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Souls in the Sacred Land #01 – The Man with the Heavy Burden

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Nouman Ali Khan

Channel: Nouman Ali Khan


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just wanted to stay there

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I can't believe I'm touching the stones my soul touches like I'm not even thinking about God ladies and I'm thinking about

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tight space

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this most quiet place

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shook the world

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he called it a valley with no cultivation look look around try to find the narrow patches of trees been artificially grown you don't see

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that's not typically anywhere you go in the world mountains have some greenery somewhere

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evil MB Misha alone Bill

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Murphy ought to be he limit

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you're on a video

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on E commerce was your mother nearby in a video camera situation wouldn't be able to give you a clearer picture of

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what the child

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partner my partner

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you around Can you

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take it

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to part five

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of Estonia