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Polycom warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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in the candelilla Monastery no one has suffered or worn out all the learning you should already unforeseen elements to your RTI Melina Mija Hindi level for level biloela woman you will find out how the Ala Wai Chateau La ilaha illallah wa de la sharika shadow Anna Mohammed Abdullah he What are Sulu some Allahu Allahu Allah early he was talking he was Selim Taslima kathira Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina habibie Noah Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sahbihi wa sallam to Sleeman kathira we always ask Allah subhana wa to Allah in beginning to make us from those who recognize him in the way that he is deserving of and to forgive us for that which we are negligent

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of. We ask Allah subhana wa tada to assist us in all of our affairs Allahumma Ameen. We're continuing and this is part five of our discussion of solten MOOC, the dominion and we spoke at length at Hamdi lab up the first eight and we began verse number nine, which is where we begin today. And we said that there are two parts that we've studied so far in the in the sutra, the first part the first five verses of the sutra acquaints us with himself without directly itemizing himself. So a lot alludes to himself as being the only one who is capable and has the power of the things that he describes. And then Allah Subhana Allah in the second section, the next nine verses,

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he discusses those who break away from that recognition and intentionally choose to distance themselves from a lot. And this is where we begin we begin with verse number nine, where we began a part of it at the end of our last discussion in episode number four and you can go back and watch this series on my YouTube page green, green lane methods YouTube page, and also on

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my blog, Mashallah my YouTube page, so again, I will be learning him in a shaytani r rajim. orlu Bella, for the

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V room

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that can be now Polina and as Allah who means shines in an in Luffy by learning cabbie, they said,

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after being asked by the angels in the previous verse,

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has there a messenger come to you? Has there been someone who has arrived to you, to warn you, and their response is called New now notice the word kalu is a past tense, meaning it's almost as if they're recollecting that the mistake and the position that they find themselves in was done for them in the past call a new banner. Gotcha. And, yes, of course, indeed, a warner did come to us. Now, this is a very important idea. And there's other verses like it in the Koran. There's verses for example, SoTL to Zuma, and solta. Zuma is a powerful chapter in the whole on in chapter number 39. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala says, What's he called Lavina cafaro Elijah hen Mr. Zuma, that on

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the Day of Judgment, those who disbelieved will be gathered in a pile in a group and they will be driven towards Hellfire hut that that jet will have footage available when they arrive, its gates are flung open waiting and anticipating for them while Kyle LFM has a network and it's in the guardians of hell will speak to the people as they're entering into hellfire. And then yet Tikka Masala Ming Kumi at Luna Alaykum Tierra de como una comida yo McComb, hada did they're not messengers come from amongst you from your own kindness human beings. who warned you of this day? Well, you wouldn't be Runa comme la iomega mhada.

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call you back, Bella, they will say yes, absolutely. Yes, of course, indeed. Now, these are yet are a testament and a clear understanding for us as a part of our RP does Allah sooner, that Allah will never punish an individual who was not accountable and knew why they are being punished. And therefore this ends this kind of false discussion that kind of seeks to lead us away from belief in that how can God Be merciful if he eventually allows people to be punished for their inequity? The answer is really simply nobody will be held accountable for something they didn't do. And anybody who's held accountable will be admitting, yes, I acknowledge that. This is the reason why I'm in

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this place. Matt, Seneca confy Sokka kaudulla Nick amin and masa wire did you end up here they said we never were developed. We never fulfilled our a beggar. So Allah Subhana Allah says portobella Yes, of course messengers did come to Jaya and then the you

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An individual did come to us in this case, I would never you Mohammed's I sell them on behalf of the people of courage. But in other cases, others who came before him, Jesus and Moses and new Henry's and all of them that came

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to them and those who they left behind to continue the message. Second, Lebanon, we are the ones who belied them. Welcome. And we said, and once again, they're speaking in a past tense work Wouldn't that meaning it's as if it was a constant in our life. When you speak in that past tense in the Arabic language, it means that that was the habit of my life, there was nothing that was going to change it. There wasn't a moment of time where I went right and left, I always went towards that side. I always took that opinion. Couldn't we always said, Man, as Ella love woman shake, we deny that God would ever send down anything of the such that this revelation that we had been given was

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fraudulent, it didn't lead to guidance, we're not going to pay attention to it in anthem, iloveyou balling Kabir, and this is a manifest and clear error. Something else that's really important is that Allah subhanho wa Taala here is not just speaking about those who disbelieve, but also those who disbelieve in the form of hypocrisy as well, not just the ultimate unbeliever who said, there is no God or I'm gonna worship something other than Allah. But there are also those who worship other than a loss of hand on what to Allah, but pretend or claim to have faith in the one true God. And therefore, there's an important understanding of the concept of nofap that arrives in the surah.

