Yahya Ibrahim – Success on Campus

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The importance of success and happiness is emphasized in relation to metric success. Success is a relative term and something within the soul. The speaker emphasizes the importance of valuing one's successes and not just achieving a general success. The importance of mastering one's spiritual and physical fundamentals to achieve success in life is emphasized, along with the need to be mindful of one's actions and not let others' actions affect one's beliefs. The importance of being true to one's beliefs and not being afraid of others is also emphasized.
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Good evening where it is at the moment. This webinar covering Success on Campus shutdown. Without further ado, I want to do specifically Ibrahim, who will take the session away.

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So Mr.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah sallAllahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman Kathira Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Abdic awasu Likud Nabeel to me, while early he was Safi he was Salim, ala Malim Nam magia Hindi Amina Quran and Avi him with a kidnapping who Manu Sina ala Felina the new winner were kept from NASA Yeah, Tina what our Furner mal abroad. Rebecca volume and fusina were inlanta fildena author Hamner, Lana Coonan nominal ha serene Subhanallah Becca Robbie laser DMARC foon was salam ala mousseline when Hamdulillah he bed and whatever then we'll Hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen Amin,

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always we begin with the praise of Allah we send our prayers and greetings and salutations upon our W Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we testify with conviction and firmness that none is worthy of worship, but Allah azza wa jal that I went to be a son Allahu alayhi wa sallam is worshiping slave and final messenger. I continue to always remind myself in you have top of Lhasa, Jen, I pray the loss of Hannah Montana inherits in you and I, I sent of love for him of fear of him and of hope in His mercy Subhana Allah to Allah that leads us into happiness into our eternality and hereafter. Allahumma I mean, it's a pleasure Alhamdulillah to receive the invitation of our dear brothers and

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sisters at the British Muslim Students Association that prayed the loss of Hannah and to Allah always gathers our hearts in that which is good. And although that I come to you from my home here live through the wonderful medium of mashallah zoom and, and restreaming and Facebook and all these other wonderful things, that although we may be separate and only able to engage each other with each other, virtually, I pray that Allah subhanaw taala gathers our heart opens them to each other, that Allah subhanho wa Taala sends light into our homes into our communities, makes us of conduits of good for the betterment of society, wherever we may be, that Allah subhana wa Taala assists us to

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that which is good in this dunya and that which is good for our outfit, and protects us from the scenes that lead us into the punishment of hellfire. Allahumma I mean, the topic that was chosen for me is about success, in particular Success on Campus, and of course, you know, a British Muslim Student Association, one of the things that I think becomes really important, especially as exams are waning people kind of getting ready for the holiday season and semester two, we're nearing the end of our academic year here in Australia, where exams are nearly done at the universities, probably the last exam was the, you know, this week, and you know, we have a little bit of a holiday

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until March inshallah. And in both cases, it becomes really important to kind of get ourselves thinking about what is right, what is wrong, what is good, and where are our successes to be found. And I wanted to separate really a very important issue. There's a difference between being successful, and being happy. And sometimes we conflate the two, where we assume that success leads to happiness or happiness must be intended with success. And of course, the reality of that from the lifestyle of the prototypes LM from our dean, but also from that which we see in life in society is not the case. There are many people who may be measurably metrically, successful metrically meaning,

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you know, what kind of grades do you get? How many hours? You know, what, what type of job do you have? How substantial is your bank account? What's your net worth? What do you drive, you know, what school do you go to? Those are all things that are kind of measurable in terms of token issues of success, but those issues that relate to the metric scale of success, do not necessarily translate to a metric measure of contentment, happiness, and overall well being. And sadly, you know, you know, you have these recent kind of things in US media. There's a supermodel, she has Palestinian ancestry, you know, mashallah, may Allah solidify her

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Islam, she's a person who is a celebrated fashion model and fashion icon million 40 plus million followers on her social media streams, and she posts videos of herself in tears crying, saying there isn't a night that she's gone to sleep, that she hasn't gone to sleep with tears and feelings of sadness, depression,

