reminders. When when the time comes when the Masia is there you remember a lot and I'll give you an answer.

00:35:00--> 00:35:36

Now and this is the blessing of the company of the shoe. When I was in Algeria because I'm left handed when I was studying in, in Tz in Tz, there was a shift there, see the Boo salad inshallah he's protected. I don't know what happened to him. But he was one of my teachers. And I was in a hall with all these people. And there was several beings on the other end of the room. And I was eating, they gave some dessert, and I was eating the dessert, and I was using my left hand, because that's habitual for a left handed person. And I looked over and I saw him and he looked at me, and then he looked down at my hand, and I knew that I have to be here with my right hand, I changed

00:35:36--> 00:35:43

hands. Now, whenever I put put my fork or spoon or anything, my left hand, I see his face.

00:35:44--> 00:36:04

That happens to me, I'm not making this up. I see his face whenever I do that. And I remember and that's a gift, right from a teacher who has spiritual authority. That's a gift and that's the blessing of being in the company of these people. Right? You see, the time that I spent with my daughter had

00:36:06--> 00:36:19

a boon, present and absent at the same time, because he All he does is remember all all he does, is remember Allah Kenny cannot cannot assume the light.

00:36:20--> 00:36:26

Cannot a pseudo light and everybody cannot assume ye solo and he was just

00:36:28--> 00:37:02

he he remembered a lot in every state. When he got up. He remembered a lot. When he went to bed. He remembered a lot when you put his clothes on, he remembered a lot. When he tied his turban. He remembered a lot when he went out to the marketplace. He remembered a lot when he came home he remembered a lot when you bought something you remember a lot when he sold something he remembered a lot. When he went to the masjid he remembered a lot when he put his foot in, he remembered a lot and changed feet coming in and out as a conscious human being. When he came into the mess kid, he did his rock custom machine. And then he stayed remembering a lot when he left, he remembered a lot.

00:37:03--> 00:37:44

When he went into battle, he remembered a lot during the battle. He remembered Allah who name was his day, all of the battles were his days, but he defeated the, the the horizon and all these great Arab tribes, he defeated them single handedly, when all the Muslims were fleeing even the best of them, he stayed firm. And then they came back and they routed them. And this is because he was in a state of remembrance of Allah, He saw jabril fill the entire horizon, what do you do? Once you've seen jabril? You look out every time you'll see the horizon, that's what you'll see. If you had the chance to see jabril fill the entire horizon, go out and look at the horizon. And imagine seeing the

00:37:44--> 00:37:54

angel of Allah subhana wa, tada, fill the entire horizon. What are you going to do after that? What are you going to do? are you ever gonna forget Allah subhanho wa Taala?

00:37:55--> 00:38:33

Are you going to forget a lot, you can't go to sleep after that. You can't there's no, it's not possible. And this is why the more that we struggle against our souls, the more light that comes in. And unless you can handle without a causes in sheera, to the breath, why, because the hearts growing, it needs more room, it needs more room because the heart is getting bigger. And the bigger the heart gets, the greater power the person has against the forces of evil. And when the heart is powerful, then other people begin to entrain with that heart, like the clocks, the tick and the smaller clocks begin to entrain with the sway of that clock. And so in the messenger, the loss of

00:38:33--> 00:38:39

the wireless and present, all of the Sahaba were in trained with His Divine heart because his heart was beating

00:38:41--> 00:39:24

his breasts were breathing for a loss of his movements were moving for a loss of data. And so when this was happening, everybody was in that state, all of the Sahaba. And the day he died from a low it was caused such a trauma in those people that it would take them several generations before they would come back to their senses. That's how powerful his absence only in the physical realm was. And this is what the power of Islam is. It's the power of the human heart. This is what the power of Islam is it began with the heart. Almost no data revealed this to the messenger of almost heart. And it was transmitted to the hearts and it's been passed on by the hearts. And if the hearts don't wake

00:39:24--> 00:39:59

up, they're going to wake up when they die. When your heart stops beating, it will wake up and then it's too late. So we have to do something, don't just come here and then go back to your home and nothing's changed, make commitments. How many people are willing to stop in training with the television? Because when you watch television, you're getting these cathode rays beaming out to you and you're in training with demonic entrainment. These are dark energies that are coming out and putting your heart into a state and you can watch young children. You just watch them in front of a TV and you go like this and they can't see anything because

00:40:00--> 00:40:41

They're completely in a state of magic, the magical spell has been placed on them, and their hearts begin to entrain. With that, and they're getting all of these ideas put in their minds, people have to be willing to do the same for the sake of Allah, how many people are going to commit to praying on time from this day forward to getting up? before the dawn not at dawn, we have to be we have to get into a state where we can call on Allah and Allah will answer us because we're in a state now we call on a lion. It's just like this idea that he montane read. This is our state, how is the law gonna answer us? Look at this chunky, the 45 seconds, look at the buildings, completely destroyed.

00:40:41--> 00:41:17

And then all those mosque and somebody said to me is a miracle. It's not a miracle. Those people knew how to build, they weren't cheaters. When they made a contract with the government to build a mosque, they built it up to standard and whose standard Allah Subhan Allah and His Messenger standard, the standard of ehsaan. And it's on. And now these these crooks and criminals that build cement buildings that the slightest shaking can knock them down. It was an earthquake on 4.0, it would, they would have all come tumbling down. There's earthquakes of that magnitude in western countries, and you don't see the buildings falling apart. Why? Because they build them up to code

00:41:17--> 00:41:56

and standard. And so the tribulation is from our own selves, because we cheat and we lie, who's wanting to become a person of Exxon, and it's kind of these people. And then all of those people really look at that. It's a metaphor for this time, those buildings that were built on Tacoma, they remained and they and they go on, and all those other buildings built on hustla, and greed and avarice, and enmity and animosity for humanity because no person with a human heart could do that. And the difference between those who remember Allah, and those who forget Allah is the difference between the living and the dead. And so you're going to choose each one of you, whether you're going

00:41:56--> 00:41:59

to be one of the living, or one of the dead.

00:42:00--> 00:42:06

Each one of you will make that choice in your life, whether you choose to be one of the living or one of the dead.

00:42:07--> 00:42:17

But we are people who worship and how you consume the living who goes on and by his life will give in life A Kudo Cody Hello stuff.