Irshaad Sedick – 06 – Story of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) (Upon him be peace and blessings)

Irshaad Sedick
AI: Summary © The Na Vi agenda training is a demonstration of Na Vi's ability to create the most amazing creation, while the journey is a play, a demonstration of his ability to show the natural world, the beautiful things in nature, and the beauty of life. The journey is a play, a demonstration of Na Vi's ability to show the natural world, the beautiful things in nature, and the beauty of life. The journey is a play, a demonstration of Na Vi's ability to show the natural world, the beautiful things in nature, and the beauty of life.
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Bismillah Al Rahman Rahim Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala sherfield mousseline Sayidina whenever you know Maulana Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam ala alihi wa sahbihi Germain As salam o Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh How does one build up Eman like that of NaVi Brahim Alessandra Salaam? How does one gain courage to stand up to one's own family, to one's own culture, one's own people, one's own tribe to face ostracization, alienation, even potential death.

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Just because one believes in the truth. Where do you get such a resolve from?

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Is it that Allah Subhana Allah, Allah just makes you wake up one day and then there you go, you've got it. Is it that some people are just naturally pious and other people just naturally are not?

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We get a glimpse of the training of NaVi Ibrahim Ali salat wa salam in the Quran. In Surah Al Anam verse number 74 onwards. Allah Subhana Allah says, Allah bIllahi min ash shaytaan regime, wave color Ibrahim Ali abi as teho SNAM and Lehighton in nee Iraq our CO McAfee Ebola Ali mobian. Remember when Ebrahim cities for the Aza and we had a conversation about who as is and whether that's his real name and whether that was his? Whether that was maybe Brian's real father or not. So if you missed that one out, it's earlier on in this series, he asked his father

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are you taking idols as gods?

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Indeed I see you and your people, you are in manifest era

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and then it goes on. Now Allah subhanaw taala gives us the answer. How does one build Eman such as that? How does one get that type of inspiration that type of motivation? Allah subhanaw taala says work I barely can re Ibrahima Mallacoota sama YT. While

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while Yakou nominal mukuni unlike that, in other words, in this manner in this training in this line in this trajectory. Nudie Ibrahima, we Allah we showed a B Brahim Mallacoota somehow it will erode the kingdom of the heavens and the earth. This is not some unseen kingdom, you know, like Israel and the mirage that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was exposed to No, this is the actual kingdom of the heavens in the earth. This is not intricate sciences. This is not even physics or biology at the high school level. This is looking at creation, looking at the sky, looking at our own selves and seeing the magnificence of ALLAH SubhanA Dalis creation and then becoming li akuna

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minal mocking in becoming of the, of the of those with conviction of those with the Akin. This is the training that NaVi Brahim Allah said that was salam has gone through.

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How often do we actually think about the creation of Allah subhana wa Tada. And not just by way of taking photos and saying, Oh, it's so beautiful, but by really reflecting on the fact that this creation is just a glimpse at the creative ability of Allah subhanho wa taala. The all knowing the

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omnipotent, the greatest, being, not economic, I can't even say imaginable because he's beyond our imagination. Is Allah, Allah Who summit you the one who needs nothing and everything needs him? How often do we actually look at creation? Look at nature.

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And that brings us closer to Allah subhanho wa taala. This is the training or part of the training that can be Brahim Aleksa salaam received so we get an idea of the background and then Allah subhanaw taala takes us through a bit of a journey in relation to that file I'm imagine Allah II Lila Rocco kabang. Kala had Rob be now a specific situation. Allah says, When the night fell, in other words, it became dark, or cold cabin, and we brought him so star paella, he said had Rob be this is my Lord. Now somebody reading the Quran for the first time or listening to the story for the first time. Maybe I'm shocked and saying Happy Brahimi saying this is my Lord, this is a star isn't

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that shake? So what we have to understand is that this is a bit of an act. This is a play. This is a demonstration so that we can get to a certain conclusion without jumping straight day. But we get sorry, we get to the conclusion by actually going on this journey with Nabil Ibrahim Ali salat wa salam. So he doesn't really mean that this is his load. He wants to show the people he's

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People, this is the way you really should think about Allah subhanho wa Taala you look at the night and you see this amazing star surely that must be powerful. Today we know so much more about the stars than Nabil brought him and his people ever could at that time. But

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that's not that's not God. That's just magnificent. That's just beautiful. That's just amazing sistine credo but it's not God. It's not divine. Unfortunately, people call everything divine which is actually wrong because divine means godly. You can't say this cake is divine because the cake is not godly. It's incorrect to speak like that. Be it as it may

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dilemma a fella when the star disappeared, color love or herbal feeling. Linda be Ibrahim Melissa it was salam said I do not like I do not like the feeling. I do not like those things that disappear.