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From those who are going to enter this question called rubella. Yes, we know of the messenger. Yes, we understood, yes, we heard Yes, we, we heard what was said, semi Ana, we heard his message are those who, who heard it, but they remained in a level of doctrinal or erratic God or belief in a hypocritical way. And you might say, what does that mean to decide to be a hypocrite as a part of belief, because there's also being a hypocrite in practice, which many of us as Muslims, all of us at one point or another fall into it and Allahumma delic May Allah protect us. So all of us, we will have these moments where we will do something for Allah, but we might, you know, there was a little

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bit of react, it was to show off a little bit, or we wanted people to recognize us for the things we did. It doesn't destroy our faith in God, we did it for Allah. But we also had desire for other people to recognize. But when we speak about doctrinal to qaddafi, the hypocrisy it's a major hypocrisy, nofap and activism. And this is a number of kind summoner automatically confine it to six others speak in different ways. And when we speak about issues like this, the nomenclature classifications, there is no limitation to it, you can classify 100 or two, none of them are sitting down as Where are you from Allah. So classification, there is no problem with that. So there are

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those who deny the Messenger of God as being the one sent by God, they believe in God, but they deny the messenger. There are those who deny part of what the messenger was sent fit with. And that's something that we still find in our community today. So they'll believe in Mohammed's iclm in his generality, but when you ask him about specifics that the Prophet was specific, in that is a hadith that is mutawatir, that is clear and unambiguous, they find the divine No, no, no, no, I can't accept this. Third is that they reviled the Messenger of Allah, there are those who had hate, malice in their heart for the Messenger of Allah. There are those who are so hate some of what the

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messenger was sent with Salalah Solomon, you find this within our community. There's some people that they'll hear there might be something that was instructed in the Koran or a teaching of the prophets I send them that is established. I'm not talking about something where there's it's a week how do you know it's something established? But in their heart, it's no, no, I can't I'm not going to accept I hate this fact. I hate the fact that the Prophet had more than one wife. I've heard people say this I hate this fact that Mohammed sorry, Selim had this.

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In his in his legacy,

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may Allah subhanaw taala continue to honor our Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, beyond the small minds that are unable to accept. There's also the concept of rejoicing. When the deen of Allah is in decline. There are some people there they're unhappy with, when people are practicing faith, they would rather no no agnosticism should be the way and and you know, a secularism that eliminates it seeks to eliminate eventually faithfulness is something that is their outlook in life. And finally, there are those who have a resentment that the dean would have any strength in it, and it's upsetting when something that is part of the dean is recognized for its valor, or if it's good

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The the practice our a practical type of hypocrisy are in the trades that are found they don't lead or constitute disbelief in God, unlike the ones that we just mentioned. But these are things that are like the ones that prophets will allow us Allah mentions in the authentic hadith of Al Bukhari, we're Muslim, to the moon after that when they speak, they might lie, when they are trusted, they betray a trust when they give a covenant, they don't fulfill it. Those are treacherous things. They're not the liking of a believer, but it doesn't eliminate teeth, that person may still believe in Allah but they have done the wrong deed.

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So now for now, what am BK let me know Allah subhanaw taala says no by your Lord, they will not be true believers had their your hacky McAfee Bashar by now until they make you the sole judge between that which they dispute amongst themselves in terminalia, June of he emphasized 100 mathcad and that they don't find any discomfort in their hearts inside them in a judgement or something that you have given as an order. When you send the motors Lima and they surrender full willingly in submission to it. This is the ideal of a believer. Notice also there's this wonderful Hadith of the Prophet SAW Selim that at times is misunderstood, but it's important, a lot. The prophets I seldom said nobody

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from this oma hears of me send me an ni mini hears from me or about me hears of my message of what I call to in the way that it is meant to be practiced. Whether they be Muslim, Jew, Christian, and does not believe in me they can they will not enter agenda, meaning they will not enter it unless this is a part of their outlook in life. Now, that's an important statement of the prophets. I seldom because in ayah, number 10, when they are at when the people who are entering Hellfire, discuss why they are there, we'll call you laocoon nanus. Now, I will now be Lou macoun nephew of herbicide, they will say had we just listened. Or even had we used a part of our intelligence, we

