Road to Return #24 – Just say Bismillah

Yahya Ibrahim


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Just say Bismillah it'll be okay. Japan Allah, that's a great transgression with a loss of Hannah with Allah, that you just assume that something that could be Haram, that you haven't looked into that you live your life with that haphazard approach, Allah will forgive it, just say Bismillah Everything will be fine.

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Now, I want you to know that there are rules in our Deen rules in our faith that tell us what is halal. Tell us what is haram. There are moments where the scholars will disagree and some will say something is better left alone, but it's not haram and others will say it's okay to do it. This isn't what I'm talking about. I'm talking about the mindset, the attitude of just doing whatever you want to do without first checking without first asking that you eat and then ask later that you enjoy and then ask later that you take on a position or a job and then ask later that you get involved in a romantic relationship and then wonder is this head on? Or how long is this going to go

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anywhere? Good, yes or no later? Those kinds of things are something you need to be very careful with. And they are a transgression with Allah, the prophets of Allah it was Selim says it's not authentic hadith, Al hallelu, by Ian halaal is clearly known how long has clearly known what they you know whom, in between that which is clear in haraam and halaal. There is are things that are muddled up that are confusing, not many people are able to have an understanding. And it becomes important for you not to transgress limits that you ask and take judgment from reliable, trained, honorable scholars, people who you trust their scholarship, trust their opinion, who have an outward

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way with a law that you assume inwardly is consistent as well, it becomes important for you not just to make your own decisions, to make your own qualification to say it should be right. Oh, I think it's Hillel, or no, I'm not sure if it's wrong. But look, you know, it's okay. Those kinds of things of you just say Bismillah, it should be okay. And I'm not just talking about food, I'm talking about the attitude that lacks attitude, where your dunia kind of pushes you forward and can bring ruin to your asset or don't be the type of person who lives life without questioning and asking and wanting to know deeper, right from wrong, good from bad. Hello from haraam Suna from bidda. And there are

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actions that certain people will do in the name of Allah that are not pleasing to Allah. There are certain things that people will say about the prophets I send them that are not true about the prophets, I sell them and it becomes important for you to be a person who seeks to follow the honest and true Sunnah of the EBU, Mohammed. So I set them to understand the Quran to understand the tradition, the way the early generations understood it, to step away from modernist approaches that wants you to just you know, assume everything will be okay, that God is a God of hearts and he just judges your heart. And if you meant God, that that though, that's all that's necessary. That is not

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the way our faith has been built and practice and taught to us by the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we are people that we assume anything that relates to the worship of Allah must have a precedent and must have a delille an evidence from the life of the prophets, I sell them. And anything that is questionable in life is something that requires for you and I to take heed and caution in each one of us. shubo had the one who is able to turn away from the doubtful matters has given freedom and protection for their faithfulness for their honor for their religion. May Allah Subhana Allah allow us to live our life by saying Bismillah on that which we know is Helen, and

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being able to say Bismillah to help us to stay away from that, which is how long that we always question our intentions and motives, and that we turn to the people of knowledge when we do not have the knowledge to suffice our answer in whatever quest we find before us. May Allah subhanho wa Taala limit us from that transgression from that belief that we can do whatever we want without it being accountable just because we feel Allah will forgive us at the end.