30 Steps Towards a Refreshing Ramadan #20 Retreat Within Yourself

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wa barakato.

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Today, we are approaching very fast the last third of Ramadan. And as you may have read in the book 30 steps towards a refreshing normal line. The reminder today is about decaf.

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You probably heard this phrase so many, many times unprecedented times. And indeed, in those unprecedented times anti caffeine msgid is going to be very difficult and tricky, if not impossible.

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But having said that, there are two types of decaf. One is their decaf, which is the explicit and very purposeful. I buy a vida which has the intention related to it. And that has to be done in the massage it. However, aitikaf is generalized meaning it's about to retreat,

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retreat in a way which will be beneficial to you

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and have a greater impact on your outlook in life.

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And that can be done outside the masjid. You can spend time by yourself to think about the different aspects of life, different aspects of where you are in life, your aims, your objectives, your GPS, your direction to talk about inshallah, and of course,

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all kinds of things you want to achieve, and how you can go about it. Also, you can think about helping others and thinking about the situation of others. So etica off, in that sense, is something that we can all do these days.

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You can do it at home, find a nice quiet place, maybe for half an hour or an hour, whatever, where you can be thinking about different aspects of your life, in addition to doing other acts of a Bader like Zika or remember, so a lot rude citation of the Quran, sending prayers and salutations to a profit too, and so on. Or you may choose to go outside to a park and to sit there in a place which is peaceful. And also to use that occasion to contemplate and to ponder about the world. So also to carve in the masjid is going to be impossible. There are certainly other options for us to do at GAF in which we have that opportunity to consider and to contemplate our lives and the lives around us

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and society at large. And maybe try to do something about helping ourselves correcting our directions are journeys if they do need to be corrected, and to see what we can do in terms of helping our fellow brothers and sisters in humanity throughout the world.

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Keep safe a tsunami to lie about