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you know, losing self confidence and all this kind of thing. And subhanAllah when I saw that it was such a pitiful state, it was such a saddening heartbreaking state, to see a human being who's so celebrated, so outwardly successful. In measures of what some would consider beauty, some would consider affluence some would consider celebrated status, some would consider an icon for the times. But one who sees herself in such a pitiful state, and is unable to have a well earned restful sleep. That is something that is actually quite striking, but it's quite normal. For those who meet with people in such a capacity,

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contentment as the prophets I send them, you know, he says, It's so succinctly so beautifully elvina enrichment,

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VENA neffs It is that which is within the soul. And I wanted to make that as a first disclaimer, that, you know, if your ambition is success, that doesn't necessarily mean that you may have well being you may be harmonious, you may be balanced, you may be enjoying the pursuit of that success. And that becomes very problematic as there will be moments in your life where you don't actually attain the target, you don't actually strike it in the middle, you don't actually gain the success or the celebrated status that you want, or that what you had may slip away from you, and where do you go from there, if you don't have that, which is internal. So step number one we're speaking

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about success on campus is to understand that success is a relative term. It's something that is measurable. But it does not mean that quality of life is assured contentment of heart is assured or restful sleep is assured. Number two, it's kind of also important to note that success, and self improvement do not always happen together. And that's something you know, especially for students, it's kind of important to value the the the journey that may lead to success may lead to success. Having that growth mindset where, you know, the things that stumbled me along the way are also part and process of the very nature of life, and to be able to celebrate our near successes, to celebrate

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our growth to celebrate the hurdles we overcame, even though the mountain itself was not ascended and climbed. That becomes a very powerful

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ideal that we need to have as human beings. And as Muslims in particular. The third thing that I wanted to, you know, kind of spend, I wanted to speak for about 2030 minutes, and if there are any questions, we can kind of look through them and kind of absorb them and shut up a number three, it becomes really important not to fixate on

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a planned success, and rather embrace the possibility of a success that wasn't planned for but that was worked towards, although it was not in the master plan. And sadly, sometimes we get this really tunnel vision, this is what I want to do. This is what I want to achieve. This is where I'm going to go. And if I don't get there, I haven't attained the success that I believe I'm deserved. Or that is the success that I define a success and Subhanallah success may be found in the most strange places, the prophets I send them was successful on the day of Hood, even though the military aspect of the the battle was not successful. There was so many successes that were gained. And Allah uses a very

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simple Maxim in the Quran a very simple principle US law for our us as human beings. What I said and tecra who shaped waha you don't like them perhaps you may detest you may hate that something was to occur something was not to be achieved something that was to be lost whatever it may be, you hate that this would happen. Well hola heightened level, but that is what is best for you as a total outcome as a total way of being.

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So don't fixate on a particular target that you miss the fact that there may be other bigger targets behind it. And that's why Allah subhanaw taala kind of focuses our attention to gender to Philadelphia, which is that narrow topic

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Get agenda. But if you don't get to the highest middle part of Genda, guess what you've still landed in Jeanette. That's why, you know, you always want to aim high. That's a general rule in life.

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Number four, ending my introduction. And I want you to kind of deliberate over this, I want you to kind of think about this and maybe revisit it in a day or two, and maybe look at examples in your life that may be important for you to consider.

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I want you to keep this as a hallmark in life. The unending pursuit and desire for positivity

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is in fact, a negative aspect of your life. So if you have this unending desire to just have positive experiences, to just have good outcomes, to just attain success, to just have positive experiences, and fear, turn away, Look away, do everything you can, to not think about a negative experience occurring or planning for a dark, a dark day, if you're hope, if your plan is only to have positive experiences, that in itself leads you to a negative experience. Paradoxically, and as juxtaposed to this, of course, the acceptance of negative experiences as being a reality of life of your humanity is a positive experience. So if your mindset is able to understand that something

