Yahya Ibrahim – Salaam Britain – Journey with the Quran – Surat al Baqarah vs 44

Yahya Ibrahim
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Hear me now.

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Sweet or say

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you can hear me I love

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it safely. Good. Also, are you able to hear me so start

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with why Yeah, I definitely feel like when it comes to saving I don't venture out much I'm pretty plain and most of my friends and family will be like you're classy you know I just want to stick within what I'm covering here when it comes to sweet stuff. I pretty much try anything because I have such a sweet tooth setup really try

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Are you able to see me now it comes about but not the pie eating as much

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as I do, I'm really need to bleeding

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I'm quite

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English as a kind of like a classic English Padilla. So that kind of for me, I kind of grew up on syrup per day and when you boil it, it literally fold and put in you know bread and butter puddings and fumbles and things like that. Were no cinnamon, sea ice

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and the appetizers and stuff like that, but we could literally talk about desserts all morning, but we are going to go all the way over to Australia to speak to Sheikh Ibrahim Sheikh Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh y equals Salam wa rahmatullah wa barakatu. It's good to be back with you every Wednesday morning and Hamdulillah. Say I'm not too sure we don't seem to be able to hear you as clearly as we would like, Oh, can you hear us quite clearly?

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I can hear you are you able to hear me now a little bit better.

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It sounds just a little bit muffled. So I'm not too sure if our viewers at home will be able to hear you. I'll, I think you might have gone off just a moment. So we're just waiting for our scheck to fix his sound before we go back over. Inshallah we would we're going to be continuing with more conversations in the Quran. And I do really love this segment, because I do feel that, you know, the Quran is another word for it. It's the heart yet the mother Yeah. Right. And I feel like if, you know, if there's anything taken away your meat if everything was taken away, and we still have been caught at home, we would still have like one country, you know, and our soul. So are you able to see

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how that was given to me. And you know, the brothers said that as long as you stayed with the Quran,

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then everything else cannot fall out of your image for a while. It's just as I said, it's true. And I remember

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and it's and it comes back and it's I really, I was at a really good time a really low time. And you know, you come away for things a little bit and I just remember that you know that you are an

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icon and everything

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to make so much more sense. Yeah. And so whenever you're grounding, or just that this

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is this is this better now?

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Yeah, sure.

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Glad to hear it. When we do go back to it you kind of it's almost like okay, I'm not sure I'm

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missing part. Yeah, it's been we kind of put back into you.

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Speaking about the Quran, I believe our show Yep, Abraham is back said I want to come check. One equals Salam or not, Allahu Allah cattle. It's good to be back. I hope you can hear me a little bit better now. Yes, yeah, it's a little bit better. Yes. So hamdulillah okay.

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We're going to be continuing with our conversations in the Quran. So where are you going to start us with today?

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Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Salam Allahu alayhi wa salam or that always we begin with the praise of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. And this is the central essence of everything that we seek, we seek to honor and magnify Allah. So again, the Almighty, the provider and the creator of all the purveyor of all of our success and assistance, even all of that which we seek help from. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and beginning and to make us from those who are lovers of our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and that we are a testament to his fulfillment of that message and delivering the Quran to us. In sha Allah today, we're looking at once again through sort

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of Bukhara we're at verse number 44. Now this is, you know, in the beginning of Surah Al Baqarah. As you know, it's the longest chapter of the Quran but a lot of the themes that will be enacted in the Quran and taught later in the Quran, find the root of the seeds of them are planted in the soil.

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rot. And one of those integral verses is where Allah subhanaw taala is speaking to the children of Israel that he saw even in the presence of us as a Muslim Ummah. And it's as if ALLAH SubhanA. Allah to Allah is saying to us, these were the words that I said to the people before you. These are the words that I have always maintained to humanity. This is a consistent message from the beginning of time until the end. This is one of the themes that you should never lose track of. And Allah says in the 44th, verse of the second chapter surah, Al Baqarah, attack maroon and NASA did Bill. What insegna and Fusa were Entomb, tech, Lunel, kita, FLL, Taka Loon, do you preach righteousness? Now if

