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Reflect, re-evaluate, & promise yourself you will be better!

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam obviously saw that he was Cindy Emily Lockwood that Emily Sonia Ollie Subhana Allah, Elena in llama tena in Mecca and timewalking My dear respected brothers and sisters in Islam and everyone else who was watching, I asked Allah Subhana Allah to protect you and bless you in this very difficult time that the entire globe is facing. And I thought perhaps the these reminders in sha Allah that I'm about to share with you would offer some solace to the heart some comfort to all of us insha Allah and strengthen our Eman and strengthen our belief that Allah

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subhanaw taala has never abandoned us.

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Stay at home. This is the slogan and this is the command of so many countries around the world asking us to stay at home. But what are we going to do at home? My brothers and sisters in Islam, this is a time of reflection. This is I believe, a time for self evaluation. This is a time where we ask ourselves that if Allah subhanaw taala would reverse the situation or favor once again. How would we utilize our time, those same legs those same limbs that Allah Allah had created for you since the beginning of your life, are still with you at home, are still with you during this lockdown time. But when Allah subhanaw taala free us when we walk toward the masjid, when it is very

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convenient for us to stay at home. We'll we will be abandoned the commands will last pantalla again, or will we really take that time as a lesson.

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And in sha Allah do that which is pleasing to Allah. So it's a self evaluation time. In fact, I am so happy and I don't want that to be misunderstood. But I'm so happy that perhaps this will be a wake up call for all of us.

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To make us in sha Allah to Allah make you turn and do that which is appropriate and do that which is pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala I call already called the prophet SAW Selim his narration the Hadith of the Prophet SAW Selim, salah and I and foulke be keen and adhere to that which is benefit you the most

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was time Billa and always seek help from a loss panatela while at the edges and don't be weak. These are Pamela the beautiful advice given to the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to a believer that we should always adhere to that which is beneficial to us. So ask yourself now, how can I utilize that time when I am behind closed doors with my family members? What I What am I going to do and what are we going to do during this period that will benefit us inshallah, not only in this dunya

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not only matters of this dunya but how can we benefit ourselves also in matters related to the hereafter in sha Allah, Allah was time blind and seek help from a las pantalla de la that's the tool that Allah subhanaw taala had given us to change the other itself sapan Allah the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam said otherwise de la gente, la familia de cada and da, they resist one another until the day of judgment, perhaps the power of allow us to test us

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through this COVID-19 and other diseases and other challenges in life. But do I do I have a sincere believer could push the other back? Can you imagine? The thing that they cannot change is a lot of a lot of things that had already come to existence that already had taken place and it's irreversible. These these others are these parts of the cover of Las panatela can never change but the other or the plan of Allah subhanaw taala that is that is reversible, can only be reversible through our door. Can you imagine so Allah Subhana Allah and the Prophet Muhammad wa salam had reminded us in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala reminded us that the most important area and sort of Fatiha is er

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can Abu where he can start in you alone your Allah we worship and You alone we asked for her. Why is it the most important I in Surah Al Fatiha because basically it summarizes our purpose of existence. I bother former Holocaust denial inside the abdomen. I have not created jinn nor mankind except for one purpose and that is to worship Me

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And it's their honor to bear in mind that whatever we do whatever we wanted to achieve in life, excuse me,

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it would be only possible by the assistance and aid of Allah subhanaw taala while our targets and don't be weak, don't feel that you are weakened because our messages been locked and are closed down and we are told not to perform our Duma to save lives actually and we are sadly told also the tarawih will not be possible this year.

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Don't be weak while at a new wallet has no one to Alona in control momineen Do not be weak my brothers and sisters and do not be saddened why Allah subhanaw taala had given you the upper hand if you are believers. If you have these qualities of Eman, then don't be sad and don't be weakened Allah subhanaw taala love the man love the believer who is strong spiritually and strong physically so seize this opportunity while you are at home by strengthen your Eman, strengthen your spirituality and strengthen your physical being as well by being active May Allah Subhana Allah grant us good health in Charlottetown. Many people have been asking scholars around and asking

