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The "right after" cycle of Islam is discussed, including the introduction of new materials and introductions to various topics, popular titles, and introductions to various topics. The "right after" cycle of Islam is also discussed, including the introduction of new materials and introductions to various topics, and the use of the "frontier" in religious context. The "verbal" and "hashi shit" titles are also discussed, with emphasis on the importance of the "frontier" and the "hashi shit" cycle. The "right after" cycle of Islam is also discussed, with emphasis on the importance of the "frontier" and the "hashi shit" cycle. The "right after" cycle of Islam is also discussed, with emphasis on the importance of the "frontier" and the "hashi shit" cycle.

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Some allowed him to allow sort of summer so lesser demonic much much lighter a lot of cattle This is real zazzy we're coming to one more time to the

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sea of bytes and today inshallah tada we are with solid adhesion welcome back all of us I can laugh and it's been a while

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I hope you had a

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good rest of the Ramadan

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so back with I've seen in shallow data

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I don't know if you

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you can pull back your books not books so you can take some notes and shout out to her.

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So that was the last time we met we worked with solid blah he sorted by him so now we are with solid hazard solid hazard is solid number 15 number 15. And it has 99 versus 99 is and it's just number 14. So like the hedgehog, or you may call it the stone land

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it is a Mickey soul. The soul is Mickey comes right so after salt Ibrahim

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the hedgehog or the valley because this valley is mentioned in it that's why it's you know, it's being called after the valley or the stone and and as I mentioned is a Mickey sola.

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And there is no no virtues that is actually mentioned the goddess de sola in particular,

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excuse me, other than it is from the Danny and methoni are, you know, those of you who are new to this, we mentioned that there are four types of souls in the end, four times of souls, we have a seminar they want the several long ones. So the seven long ones are

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you know, like a Bukhara in Milan and the sat in the loop like the seven long one, there's seven of them that were long that way over 108. And then comes the ultimate I mean, I mean those that are

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100 as more or less, right Heather I am orudis. And then you have l metheny and metheny those that are below the hundreds. And then when you have hundreds and then those below hundreds, and then you have a Mufasa those are the very short ones called a Mufasa there are four types of swords in the end, this is costly, because it's 99. You know, so it's considered to be from mfn Some say this mean because mean could be 100 up less or more, but the remedy they

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consider this is from or the soldiers from an authentic and it is number 53 in terms of its revelation. Why, you know, what does that mean? 5353 we have 114 sold us in the end, the solar is number 53 in terms of its revelation, although it is number one five in the end, but that does not mean it is number 15 in terms of the revelation, you know, it is just 15 in the last half in the end, but in terms of Revelation, the surah it's the number 53 in the 53rd right after solid use was revealed right after solar Tuesday and before so let's enter

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the solar the introduction and those of you again who are new we talked about 10 types of introductions in the end right 10 types of introductions

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and there are some introductions that start with Hello dodgy like a flare meme Alif Lam la Alif Lam Meem sod hair mean? Cough These are called a sort of a Desi. So that the casual starts with also heard of it that has it starts with Elif lamb a lot. And if lamb a lot which is called photofit the Hashi tilaka i tokita any movie

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so this is the start of solid and

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it starts with Elif lemma, the the modal of the soul of the topic, the main topic of the sword up

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it talks about the divine laws of Allah subhanho wa Taala and also talks about some stories stories of

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from the previous nations and also it proves or indicates the

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the size of the hypocrites or the size of the caffeine, the machine the non believers and

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there and what's going to happen to them in this life and the life of the hereafter. So but in general, the soul, the main content or the topic of the soul talks about the divine laws of Allah subhana wa Tada. So the soul is, you know, mentioned or it's actually split into two main categories, or main sections, we have the first section that talks about an agenda. And here's a means setting the evidence. The first main section of the solid talks about the evidence that this is the evidence like setting, you know, a clear

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evidence, and then, or the indication of the straight path, you know, evidence or the indication of the straight path. And then the second section of the sola talks about the glad tidings and talks about warnings. So black tidings, they come with warnings as well. So this is the main topic of the saw. The Medina the mocha demo, which is the introduction starts from verse number one to verse number

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15, from one to 15. It's all about the introduction. And this this introduction talks about Allah subhana wa tada when he starts with Elif, laemmli, Elephant Elephant tilaka is will keytab

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watch any movie

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and then allies though, just says Obama, you want to lead in a car follow Colonel macmini.

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Down doubt

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the doubters into their judgment, they will wish that they have become Muslims that they have become believers.