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you were to just stop there? It would be a strange statement. You know, why are you telling people to do moral good things, righteous things, when someone puts a gun but the completion of that sentence and you can't read the beginning, without the end attached to it, you can't just say attack moron and NASA be better? How dare you can can call people to righteousness? How do you speak to people to invite them to goodness, unless you also continue with the verse where 10 selling that influencer calm, while at the same time you fail to practice it yourselves. Now this is one of those foundational verses in the Quran, one of the foundational lessons to our Ummah and one of the

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foundational lessons to the prophets, I send them. And it's almost as if I want you to put yourself in the place of the one delivering the message. Because one day you are, whether you're a father or a mother, or a brother, or a sister, or a best friend, or a teacher and an elder or an Imam, in whatever capacity, there's going to come this one moment where you're going to invite somebody to leave off something that is condensable, something that is not right. And irrespective of what level of its condemnation, there's something that you're going to look at and say, I don't want you to do this, this isn't good for you. At the same time, there must be that introspective nature within Sony

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and Fujifilm, Hey, hold on a second, do you forget about yourself? Do you forget to look in the mirror? Do you forget to hold yourself accountable? Do you forget to impress upon yourself that which is necessary, and which is meant to be maintained by you first. Now this, of course can be very problematic, because there are certain things in my life that I know are wrong. And sadly, perhaps I have become overcome in certain moments with weakness that I've indulged in them. Is that something now condensable for me to say to somebody don't do this, even though I've fallen into that, and we get into that trap, where you hear people kind of say, unless you walked in my shoes,

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you know, unless you know what it's like to be me, unless you've had the problems that I've had, unless you've been where I've been, you have nothing to say and that's wrong.

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It's a wrong it's a false understanding. And it's a false understanding that you should only assume that if somebody is broke, broken, only they can make you whole. And it's a false understanding that unless you're a hole, you can't help somebody who's broken in both ways. It's a wrong understanding. And here Allah says, attack Moodle. And here's the this is where the crux of the issue, do you preach? Meaning do you hypocritically preach? It's not do you call people to good just because of the sake of good? It's not just that I'm sharing information? Or I'm answering a question. And there are moments of having Allah in my life where this has been very confrontational, you know, somebody,

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a cross examination of my own soul. Somebody's asking me about something that I know perhaps in my home with my own children, with my own lifestyle, with my own wealth with whatever it may be, that maybe there's inconsistencies in it. Do you preach to people and hear Allah uses the word and NAS? He doesn't say, do you preach mean? Do you preach to the Muslims? Allah saying, Have you made it your habit that whoever you meet, irrespective of who you meet? Are you the hypocritical nature, that you're out there where your words are not cashing the checks of your actions, or your word, diametrically opposed to what people see you do? What 10 cents on the employee circle? Have you

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forgotten yourself? Now there are three important levels to this area. The first area is do you say to somebody to do righteousness and you forgotten what it was like when you were in the beginning of your stages? Subhanallah some of us now we're upright. We're standing tall in Islam.

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We're practicing the faith. We've learned to read the Quran, we're going to classes we've gotten married, we're moving forward in our life and we're mature believers. And then there's others Subhan Allah, they may be of our same age. They may be have been born into Islam, and we weren't. And they're still in their toddler stage. They're still crawling. Do you preach what is good and forget what it was like within Sona and full circle, and you forgot yourselves initially. So that's one, one shade of the verse. Don't be so hard hearted. Don't be so common, condemning. And Allah speak.

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Check. I'm really sorry.

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We can't hear you too. Well, it seems to have cut off just a little bit. I'm so sorry. Yeah, I think I mean, that was so powerful as well as it was there were certain parts and that was like, it was how about we get to insha Allah till next week, when I first became Muslim, and you know, there are people that come into the religion or just kind of getting started and you know, sometimes, you know, we as Muslims can be so harsh, like people had been washed with us. Yeah. How would we have dealt with Chaka you? Back? Can we hear you? I'm hoping you can hear me a little bit better now. Yes, that's perfect.

