Ibrahim Hindy – Defining Masculinity Through Quran

Ibrahim Hindy
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The houses of Medina

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Ramadan kappa Brody Allah who was sitting with a group of his companions and he asked them a question to men no shade, wish for something.

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So one of them said, I'd salmonella and Maha the Tao Mamdouh with the herbal football and fearful goofy subete Allah. He said, I wish that this house were full of gold and silver. And I would spend all of it in the sake of Allah subhanaw taala.

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But again, or the Allah who answered to them, Tim and knew she wished for something. So another man stood up. He said by that time, and nello and I had a doubt Mamnoon below was Joe here, and Sherpa houfy Sevilla, who is abduct me. He said, I wish this house were full of pearls, and jewels and gems, and I would give them for the sake of Allah and in charity.

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But once again, I said to them, Tim, and no shade wish for something.

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So they said, Man at the mana kuliah Ameerul Momineen. They said, We don't know what to say, oh, leader of the believers.

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So Omar said to them, like honey at termina region, Mr. Abu RBW, Jarrah, when we're either bingeable was Sally Mela.

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He said, rather, I wish that I had men

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that will be similar to what already done the genre similar to ma bingeable, similar to Salem, the servant or they thought, he said, I wish I had these men with me. These are three great companions of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He said, first I interview him. I can even tell that he said I would rely upon them and raising up the word of Allah subhanaw taala. But oh my God, Allah who I'm one of His Names. He had many nicknames, was an William V inspired. And this is because there were four different instances in the Sierra, where the companions had different opinions, and Omar would give his opinion. And the Quran would be revealed, similar to the opinion of Armando the

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long line. He was a man of great insights, and knowledge and understanding. What is the insight Irma was giving his companions in that house? He's telling them

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that to protect the honor of Islam,

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to raise the word of Allah. To protect Islam, what is most needed is not wealth, is not money is not gold or silver. But rather he was wishing for men like Edward obeyed them the genre, like I live in Jebel Ali Allahu Anhu. And a question that seems to be plaguing many, especially young men today

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is what does it mean to be men?

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What does it mean to be a man?

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This is a question that maybe nobody would have wondered 100 years ago, and certainly not 1000 years ago. But we are living in a time where we are being removed, step by step, and day by day, away from our natural inclinations, away from our disposition. What we would have understood through the fitrah, to our unadulterated, organic and spiritual understanding of ourselves, has now become blurred, to the point that a basic question like What is a man, and what does it mean to be a man is unknown.

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I spoke about this topic, once to a group of MSA students. In 2005 17 years ago, I gave a talk about manhood masculinity and Islam

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17 years ago, and I have the exact same notes from that talk. So I was looking them over recently. And what was interesting was in those notes 17 years ago, I was saying in writing that there was a concerted effort through media, television, movies, and in the popular culture to blur the lines between genders. Back then, again, 17 years ago, the media was pushing the idea of a metrosexual maybe a term young people haven't even heard of anymore. Those who are my age, maybe still remember it. And it was the idea of a heterosexual male who has the

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mannerisms, dressing manicuring gait and the speech of a homosexual male.

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I saw this or we saw this as problematic 17 years ago. And today, this seems benign, seems like not a big deal. Because you look at how today it's not the mannerisms of men that is being blurred. It's the concept of gender itself that becomes blurred.

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Now the argue

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men and women themselves aren't entirely social construct, that it's made up in our collective minds, rather than being a tangible reality.

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This blurring

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of what is true and what is real, leads so many people into confusion and disorientation. It's as if Allah subhanaw taala exactly as Allah azza wa jal has told us, ness Allah for Anselm and fossa whom they forgot Allah, so he caused them to forget themselves. They don't even know who they are.