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negative happening, is in fact, a good thing, if I'm able to leverage it, learn from it, get through it, be resilient thereafter, be an example for others of what not to do or not how to deal with this situation. If there's something that can be galvanized from it, if the silver lining from the storm cloud can be taken, then if I can see that there is positivity in that which was negative, and I can anticipate that there will be moments of darkness, but the sun always shines eventually, even if it's beyond the clouds, even if the Earth has not yet rotated there, and I stay in the darkness of the night, eventually the sun will rise. So that you know point number four is a really important

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point for you and I we need to consider that an unending desire for just experiencing positive experiences is itself a negative experience and will invite negative difficult experiences in our life. And paradoxically, if we accept and are able to embrace that negative experiences are a part of life, but they can be learned from and build resilience in us, then that is a positive experience. And as you move forward in life, as you become a parent, you're going to shift your attention from protecting your children from pain to teaching them how to deal with pain. So you know, you remember when you were a little bit younger and you scraped your you know your arm. It

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wasn't I want to shelter my children from ever falling down from ever having a problem from it. Well, look, you know, you can get through this, okay, this how you deal with it. That's how you get it and get a bandage get you know, and manage the pain, manage the experience, all of that kind of builds resilience. So let's kind of talk about the power of having focus. And focus is a very important sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and nothing that you ever seek to be successful in attaining or to galvanizing or to ascending to, will ever be achieved unless you have the target set out. First, you have a focused approach to it. And this was something that prophets

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lie Selim teaches us in the sooner, you know, why do you have that? Why do we have the concept of Nia as being a shot of a bee as being a prerequisite before the prayer? Why is your prayer invalid unworthy of reward is something that needs to be repeated if you begin it without intent. If you just stood there, you're just you know, you're doing maybe yoga moves or something. It's not actually Salah unless the NIA was there and therefore this hadith of the prophets I send them which really is the first step of my discussion about success on campus is what are you there for in them and Ahmed who didn't yet any action, any action, your studies, you're heading up to campus, your

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relationships, your friends, the job you're going to do or doing your, you know, your spouse, all these kinds of things that you're going to have

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What's your intent and what's your Nia in nama amor lupini. Yet that actions

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are predicated built upon judged by,

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you know solidified with the intentions that preceded them before the action itself was begun. And therefore you find this as not just a mantra that's spoken we believe for example that the NIA for Salah is not something you say something that you do in your heart and everything that leads up to it, the preparation to it. So putting on clothing for Salah, finding the direction of Dr. Bland, making sure I'm in a clean place, making sure my body clothes are clean making I will do making sure that I'm in a state of ritual purity, making the other than praying the sooner before making the iqama standing with my heart ready to worship Allah, all of those things are a part of the NEA that

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when I raise my hands up, and I say Allahu Akbar and I enter formally into Sala, I've actually entered it with my heart with my mindset with my body, then following suit, and that is a necessary element of everything that you do in life. So the more focused you're Nia, I hate the word intention, by the way, I like I rather use the word focus. So when you heard me say focus, you didn't think of me? Yeah. But that's really what it is. Nia is that I'm focused, I'm focused on about what I'm gonna do, what am I focusing on for my soul that that becomes the NIA, of the prayer. So with success on campus, the first thought really, is the focus, the intent, the process, am I

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there to get an education, get a paper because I want to get it, you know that degree because that's the job that I'm going to do for the rest. And that's it? Am I there because I want to meet you know, mashallah I want to meet and develop a network of people who will sustain me and I can be a part of their sustenance into the future, spiritually, economically, socially, psychologically, even physically, and in sha Allah holy matrimony, right? Or is my intent, you know, to pursue higher education, all the while I'm in an undergraduate place. So the more focused and more layered your intent, the more layered your focus, the more likely you are to achieve levels, levels of success.

