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The Quran is a title that covers the themes of Islam and reward life, including the concept of Islam and the reward of life. It also includes references to Hope and Hope's son. The importance of strong leadership and embracing needs of others is emphasized, along with the need for love and care for those who need it. The segment concludes with a statement about a joyful ballad from the Koran.

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Mr. Kumar rahmatullah wa barakatu. It's your brother your hair Brahim with another daily tafsir, at CEO of a surah. A day we're doing today I'm Alhamdulillah. And we're in chapter 90 of the Quran, which is soulful ballad. And this is a powerful chapter of the Quran and it summarizes its essence of Islam. There's so many themes in this sort of first is a reminder to mankind that Allah is the knower of all that they do, there is nothing hidden from Allah. And before we do something, it is not something unknown to a lot of xojo number two, it describes a and it reminds to mankind that Allah Subhana Allah is the one who has given us the ability to differentiate between right and

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wrong, and that we are given a choice in life to choose right from wrong. Number three, it discusses the characteristics of a true believer These are what the true believers represent, and this is what they are calling to. Number four, it speaks about the reward in the next life and the reward in this life. Number five, it speaks about the characteristics and the punishments that are in store for those who have strayed from a path of faith after having come to know it. Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Allah oxen will be heaven. bellet Allah begins with a vow. Allah speaks about Mecca as being a sanctuary for all of humanity. I swear by the city of Mecca with this particular land when a loom

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behind the Welland ballot, and I swear

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that you are free from sin. Yeah, Mohammed and that this place is a place of honor and readability and you are free from sin. It's a place that is to be kept clear from anyone who seeks it harm, especially with your presence, oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, well, while he didn't want my wallet, and that Allah Subhana, Allah to Allah has given Adam his creation and he was not a father to him. He was not one who is a father to Isa, he is a loss of Hannah to Allah, He is the one who has created Adam, and that which he has in his progeny that will come after him. So Adam from him, all of us, we come from him, Allah Subhana, Allah says, well, we're leading Adam is our world,

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our Father, the father of humanity. Well, my wallet are the children that will come from him, you and I love God holla cannon insanity cabinet, I created mankind with the purpose of them to toil and put in hard work for them to master their soul and master themselves and be from those who will come on the Day of Judgment, having been pleasing to Me, and having fulfilled the rights to each other so that they can be rewarded. I asked that will enlighten Jacobi, Riley, he had done mankind thing that no one can overcome them. Do you actually believe that no one is there to stand in front of you, and to restrain you that a law has left you and that he has no control over you? Do you feel that if you

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have power over others, you could do what you want? yaku alecto Merlin lumada sometimes wealth is a great test for men. And the law says that they speak to themselves mostly I have wasted wealth in abundance I can spend on whatever I want. There's no one there that can stop me. I asked lm Yara who I had, does he think that no one observes him sees him is aware of his actions and deeds. lm Niger Allah who I have I not made for you all mankind two eyes when he said and wish I've had time, and a tongue and two lips will have a now who nudged him, and that I've shown you the way of guidance, the two ways good and evil. I gave you eyes to see truth with a tongue to understand and to speak the

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truth. I gave you a tongue to make the testimony with to be an upright person and to think and to be critical of the choices you make in life. I've shown you the two ways good and bad in life. But most men they choose a way other than the path of righteousness. felica hamanaka Sadly, many amongst mankind have attempted to pass on the path that is steep. The path which will lead to goodness many men overlook it when you see a steep path and ascend to a law Ville madej to a law you have to climb up you have to work really hard. Most of mankind they turn away for it's too difficult it's too difficult to wake up for failure calacatta hamanaka they haven't made an attempt to pass on the path

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of steepness of righteousness when Matt rock Emma nakaba and what will you know about that path that is steep as a steep ascent to a lot fat karaca It is as simple as freeing a slave it is looking after the needs of others before yourself so Pamela look at our law says to ascend to a law it begins by you looking after others before yourself. Who are the prophets why Selim says whoever frees a slave Allah will save all parts of their body from Hellfire so kind of a law Oh, if I'm fee Yeoman, the muscle of Allah says okay and having to line our time we don't have slavery. The next thing Allah says are giving food to someone who is hungry. It's not about just your Salah. It's not

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just about your linear relationship between you and Allah. It extends to the network of people.