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Of course, Allah subhanaw taala makes it clear for us throughout the Quran, that He created us as men and women. The verse that many teams begin drama with Yeah, you have NASA Takara Baku Mala, the Halacha

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what kind of I mean, huzzah. Jaha? Well, that's them in Houma region and cathedral when he said that Allah says, oh, humanity, Fear your Lord, Who created you from one soul, and from that soul, he created it spells, and from them he brought forward many men and women, the Jilin cathedra when he said, our genders are created by Allah subhanaw taala, a tangible, biological, divine reality. Likewise, more and more popular in the culture, brought by very radical expressions of feminism is the demonization of men and masculinity. It's not uncommon to hear refrains, like all men are garbage. All men are trash. Yes, all men are like this. And the people will make these statements

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and claim that masculinity being a man inherently is toxic. They point to the behavior of some men who indeed are abusive, who indeed harm their families physically or emotionally.

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But it's gotten to the point that it's not just random people saying these things. The American Psychological Association, the APA has defined traditional masculinity being a traditional men as a pathological state, meaning they're saying it's a sickness. It's an illness, to be a traditional masculine to be traditionally masculine. It claims and this is a quote, traditional masculinity marked by stoicism, competitiveness, dominance and aggression is on the whole harmful. This has nothing to do with science. This is clear clearly their beliefs and they are smuggling it into clinical treatment.

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This type of demonization of men and masculinity, masculinity has led many men to be disaffected.

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After all, Allah subhanaw taala created men and women with innate characteristics a fitrah a biological disposition, men naturally produce more testosterone. This makes them innately competitive, innately aggressive, and that competitiveness and aggression and self reliance and protective vigilance. These can actually be very beautiful traits when they are used properly. In their proper context, they can be leadership traits, but this culture of demonizing men has also led to a counterculture, something that is often called Red pilling, or the red pill movement. And one of the major fate figures of this movement is someone named Andrew Tate's, I'm sure many of you are

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aware of, for those who are not to give you an idea of how popular he is. In the last 12 months, he was Googled more than Donald Trump and Joe Biden. And many young men are flocking to his type of rhetoric, including young Muslim men. But what's the problem? The problem is that people like Andrew Tate's, who seem to be uplifting masculinity, the question has to be what does he considered to be masculine? What does the man mean to someone like him? And when you look closely, his definition of masculinity is basically Hollywood's version from the 1980s that to him being a man means you have fast cars, a lot of cash, haram relationships and many relationships with women.

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Having a lot of muscles and displaying acts of violence and having very little kindness and empathy towards others.

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We are living in a time of confusion. And amongst all this confusion from the left to the rights from men and from women, we have to turn to our faith to our connection to Allah subhanaw taala. To really understanding what it means to be a man or a woman means understanding and connecting to our fitrah and to our Creator, subhanaw taala. And Arabic to be a man, Tara jewel, or radula linguistically means to stand on your feet, meaning being a man is about self reliance, and about standing up for the truth and true principles. Now a sister may ask, isn't it also true that women should stand on their feet that women should stand up for the truth? We say yes, but there are

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characteristics innate to men.

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innate to women.

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We can say that innate to women are the characteristics of being kind and empathetic to being bashful and modest. Should not men be bashful and modest? Should not men be kind? Of course they should.

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it may be innate to a man's disposition to have sorry, it may be a need to a woman's disposition to be kind, and for a man he may need to acquire it. And when he acquires kindness, and empathy, it will be in tandem with his masculine qualities, which means the way a man expresses kindness will be different than the way that a woman expresses kindness. And for the record, while this clip is about masculinity and manhood, there deserves to be another hutzpah about femininity and womanhood, because so too, are the traits of femininity, of being kind of being empathetic, of being a good listener, of being sensitive, even these qualities are being blurred. And women are told not to feel

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this way and not to be the way that Allah has created them to be.