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Second, master the fundamentals, and of course, with success, you know, we want to master the things that are fundamental to our very existence. And of course, they will be things that are spiritual, things that are physical, and things that are intellectual, because those make up the, the, who you and I are, as human beings, you and I are, body, mind and soul, we all three of us are what define us as human beings when we are congregate together. And therefore, when you master the fundamentals of each one of these, and you're able to understand which one needs to be fed, which one needs to be healed, which one needs to be focused on in a particular moment in time, you become one who is prone

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to success, likely to succeed in whatever it is that you pursue. At the same time, if you are using the wrong thing, for the wrong purpose. If you are treating a spiritual illness, with a physical treatment, you are destined to fail. If you are treating a spiritual problem with a rational

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treatment, you're destined to fail, if your heart is sick, if it doesn't have the faithfulness that will carry it through to making good judgment, and you tried just to end cold turkey, you know, Subhan, Allah, sometimes people, they kind of get into an illegitimate relationship or relationship that isn't sanctioned by God isn't pleasing to Allah subhana wa to add up, and a person says, Okay, that's it, I'm just gonna, I'm not going to answer that I'm not going to mess I'm not going to meet them. Now, of course, what happens is, of course for a day or two or a week or more than they relapse. And the reason is you're treating something that is a spiritual problem with a physical

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treatment. So I'm just going to go cold Kurt, and that's what I'm going to do and that's it. And the heart wasn't addressed, but the heart is inflamed and the heart is in pain and the heart has feelings, and the desire that is within us, compels us to kind of go back and do and reignite what we were trying to physically put out. So that

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is an important kind of context, understanding who we are knowing who we are knowing the depth of

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our humanity. And understanding that there are doctors for all three, there are physical therapists, there are internalist. And there are doctors of the heart that Imams and the people of knowledge, those who are practicing what they preach, those who are able to provide spiritual prescriptions for treatments of an ill heart, all of that is something that becomes quite significant for all of us to consider in our relationship with Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and as human beings, and as moving forward, seeking success in our attempt

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in our life on campus. A third is to learn from others mistakes and learn from our own past. And subhanAllah. A lot of the reasons why we may be successful at school is because we felt this thing of failure. And we didn't study for an exam. So it gets us to focus on the other exams that are coming up. And sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom, to begin to rise up and climb up and find ourselves. And it's not where you are now that really matters. It's where you end your journey, that becomes really important. And that's a very much an Islamic concept for us that you know, there is never completely a place where we've come to a plateau and say, That's it, I've arrived and I need

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no longer go further. In fact, the law tells us in the Quran, with hope, clearly the Minalima above everyone who's been endowed with knowledge, there's one who's more knowledgeable, until you come to a place where you cannot go beyond because there is the knowledge of Allah WHSC I could name it is only the knowledge of God that is all encompassing. So learn from the mistakes of your parents, learn from the mistakes of your friends, learn from you know what happened to that young lady who was you know, chatting behind other people and texting and meeting up with this guy and how it didn't end well and he's stronger a lot learn from that. Learn from your missteps. And the prophets

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I seldom would say I mean,

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a believer law you'll the whole minute Johari Murrah time is not stung, from the same lizards hold twice, like if I sat here today. And I know that there's, you know, an ant mound under me. And as I'm sitting ants begin to crawl and they begin to bite me, I'm not going to come back tomorrow, and not be precautious and sit in the exact same place, knowing what happened yesterday, that would be a sign of me being foolish, and a sign of me not understanding what it is that Allah entails and seeks for us and wants for us in good. So understand that, understand that. Learning from others learning from our parents learning from our parents, who maybe gave up on education too early, or who focused

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too much on education, or who entered the job,

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you know, force in a place that wasn't in their career, because they just needed to get something and they had to put food on the table. And, you know, but I want to do different, right? Relationships, learn from the mistakes of others.