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would not have ended up as dwellers of this blazing ever increasing ferocity of this fire. We said sorry, it means continues to increase in its ferociousness

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called nocona ness smell. Now Peter, I want you to separate between these two words. Now why ness map because that Hadeeth we just mentioned whoever hears of me and doesn't believe is from the people destined for the punishment of Allah, they don't have a place in gender. So the first admission that people entering gentlemen, they say their goodness, man, if we just listened. So I want this to be something that's a constitution for you, my dear brother, there will be things My dear sister in our faith that you didn't completely understand but you but you know how to practice it. There might be something that has been instructed to you and you know, it is from Islam know

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from the servant of the prophets of Salaam Don't be from those Palouse, Amira now homeless marone that they say we hear, but they don't really hear meaning they don't put into practice. Rather, your constitution should be called to Sameer and now where our partner we hear and we obey, even if I didn't have the app, even if I didn't have the intelligence to understand it. There are things that we don't have, we may not know their full Hickman, what's the difference between eating swine and lamb Allahu Allah. But Allah said, don't eat swine. Don't eat the flesh of the pig. Why Allahu Allah. There are some hikma that maybe science can uncover and bacterium and you know, illnesses yet

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maybe. But what we're saying is this is an instruction from Allah. And it doesn't have to be qualified by a measure of intelligence because intelligence is a cognitive understanding that increases and decreases in different spaces and different times in different cultures. And what people today understand easily was not easily understood 100 150 years ago.

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And that's important. So keep in mind semir Now, the next word is now an intellect mind rationale. It comes from the word, use the word ethical meaning tie something. What does that mean? That if your mind is used, it keeps you away. It ties away your life from falling into error. What is it to mean to be to have alcohol? It means that your mind pulls you away, that you are handcuffing yourself from the scenes. Because if your mind is is right, you're not going to take drugs. If your mind is right, you're not going to commit Zina and cheat on your spouse. If your mind is right. You're not going to be abusive to other with your words with your emotions with your behavior. If

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your mind is in order, if you're thinking the way you should be thinking in the way that it was intended with the light of guidance of faith, you would not fall away from a path of truth.

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Couldn't that mess smell now Caillou? Now why do you separate between the two? Because it is better to be a person who hears and obeys even without understanding than it is to be a person who hears and disobeys with understanding. And some of them are that would actually pray they would say, Oh Allah, I would rather be a fool with faith than Oh a law that I have an intellect that leads me away from you. That leads me to question something that I shouldn't question that should become a part of me. And how old Ali is Salaam. He says to the people of Venezuela, even when they began the Israelites when they begin to worship the golden calf and sort of call her Allah says, I said to

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have any sort of eel it Tabby Rooney, follow me well to Emily or obey me. Just follow me. Just hear what I say and do what I say. You don't have to understand it. You don't need to just do what I say just follow the habit of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Lord he was in or

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out to Emory, listen to my instruction, understand it, and then make a decision to follow it because your aka has shown you that this is the right understanding. And therefore these two things when they come together, it makes a person a truer believer in a law when you hear and obey and when you understand what you've heard and what you're obeying. So, your natural instinct is here and obey and understand that obedience as you move forward in life, what I will now they do machinet we would not have been in this place feels hypocellular fat or forbidden beam. So Allah says

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so they admitted their fault, fat autofull be them beam.

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Thus, they confess in that moment their scene. The word ven is an important word in the Arabic language. So there are many words in the Arabic language that are translated into English as sin if Houthi

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mk many more than 6070 words in the Quran in the Arabic language that have different shades of meaning of different types of sin. Some sin are Fantasia open done in public. Some sins are say as I said, I've done wrong and I should have known better I knew I was doing wrong. I should have known better than what I did. There's hottie as something I made as a mistake. If I thought about a little bit more, I might not have done it and I won't repeat it because it was a mistake. Then there's one man it's a darkness. And then there is massiah it's I've chosen to disobey. It's not a hottie Masseria, I've chosen to disobey I Renegade it against the truth knowingly. Here, a lot of pinata

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talks about them, what to them? It's the tail end. So if you were to talk about an animal you will say them goodbye at the tail end of

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a donkey or a horse or a camel. The tail is the last part of it, meaning factorial forbidden by him. They admitted even the least of their sentence that that up to the end of their things, the thing that led them from beginning to end all the way up to the end of their life. they've understood their seasons, faster. garden Whoa, that word so kinda like even he even saying it