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So what is Allah and His Messenger tell us about being a man? First of all, it's not your physical size, and all the muscles you can put on with the use of steroids. The Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, we know the story, when he told the companion Abdullah and Mr. would climb the tree and get something from the top of the tree for me. So when Mr. Roode went up the tree, and some people began to laugh, because of the fineness of the shins, even Mr. Woods. The Prophet saw this, he said to them, I told the Herculaneum in dotsavvy Are you laughing at the fineness of his shins for living in fcbd, Laguna autofilled, Misa and even Jebel hood. He said, I swear by the one in whose hand my soul

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is in those shins, on the means, and on the scales will be greater than the mountain of words. We know the other hadith of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said yet to Raju, and are we in a semi annual multi Yama for today isn't named Allahu Akbar Allah. He said the man who is grand and big, with all his strength and muscles will come on the day of judgment, and he will not weigh more than the wing of a fly.

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And it's not about wealth or money. We know that hadith in which a wealthy man walked by the Companions, the Prophet asked the companions metacoda When and how the what do you say about this man? They said, Yeah rasool Allah, how do you tune into Kelemen you smell when, when hotcopper and Yonka when Shiva Aeneas fell, he said this man, most likely if he were to ask for marriage, he would be engaged. And if he were to speak, he would be listened to. And if he were to intercede people would accept His intercession. Then a poor man walked by, in tatters. The Prophet said, to the Companions, what do you say about this man? They said the opposite. If he tries to get married,

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nobody would marry him. If he tries to intercede, nobody would accept His intercession. And if he tried to speak, nobody would listen to him. The Prophet said, This man is better than the first man even if the first man, which would be all of the Earth would to fill the earth. The second man would be better than the first. Yes, a man has to strive to earn money. But what if he's broke, he's still a man. If he lives up to the principles of being a man, if he strives and Allah does not give him wealth, he's still a man, even if he's broke.

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So it's not about wealth and money. What is the Quran and Sunnah tell us about being men. And there's so much to study in this area. The scholars have categories of Moodle, the idea of being a complete man of fatawa, chivalry and virtue and these are concepts reinforced in the Quran. Allah says original Kawa Munna Allah Nisa that men are our moon maintainers and protectors of women. We know that vicar of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would say like Al Hamd answer

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Oh Allah to you belongs all praise you are Iam of the heavens and the earth, the one who protects and maintains it. So Truman archiware Moon, one of the scholars of Islam, I bought a yawn he said and morado be region Hoonah min fee him Saddam at Domitilla hasm. Well,

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we're here for can min vida de Hakuna who never earned what elbowed when?

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He said when Allah says regional men are our moon are the maintainers of women. He said what is intended here is those who have seriousness and a strong sense of responsibility. And it is not meant to mean men unrestrictedly why he said, How many people have beards? And yet there is no benefit or harm from them. They don't do anything. And they have no sanctity. Nothing is sacred in front of them. He said that's not what this is speaking about. The real men are Qalamoun to maintain and protect our women with vigilance with a strong sense of responsibility in front of Allah, that means to be self reliant. You

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I mean to be striving to earn money to support your family, that means to be driven with duty and with responsibility of the true characteristics of manhood. Allah subhanaw taala says freebooting

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until the fire was cut off, he has small usurped behalf he fear that he will do what you want us all return region that will him to gyro tune. Whenever you're on Victrola. When you're on a slot, where you tell it's a car, your car for an ailment or Takala, goofy who will absorb. Allah speaks about the houses of Allah, in which Allah has ordered to be raised and his name be mentioned. They exalt within him, they exalts within them. Allah subhanaw taala in the morning, and in the evening, who was exulting in the morning and in the evening that he died men. Allah says this men naturally empty jar rotten, whether they are an under Killa they are not diverted or distracted by business, or sale

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from the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala. Allah tells us in this verse Who true men are, they mentioned Allah, they praise him in the morning and in the evening. And that business money does not distract them from praying and giving Zakah true men fear Allah subhanaw taala even has them he said the true man. The wise man knows that the only fitting price for his soul is paradise. You're not a real man when you give a prayer in order to make $1

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the real man is willing to sacrifice that for Allah subhanaw taala and for connection with Allah azza wa jal

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and the real men are those who are true to their word, especially with Allah azza wa jal, Mina, me known Mina Mina, Regina,

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Allah Annie, Allah says from the believers are men who are truthful to their word with Allah subhanaw taala. truthful to their promise with Allah azza wa jal, someone who called on the woman Khomeini until that one man, but dead would have Dina amongst them are those who fulfilled their valid till death. And amongst them are those who wait for their chance. And they did not change their commitment with any alteration.

