Road to Return #13 – Shaytan’s 6-Step Plan

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shavonne attacks mankind through six different ways.

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The first and most serious is the shaitaan wants mankind to worship other than Allah. And Allah Subhana Allah says lm Ahad la komiya, Benny Adam, Allah to Abu shavon, didn't I make a covenant with you, oh Children of Adam, that you worship, not the shaitaan that you turn away from the worship of the devil, when they're Abou dooney have a Serato monster theme, that is the straight path of submission on of Islam. So while Lord tells us that the shaitaan wants us to worship Him, meaning that the shaitaan wants us to worship anything other than Allah, it is the worship of the shaitaan, to give love, fear, hope to anything other than Allah subhanho wa Taala in a way that should only be

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given to Allah. And if the shaitaan is unable to fool us to trick us to lead us away from the worship of God from being servants of man. The second attack of the shaitaan is to make us change our religion from the inside, so it becomes corrupt. And that's what the word Buddha means. Buddha is heresy where a person thinks they're doing good things, they're worshipping a law, but shaytaan has mixed up the aspects of faith that it's been changed that were actually pleasing the shaytaan by not doing it the way the Prophet taught us. So how do we go against the second aim of the shavon which is only second to us worshipping other than Allah is shaytaan wants us to muddle up our faith

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to change our religion to take away from it certain things and to add to it things that shouldn't be in it. As a law tells us in the Quran Elio are committed to electron Deena Come on this day I made perfect for you your religion. What at the moment you're alikoum near MIT and I completed my favor upon you. What are the two common Islam Medina and I have shown you that the right Deen the right way of life is Islam submission to me. So therefore don't change from the faith, what can't be added to it and what should never be taken from it. And therefore always resist the call of people saying we need to reinterpret this we need to take these things out of the Koran. We don't need to follow

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the Sunnah. That is an attempt of the shaitaan to confuse us as normal practicing Muslims. Our way is the way of hearing and obeying the word of Allah. The third Attack of the chez THON is to make us fall into major sins seems that the Quran is very clear on when to carabas Zina don't go near sexual immorality, don't look at how long things don't talk about it with with the wrong people don't get involved in the in the processes that will lead you to doing things that are hot on that's a manger scene, and the shaytaan if you can get us to fall into manger scenes, that our eyes are polluted, our hearts are disfigured with how to odd that we miss our prayers that we're not comfortable in

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giving charity that we're people who lie to other people to please them and to please ourselves. If he can't get us to do these major things. He comes at the minor things that are scenes, but that are not directly in the Koran, but we know that they're wrong in our judgment, we know in our heart that they are displeasing to Allah. Number five is that if you can't get you to worship Him and worship other than Allah, to change the religion and do things that are not meant to be done an addition or it's abstraction from Islam, he can get you to make major scenes and minor sins, the shaitan then comes to distract you by doing lawful things that aren't halal or haram. So there you are, you're at

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home and you're just sitting there playing your video games. There's nothing wrong with that. But it gets to a point where you've wasted so much of your day. And instead of you wanting to, for example, polish up Jews, I'm mad that you've memorized instead of you helping your mom out in the home. Or instead of you getting up when you hear your dad coming in and greeting them at the door. You're just sitting there playing video games, which is fine, but it stopped you from doing something better. And if doing permissible things stops you from doing better things than it's also an attack from the shade on. The last attempt of the shade odd is that the shaitan will try to get us to do

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good things that are lesser than the better things we intended to do. So it might be that you're coming

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To the masjid and you intended Mashallah to pray and to give a little bit of a donation and that you're going to buy your mom something really nice and you want your mom to be happy. So there you are, you come to the masjid and you have $25 and you intend I'm going to give $5 after a lot of Juma and $20 I'm gonna buy myself my mom some flowers, and all of a sudden you do something good. Where you gave, you know $20 to the marriage, it's a good thing. It's a beautiful thing, but it's not as good as making your mom feel valued. And having bitterroot Valley Dane and then you got home but you didn't bring your mom those flowers. You didn't bring her that joy you didn't do that thing that you

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intended to do. So the shaitan made you do something good he opened for you adore of good, but he didn't let you do the better thing that you intended to do. You read from the Quran but you had intended to finish a juice a day but you read just a few pages which is amazing. But you never got to complete the whole and over the 30 days. You never got to complete the whole and in this year's your citation you wanted to finish it from one Ramadan to the next. Why? Because you read but you didn't read enough you got distracted with other things. And may Allah Subhana Allah protect us against the aim and the plotting and the planning of the shape on along me