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Obama was the lead in a cafardo locanto was the mean lies, you know starts with that somehow with the doubters into their judgment, they will wish that they had become believers. And then Allah subhana wa tada says, Love the home. And this is something really interesting here. You know, oh, Mohammed, the other home. Yeah, Kudo, a tomato we're here for selfie Allah moon, Allah subhana wa tada says, leave them to eat and enjoy and be preoccupied with false hopes. Because Prophet Mohammed was making so much effort and then you know, when sometimes people do not believe in the message, it will really cause him pain. So Allah subhana wa metallocene Prophet Mohammed at home. Yeah, Kuru a

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tomato. Let them live them to eat and enjoy, you know and be preoccupied with false hopes.

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And then Allah subhana wa Tada. talks about, the ayat starts talking about signs of his creations, like the heavens like the earth.

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And again, settling the evidence against the non believers. The evidence from the creations of Allah subhana wa Tada. For instance, Allah subhana wa tada says, what about the Jain feast? Evil Joe was a Denali. Indeed, we have put in this

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geography server in this heavens, big stars. Stars in this heavens allies version has made you know has put in these big stars and beautified it for those beholders. As you can see some Thompson hello and you look at the sky, especially at night. And then look at these beautiful stars Allah subhanho wa Taala says that the purpose of this stars is to beautify the P define the swirl of this being, you know for the beholders.

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And then Allah subhanho wa Taala says again, another signs the sign of the earth, the sign the sign of the stars, the sign of the heavens, Allah subhana wa tada says, well out of that bandana, how will he have I want to see, and the earth we have spread out and placed firm mountains.

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It took

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years, it took centuries, for biologists and scientists to come out. And then just to realize that, in fact,

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the purpose of

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mountains on this earth is to keep the balance or to keep the earth on in balance. People they look at mountains and mountains are just mountains. But actually, Allah subhanho wa Taala has set these mountains and put them on earth to keep the earth in balance, lies and just isn't in the end of the earth and we have spread out and placed firm mountains who think of something like that, who would even you know, like I said, it took them centuries to realize after all these discoveries and they have not come out with biologists and scientists that then they realized that in fact, this

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Or these mountains, just to put the earth in balance. So again, a lot of those are in the first section of socialization. He's just showing his signs his powers some Hana, Hana malbay at that, and then Allah subhanho wa Taala also talks about the path, the straight path by mentioning the story of Adam and Eve release that very well known story between, you know, when Allah subhanho wa Taala created Adam, Eliza says, What if Allah bucatini, mela equity in the afonya by Charlemagne so Swati mannheimer ms Norn verse number 28, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, analyzer just pulled the angels that I be creating Bashar, I'm creating this beam from samsara from this clay.

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And then Eliza says when I give creation to this new bean mixture to him, you know that story and all the angels they make, you know, social to Adam.

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They're frustrated to Adam except a police and then came that story between that conversation that dialogue between the police and, and Allah subhanho wa Taala. So does all this in the first section of subdivision. And then the second section of substitution between verse number 49 and 8449 and 84. Here, Allah subhana wa tada

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starts with, when a bit home by phoebo. He is he

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is telling, you know, the story of Ibrahim Elisa, Ibrahim, and those angels who came as guests. And Ibrahim, you know, as he was terrified when he prepared this mean for them. And then he saw that they were not eating, you know, so these these, these guests, they came to Ibrahim because they were on a mission to destroy the comb saddam, the people of Saddam which is the people of of Lord Allah His setup. So Allah mentions that in solid adhesion between verse you know, 49 and verse 84. Allies ocean also talks about other nations subhana wa Tada. And then comes in,

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in another

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verse, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, what are the US How will hedged in masari This is why the solar is and the solar occasion here just talks about us habitation, the people of the valley very Lee, the dwellers of the Haitian they have

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doubted the the messengers they did not believe in the messengers here talks about the people of occasion

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and the story when you know their profits that were sent to them that allows those moves to the Fatima the conclusion from verse 85 to verse number 99, because the whole saga is 99 verses. So here the as I mentioned, you have the intro, and then you have two sections, and then you have the hottie manufacturing or the

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the the conclusion. The conclusion is from verse 85, to verse number 99.

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Allah subhana wa tada here one more time, talks about

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his creations subhanho wa Taala the creations of the earth again and the creation of these heavens, that he created them with the truth with the luck and that the sound is at the end of Bach speaks about this hour, the hour that this hour is the truth and it shall come you know, with the with when it's been appointed by the the order of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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One more time, where is this?

