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becomes a logistical administrative appears. There's nothing, there's really no restriction in that regard. As far as systems being involved in a board or committee capacity, there's nothing wrong with that at all. There are variations we've talked about, we'll have a nationwide reset, never be successful, overheard a woman role rules, etc.

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But again, this goes back to translation. Your wording is very specific about facilities abuses, and he's talking specifically about government rules and things like that. But at an organizational level, for a sister to be involved in, you know, management type capacity, like on the board of the company, as I mentioned, there's nothing wrong with that at all. And guess what, the reason why that seems kind of awkward or strange to a lot of people is because maybe from a certain culture background that they come from, but please understand that those are culture and cultural boundaries and restrictions. And that doesn't really have any bearing on the duel until later. In fact, I

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generally recommend it, I would personally recommend that there be some sister input.

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In terms of managing the machine, there needs to be used input in terms of energy and emotion, there needs to be conjured input in terms of managing the last year. And that's the reason why our massages sometimes are so outdated or irrelevant, or don't cater to the needs of these major demographics in our communities.

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You know, the irony of how much she directed at us is, it's just, it's unbelievable. You know, we'll have $1 comedian, but not a single comment on the dollar committee. I mean, who knows better about dollar denominations than 100. When we want to take your input. You know what, I I've seen massages, when there's a sisters committee with all the others.

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I don't understand how that works. You know, it's like having a youth committee with a bunch of older voters. I'm an older brother, I'm not criticizing anybody. I'm not a young person by any means. I have kids, I have children. I mean, uncle. All right. So but, you know, you How can you have youth activities or youth committee? Are you decisions being made without any input from the youth what they need, what their needs are? What's going on with them? So I don't see anything wrong in the restriction pack, I would strongly recommend it. The second question was about the hunting workshop

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100 of

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the time.

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Okay, the hunting workshop is a huge blessing and appropriate for the last panel of data.

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something that I've been thinking about for a very long time, it's something that I personally did for many, many years.

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You know, there were there's a lot of young brothers in the Dallas area for my show, and now part of the city from delegation at the Legion massagin. I have the opportunity to teach them and mentor them and instruct them and cookbook. And I did this individually for a very long time until one of those brothers

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who I've been I've been teaching and mentoring on how to equip Bob, you know, he told me, he's like, we need to do this at a larger scale. And so we organized the first company workshop, this was about two years ago, and 150 60 brothers came from even the US and Canada. And we have the first workshop. We didn't have the last one a little over a month ago. years, we can add about 100 bucks to that program, again from all over the US and Canada.

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And a few brothers from Houston actually took the program as well. And it was a great experience

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I have about sisters.

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Obviously there won't be assistance cut the workshop, for obvious reason. Sisters don't give good work. But for our sister speaking workshop, like a sisters teaching or speaking Haleakala type workshop, because I'll tell you one thing very honestly, you know, I have a mom, obviously I have a wife, I have a sister and I have two daughters.

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I understand the need for sisters to be able to teach properly and speak properly to lecture properly because I know that need and in fact, consistently go out every single one of my programs. There are more sisters in attendance 90% of the time. And so my best students are usually our sisters as well. not taking anything away from us. All right.

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All right. So

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sister definitely needed structure. I've been demanding this type of a program. So next year for the cooking workshop. Simultaneously a lot of different workshops on the side we're also going to be having in sisters speaking public speaking workshop.

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sisters had a workshop that will help keep sisters youth lectures with sisters how to pause, teach at the Sunday school. All these practical needs and sisters have an important role to play and we're going to be having a workshop for sisters as well.

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We should be announcing very soon inshallah, but if you want to mark your calendar, it will be in the first weekend of October

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and we will be organizing that procedure. So you can refer to that inshallah

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the the more information will be posted on the website.

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The third question, if you can remind me,

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there's a husband having rights to

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his wife's earnings.

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Typically, the understanding

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is that while a husband has a responsibility towards the residents, and the finances, the

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expenses and the

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living costs, the overhead of the family, including the wife, the wife is not responsible for earnings for the family. That's not one of our core responsibilities. So by mutual consent, if a wife does work, whatever earnings that she does gain or she does have they, it's not incumbent, it's not, it's not an obligation upon her to contribute that towards defining the finances of the family. All right, having said that, at the same time, we also have to move beyond what's required, or we have to think about what's healthy. It's not a healthy attitude for a family and for a couple to be playing wise and yours. Over the long period. It's not a healthy attitude. And remember, whatever

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you do is exactly what your children see and what they learned. So real quick, me Does my my mind and the first time your kids tell you, this is mine and not yours, don't slap them slap yourself. Alright? Just honest advice. All right. So it shut er, in fact, no, the wife's money and the wife slow, cannot be demanded by the husband works to Georgia spend towards a family, sure, but at the same time, they should mutually agree to things and Jason mutually discussed things. And it should be a mutual thing, you should not be confrontational. Secondly, can the wife gives a cup to the husband, there is a difference of opinion about this matter.