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people of knowledge in the past few weeks few months about this test of COVID-19 whether it is a punishment or a test a trial for the believers. Look my brothers and sisters in Islam every test that is given to at a large scale, just like like COVID-19 which affects Muslims and non Muslims alike. It will be taken individually we cannot say it is entirely test we cannot say it's entirely punishment. It's like the example given by Shay fathers who a man in one of his videos he said imagine yourself living in a building with many many neighbors, some are Muslims or non Muslims. Among the Muslim Some are sinners. Some are alcoholics or people who engage in Zin, Allah, Allah and

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among the disbelievers are kind hearted people or atheists or agnostics. And that building was crashed and the entire inhabitants were killed or denied. Will Allah Subhana Allah

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consider the death as a punishment or as a trial or as an elevation in rewards, every single person, depending on what they used to do, will be judged accordingly according to the justice and mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. Similarly, COVID-19 could be punishment for some it could be trials for others. So don't bother too much about what is it? Is it a punishment? Or is it a trial? Rather, think about your own condition as an individual and ask yourself, what is it that I need to do now, to rectify the situation? If I was sinner, if I was a righteous, how can I increase my my my righteous deeds and how can I depend to a las panatela and go back to Him and do that which is

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pleasing to Him?

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This should be our concern, our concern in this very, very difficult time.

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The prophet SAW Selim explained to our shot of the Aloha, no bow in the plague, our own had spread the say it was a Rama and mercy to the believers. So Pamela, in fact, some people we considered it to be a blessing like you know, they welcomed it because they know that Allah subhanaw taala elevate the status of believers when they are tested harshly.

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And the high, the harder the test, the higher the reward. Remember this if you're patient and if you accepted with contentment. So May Allah subhanaw taala reward us all. I just wanted to share a few stories of those people who are locked down in the past, and how was the

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behaviors and how Allah subhanaw taala responded to their plead. The first one is Eunice Ali salam, when he was swallowed by a whale as a result of some actions that he had done. Some scholars debated this whether it was a disobedient on his part or not, but we don't want to get into the details. But the poor I mentioned his story in a in a very beautiful sublime language with a new new album was the band for Van Allen naka de la la. And when Eunice is around the noon is the person of the whale or the person of the fish is the habit more often than when he went up angrily for them and lung naka de la la and he thought that we cannot get to

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hold of him and we cannot, we are not capable of disciplining him. And in another citation for one and laying you cannot lie, and he thought that nothing could over, take him or nothing could discipline him or nothing can have power over him. These are the understanding in the translations and they have different translation sanada format, so whether, whether he was a disobedient to Allah Subhana Allah or perhaps he had those slips or mistakes, unintentional mistakes of the Prophet. His response to what happened was beautiful Fernanda format, then he called upon a las panatela, while he's locked down in the darkness, in the darkness here the darkness of the fish, the whale, the

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belly of the whale, and the darkness of the night and the darkness of the sea. vullo Martin, folk of ultimate darkness upon darkness upon the light of the news locked down in a way that we can never imagine or comprehend.

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Upon the light of him, no one of us would even bear thinking that he will be swallowed whole by a whale, and May Allah, Allah protect us. But he was locked down in a in a way, far

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more far more difficult than any of the lockdown that we are experiencing today. Yet he called upon a Lost Planet Allah again, Doha is coming here.

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So another little Mati and Isla in the super Chanukah in need come to mean of volume. He called upon a law in a way that he's not beseeching a loss patala owes or praying to a lot to take him out of his difficulty or to deliver him to this to the shore. He's just praising Allah, Allah, he's remembering Allah subhanaw taala he's acknowledging the wrong that he had done. La ilaha illa Anta sewaholic there is no god worthy of worship or Allah except you. So behind the Glory be to You in equal to men of volume in indeed ours among the wrongdoers. And from that lesson my brothers and sisters in Islam, we may learn that this is a time for us to acknowledge our wrong to admit that we

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have done wrong, no matter what wrong you have done, it doesn't matter minor or major, it's a time to repent and to turn back to the last panel to Allah and acknowledge that with humility, this is a sign of humility, and to apologize to a Lost Planet Allah to ask a lot of forgive us maybe that

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alone can be the, the the tool by which Allah subhanaw taala would deliver us from this pandemic, may Allah Subhana Allah protect us all. And as a result, our last panel to Allah said, first the job in Allah.