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All right, let's give it a go. So this verse, the first shade of the verse, do you preach a word to people, that you have forgotten what it was like when you were first beginning when you were coming back to the truth when you were discovering the truth? The second is, do you speak a truth that you yourself in your privacy contradict? And that's a very, you know, that's a that's a really proud arrogant stance, it's a it's a stance of sinfulness, it's a hypocritical to face stance that one has between themselves and Allah subhanaw taala. And there's the authentic hadith of the Prophet diacetyl and that of those who will find no shelter or shade, no protection from the Wrath of Allah,

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on the Day of Judgment, are those who protected themselves from the sight of people in this worldly life when they committed sin. They were very careful not to be seen or called out or caught out or brought to justice. But they cared nothing for what Allah saw of them of what they did in their privacy with Allah as their agenda. The third important statement that relates to this aim is are you as a collection of people so disconnected with the truth of faith? At maroon and this is a collective you know, it's a plural. Do you all of you, are you so involved in the dissemination of the call to righteousness towards others, but you intentionally overlook your own crimes, your own

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pettiness, your own mistakes, your own, uprightness is second to what you are preaching and bringing on to others. And subhanAllah we've all had those people who are like backseat drivers or armchair cricket,

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You no voyagers into our life. We've all had people who watch us from a distance or gossip about us, we've had people who are keyboard heroes who are, you know, willing to write that first comment and willing to put that first condemnation and willing to say, you know, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said this, and this and this and you know, you aren't that example, I may forget entirely, that there is a whole level of important Hadith in verses that they are to reflect upon themselves, what enter into clonal kitab. So Allah says, and in the same time, although you read the Scripture,

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reading the scripture, and reading our Quran, reading any message of truth is multi leveled. There's the first level where you read it, and it has no introspection, it's almost as if you weren't glossing over it, you're just becoming acquainted with with what it says.

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The second level is you begin to take pause and you establish a self critique and a self awareness and an attempted redemption. The third, of course, is where you begin to apply it to yourself and now you want to extend it past yourself to others. Now, if you skip the two steps in the middle, and you just go to reading something and trying to find someone to cast it upon, or to put it upon you do yourself a great enormous disservice by not actually reciting the book for your own benefit. Allah warns us of extremists the prophets I send them warns us of extremists within our community, and the sign of as an extremist, one of the telltale signs

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It is that they are prolific, the corona Quran they are prolific in the reading of the Quran, they memorize it they study it, but later Jaya was Ohana Jerome, but it does not descend past their trachea, their throat. What that means is, is that the words are on the tongue there on the eyes, it's in their it's in their hands, they're spending hours with the book of Allah, but they never allowed its practice to enter into their heart so they become hard hearted and as you move forward with salt and Bacara what you find is Allah then begins to speak to Benny Salah eel, by saying Cosette are doable from their heart, their hearts hardened for here kill each other, it became like

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That is what happens when somebody studies faith without connecting it. With the attempt of finding the Mercy of Allah and establishing the balance and harmony of the Sunnah of the prophets. I said lamp in it, all of us have met the individual who quotes the words of Allah who quotes or she quotes the words of the prophets, I fell them. But it's not a reflection in how it was spoken by the prophets. I send them in their demeanor. It's not reflected in the essence of why those verses were revealed in the context that were revealed into the prophets I seldom and sadly when we feel that that person is quoting the Scripture yet Lunel keytab. But we see in their own life, major

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imbalance, even if it is not set by us out of shame and out of modesty, at times, it's something that is thought, okay, perhaps you need to have a little bit more introspection, sister, perhaps there are other things that should be of a priority in your life before you come and cast stones at others and the man has shattered he used to write wonderful poetry about this in his Deewan and other places, he would say things like camera and Aleca as you have in your own head, eyes that you look upon others plenty left fairly nasty, other people that also have eyes as you extend your gaze to others and you see sloppiness or mistakes, perhaps that you condemn. Notice that there are others

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who have eyes that can see the same in you. The prophets, Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he says that the believer is mirror to a fee is a mirror of their fellow Muslim brother of their fellow man in and those who they associate with, meaning that what I see in others, I should as I'm trying to find beauty myself, I should see it in the image that I set before me that what I look upon what I intend to see, is really with this Hurston of London villa, I'm going to end with

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with a true incident.