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practice your Islam daily. And if there's anything that I could say to a Muslim student on campus, is to be one who surrenders. who submits to Allah, who practices Islam. Each and every one of us there's something that we can improve in. So kind of find that one thing that you need to do better in and submit to a LUN say, this is where I'm going to begin, this is where I'm going to do better. This is where I'm going to try harder. This is where I'm going to make a greater effort, right? This is where I'm going to start improving. Also, each and every one of us has something that we need to leave, leave off, I leave off, not just something I'm going to add into my life, but something I

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need to take away. And and that, you know, becomes something to really kind of deliberate over, that we practice Islam, because we become acquainted with it, which requires that I step forward and seek to learn more and seek to study more about faith and to practice it more and just to be better in the practice of Islam. And the peak of that practice when the prophets I seldom is asked, Are you will Mr. Lee, how are you? What are the best deeds that a person can perform? He says I send them all so Allah to Allah waqia that a person fulfills their prayer in the prescribed time. So become more consistent, more deliberate, more focus more intentional. In your regimented five daily

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prayers. Begin with

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Shouldn't have before you do your prayer, try to catch it with other people in Jamaica, even if it's just another, you know, friend on campus, try to walk across campus to the musalla, to the prayer room, so that you are there and you meet somebody else. And just being able to say Salaam and making sure that that space is utilized fully by Muslims because, you know, University's audit is this space really used and useful. And to show that maybe we need more space. So all of these are things that are extra Ni is extra ways of bringing ourselves and connecting ourselves more to our faith, be one who practices it.

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Well, you know, daily, there's a daily reading you have from the Quran, a daily new Hadith that you read, a daily wizard of fkr, of making your vicar to Allah reflecting on what it is that you're saying a daily reconnection with other brethren, other sisters, you know, building Brotherhood as a daily, weekly charitable endeavor. And if it's not something that you can do financially, then do it with your studies, maybe be generous enough to tutor somebody, you know, you're in your third year tutor somebody in their first in a discipline that you are confident in that, you know, you excel in, all of those are things that become really, really important success on campus. Don't let other

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people hinder you. And, you know, anytime you see that, there's a friend who holds you back. Well, now, you know, they're not actually a friend. They're an acquaintance. They're raga, they're another student, they're somebody you know, but that word friend at times is so mis represented, so misused, that it's lost. Its true, genuine meaning friends are those who are like Allah described in the Quran as hab, you know, the Sahaba of the prophets, I send them,

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those who are willing to carry you forward, even if they're behind those who are willing you to push up, even if they can't attain that higher level with you, there are those who will pull you up to bring you up to their level, even though you wouldn't get there if they hadn't helped you. They are those who are selfless and and lacking in,

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you know,

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their own focus on their own, rather, they focus on you as being a part of them. And that inspires you to focus back on them. But when you see that there are those who are friends, quote, unquote, who are toxic, who are demeaning, who are leaving you behind who are not there for you who are not giving as much as they're taking from you who are not emotionally present for you. All of those are things that you need to kind of make calculations for and kind of need to think about. Don't let other people get in your way. And, you know, whoever you know is in your way you either push through, crawl under, jump over, go around, just you know, there, you cannot allow other people to

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have that prominence in place that is only reserved to those who are most loyal to you. Another step at Success on Campus is to know how to respond to failure. And you know, subhanAllah responding to failure is in fact, the recipe for success, building resilience, getting up moving forward. It's not how many times you fell down, it's how quickly you were able to get up and dust yourself off and move back into the right direction. You know, resilience is a really powerful thing. And being able to respond to failure

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is a great noble suna of the prophets. I send them the prophets I send them was bloodied on the day of thought if he was, you know, encircled on the day of a hood, but in each and every moment, the prophets I send them rose and became stronger, became more elec, you know, elegant in his tradition in his practice undeterred in his worship of Allah subhana wa Tada. Finally, I'm just going to leave you with two more thoughts. Fear is a really powerful thing. There are certain things you know, there's five things that psychologists kind of tell us we fear, we fear extinction, that we're going to die, we feel fear mutilation, that some injuries gonna happen to us. We feel separation from

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other people, other peers, we feel

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the death of our ego, you know, to be shamed in front of others humiliated in front of their, you know, these kind of things that we fear. But fear is an illusion. And fear is meant to be combated. It's meant to be something that we push through, move forward through, get ourselves through so that we can come out on the other side

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having conquered that fear because it moves us forward and that's why Allah so much so often in the Quran. He would say yeah Musa Lata have full knowledge. The half that don't both of you Musa and huddling. Don't be scared. Allah says describe that would, I would just a few Nipsey. Akiva

