Yahya Ibrahim – Tafseer Daily – 092 – Surat al-Layl

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the surah's themes of pleasing generalities, fear and resilience, and diversity in life. It also touches on the importance of actions and deeds in the path of destruction, and the need for guidance and guidance for those who want to achieve good deeds. The transcript also touches on the importance of guidance and providing guidance to those who want to pursue their dreams, and the need for fearless behavior and resilience. It is clear that those who want to pursue their dreams are turning away from them due to fear of success and reputation.
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alikum warahmatu la hora calculates your brother yo Hey Brahim with another daily Tafseer Hamdulillah, we're doing a do a sudo a day Alhamdulillah. And we're on the 92nd chapter of the Quran total delay. Now you will notice that this surah immediately follows

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some of the, the greater chapters in the Koran which have very similar themes, but it's about opposites. So the sort of that's right before it is a shems, which is begins with the rising sun and the daybreak and, and so on. inversely, this surah is the nighttime and it's almost as if Allah Subhana. Allah is telling us that there are two kinds of people those who live in the day those who live in the night those who will enjoy the light those who seek the dark, those who seek faith and those who seek other than faith and then Allah Subhana Allah speaks about dualities. Now law speaks about this in the surah in a number of ways, he makes an oath by both the night and day, the

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creation of both the male and the female law speaks about the struggles of people, that there are those who will spend in the path of a law those who are fearing of a law and those who testify to the truth. And then there's the opposite. Those who are stingy and don't spend in the path of God don't assist others, there are those who are arrogant in their way of a lot rather than being fearful of him. And there are those who deny the truth rather than testifying of it. In the end, a law says everyone will be compensated, that is the overall theme of the sutra. Now one of the key things that's important to remember is that the sutra was revealed in Mecca. And this sort of most

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of the commentators say was revealed at around the time that the persecution of the Sahaba began this surah is it related and some commentators mentioned that its verses correlate with the story of beloved the Allahu anhu and how Abu Bakr also declared the Allahu anhu man at purchase purchased his freedom. And in it our verses that we will highlight that speak of this, some of the key things that I would like for you to consider in sha Allah as we begin discussing the surah is that Allah speaks about humans taking different paths and we saw this in the previous surah. In the sources that preceded it, had they now huzzah bead, we lead mankind to two paths in my shack in Mecca for either

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the thankful or they are ungrateful. here Allah subhana wa Taala says that human beings take different paths. There. Nobody lives life in the same way. Everyone has different challenges. Everyone has different successes, and everyone needs to make their choices in life. And you hear this in the words of Allah subhanho wa Taala, where he speaks about the generalities of the choices that we make should be focused in that which is pleasing Him and distant away from a lot from that which displeases Allah. Allah just asks us which path Are we going to seek, and he then identifies by His mercy Subhana Allah which path is beloved by Allah, and which path is despised by Allah.

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Allah speaks about the destruction of the one who thinks that their wealth, their health, their children, their prosperity, their social status, will ever be able to prevail and save them a lot asks how a person's wealth will benefit them on the day that they're in tuned in the Day of Judgment, where will their wealth come to them and assist them in that moment where they are in need of everyone? So remember those concept as we begin Allah subhanho wa Taala says, I'm smiling and Rahim Wen li li they all share by the night as it envelops when the howdy that agenda and the day as it appears with its brightness, there's the duality, while maharlika vichara will own that it is he

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Allah Who created both the male and the female has made equity between them. All of them are distinct in their person in their characteristics and in their nature, but they have an equity between them that is made equal standing before a law in this area, Camila shatta. No, certainly that your efforts and your deeds are diverse and have different paths. All of you have different lives, all of you will have different experiences. But in the end, it's the righteous characteristics that are endeared and pleasing to Allah for mmm an alpha Taka, as for he who gives from his wealth and keeps his duty his fear of Allah in mind, as for the one who is committed to the

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help and assistance of others, and in their heart, they have a piety of Allah. They give there's a cat, they give their arms they give their duty, and of the things that we talk about Aeroflot, the things you gave, one is the obligatory zecca. Two is that you spend on the needs of others, even when it just suburgatory and not requested by you. Three is that it's voluntary kindness that you show to both the wealthy and the poor. And number four, that you seek to assist any action that is pleasing in the path of a law, whether it's in the propagation of faith and the establishment of good in society, while someone who is not the one who has a belief in a postnup cortado the Allahu