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I was getting the Jumeau Africa at one of our massages. And there's a brother who's very dear to me, may Allah Subhana Allah Grantham call Yamanaka and this brother, he's got a hearing issue. So he has an implant that allows him to hear but it's you know, if he's sitting near speakers and things like that, it causes him so much trouble. So this brother, he would come say to me, Sheriff, whenever you come give the hotbar please record it, and then send it to me privately. So I can use my bluetooth to access it from my phone so that I can hear what you have to say. And I said yes, of course in July, I say I'll record it, I'll send it to you. So for weeks, whenever I would go, I would do that

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whenever I'd see my record it and he would send you know, wonderful, wonderful messages and to Pamela there was one brother who comes in he says to me, subhanAllah chef, can you believe there's people sitting in the back fiddling around with their phones, instead of listening to the hotbar they come in late than they sit in the back with their phones. And you know, he indicates to me who the brother is, and I pulled them aside. I said, I see my dear brother. This brother he has a hearing issue. He fiddled with his phone to find the right audio level to be able to tolerate to even come to the masjid. If you didn't come to the masjid his prayer would be assured with Allah

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Subhana Allah to Allah. You know why? Why is your sight falling upon someone you don't even know you don't? There's no reason for you to have that callousness, Yaffe

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and Subhan, Allah there are so many of us at times, that we are quick to preach the righteousness within selling that unphysical we don't reflect upon it within ourselves, even though we seek to study the book FLL taupey dude, do you not understand that's how Allah enter this area. Think, think my dear brother, my dear sister about how important it is to represent the truth to seek

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For yourself, and yes, to preach it and to share it with others, but at the same time, not to live with a life where we seek to broadcast upon others, what we would not want for them to share in return with us. May Allah Subhana Allah protect us within from inconsistency in our behavior in our flout, in our midst preaching of the Word of Allah. May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to recite from the Quran that which is pleasing to Him in the days in the night and make us of those who stand with it when others are asleep. Now, Allah Subhana Allah to Allah elevate us with its status and its knowledge and its application Allahumma me?

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With such such deep, deep reflection, I mean, Chef, when you gave the example of the brother with the hem issue,

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I just have goosebumps. Yeah. Because how many times have we thought something of somebody without actually understanding their situation, or the entirety of what they could be going to and it just says gives more, but I also have a brother who has hidden issues. And again, people looking in the sector, he's always on his phone. But he's constantly trying to find out volumes for him to tolerate. Everybody's speaking at the same time. Yeah, so power law. So there's a sister that I know as well, like, she's has an invisible illness. And it's, you know, it's so consuming for her. So Pamela, and she's a new Muslim. And there's been times where she's gone into the massage, it's gone

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to sit on the chair, and she's had people, you know, imagine being a new Muslim, stepping into the masjid, you know, sitting on a chair, because you can just about you've just about got to the masjid. And then people you know, giving you looks or making you feel uncomfortable. You know, it does really break my heart to think that, you know, we as Muslims are lack so much compassion panel. And, you know, it is, you know, the psychology of sometimes human nature where we can be quite defensive. And we can, you know, and then that stops us and prevents us from from looking inward and then we, you know, we externalize everything, and it takes away so much, doesn't it check? Well

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think about, you know, think about some of the simple words of the prophets, I send them. Some of the words we all know, the Prophet SAW, Selim says, If you don't have anything good to say, be quiet. Like it's a simple if you don't have something positive to say, Just be quiet. The prophets I said, Lim says that there is something that doesn't concern you leave it for that, which does concern you, right? Somebody doesn't concern you. It doesn't concern this brother. He's sitting Yes, he's fiddling with this. Well, it makes no difference to you to your dunya and akhira, Fe, to be so callous in your heart that you're so consumed by it, that you're like, oh, what's happening and you

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know, this kind of, over exaggerated state, where you're, you know, as if you're the vanguard of the whole Ummah, nobody else cares for the Ummah except me. If I didn't have these feelings, the whole Ummah would drown in its hypocrisy, and hamdulillah I'm there to protect everyone with feeling this indignation. That's something that leads us far away from Allah azza wa jal,

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I humbly submit as well. I've written a piece, it's called on Dahua underwear. So all of us we you know, we're familiar with that well, but we also do the opposite of that wet underwear, an egregious character that leads people away from Allah, may Allah protect us from being of those types.

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That that piece however, because you know, when you said ungawa I knew exactly what you were going to say Subhan Allah may Allah protect us all from this, you know, his type of characteristics and sha Allah, such as like your head and shake, a very timely reminder here for us in the studio. And then I continue to bless and protect you and give you everything that is

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But right now we'll be heading to intercede for my Jose, you're not be send it off. And then after that, we'll be back in the kitchen, going through the kitchen, which have such

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a lot more suddenly. I don't ever you know, I'm early. We're sorry. We'll send him

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