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fester as habits are you so it's something that is grossly disfigured, grossly disgusting in its nature? It's actually like a vulgar way of describing some Sir. Sir. It's something like repugnant. The US have is that you are repugnant end. To those notice the word it's an A repugnant end. To those who followed there seems to the end of their life. For sure. Con Leo's have his say to those who will be in this flaming out punishment of Allah. Now notice how many times Allah has used the word set you at verse number 11 verse number 10. Allah subhanho wa Taala uses it to describe and Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions it earlier on in the surah because this is a powerful word that

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describes an unending punishment from Allah subhanho wa Taala that increases in its ferocity because they are admitted for their fault.

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will call you lacuna smell now illuma could never say you're fat or tofu, they admitted. Be then be him festive kindness habits.

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What a dreadful end for those who will end into that blazing fire that will continue to be kindled. And Allah Subhana Allah says that when people

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Enter jahannam they will speak with each other and they will speak to the inhabitant. You know Allah Subhana Allah says when Nadia Malik Leah, Elena book, they will call out to the angel Malik was the chief guardian of the angels in hellfire. Let your Lord bring an end to us

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all in a coma no you will stay in it for a long period in nicomachean you are in it until Allah judgment has passed. And notice this is opposite to those who enter agenda for me Latina sorry do who find delight in the entrance in their place in general inilah vena cava Rolo and Ella home. Matthew ob Jamie Thomas la humara, who lifted up him and other Bo Milka Mata mata cobalamin, whom Allah Allah, Allah subhanaw taala says in the fifth chapter Soto tilma, either, indeed for those who have disbelieved if they were to give the whole of the world and it's like once again, multiply it over again, to try to ransom themselves from that punishment on that day of judgment from entering

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the punishment of serene it will not be accepted from them. You read una yahara domina nabriva maham Bihari Gina minha they will try to escape their punishment in it, but they will never be able to escape the punishment of a law because of what they have admitted to when they came, and their punishment shall be lasting for that which they have deserved. Thought of will be that they have admitted the sin of their idolatry their shameful sin for certain habits. And it is now fitting that they receive this grossly disgusting punishment in the ever kindled hellfire. Who do you compare them to?

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Verse number 12 in the Latina show, none of them. On the other hand, those who have a fear conscious fear and I want you to separate between health and hatia Yoshio narrow bathroom. hashish isn't just fear. It's translated as fear but hashish is a conscious fear where you know why? To be afraid, you know how some people are afraid and they're just scared of the dark or scared of they're just fearful. But it's not a logical fear. It's just fear. That's how, but then there is your Harsha with the understand what to be afraid of. They have calculated it. And therefore because of their calculation, they're believers in alladhina shannara, Behan Biddle hype. Those who have calculated

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and understood why they should fear their Lord, Bill Hi YouTube, in our way from the matters of the unseen from beyond the realm where they can see the reality of what they fear level nothing wrong, they will be given forgiveness from their Lord, what a June and a payment can be here as your means of repayment for a work that has been done. It's as if Allah subhanaw taala is saying that we are in a business deal with a law in the law estado Allah has purchased from the believers, their wealth, their health, their life, and their loved one agenda. In return, they will have a place in Jeddah as you can be, they don't just get a fleeting reward, but their reward will be manifest greater than

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what they assume that the hand of charity you gave will be the size of the mountain of heard on the Day of Judgment, that the mercy of a law that has come after his forgiveness will show you greater than what you have deserved that what you have earned is not what you are paid for. But it's through the generosity of love at the edge of his Kabir. It is beyond the measure and the scales that you can understand in this dunya

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so how to love your show no bathroom bills I want you to focus on this word alive. Life is a matter of the unseen and from the very beginning Allah tells us in the very opening chapters of the for an after you asked for guidance he didn't know Surat Al Mustafa in lead us to the straight path sirata Latina and underlay him The path of those who knew favorite before as we want to walk the path of Jesus, the disciples of Jesus, Moses and the Israelites, Abraham, we want to walk their path, those who you favored before, they're not the path of those who angered you, meaning those who knew the truth and didn't practice it, or those who had been led astray. Those who didn't want to know the

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truth but just practiced whatever they wanted in life. They are misguided they didn't even come to the truth.