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Then we responded to him, and the little fat in Arabic here in the word festa Jana, we responded to him indicates the speed, the hastiness of Allah subhanaw taala in responding to his daughter wanted Gina who Mina loved me and we delivered him from his distress worker Delica noon g l momineen. And this is how we save the believers. A Lost Planet, Allah is telling us that this is the tool This is one of the tools is to turn out to Allah Subhana Allah in repentance, and to acknowledge, you're wrong to admit that what you have done in the past was wrong, what can barely can rinji meaning and thus we save the believers, and in another draw in another motive for re citation and thus the

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believers are saved. So in one craw in one mode of recitation Allah Subhana, Allah is referring to Eunice Ali Salaam, saying, and this is how we, we save the believers, if we follow these two, two tools to acknowledge you're wrong and to turn to Allah subhanaw taala in supplication, and in Doha. And in the second dissertation, a Lost Planet Allah is telling us that this has been the way all along of how we save the believers of the past. So it's, it's a beautiful, you know, when you reflect over different modes of presentation, because Because again, it gives you a lot of a broader understanding of what a las panatela is expected from you. And that's why one of the DA that the

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Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had total soluble it's the farm and the master of the desires of seeking forgiveness. alojamento bo Allah you are my Lord, let it enter. There is no god worthy of worship except you holla Ateneo and abduch you have created me and I am your servant will enter deca, deca mustapa. And I shall follow and obey your covenant and follow your covenant to the best of my

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ability to become in shadow the mouse on up I seek refuge. I asked you protection from that evil which I have

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performed. So, again Allah Subhana Allah is teaching us through the prophet Muhammad wa sallam that acknowledging the sin is the beginning of repentance.

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Then another locked up situation that took place in history is the sharp butala when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and his companions were locked down in a in an open desert, the boycott them completely no one, you know, deal with them, no one delivered to them food, no one come out, no one enters for three years. Only those who have good hearts would be smuggling food and necessity from time to time. But people were really living in a miserable life. And that did not make them leave the religion that did not make them lose the faith and Eman. In fact, the DEA came out of that situation even stronger believers, some some of them died. Afterwards honey jar of your loved one

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horrible. So the situation was so tough again, if we compare the lockdown that we are having we live in luxury. May Allah subhanaw taala keep on blessing us with his bounties. We live in luxury by brothers and sisters in Islam. But look at them. They were locked in an open desert while I had the villa, they would eat one date, and they chew on the seed for a couple of days, because there was no food. Yet those weak people at that time they were the strongest of the strongest.

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Salam haematoxylin May Allah subhanaw taala send his Peace and mercy upon the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and his great companions. We look at another lockdown situation that took place in the history and that is the lockdown or the lockup of use of holly salon in jail. So panel Laila being one of the most favorite part of the story is that when he conversed

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with when he conversed with his, the companions of the of the prison. First of all, he said Kala Kala besieging la Ameen Meadow nanny LA, he said, when he was accused for having an affair with the wife of Al Aziz. And they decided to throw him in jail. He said, Well, law he jail, kohlrabi. He said, My Lord, jail is more beloved to me than what they are calling me to do, then then Xin our line of law, so suparna ly lobbying perhaps, when you were left out there in the world, freely going at anytime you want, perhaps, you used to send a lot and a Lost Planet, Allah want to bring you back to your family so that he can connect with your wife instead of going out and hanging out with the

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wrong company, perhaps. So maybe you should. That's why I said in the beginning, I'm happy with the with the situation. But in a way, of course, I'm not happy with the disease that had killed many people around the world.

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But I'm happy that perhaps the lock up or the lock down period would change lives and make people better. So this is this is a time that we should reflect as I mentioned the beginning we look at the story of Yusuf Ali Salaam, he said jail is much better than Xena. So, perhaps we can reflect over this and look into our situation and ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept that period, where we will be behind closed doors and make that period the best period ever so that we when we go out in sha Allah we can

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influence people positively and, and and become better human beings and become better Muslims and fill up the messages whether in Federer or other time.