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We know the story of the companion of the prophet and a sudden another or the Allahu Allah and

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that he was distressed that he could not attend the Battle of better.

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And he made an oath, a promise with Allah subhanaw taala. He said, Oh Allah, if I were to be alive, and witnessed another battle with the Messenger of Allah, you will see what I can do his promise. And on the day of better he was there. And he was going towards the army, the opposing army, and sadly been wired said, Tim, where are you going? And he said, I can smell the perfume of paradise towards our herds. And he went and he farts until he was killed. And they found at stab wounds in his body, he made a promise to Allah subhanaw taala and he kept it. This is the attribute of true men. When they make promises to the creator or to the creation, they uphold it, they keep it, they

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preserve it. If they make an oath, they make sure that they fulfill it, of the description of true men,

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as if they are attached to the masajid Allah subhanaw taala tells us

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in the Quran, of the incident in which the hypocrites tried to build a masjid, you planning to use the masjid against the Prophet and against Islam. And they invited the prophet to pray in the masjid in order to give their Masjid the veneer of legitimacy.

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So Allah subhanaw taala mentions in the Quran reveals in the Quran to our prophets, let us do don't do suicide attack women elderly young, into coma fee that the masjid that is built upon the foundations of Taqwa of piety has more of a right for you to pray in. Fie region died when you were going to huddle and it's our men

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in the real Masjid that is built upon taqwa, our men. Now someone might ask, did it the hypocrites in their masjid, aren't there also men know there's a difference between true men and fake men? There's a difference between true men and just males.

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True men are in the house of Allah subhanaw taala and they are purifying themselves. Well Allah who your husband Muttahida and Allah loves those who purify themselves.

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And so true men have this connection to the house of Allah subhanaw taala

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we see as well.

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Allah subhanaw taala mentioning to us another example of men, well gem an oxen Medina tierra junonia salah, call a coma Tiberi mousseline that Allah mentions that there came a man running from the furthest part of the town, and he said, Oh my people obey the messengers. It took me malarious Elokim agilon to do

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On obey those are listen to those follow those who are not asking of you and you reward and they are guided

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by the law or the law the fourth already for the Ronnie what he told a gentleman at tuxedomoon doing he had he had an injury, the manual we do rely totally on Nisha fair to say and what are you doing? And he said to them, and why should I worship? Not him who was created me, and to whom also be returned? Shall I take besides some gods, if the most gracious man intends me any harm through intercession will be of no use to me, nor can they save me.

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In the Admin to Bureau Baconfest Marone I believe in your Lord so listen to me. Real men give Dawa real men call others to the belief in Allah subhanaw taala real men challenge and respond to disbelief. Real men call people to the way of Allah subhanaw taala and the Tafseer of these verses, this man is coming forward when this town is about to kill their Messengers kill their prophets. So he comes forward this man whom Allah calls a man with an axe on Medina to Rajul A man came from the furthest part of the town to do what to stand up for the truth. He challenges the people of misguidance he calls the people to worship Allah subhanaw taala alone, but the people of the town

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they turn on him.

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As soon as he says this, and they begin to stone him.

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And as they are stoning him, and attacking him and trying to kill him. He calls to Allah subhanaw taala and he says Allah Matthew called me for in Nome lay on the moon, my Lord, forgive my people because they do not know. He is empathetic and wanting good for the people even when they are turning against him. And even in the most difficult moments, the most intense moments, the most harmful moments. He is turning to the truth and standing on his two feet, asking the people to turn to the truth.


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