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me just go back to the conclusion of solid cohesion. What are pugna Alamo and who we are the apostle bukovina yopu set behandelt Baker welcome. Mina says add one more time, Allah subhanho wa Taala said the Prophet Muhammad as this nation's he's trying he's doing his best his utmost efforts to you know, make people embrace the religion of the hate. But a lot of people were not you know, believing in Him so that caused him a lot of pain. A lot of social address Prophet Mohammed dresses the Prophet Muhammad, he says and we know that you're not the only one who had a political female pollun and we know that your your breast you know feels that pain because of what they say to you because

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maybe they they curse because they don't want to believe because they speak bad about you know

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But the the doubt, they doubt this book they doubt. And so Allah subhanho this prophet Mohammed he tells him, also, like if you're feeling that,

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that anxiety, if you're feeling that pain, the remedy is for said baby hamdulillah become a communist regime. And this is a lesson for all of us out there, if you go into any difficulties or any hardship mothers and sisters, the

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the one of the remedies is for sub baby hamdallah become a co minister, God, make the switch to your Lord Subhanallah hamdulillah praise your Lord, glorify our Lord. Well couldn't mean it says you do and be from those who make food. Yeah, and he does be and Salah are one of the remedies that will alleviate stress, distress, anxiety, depression, who says Allah subhanho wa Taala in the beautifully, right, this is why the Tafseer is beautiful, but some highlight is

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it is only for some very specific people who have like, you know, to dwell into their fears, because they've seen you need to reach a level for you to be able to really enjoy it, to be able to enjoy it and, and to benefit from it. Because there are people who are not in that level yet. They just want now spirituality, which is great, you know, there's levels. But then once you start talking about to see, you need very, you know, savvy kind of students that would really be enjoying the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So here, again, to see if we can make it beautiful, or we can make it you know, sweet and short. And you know, because I'm not going deep into it at the very analyzation here is

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giving us a remedy and discernment is not only for a prophet Mohammed, for all of us, anybody who's going through some sort of pain in their hearts, you know, in terms of maybe like I said, stress, distress,

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anxiety, depression, all these mental health that we're talking about nowadays, the prophet Elijah tells him, I said, baby hamdallah pig, make this be Chris your Lord, well couldn't mean a surgeon and be from those who make lots of

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lots of surgery, meaning lots of prayers. So Allah subhana wa Tada. And, you know, with that

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in the Hatem app

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in the conclusion of the song, so that adhesion

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and this will bring an end to our

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to our session today. After a week off, we back him to the lab. And the step C is my brothers and sisters would not be daily to see us. It will be only three days a week Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and Sharla huhtala. Right. Mondays just so you can you know, put that on your calendars, Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, three o'clock pm eastern time. Eight o'clock pm, UK time shot low Tada. We're done with solid brothers and sisters, those of you who've come in late it is you can always go back and watch them on watch the session on Instagram or on Facebook. It's also recorded on Facebook is that Kamala Harris, coffee calm. The homemade happiness is coming back again.

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Homemade happiness is coming back today as well. 6pm Eastern Time 6pm Eastern Time 11pm UK time in Sharla 6pm Eastern Time. 11pm. UK time. That's for the homemade happiness. Episode Number 10. If you remember so we took a week off right before after

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Ramadan and then we're back at hamdulillah. So yes, we're going to be doing that as well. You know the Psalter cafe as well with regard to

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the Tafseer

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is Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays.

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But so the calf will do that at will change the timing for SATA calf from three o'clock pm eastern time to one o'clock pm

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eastern time and charlo time I will make announcement for that right now. We wouldn't make an announcement for sort of gap, but with regard to the tip see the bites three times a week, Mondays, Wednesdays and

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Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays inshallah Tada. So let's recap will be on Friday as well in Sharla hota Baraka Luffy calm Zack l'affaire.

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nanako charlo Tada a sass Sadie said today inshallah we'll see all six o'clock pm eastern time. 11pm UK time for the

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homemade happiness is that chef Mossad barnacle avec Mashallah chef Mossad is with us today. That the man yet Akshay fauna. As Leon says Sadie says Miss and fee if he only had a dog handler and another little homemade happiness

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Jen Effie boo Tina on consent agenda fi boo Tina, here, Mahabharata inshallah tada one second. A uh

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Hello chef Mossad.

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Yeah. Hello, Chef Mossad

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chef massage. Yeah, I love a chef.

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We get back again, we live below.

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Now sillimanite

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so don't wake up late at work.