Tafseer Daily – 093 – Surah Ad-Duha

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The beauty of Surat Ad-Duha

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh it's your brother Hey Rahim with another daily Tafseer a surah a day Alhamdulillah we're doing the Tafseer of Jews ama as you become accustomed to, and today we're at surah number 93, a soldier that is dear to the hearts of all Muslims as it was dear to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it is sort of a bohart which can be translated to mean the, the breaking sun and the for noon in the sunrise, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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was the most loved by Allah subhana wa Tada. No human being had greater love by a law than the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Nevertheless, the prophets I seldom saw a great many trials, and therefore we hear the Hadith of the Prophet SAW Selim and understand its reality in his person where he says, I should do Nessie but an MBA those who are given the greatest tests in life are the prophets of Allah, the LM, l m, and then those who are likewise to them in conduct in the greatest capacity and Uranus will be given the greatest tests in life. And the Prophet is lm says an authentic hadith. And Milla hos law, a believer always has something that's a headache, there's

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always something that is troubling them. Life is never meant to be completely free of blemish difficulty and hardship. It's meant to be something where you toiled to earn your keep with a loss of Hannah Montana, and love begins to soar. And it has three important lessons. You know, first is to mention the fame and the importance of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the major favours of Allah upon the prophets lie Selim. Number two, it is to recommend an act of gratitude in this life, to earn Providence in the next life and to alleviate any harm that you face in this life. And therefore, it's a very simple equation. Anytime you're in difficulty in your own life, health,

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fix someone else's life, Allah will help fix your life in sha Allah. And number three, is to look towards the next life, that there's never going to be a time where you will ever be sufficed in this life, there's always going to be hardship, it will never be a life where you are without hardship. Insha Allah May Allah make it easy for all of us. Allah says, He will have by the breaking light, the for light before noon, the sunrise and this is imagery that's really powerful, meaning that with the darkness of your life at the hour, that is the darkest in the night is the one that immediately precedes the rising sun. And therefore you have Mohammed look at your life in that context. You

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know, there's going to be hardship but the sun will always rise one of my teachers, may Allah have mercy on a Sheikh Mohammed so forth. nodine he used to say to me, yeah, even on the Day of Judgment, the sun will rise, even if it rises from the west, there's always another day. The prophets lie. Selim tells us not to be fatalist in our perspective. He says, that even if you're witnessing the Day of Judgment arrive, and in your hand, there's a little sapling, a little plant that you are about to plant, don't throw it down and just give up, plant your tree Salalah what he was selling, when lately either sagia by the night when it darkens and stay in still, you know, the sagia of the

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night, that darkness and that stillness where you think, how long is this going to go on? For how difficult is my life going to be? know that there will always be behind a law begins a blue hab, and then he speaks about a lane. Now the sooner that was right before this was what a lane and that's really powerful, that it's as if a law is saying the darkness is there, but Doha is coming. But no, there's another darkness that will arrive and there will always be difficulties that will visit you. Even you Oh, Mohamed, so I send them Moua doc got a book on color but you never forget. Your Lord has never will never forgive you. Forget you. And Allah tells him in sort of Madame

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Salalah, how do you send them into our oma? One that cannot book NSE yet your Lord will never forget. Your Lord will never forsake you. Your Lord does not have hatred towards you, your Nord does not wish for you malice. And this is something important because there was a time where the haoran had stopped from arriving to the prophets like Selim to help him answer the questions that were coming at him. And then we should again they found great happiness in this and then we said, see, even your Lord has forsaken you. Your Lord has left you to yourself. The one that you claim is your Lord, and a lot answers them through the portal on Mauer DACA or bucola pada your Lord will never

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turn away from you, nor does he have any hatred or animosity towards you. Well LFO to hydrolock Amina Lula yeah Mohammed keep in sight that the next is better than the first in all in everything, not just the next slide. But the next the hereafter an alpha Yes, it's it's better, but also the days to come are better than the days you're facing. The days in Mecca that are hard, there will be days in Medina and the days in Medina where you are being accosted, there will be days of peace. The days after Hoda were the better than the days before her debut. Yeah, Mohamed there will always be progress in your life. And keep that in mind. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would say