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wa rahmatullah here are they one of the students of the Sahaba I bet. He says that hostname here refers to compensating the deeds mentioned in the previous verses that Allah Subhana Allah says, You must have a belief that what you spent

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That you will earn its compensation by Allah for sending me a sudo Julio surah that person who seeks to do goodwill by others, I will make a smooth path for them to ease them into good deeds. And therefore this is an amazing thing when you do good, Allah gives you opportunities to do more good, and Allah opens your heart to doing better and better righteous deeds. Whoever fears Allah hoffa. Nakamoto became when I had enough sound however in an agenda he met one when he fears his Lord keeps his due to Allah I will make his matter easy for them until they reached in what mmm Bucky no stone Allah speaks about the opposite as for the one who is greedy, miserly, stingy and thinks himself is

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self sufficient I don't need to give anyone anything like Abu Jamal you know

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thought he was gonna he thought himself he can suffice himself that this means what kettlebell Hostnet they deny that there's a compensation or reward and they did not they don't believe that if I give something in the dunya from my wealth that I will get something greater in the alpha and more in the dunya

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what what are you going to do who either tala dat fsfs sending you a pseudo lil Ursula The one who withhold then we will make his path sloping towards that which is sinful a path towards evil, the one whose heart is closed and doesn't wish to do righteousness will make his path leading away from Allah wa Yogananda humanity who either thought that and what will his wealth avail them What will your wealth and success and name and reputation help you avail you with when you go down to a path of destruction you've already lost? You just haven't gotten there yet, but you've lost at the very beginning in Nalin alhuda. Allah says, Truly it is upon us to give guidance to those who are

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fighting for it, the one who is deserving, the one whose heart and nature seeks as the one who is loving of God, that I will give them further and further guidance and lead them to a path of righteousness. We're in lnl Alpha Delta one oola and truly to us to a law of belonging the last and the first of this world the last meaning the next life and the first world the life that we live today for and their home now on top of warn them yeah, Mohammed of the blazing fire, tell them that there's a severity of punishment for the one who turns away for me, Laos, Lucha inland ashba none shall enter it except the worst and most wretched amongst mankind. It's not meant to be for the

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person who wanted good who saw good who had a good heart. I love the kettlebell. What are their characteristics is that they were those who were deniers of the truth and turned away from it when they recognize it. At first they deny it without knowing its truth. But then when it becomes clear, it's the truth they still turn away. kettlebell What? Well, at first they deny No, it's not true. Then when they they understand it is the truth. They turn away from it wholeheartedly. prophets lie Selim said, Everyone shall enter Jenna 11 Abba except the one who says I don't want to get to enter Paradise. They said who would refuse themselves who would disobey who would turn away and say I

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don't want to enter Paradise. He said, Man, I thought I need the Hello gentlemen. Also, I need to call the Abba, the one who obeys me obeys faithfulness shall enter Paradise, the one who turns away from it has refused themselves entrance was a Eugen Nebo has caught the moutoku and the people of piety will be far removed from Hellfire I levy you t maluhia to zakka. And here are the verses that many of the commentators say describe a buck like the example of the one who spends from their wealth for increasing their self purification he wanted to have teskey he wanted to purify himself and as well, what Mallya had in India hominem attacks Tuesday, and who has in his mind no favor for

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anyone to pay him back. Meaning he knows that the law once he's freedom, he's not gonna have the wealth to pay him back. He's doing it in lecture hall, or what you're up the hill Allah, it is only done seeking the Countess of his Lord the face of his Lord the Most High well as I will failover and surely Allah will please him on the day that Allah seeks to please Him. In this dunya Abu Bakr was pleased with the company of the prophets I send them with the neatness of the prophets, I sell them and in the alpha he will be pleased with the company of Allah and the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah homage mountainair Bohemia Allah, Allah join us with Mohammed and the nabin

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and with his Sahaba at the head of them Abu Bakr also Dave, radi Allahu anhu Allah. This was your brother. Yeah, hi Brahim with another daily tip, see if I saw a day sort of Alain, it's chapter 92 of the Quran. I hope you join me for more on my YouTube channel, Imam yahia. Ibrahim was said Mr. Eco was not to lie about our cat.

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