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giving food to those who are needy. Yeah team and Dima Kava, to look after an orphan near of you in Keene someone in need of your family, someone within you. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the charity that is given to a poor person is counted as one charity but if it is given to a poor person who is a relative then it is charity and it is connecting the ties of the womb. It is Scylla to Ryan and therefore we should always look after our near and near his family because it is something that is double in the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala and that's Hadith narrated by the Mammon nessa it's an authentic hadith al miskeen and then perhaps it to miskeen. It's not

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doesn't have to be an orphan. Perhaps it's a miskeen someone who's covered in dust out of misery and hardship, and miskeen is not *y *y means they have nothing. miskeen is someone who has but it's just not enough. And I believe me, I'm best. He said that this miskeen is someone who's dejected they don't have the luxuries that you and I have a stable home and a stable life. They've been soiled with the difficulties of this world through mehcad I mean a levena Amma no but these people then they became one of those who believed in Allah.

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What else Oh, but somebody will tell us Oh, Bill Bahama. There are those who advise one another mutually assist one another to persevere with patients and to be kind and compassionate to each other. true believers have this compassion to each other they have a love for each other and they care for each other. The prophets I seldom said Allah Hi, Mona camera man, the Merciful the Merciful One will be merciful to them, show mercy to others have humble Memphis Allah Dr. Hong Kong Memphis ama, the one above the heavens will show you his mercy. With that he calls tab within a minute. Those who have this consciousness of looking after the needs of others, a law hasn't yet mentioned.

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So Allah, Allah has been mentioned cm. Allah has made those obligations obligatory at the very early days in the mountain in the days of Islam. When this sort of was revealed. Look after others help that help that the the enslaved look after Bilaal have helped their team help those who are near to you and family. Look after the mosquito has been turned out without a cause high blood in a manner. These are the ones who will be of the right hand whose good deeds are counted. They are the dwellers of gentlemen. And the loss of Pinilla Tyler mentioned those characteristics previously, to describe the good characteristics of a believer, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, As for those who turn away

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from them, or levina, capital, be it now homos, hibu, Emma, those who turned away from this, and those who seek a path other than it, they are those who are of the the left handed side they are those who have taken a path other than righteousness, they will be from the dwellers of hellfire. I lay him now to Masada, the fire of jednym will be shut over them, envelop them, cover them all up. I'm loving human service over the Allahu anhu. He describes this in the Hadith of the prophets, I send them that the earliest converts to come to Islam, that they when they were, you know brought forward that Allah Subhana Allah made them a promise that if they were to take care of each other,

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and to love one another, that they will be protected by Allah. And if they were a distant from each other, that that was one of the reasons that they would be brought back and away from the mercy of Allah into the punishment of Allah subhanaw taala. And therefore, when you look after the needs of others, the soul is very powerful that from the top characteristics of a believer is that they have a need and a concern and a love for the weakest amongst us in humanity. Those who are nearest to us in family come first, but it extends to everyone that we can help everyone that we can assist. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make our health, our wealth and our ability and our intellect used for the

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betterment of others in society. May Allah make us the best of people in our treatment of others, so that we can be loved and given the best of treatment by I will buy our Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. And therefore Allah subhanho wa Taala as consequence of our favorite to others saves us from his punishment of jahannam the sola is a powerful testament to the importance of looking after the needs of others, that it is the highest characteristics of the true believers and for it will be the reward engender maximized in our belief in love for Allah subhanaw taala This has been your brother Yeah, hi Brahim with a daily Tafseer soulful ballad, the 90th chapter of the Koran from a juice a

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day. I hope you'll join me for other episodes on my YouTube channel. Imagine your hair Brahim from youtube.com said Mr equal document Allahu wa barakato