Yahya Ibrahim – Road to Return #27 – I Do Pray…Just Not Often

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The speaker gives advice to young people on how to pray for Islam. They suggest starting with praying voluntary and increasing voluntary prayer to become more consistent and productive. They also suggest finding opportunities to pray at a later time to avoid wasting time and encourage regularity of prayer.
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I do pray, I just miss a few. That you know Subhan Allah is a major transgression. And I know all of us even myself as a younger person. There were so many prayers that I missed and I asked Allah Subhana Allah to forgive me for it and to help me overcome it with doing extra prayers a lot from me.

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And therefore, I want to give this advice to you as a young person, begin your relationship with Allah early, begin trying to pray and doing better with your sada as a younger person as you mature, try to become one of those who the prophets I seldom describe in that authentic hadith that there will be seven types of people on the Day of Judgment, who will be given a loss, protection and shade when others won't have it. And number two in the list, Shaban Nasha avitar it a young person who matured into their adulthood in the obedience and worship of Allah there will not say meaning being regular in their solar, do your best not to miss a prayer. And if you miss a prayer, make it up as

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soon as you have an opportunity. Even if it's the next day, make your hublot catch it up, do your best if there were a circumstance that prevented you. Even if you missed your federal prayer in the morning, wake up, do your sada return to Allah ask him for forgiveness. Don't miss your prayer. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said Allahu Allah, the bane of our being at home. The separation is the covenant that we gave to Allah that separates between us and those who don't believe in him. That is Salah. It's the line in the sand that makes you and i a believer from being someone who doesn't have completion in their faith. The prophets I sell them said men tharaka the

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one who abandons it hates it pulls away from South Africa Kaffir they have entered towards this belief in Allah subhana wa to add, to say you pray is an honorable thing. And you should always seek to pray better. And the better you pray, the more consistent you become in yourself. So if you're missing your prayers, now, I wanted to offer you a solution. And that solution is simply increase your voluntary prayers and you can say how does that work? I'm missing my regular page. You're telling me to pray volunteer prayers. Yes, because when you pray voluntary prayers, it puts ease in your movements of sada that makes you say hey, I'm doing these voluntary prayers for Allah surely I

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should be doing the compulsory prayers. Surely I should be doing that which is essential before that which is voluntary, but it becomes very inspirational in your body learns that muscle memory of sada your soul has a soul's memory of sada and you begin to miss it every hour that goes by between one slot and the next get yourself accustomed to making regular will do and when you make a try to find an opportunity to pray and did you know you can pray seated for prayers that are not compulsory that all you have to do is face the Qibla and you can pray seated even when you're driving even you know why your parents are driving that get yourself in that habit that you push to rocker, you know a two

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minute prayer, you know, and get it something that becomes a natural habit for you do not transgress against Allah and be from those selfie and a whole nother year. Those who will find that the pit in Hellfire that is destined for those who delayed the prayer from its right time and were negligent in it for Whalen in mousseline wary and beware for those who pray levina hansala teams are Hoon, those who pray but they delay the prayers past the right time. If there is a threat to those who pray, but it prayed it in the wrong time because of laziness and distraction. What about the one who doesn't pray at all? May Allah protect you from that and honor you with regularity of Salah or a pg&e multi

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masala tea warming the reality robina with a compelled to Allah make you an AI regular in our prayers and our children and children's children. Oh Allah except this drop Allah me

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