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Majority of the football majority of the scholars have to give me that no, a white Chewbacca check out to her husband. Because that can be turned into a loophole, easily abused and has been abused by many people. There is a dominant opinion within fit, though, because the wife is not responsible for the husband and the finances of the family that a husband can take secops from the wife. So it's a legitimate scholarly opinion.

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However, you should be very careful about that. It's not utilized as a loophole, that that is not treated as a loophole, because then remember, when you when you use that type, we use something as a loophole like that. You don't trick a lot, you only trick yourself.

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Those are intentions and those sorts of things.

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The punishment of blasphemy, that, you know, practice in Muslim countries come up, then, what's the basis of that or any background? historical background?

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You're asking specifically about?

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Use your bad language or

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So the Buddha's asking a question that, what about the practice of somebody disrespecting

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either a law or the messengers of Allah body?

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And the practice in simple some countries have capital punishment for the person? What's the validity? What's the authenticity? What's the proof and evidence without the there isn't a narration from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam about the process of emphasizing the Sahaba on a level I need to defend his honor.

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Having said that, at the same time, there's a very specific application for any and all such conditions. There are so many there are certain conditions or requirements that must be in place. For instance, any of these punishments can only be enacted and enforced, when there is a full Islamic government and it's a majority of the society. And there's nothing to see but Islamic government doesn't exist anywhere in the world right now.

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And again, it's not even necessarily an objective of a Muslim society to establish that type of government. justice, equality, fairness, spirituality, family, these are the objectives of Sharia. Islamic law per se is not an objective of Sharia.

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So how do you clarify that?

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That that is a punishment in a place in a situation

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But unless those prerequisites those, those conditions are met, that punishment cannot be enacted. And whenever a society or government takes it upon themselves to enact and assign the condition without the prerequisites in place, they are at the risk of committing a huge injustice to people. And we have an exemption from the life of the Sahaba, or a loved one, even during the time,

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that sometimes when people will,

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they will they have the flexibility where they will make another decision with regards to the person such as anxiety to diversion,

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that only that severe misstep was taking, like in the case, and we're setting him up for someone like that, when that person ends up becoming a major figure for society that that person continued presence in that society will lead to further loss will lead to a bigger problem, that that that will lead to a greater loss of life and that time that the person is is removed as a fit to them. It's all these considerations.

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the brothers asking the question about

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the natural occurring politics and beliefs and issues that usually play communities and massage all over the world? And it's

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definitely here in this country for all of our friends. So what type of advice is there for such situations?

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I mean, rather than any advice, I might have simply mentioned, what alignment messengers mentioned. You know, this is something that's again, natural to human beings, something that naturally occurs as part of human nature, that these type of politics arise. I mean, they happen at work. They happen in governments, they haven't been home sapping in families, so much, it's also a social human element. And so it's no different, it's going to come up in tort to happen. So that's a very first very important thing to understand is, we can't remove the human element. We have to work around it, we have to manage it. So like, you remember, Shekar. And you know, we often say you should never get

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That's impossible. You will get angry. If he says, somebody will never get too angry is not even a human who's adultery.

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Right? So the game every human emotion, so politics and disagreements and anger, it's a human emotion to happen. It's how you manage it. So what can you tell us? Well, even at the time when the Sahaba

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people who have disputes, disagreements with each other, the advice is

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very interesting. The very first thing that the Quran advises is when you have a disagreement to to is off to the side, and the other is from the end of suit similar to

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the first one, that sort of thing we saw was kind of

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as a leader, as a leader, we're in a position of leadership. When somebody does something you don't like or somebody disagrees with you how to handle that how to manage it says Go for it.

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First of all, forgiving forget

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the Snedeker.

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Okay, something happened, somebody disagreed somebody argued with you let it go. It's human nature.

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The longer you stay stuck on it, the bigger you make the fight

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number two was something of

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something very powerful. Think about it.

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Think about it.

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Okay. So we you are here.

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And then a board meeting we have the audience.

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We have an argument.

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After we have an argument for saying

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we leave that all right. We don't have to necessarily agree you know the whole there is your sometimes indifferent little wisdom here there you find.

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Wherever you pick up wisdom, take it

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wherever you find it. You take it

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You know, we learned this phrase in English agreed to disagree.

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Which I learned something from guys. All right, so cordially, cordially disagreeing with each other respectfully disagreeing with each other. That doesn't mean that we need a meeting that must one we have to come to disagree. No problem. We can respectfully disagree. Leave a meeting

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that joins the hearts shaking your head. It's insanity that joins a hard look in your brother's eyes. It's

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nothing more powerful than that. It reminds you there's something greater than this that unites us.

