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Guatemala Hillsborough County This is your brother HEB Rahim with another daily tip. See, where do we consume today the Tafseer of Judah and we're in Surah. Number 94

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of the Koran, which is sort of a Shara alumna, shalaka Sabra. And assata Shakur is a powerful, powerful surah. It's about opening your test self belief and self confidence in yourself. And this sort of speaks directly to the prophets. I seldom, it follows shorter sort of Doha, which is about the breaking sun, that there will be a relief from all distress and all harm, not to lose hope. And this sort of continues with that same theme, after the sort of that preceded Aloha, which is a lane, that mankind will be tested and there will be adversity in their life. And I'm not sure how that Castlederg one of the important parallels that alum makes in the Koran is the parallels between the

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prophets. I send them in previous messengers. Now there's a very known well known of Moses, Alisa moves out where he says rubbish really sorry, oh, a lot, expand my chest before he is sent to Pharaoh. God commanded him to go to Pharaoh, Moses is scared, who learned to have Moses Don't be scared. And Moses makes this eloquent drop to Allah, He says a lot of beheadings, oh my lord, expand my chest for me, open my chest, meaning expose my heart, let my heart feel secure in the message you've given me. Let my heart be exposed to the one I'm going to go speak to that they could see I'm sincere, I don't see them ill will. And let me have self belief that I can do this. Now Allah says

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to the Prophet, have I not already? Have I not already opened your chest to Mohammed. And this is a very insightful point that everything that the prophets previous to the prophets, I seldom asked a lot for a lot prepared the Prophet for it before he needed to request it. So Moses asks for that. Allah blesses the Prophet with that knowing if it's something that he's going to need, and Allah says lm natural halakhah. Sonic Have I not expanded your chest, giving you confidence in yourself, giving you ability to understand the belief that you're going to transmit, giving you reassurance made your heart exposed to the society that you're going to see that they could see that you are

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there seeking wellness for them, that they could feel sincerity and truthfulness in your claim. sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Have I not secured your heart from having an affinity and a love for worshipping false falsity, and that which are false deities in my regard? Well, dotnet anko is rock and have I not removed your burden and subpanel law This is the second part of the law of Moses. He says it'll be shortly so today we're silly Emily Weiland, aka the meanness any of Coco li li Zhi er en min Annie Oh Allah give me Our z or someone to carry my wizard or someone to carry this burden with me. How lucky Oh lugging me my brother. So Allah says to the Prophet giving him the same thing.

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Hold on Annika wizard, have I not been the one to carry this burden with you? So Pamela Moses asked Allah for his assistant, our own who's a prophet and messenger of a loss prophet of Allah subhana wa tada Anna, but the profits I sell them you're the last messenger you don't need to rely on anyone, I will be the one who will remove any burden and obstacle from your way. Now obstacles and burdens does not mean that you won't be tested, but it means that I will be in there in your assistance in every step of the way. All Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam it's a beautiful, beautiful statement of Allah. Well done and whistle rock and levy and Cordova rock had I left that burden upon

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you, it would have weighed you down, it would have been backbreaking for you, oh, Mohammed Salim. And the Prophet came with the most difficult to the most difficult people the most stubborn of people that people have courage, and therefore the message of the prophets I send them the Koran now and then I have the Quran Allah jevelin level eight who Hashimoto down in Harsha de la. This portal as Allah says in sort of touch a rose revealed upon a mountain, the mountain would shutter and shake and be pulverized because of the weight of the message that has been given to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and therefore Allah is saying to the prophets, I seldom you will overcome, you will

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be given strength and I will be in your aid. Enough at that network effect and novena at this resort I once a game is revealed in Mecca. It is in the time of adversity time of difficulty, it's to reassure them of the difficulties in life that you will overcome them as the days go by will find like Ivica rock Have I not raised your fame? Hi, oh, Mohammed Salim. So Pamela, even the name of the Prophet Mohammed meaning the one who is most praised and he's the one who praises a lot the most. So even in his name, it's amazing and therefore you find it interesting today, when people seek to defame Islam, they try to defame the prophets I send them but as many people as seek to draw