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Mally Willie, do you know what is it that I want from the dunya there's nothing

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Really that you can keep with you when you are departing from it, you gain nothing from it. Well, so for your Tika or Rob Booker Fatah yeah Mohammed know that your Lord will suffice you with all the good that you seek until you are content and the greatest contentment is the contentment of heart. It's not the contentment of material. So it's as if Allah is saying yeah Mohamed I may take from you wealth I may take from you some of your children, he buried five of his children, so I sell him, I may take from you your wives, he buried some of his wives, his grandchildren's I sell them his uncle, his grandfather, he was born an orphan and so on. But I will always give you what is better

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than him. Y'all t got a book a photographer, they will be ruthless in your heart, that in the good in the bad Your heart is always with a lie. Your heart is always content, that you recognize that there's a power greater than yourself. Keep that in mind oma of Mohammed, own nation of Mohammed lm aged care team and for our Oh Mohammed reflect upon your life. Weren't you found? Did not your Lord find you an orphan and he's the one who gave you refuge? Isn't he the one who looked after you even in that difficult situation where you didn't have a father you were born without a father? Who is alive to nurture you. Your mother died in your in your early years of life in your formative years.

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Before he was eight years old. His mother had passed away. So Lola How do you sell him? Did I not shelter you? Were there not people who cared for you? Did I not always keep you

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in prosperity in contentment? Did I not give you enough? Let me educate your team and for our well why did the Cabal and for Heather had did I not find you unaware of this message and I guided you to it? Is it your own doing or did it not come to you from your Lord sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and you know Allah says to the prophets I send them in a little too short I believe he says

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subhana wa tada Oh my god, deadly monkey tab when he man you weren't aware of what the details of this book that you have received or even the details of the faith that you now espouse in practice. But it is a light that was sent home and it is a guide that was sent to you by Allah subhanaw taala to make your Allah so Dalton was stuck in what was your deca in for Elena? Were you not a person who was poor, impoverished and now you have been enriched and self sufficient and self contained? And so Panama law speaking these words of the prophets, I sell him while he's still in Mecca. This surah is revealed in Mecca to the prophets I sell them at a time of difficulty and hardship. So this is at a

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time of difficulty for the prophets. Why Selim but Allah still speaks of his favor. And therefore you have to could can understand this through the words of the prophets I seldom where he says Allah Rena, Rena neffs enrichment is that of the soul. It's not just a material possession. It's the richness of your well being of your contentment of heart. The Emily Athena Fela Takara now that you've experienced the things and I've been there to assist you, you must act in this capacity that Allah has dealt with you with and this is one of the rules of life. Kemet, Medina to them as you do will be done to you. If you see God's mercy you must be merciful and compassionate to others. If you

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want God's forgiveness, you must be willing to forgive others if you want God's generosity be generous to others. To me a team of Allah Takada, therefore treat an orphan without oppression. Treat the orphan with kindness as you experience that, that loss, be there as a champion for those who don't have. Number two, what MSF NFL and how the one who makes a request. Don't turn him away empty handed. Don't let other people abuse others in your presence. Don't let people look at you and you know, and you acknowledge that you can provide some some level of service and that you provide nothing at all. There's always something that you can contribute to others. And therefore the

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Prophet teaches us how best to mukha a smile in the face of a brother in the face of a human being. sadhaka is a charity that you can give them if you have nothing else to give. You can save yourself from Hellfire even if it is by giving half of a date if all you have is a date. Consider half of it for someone else. What a magnanimity or a bigger forehead with and finally Allah says to the prophets I seldom speak proudly of the grace of your Lord of the contentment of your Lord of the provision of your Lord to others by sharing it with them. Show your wealth by sharing your wealth with others as colossal prenota Allah to enrich us with the love of the whole and in the tradition

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of the Prophet Mohammed Salah SLM, this was your brother. Yeah, hi Brahim with another daily Tafseer a surah a day. This was sort of the 93rd chapter of the portal and Daybreak the sunrise said Mr. Eagle. I hope you join me for more episodes in child law.