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moves at the same words, Ibrahim, Palomar IDM letto su la him, l Josephine FC Fe was fear terrified on the inside. But all of it, Allah says latter half. Don't be fearful. Don't be scared, don't make decisions out of that emotional state, make Denita decisions and act on something bigger than just what's in your mind. And there's a difference between fear and danger. Danger is real right crossing the road without looking as dangerous. But never crossing a road because you're scared cars are there is a fear that you can overcome. Right? Fear is meant to be combated and, and, and rolled back repealed from your life, with trust in Allah and a determined effort to make that change. Finally,

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you cannot ever do it on your own, you will always need people in your life to rely on even Mohammed. So I tell them, the best of humanity, the one who is conversant with God, the one who receives the final messenger, the one who Gibreel is his assistant, the one who's driving is always entered had been given the blessing of companions, those who are willing to sacrifice for him sacrifice for his message that he has been given by Allah, there are those who needed to travel with him in his era, and be in the cave with him sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So, you are not meant to be autonomous and meant to be on your own. You are not meant to be unilateral, you are meant to be part

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of a greater whole. The prophets I seldom said that it is an the the sheep alkazi That moves away from the flock. That big is the one that's picked off by the the Wolf gets the sheep that strays from the flock. So whenever you separate from the Jamara, when you separate from your Muslim Student Association, when you are not associating with those who are going to do more are going to their prayers when you're not associating with those who are planning the next aid function and the next MSA function. When you are straying away from them, you become embraced by those who are at times wolves in sheep's clothing, who are they're seeking to lure you away from a righteous path that you

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should be upon and calling others to. Lastly, my three most important rules, right three most important rules to live by younger old male man or woman married or not first rule do what's right, because it's right not because there's others there to congratulate you or support you or remind you what's right is right and it doesn't need anybody to tell you that that's right. Number two, abstain, be distant move away turn away from that which is wrong, because it's wrong. Because inside you, you know that's wrong. And don't do it because you're fearful of other people. Gonna you know, make note of you doing haram or they're gonna tell on you or it'll be scandalous. If it's wrong,

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it's wrong. And that's enough. Allah uses two words in the Quran. Amaura will narrow for now here anil munkar. Usually it's badly translated as enjoying the good forbidding the evil. It's not good and evil, those are wrong translations. Not all of it comes from Earth from what is recognized. So we enjoy what is known what is celebrated what all human beat what is universal. Truth is universal. Prayer is universal. Charitable ness is universal speaking the truth is universal. Being honest, being giving, being loving, being respectful, being modest, all of that is a universal, really, except it's not off. You're off. It's something you see it you say you recognize it. It's

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recognizable. Moncada means something that is rejected something that is turned away from something that is condemned bubble, that people say hey, why are you doing that? And it that's called monka. So understand that right and wrong, are things you know and halal, or haram obeying. The Prophet says Halal is known Haram is known. Between them are smaller amounts of things that require explanation and thought and roadmap to refer us to, but in general, do what's right because it's right stay away from what's wrong because it's wrong. And the third and final

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message is do good unto others either

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If you don't expect it returned from them. Always be one who is a giver who is Haleem, who is a generous benefactor who is patient and loving and merciful, even to those who are agitated and unmerciful in their return to us, may Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us all success in all of our ventures grant you success in your time on campus for this academic year and in the years to come. May Allah allow those who are studying as international students who return to their homelands and their families with happiness and success, and that they are proud of their achievements having kept their Islam intact and their knowledge of use for their generations to come. And Allah subhana wa

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into Allah, heal our hearts help us against ourselves and against the SRI THON and assist us from all

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old matter of seeing Allahumma I mean, gonna hand it over to our hosts in sha Allah, perhaps there's some questions that can be shared, and we'll deal with them for the next five minutes before I let you go Subhanak Allah Mohammed Nick shadow Illa Illa Allah and as Africa Tulelake was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah he

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