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During the day, whether in Juma and Ramadan or other time of the year, this is a lesson. And by the way, in my opinion that the real test will happen, the real test will take place when when this whole pandemic thing is over. When we go back to our normal life, then the test will start. alanna will see who will go to the messages and who will become lazy again and just pray alone or pray at home or not praying at all. So that's the real test. Now it's a time for us to reform our situation. But the real test in my opinion, will take place after the lockdown is over. But as I said that one of the best part of surah Yusuf is the conversation between himself and the two companions. And

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again, this is a time for us to reflect how can we use that story for our benefit. So we asked him to you know, interpret some of the dreams that they have seen and immediately use of Elisa Lam. Before interpreting the dream he uses this opportunity to do that to him.

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Invite them to the one who created them and created everything. So he said Valley Kumar, Amina Alemany, Robbie.

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You're asking me because you know that I can interpret the dream but I wanted to, I want to draw your attention to something very important that this is not something that I do on my own. This is what Allah My Lord has taught me. Yeah, he he sees this opportunity and then he started talking about Allah subhanaw taala and inviting them to to slam he said, What? In metallic to Mila Camila Muna Bella I have left I have abandoned a way of life of people who do not believe in Allah subhanaw taala, whom, to whom care through and they this belief, they don't have faith in the hereafter. What about humility, that you and I follow the way of life of my forefathers, Ibrahim was hired by a man

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Mecca and Elena and Lucia Billahi min shake, it was not intended. It was not meant for us to associate partners with Allah this was not. This is not why a Lost Planet Allah created us Valley coming from the Lehi. Alena, this is among the bounties of Allah upon us who are alumnus and upon everyone were kidnapped for Nancy lash grown but the majority of mankind did not praise we do not show gratitude to Allah Subhana Allah look at how Yusuf Ali Salaam sees this opportunity. One question can you interpret our dream? Immediately he started directing their attention to the fact that a lot exists and that Allah subhanaw taala is the deity that we should worship and should

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praise and should be grateful to your Sahaba is Sydney and then he called him all my my companion of this jail or Babylon with the federal hoonah Hi, Amelia. Hello, hello, how are many loads and Gods deviated and divided better or a loss of panatela the one that irresistible Matta boo naman dooney he last man Some may do more and to whatever outcome you don't worship except that which you have invented that you have named you on your forefather mountains Allah will be having some talk a lot never commend us Allah never revealed such a thing. In in hoekman Lila Lila, the judgment the final judgment will be left to Allah subhanaw taala Amara alerta Buddha in last year, he had commanded

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that you should worship none but him that he could Dino claim this is the appropriate religion This is the appropriate way of life. Well, I came back for a nasty lie Allah moon but the majority of people do not know only then my brothers and sisters. After all this introduction about Alon or Diem, he started to interpret the dean. The lesson is that hamdulillah with that with the help of technology now you can use it in your favor. Now you can use it to spread the deen of Allah I'm so glad. And I'm so moved to see many machines who had never actually access Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, all the social media that are available seeing them now Marshall a lot of articles

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realizing that it is the time to seize this opportunity because millions and billions of people will spend longer hours during this lockdown time on the social media and as a result Marshall a lot of articles in the past couple of weeks they flooded the internet with beneficial lectures and reminders and nightly talks and weekly what the cold virtual hug was. May Allah bless them also seize the opportunity now for Dawa May Allah Subhana Allah Allah protect us. final point inshallah it's a mere lie it may Allah have mercy upon him when he was sent to jail upon Allah. He went while he's smiling, and he said these famous quote about jail, he said, sees me Hola. My jail is

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seclusion. It's the time now that I will have more hours with a loss of Panama. What will my enemies do to me, he said, if they send me away, it's for me it's tourism. And if the jlb it's time for me to watch the last panel to either, you know, in seclusion, in peace, so seize this opportunity my brothers and sisters in Islam, and in sha Allah, Allah, Allah will deliver us from this pandemic that we have never experienced in our lifetime. I hope and I pray that those few words were beneficial to you inspiring, inspiring words for you in sha Allah if you liked whatever has been said, because it's from the whole field of Allah subhanho wa Taala from the help of Allah subhanaw

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taala they have shared it with others for the benefits and if there are any mistakes I have made it's only because I'm a human being May Allah Subhana Allah forgive

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Our shortcomings amin de la halen was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi Brookins