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frivolous cartoons and make slanderous statements and you know, all this kind of stupidity. What you will always see is, whenever Mohammed is mentioned, sallAllahu wasallam millions, billions of people send their benediction

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And salutations upon him Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed, your event cannot be made without his pinching your saw that is invalid without you making your solo Atala homophobia Mohammed. Mohammed can also lay down a Rahim Allah le Brahim, Laila. minakami to muddy, the one who makes durood Salawat. upon the Prophet is lm, his 10 sins are forgiven 10 levels are attained and Allah subhanho wa Taala responds to them with 10 blessings in their life. So lilavati who has said them? May Allah subhanaw taala make it a removal of our harm, on account of our love for him and following his tradition from the law when he was saying no matter what Yeah, Mohammed remember with

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every hardship will be relief in mlo city Yusra with that same hardship, there will be another relief and therefore for the one difficulty you have in life yeah, Mohamed Omar, Mohammed, there will be two moments of ease for every hardship Allah gives to the in MLS, use in MLS use with your hardship, there will be ease with that hardship, there will be another ease and therefore the hardship is something that is attuned. Well in a blue one knuckle it will come you will be tested, whether she was sobbing but giving good news to those who remain patient why enamelled owes us with hardship is relief. And with every hardship, there is another relief there is one hardship with two

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reliefs. So one hardship can never contend with the two reliefs that will come. There's a lot of relief in the dounia and there's a relief in the alcohol. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us its relief alone. I mean, so give good news to those who are afflicted. Those who are afflicted with poverty and hardship and difficulty and slander and oppression know that your Lord your Victor is Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and your example is Mohammed sigh Selim. So how do we earn it for EDF hot off the phone so therefore ye Mohammed, whenever you have finished whatever is occupying you, if you were busy in work, if you were busy in the day if you were buying or trading or commerce, devote

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yourself to the worship of Allah, Allah saying that in them Allah so you saw in a manner So do yourself a favor, follow Stefan some whenever you find that whatever has preoccupied you no longer needs your attention. Don't be distracted from your call to Allah. Don't delay in your prayers. Don't delay in your charity. Don't delay in your kindness to others. Stand up to a loss of Hannah winter either calling people too good. Yeah, you have more deaths, their own fat and their own one who has cloaked himself stand up and call people to faith, but also in the surah after it Yeah, Johan resentment Oh, you who are wrapped up Kumi Laila illa kalila stand up to your Lord many hours

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in the night, Mr. Half of the night. Yeah, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa Selim. And therefore, the prayer at night is something that is obligated upon the prophets I send them but as soon as to the owner of the prophets I send them and therefore as busy as the prophets life was so I send him he always had room for worship for extra duties to Allah, you and I have room to fit more for and in our life more volunteer prayers and like more fasting in our month, you have more opportunities to be charitable in Word in act in finance and conduct to others. You can always add value and maximize your relationship with Allah for either the fun sub 11 or bigger follow up

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into your Lord alone. subhana wa Tada. Turn your intentions and hope to him wrong that is that you seek Him with love. And Allah subhana wa Tada. You know, he says,

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however, turns the greatest way you can turn to a law it through what he is obligated. You know, the thing that Allah loves the most from You are the simple things that he's obligated upon us to that we fulfill them. Allah doesn't seek that much extra from you, I will do what I usually call VHA. Worship Allah alone and don't join any partners with him keep your fidelity to Allah. And this is a powerful, powerful statement of Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Quran, and the sutra that will come after it is sort of the teen, which is once again an image of a loss of power and with the eyelids calling the profits I sell them. It's a mental image that you can see of men spiritual and moral

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degradation and how to come back to a path of truth because the reality of the day of judgment will wake people up. Allah subhana wa Tada. He speaks about the beauty of Mecca. But he speaks about those who turn away from it in sin as not being sheltered by it. May Allah preserve us with our love for the prophets. I sell them with our soul out and love and sincerity of following this tradition. May Allah gather us with them in general. That was a llama I mean, I pray that Allah Subhana Allah gives us more opportunities to share with the Koran. This is your head Brahim with a sort of a day at the Tafseer of sort of

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the 94th chapter on the Koran was salamati