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So I'm

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not like, I'm just not going to talk.

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Right? No, no.

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No, no one of my students he always says to Tracy's Get over yourself.

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Right now learn to get over yourself. Put your ego aside.

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What's up, and then think about this. When you go home, and you're sitting in the night, and you're about to go to sleep and you're sitting in your bed and you make a

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whole lot of breasts, my wife

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bless my kids. Bless my parents, bless my brother, bless my sister. Take that brother's name. Oh my God bless.

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often think about the sincerity that requires

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punch that guy in the face.

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or his face.

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Will not bless that person.

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What's up?

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And then here's a test of your sincerity. What shall we do?

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The next time you got a meeting going on, you got to decide something the community's got to do something. asked for that person's opinions. You asked for their appeal. Now, like these guys on the board, he's gonna have his across again. All right, that's

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right. And then when he starts talking that he will let

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you know, when he starts talking, then you go like this.

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You know, like, yeah, sure, sure. Okay, whatever. Now he's done with

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So you might be leading this meeting. You might be the president of the world. You say, brother Abdullah, what do you have to say about this? You asked recently.

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I chose humility as your sincerity. You know, if anyone didn't need to ever do workshops with anyone it was

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He doesn't cost anybody anything. He will ask people's opinions. He would do Shula he would ask people

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as children what do you think

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the life of the prophet to let them know that said nobody needs to make money

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even if you ask his wife anything you should do

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when you know when

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he needed to make more sure about getting the Sahaba ready to go back he asked his wife What do you think I should just

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make more Sure. So you asked for that person that

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that's one thing for position leadership. Next thing as a community, the attitude in one small

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one small, he says who didn't?

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hold firmly on

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hold firmly onto forgiveness?

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Learn to get let things go. Somebody said something you didn't like somebody looked at you or you didn't like somebody's behavior like

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nobody's perfect you're not perfect. Why do you expect other people to be perfect

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a very forgiving attitude?

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No problem.

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All right.

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Again, something else we learned in this culture in this society.

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positivity. Be positive speak positively. positive vibes, good vibes.

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Learn to be positive.

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Be positively positively reinforced.

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Alright, in this video This

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thing's wrong. We need that's one thing right? I have to go out of my way and say Good job. Oh, come on.

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I really appreciated that. That was really great. That was really awesome.

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Positively reinforced

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positively reinforced people.

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And then the million dollar question. You know, brother, this is one guy in our community who always just makes problems.

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There's only one guy in every community in

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my community, there's two guys

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only have one guy.

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This is the fourth, I'm getting really real with us. We shouldn't be rude to people. But it's being real, to be honest, a lifesaver.

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Just ignore what that person says, you're gonna be one person, you know, everything. 100%, right. You do an amazing job. And you come to the end be like, no, this was not right. I hate like this.

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I'm very sorry. There's like a lot of hate and for your feedback.

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You just got to do what you do. Some people don't know anything, but to me.

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And even about back what what we were talking about the profit, somebody said, give them the benefit of the doubt and just try to understand where they're coming from maybe that person on top of the series issue, maybe they're pretty sharp, maybe that person's got some major problems in their personal life. And they're just meant to have some empathy.

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Put an arm on the shoulder and say, you know, I personally,

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I personally been

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in the community.

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Every Tuesday night, after my senior class, we play basketball with all of our students, all the students and some of the local guys, we got a basketball. We were playing basketball this past week. And that's $1 situation too. But nevertheless, there was just random guy on the court. And he wanted to play with us. And he played with us. And he started fighting with a couple of the guys and it's cursing and swearing, and it's just ruining the whole environment. It was really bad.

00:21:49--> 00:21:56

And a couple of the guys are guys who are students, they got kind of upset without like back in his face, like, come down.

00:21:57--> 00:22:02

Right? He's gonna get even more radical. He got really upset

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and talk to you guys.

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But I went over to him.

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You know,

00:22:13--> 00:22:19

I just, you know, showed him some love. And I just told him, I was like, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Some of these guys got

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really started back, like no problem. People talking to me, like,

00:22:26--> 00:22:28

they always seem like the person was distressed.

00:22:29--> 00:22:35

You must have been disrespected somewhere in his personal life. And he was frustrated. He didn't want to deal with

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any laptop. Second, again, in some respect, I apologize. And he noticed that I was somehow like somebody older, if nothing else in that group. I also happen to be their teacher so they can notice some some modicum of respect. But he definitely was older than everybody else. But when I read the journal, a little bit of respect, I have

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no trouble for the rest of the night

00:23:02--> 00:23:04

for another hour in no trouble at all.

00:23:05--> 00:23:06

And so that's a way to deal with

00:23:10--> 00:23:10

the prophetic

00:23:13--> 00:23:14

ego aside

00:23:15--> 00:23:16

and messengers