Abu Bakr Zoud – The Dua of Laylat Al-Qadr

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The importance of forgiveness in Islam is highlighted, with a focus on avoiding confusion and social media criticism. The need for forgiveness is emphasized, along with the use of "has" in WhatsApp and Facebook to indicate when someone is willing to pay. The speakers also emphasize the importance of forgiveness in every situation, including personal relationships and actions, and how it is linked to profitability. The use of "fit" in context of seeking forgiveness is also discussed, as it is the only way to increase profitability.
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Then the door that is supposed to be made during these last 10 nights, as it shall be a law one has she asked the messenger salallahu alayhi wasallam she said the medicine along if I feel that it is Lila Takada, what do I actually make? He said to her, say, Allah Hama in NACA for winter hibbeler, for fire for honey, Allah in the gavel our law, you are the one who pilots, you are the one who forgives to a bola food you love to forgive laquan. Now, my brothers and sisters in Islam, when you recite this diet, stop at the word, love

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and ponder over this word to help would

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you love to forgive? You love to pardon?

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What does this mean? Who, who in this world? Do you know that has this attribute? Who on earth do you know that loves to forgive?

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This is exclusive

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only to Allah so

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this is an attribute only for Allah so we can offer. He loves to forgive. Yes, people forgive. People love to forgive. But there is a limit to everyone. There's a limit on how much he can forgive you. If I wronged you once you might forgive me, or only two times you might forgive me. But if I wrong, you're 10 times you're gonna forgive if I wronged you 50 times Are you still going to forgive me impossible you'll find a human being like this. But look at Allah subhanho wa Taala he loves to forgive. And his love to forgive is unlimited. No matter how many times you fell a lot sosial loves to forgive you just run to his door and ask for forgiveness. And so maybe that Nabi sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam taught Asia in the Gospel to him Palazzo five one, forgive my sin. Forgive. You know there are narrations that mentioned Allah Houma in the gaff, wouldn't Kareem

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but in the actual narration, the word Kareem is an addition. So the correct Hadith and the correct da is Allah in the gavel to Hezbollah for funny without Kareem. Kareem was written by a new self, they call them the other two new self and other people that he only collected the Hadith and they and they wrote it with their pins in the book, they added this word Karim. So it's not part of the original narration. And also this narration, it is being discussed among in order some seats by some say it's signed, but doesn't matter. Because this is a drier and drier is legislated Islam and drought for long. So it shouldn't forgiveness is from one of the most important right in our life.

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And it was the most record but on the tongue of Rasulullah, sallAllahu, alayhi wasallam that he would say at Stanford, a lot of stuff and a lot of stuff and a lot more than 100 times a day more than 70 times a day. Right? So on lahoma in that guy who went to him for a knee, even though some might say it's by efe right, some some say Some say it's cya, there is no doubt that it is permissible to make this diet and to seek a lot of socials forgiveness during this night. So don't get caught up in this argument because I know what happens to people on WhatsApp, or social media is that all it takes is one person to put out the word this how do you feel safe? And there we go, we

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have an entire chaos in the room. And everyone now is doubting is Dean Well, how long will a quarter 11 so avoid all this and everything is easy. If I had if he was buying doesn't necessarily mean that it's thrown out and we don't do buy it. There are certain ahaadeeth that are boys that are classified week that we're allowed we're allowed to do buy them in Islam, there are conditions, so long as the Hadith is not extremely weak, and so long as it does not contradict another Hadith that is a or an A in the Quran. And so long as this hadith is speaking about something that has origins and foundations in the deen so if we look at this Hadith, right of i shall be allowed to say Allah

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in the car food for him. Bula for five for Honey, it's not extremely weak, according to those who say it's weak rather, it is authentic to a number of of lemma. It doesn't oppose any Hadith in the Sunnah. And it doesn't go against any area in the end, and it has a foundation in the DEA and that is seeking a loss forgiveness. This is legislated for every moment in your life whether it's in the day or in the night and hamdulillah but you know what's interesting in this diet of hadith of it shall be Allah one.

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Why did the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam director to ask Allah for forgiveness

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as opposed to many other things he could have told her to do. And he could have said to her, ask Allah for Allah Jana asked. Oh,

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Love the paradise, ask a motion that will fit those. There are many things that he could have told her to say. But he said to her ask Allah for his forgiveness. Why? Why?

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Because forgiveness is the door to loss pleasure. And it is the door to the paradise and only sleeves of Allah that knew the meaning of worship, and knew who Allah is. Only the sleeves that know Allah stojan they are the people that increase in effectiveness. This is why in the Reese Allahu alayhi wa sallam had a lot of forgiveness in his life, because he was the most who knew Allah subhanho wa Taala he was the one who knew most about Allah, the more is still far in your life, the more seeking forgiveness in your life, that is a sign that you know Allah solution. And that, you know, Your Worship is full of shortcomings that need to be patched up and repaired. And so a

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stouffville law would patch them and repair them for you. And it's still far more correct your worship, you know, Danny Lee little other we don't know, did we spend the in the way a lot of social wants from us was a lot of pleased with our worship or not, we don't know. So at the end of that night, say of stuff that Allah stuff that Allah which is the time of sahab before vision. And when you see yourself in alignment, especially this diet, a lot of men that go from one to 4515151, forgive me, pardon me, when you make that, that that buyer, if a lot accepts one of them, it will fix up all the shortcomings and the errors that took place during that night of worship.

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And so you're motivated to wash a lot once again the next night. Right? So only those who know Allah truly increase in they still fall. And as I said, this is why in the recent Allahu alayhi wa sallam still sell photos a lot, because he knew who a lot of social was a lot of social in Nepal. And he said, was said that mouthfeel at the middle of bigger was your net in Alibaba similar to one of

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rush and run to a forgiveness of your Lord and a paradise. He mentioned forgiveness first, then the paradise Why? Because if you own Allah's forgiveness, the Paradise is guaranteed for you. You don't have to worry about the paradise anymore. My brothers and sisters in Islam, what cripples us what disables us from the worship, and from the pleasure of Allah azza wa jal is our sins. And the only solution to that is Allah social forgiveness. And the only way we're going to earn a mosque forgiveness is by asking a lot to forgive us sincerely, and honestly with a president heart and selecting the times of the day and the night in Where do I is accepted. Like later to paddle

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especially especially the end of the night just before they're lonely Frasier

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