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Leaving a Legacy: Building a Better Future for Our Ummah

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a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah who Allah Allah, he was so happy he edge mine, my brothers and sisters. In a previous episode I spoke about the community and importance of maintaining a beautiful relationship within the community and crossing that limit to other communities as well. And seeing how best you and I can benefit others. The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him has said that Allah Almighty continues to assist a worship or for as long as that worship is occupied, assisting another. So if you're helping someone, Allah's help will always descend upon you. I want to speak

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about leaving a legacy and building for the coming generations. We talk about so much. But simply put, when you invest in your family unit, you have actually set the cornerstones of or laid the foundations of leaving a massive legacy. There is no legacy better than having left behind children who are obedient to Allah and understanding of their duty Unto Allah and what Allah has ordained. That is the best legacy you can leave. The mothers of this ummah are not really known. If I were to ask you who is the mother of Imam Buhari, Imam Muslim Brahim Muhammad Allah or Abu Hanifah Rahmatullah Hiya, Ali, Shafi Malik Ibn Anas or

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Mohammed bin humble Raheem Muhammad, Allah Who Jimmy and you probably would not know their mothers, and most of us would not be able to name those mothers, including myself, I don't know all of those mothers, but whoever they were, didn't Allah choose them

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to contribute towards this ummah in a massive way hence, you find paradise at the service of your mother Subhan Allah. So the effort of a mother is such that it is rewarded by Allah alone, many people do not realize the value of their mothers until it is too late. We grow old.

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And only at a certain point, we realize that you know, my mother has done a lot for me. My mother has done so much for me.

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it's amazing how Allah Almighty is kept this as the legacy of note, it is something that people take for granted, your mother gets a full reward of all the good that you followed that she taught you from day one. And this is why we ask our mothers out there. Let's invest in our children. We ask our fathers out there, let's invest in the family unit in our children, the time you spend the teachings sitting around the table and eating or around the table cloth and eating,

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talking to each other, perhaps making a journey or two with each other so much of interaction, being able to teach them Quran and read with them and pray with them and play with them. All of this is probably something that a lot of people do not realize the value of if you go to the hadith of religion and fitrah the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him says mommy mo loading in where you will lead to Allah fitrah there is no one who is born except that we make them or we create them. At that point we made them come out of the wombs of their mothers on fifth row, nature proper natural, the brain is clear the mind is clear everything is beautifully ready to receive. And Allah has kept it

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such that the closest circle to that particular baby has the greatest impact on that particular child to the degree that for Ababa who you are with Danny or even Ronnie Oh, you Maji Sonny

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the parents are the ones who make the child either Jewish or Christian, or Medusa or Muslim or whoever else it may be. Why does the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him say this? To show you the importance of the way parents can sway a child at a young age? Not just parents, but anyone the parents allow their children to interact with including an au pair, someone who might be looking after your children. If they spoke another language your children will pick it up because Allah told you, the brain is empty ready to receive And subhanAllah What are you going to do amazing

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So, at that juncture, in some countries, as you may know, the system takes over and they tell you listen, we no longer want you to say or do we will do it, you don't have a say, if this child says this, this, this, we will do whatever we want. So people are sometimes dissatisfied obviously, because Allah has given the parents the child. And so the parents are supposed to be looking into the best interests of this child. And when that happens, it's amazing how Allah Almighty gives the respect between the two such the child picks up, I know of the normal homes of people who don't even sometimes, you know, preach to the children, and you don't have to, you don't have to at that age

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and stage not at all. You lead by example, whatever you do, a child has in it, the power to mimic, to copy to look to see look at the children who sit in front of the television or with the mobile phones flicking over tick tock throughout the night, they would know the dance moves better than anyone else. And people are wowed by it is nothing to be worried about. Look at what Allah says Allah says, Whatever you are going to put with whatever dedication you're going to put is going to be received. Take a look at those who teach their children from a very young age. It's not him actually, who gave the child the ability, Allah gave the ability, but they steer the ability in a

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certain direction. That's what happened. And this is why nations would like to interfere in that and steer children of the whole world in a way that they would like it's something worth discussing the positives and the negatives. But that having been said, it all goes back to those initial years. When we talk about building a legacy and leaving a legacy, I promise you, the most powerful legacy you could ever leave is your children. As they grow older, you gave him a solid foundation, my brothers and sisters, this is straight from the Quran and the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. In fact, all the previous scriptures have given importance to this. And we have been

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taught that when you pass away, one of the best benefits that you will receive continuously thereafter, for as long as you have children or grandchildren or those beyond praying for you. And making dua meaning supplicating, to Allah to forgive, you elevate your status, and so on, that will benefit you probably the most. Doesn't it show a beginning, great reward during your lifetime, they were told Heaven lies in their service. And after you've passed on, you're benefiting because you left behind something massive. The same narration speaking about legacies makes mention of the child who continues to pray for the parent, after the death of the parent, and a southern Algeria so that

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Nigeria means a charity, the reward of which continues beyond your lifespan. So because of the benefit that people are deriving, you put up a school, you drill the borehole, for example, you did trees, you did something beneficial. You actually dug a river, and benefited people with a dam and a river, and so on to channel the water of the rain or whatever it might have been. All of that that you did to benefit mankind will continue to reward you will continue to accumulate the reward of that even beyond your death. And then the Hadith says Ill MoonJune tougher obey if you knew something beneficial knowledge. Don't keep it to yourself, teach it to others, you continue to get a

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reward for it beyond your death. If you knew something, I was once asked about a recipe.

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A sister says what I get a reward if I have something amazing to eat. And I have the recipe of it because it's my own recipe. Would I get a reward if I gave that recipe to others and share it I don't want to share I said yes you will get reward they will remember you post death otherwise it dies with you doesn't it? If it died with you and what would happen to it? It's gone. But if it remained with you it's a martial law this sister taught us or his brother or whoever it may be gave us such a lovely recipe May Allah forgive them give them Jana you earned. So you're leaving something behind that will be spoken about and benefited from way beyond your death. That's a sadaqa

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jariya as strange as it sounds Mashallah. So my brothers and sisters, this is the beginning of the topic of leaving a legacy. Because when we talk about it, really many people think big, but all of us have to leave something beautiful. leave the world a better place to the best of your ability.

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I try to make sure that you've touched the lives and hearts of people. So that when you go, it will have benefited mankind at large. You know, strangely, the Hadith speaks. In fact, the Quran speaks about how, if a community would like change, they need to know that each individual needs to effect change in his or her own life. That's the only time the condition of the entire community will improve. And that's so true in Hola Hola, yo, yo, Ma, becomming, Hatha Yoga, you might be unforeseen. Allah will not change the condition of a nation or a people until unless every single one of them decides to change themselves. So from this, we do learn that it's a collective effort,

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we need to make sure that we contribute, we need to make sure that we set a trend of goodness, today in the age of social media, there are a lot of trends that people are setting. I remember a few years ago, one of the first trends and challenges or the challenges should I say that people set out on social media was called a bucket challenge where you put ice cold water, and you got to dump it on your head challenge. You won't believe how many millions of people actually participated in that challenge. Young and old, educated and uneducated and so many people from across the continents. The point I want to raise is if something as basic as putting a

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bucket of cold water on you throwing a bucket of cold water on you caught the attention of so many and they left behind something massive, they asked people to do something which actually spiraled if we started these challenges of goodness, you know, feed the poor person or do something or be kind to an animal or a challenge of fulfilling your prayers for example, or doing good you know, teaching our children in the most beautiful way. I'm sure we would be able to change the world.

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But what what is needed is for all of us to come in and do this goodness May Allah bless every one of us Apollo COLA that was Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Leila and to call the recording

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