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So that's the beginning of the journey. And then it carries on he says for Lamoreaux al Kamara when he saw the moon.

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Baz Johan beautiful, in all its splendor, the resplendent moon.

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Kala had the Arab bee, this is my Lord. He said. Allah ma fella. And when the moon when the way disappeared. Carla, you said that Illa Mia howdini rugby. if my Lord does not guide me, lacuna, phenomenal cow milk, dollar lean, and it will be of the losing people. And we have to think about what he's actually doing. There is a physical observations that is he showing the people because to the people, the nicer the it looks, the better it looks, the more expensive the idol is, the greater God it is. So here we have nature, look at these amazing things in nature. Does that mean that this is God? And he's showing it? No, no, a God is not one who raised a God is not one who has something

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more superior? Because the star was nice, but in the Moon game, and of course, you know, in terms of distance and how it looks to us, a full moon is much more resplendent than a distant star. So maybe that's Allah and then okay. He says, no, no, that's not. But then who is my Lord?

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Notice also the intrinsic inclination towards believing in a god. Atheism is a very new phenomenon as far as human history is concerned.

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Humans have always inclined to believing in some higher power, always, only in recent times, the last couple of 100 years, where as atheism really become a thing where people deliberately not believe that they don't, they don't only have absence of faith, they just have a faith against faith. So they believe that there is no God, that's a new thing. It's a brand new thing.

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But the journey continues, he says Vilamoura Shamsa when he saw the sun. Now, of course, the sun outshines the moon by far outshines the stars. Of course, all I had rugby Sierra, this is my Lord, hi, the Akbar, this is the greatest meaning of all the things that have pointed out the sun seems to be the greatest phylum AlFalah. When to sit, of course, the sunsets every day, right? But just because of his demonstration, now it said, he said, here call me oh my people, anybody or me my tertiary cone, I am free of that which you are ascribing partners with Allah subhanho wa taala, I'm free.

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Now, this type of thinking, or what is it really, what is it really demonstrating? And we brought him and he said to Salam is demonstrating, by divine order, that Allah subhana, Allah has given us rational faculties, right? We are rational creatures, and that we are absolutely responsible for using our faculties, our rational faculties to think about where we come from, where life comes from. What's the purpose of life? Was all of this just the big accident? So all of this just

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coincidental? Is there really no life after death? Is there divine power? Is there a higher power? What is the nature of that higher power? Is God everywhere all over the place inside of you and me inside of all of us? Is he a three in one one in three? God is your only one God if he's only one, how do we really understand him being one?

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What are the qualities of this god? Can we see this guy? How do we know that he exists? Now we brought him Alexa to Salaam is showing us not even quoting any scripture to his people. He's taking them on a rational journey to discover that God in fact exists. This type of rational exploration rational

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friction has been built into our tradition over many, many, many centuries. And it remains a part of our tradition, even though to varying degrees. Some scholars shun any form of rational approaches, while others have gotten far too deep down into rational approaches. We, you know, they, I my teachers had a very funny way of saying this with a jackal, which is your, your your traditional capability becomes a backhoe, which is an Afrikaans way of saying that it becomes a lopsided askew and this happens when it is not balanced in divine revelation. But when applied within divine revelation as Nabil Brahim Felicita Salam is certainly a prophet of Allah, getting ye from Allah

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subhanaw taala. But at the same time, he's also a rational human being, when the two merge in a coherent, cohesive manner. This is supportive of one's faith. And this is encouraged in the Quran. This is why Allah subhanho wa Taala practically instructs us to think, to reflect, to look to observe, he look at Surah to molk is the is the is the pinnacle of this, where Allah subhana wa Taala tells us look, look again, look again, did you see any mistakes look again, and you know, your gaze will come back to you and you will be completely tired of looking? And you will find no mistake in the creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala how often do we actually think about Allah's creation?

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How often do we think about the nature of of the world and existence? It's always astounding, when you see documentaries that show, you know, what we know of the living world, the universe and how far out we have seen and how far out we know that to be and yet beyond that, we have no clue.

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And yet Allah subhanaw taala is in is in control of all of that. Now, the next statement that Nabil Brahim illustrator Sinha makes is a profound statement. It's the type of statement that you say, should be written in stone except this one. Now this one should be written in the low homophobe. And in fact it was it easy to thin in the local microphone. And it's written in the hearts of believing men and believing women from the time of Nabil Brahim, Melissa to CERAM, arguably, but definitely since the time of Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and even you and I, we committed this statement. It's like a mission statement for life. What is that statement? We'll discuss that in the

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next segment in sha Allah Allah tomorrow evening, Giselle como la hora was Allah Allahu ala Sayidina Muhammad Subhanallah Omni Subhanak Aloha Morbihan Nick Nisha to Allah ilaha illa and there's still a few Luca one or two really, like I said Mr. aleikum wa

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