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So Allah answers that. You want to die you want this would open the next chapter Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Alif Lam Meem it is with these letters that he can keytab it will be a book that I form before you loughrea Buffy you will

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Find no doubt no discrepancy, no alteration in it. Hold a little motif in a guide for the believers who are they? And Lavina you may know Nebula like

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they are those who believe. Even though it is unseen for them. None of us have seen Jenna none of us have seen hellfire. None of us have seen the punishment of Allah. None of us have seen the grave and it's reality none of us have come back. No one will come back and tell us believe or disbelieve. So you believe as a matter of faith, in the in the unseen. It is unseen with the real eyes but seen it is witnessed by the heart. That's why it's called Shahada ash, how do I witness the trueness of Allah? What do you witness one look up to the stars? What were the verses we studied last week in the week before federal general vessel keep looking up? You want to see evidence of me Look around

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you has thirimanne photo. Do you see any and this disconnection Do you see anything that is chaotic in the creation of Allah? Do you see anything that is without need and without want anything that is beyond

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the design of Allah tada elbasan, Marathi karitane young Colombia local by returning to yourself once and twice and look again and again.

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For who who has here you will see that your site will be subdued, that you will witness the magnificence of the Granger of Allah subhana wa ala below high and therefore we are people who believe in that like to believe in the vibe to believe in the unseen is from the matters of faith. And I want you to understand that the structure of our Deen is built on Islam, which is the physical manifestation of belief. So it's all physical actions. You say Shahada, you do the performance of the prayer. You will fast May Allah live in our Ramadan in seven days you will fast the month of Ramadan. You will perform the Hajj May Allah give us Hadji this year Jada Aloma and city, Aloma hijo

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Allah What does

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it mean? May we be honored to stand on a mountain of

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having Allah you will fast the month you will stand in Hajin sha Allah you will perform the Hajj and you give physicals occur. The second level you go from Islam to he man he man is all about lie. You know Nabila, you believe in Allah who you haven't seen. woman that he can see his angels who conveyed the message from him down to humanity who you haven't seen? Where could you be he the scriptures who you are not witnessed to allow helmet food and how it was revealed upon the prophets. I said, Well, what rule or rules Would you believe in the messenger is the past and up our Navy? Do

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you believe in the Day of Judgment, which you haven't even heard of accepting as soon as the teaching of the Quran, you haven't witnessed it with your own eyes, and you believe in fate, even if it's difficult to understand and rationalize all of the matters of faith, you may never leave your shell narrow down below high level nephila to these people, they will have forgiveness and expiation of their sins were eduroam kavir. May Allah give us this great reward. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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that, to believe in Allah subhana wa Tada. And to complete one's faith, it requires other things. It's not just something in your heart. It requires a performance of the actions that prove what's in the heart, and therefore that they will say to us ladies and a man with money, you can just wish for faith you can just say I'm a believer in my heart, even if I don't pray. He man is what is in the heart and is shown its reality and the actions you may know they are those who are believing in life, where you claim una sala in the verses of Surah Al Baqarah. Allah Vini Amina like why are you Cremona Salah, and it's as if saying and they prove it in their practice of prayer. The prophets I

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seldom would say to his bless it companion more Agni Jebel a tequila haoma couldn't have the fear of Allah in your heart wherever you are, whether you're with me in Medina, or I'm sending you now to Yemen. Whether you are with the believers in the masjid or you're on your own in your workplace, whether you are observed or isolated. Fear Allah in the same capacity wherever you may be glad to bury Seattle has an attempt and as much faith as you have in your heart, you will make mistakes. So when you do a mistake, follow it with a good deed it will cancel it out it will wipe out the mistake. Well harlequinade mahalo can hazard and treat people with good manners, along with dynamin

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home yarrabah al Ameen. And a loss of Hannah Woods Island says we know a bit of a bear or being biLlahi lahoma Farah tune where eduroam can be a massive reward when I see rucola on average.

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We'll be whether you declare your belief or hide it inside you in now iE mumbi that is pseudo your know your Lord knows all that is that is displayed and that which is hidden. Verse number 13 in sha Allah is where we will begin again next week. The evening law Hey Tyler Allah, I ask Allah subhana wa Taala to give us the life and the energy and the ability to complete the study of sorbitol mulk with all of you be even Illa hit Allah. I asked you about Allah to remember your brother in your well suddenly lahoma Selim osito barik ala Sayidina Muhammad Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam early he was like he was selling Sleeman kathira Hola Hola. Hi there. We'll start with La La the

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Medi Welcome subhanak Allah Nabi handig, Shadow either and as De Fuca to Lake wa Salaam. alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh