Ramadan 2019 – Therapy – Dua 28

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A Dua of just 4 words!

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Santa Monica Monica Monica la hora graduates your brother your hair Brahim with another Ramadan therapy Allah who medical hand when the final 10 days of the month of Ramadan and this is number 28 May Allah subhanaw taala make our month of Ramadan a month of healing prosperity and happiness and correction to that which is ailing us in our life drawing us closer and closer to him subhana wa tada along in that nested okay obiora but I mean we ask you to draw us closer towards you with an increase in our to do with a lot of them. I mean, this drop is comprised of four important words a lot of fun there out of just four words, yes, Masha Allah, Allah, Allah, but it is a drug that was

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heard by the prophet made by the prophets element heard by the companions of the Messenger of Allah, that he would habitually say it. And it is something that he would say, in his slaughter. There's narrations of it, and after saw that, it would be something you would say when he would be moving about and it would be something you would say when he was seated or reclining in the company of others. So it's one of those multipurpose there and you'll see why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam asked for for things for particular words. He asks for guidance. He asks for righteousness piety, he asked for chastity and he asked for affluence, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, each of those

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are four things that you and I esteem and want in life. They are the basis of all of the relationships that we have in life as you will soon see. So what is this there out of the prophets I send them and I hope inshallah, that you can memorize it throughout the course of this discussion, you'll find the link to it in the description of my YouTube page in Shopify, you can subscribe as well. Allahumma oh my lord, Oh Allah, you're the only one I turned to in worship. And that's what the word Allahumma you alone a lot. Do I make this request this petition to this invocation of this supplication seeking Allahumma inni. I asked of this as a Luca I request of you Allahumma inni as

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Luca alhuda, Masha, Allah, Allah, I beg of you, I ask of you, I supplicate and I invoke you to bless me with alhuda guidance, guidance and all of its qualities. Now there's two levels of guidance. There's a guidance of seeing of basura where you see guidance. So it inspires you you read a book, you read a Hadith, you heard this discussion or others that move your heart to action. So there's this guidance of a law showing you the way in a practical and real sense, but there's a second guidance, which is an esoteric, internal guidance, which is the guidance of your heart being moved by Allah and we know that Allah subhanho wa Taala is the governor of the hearts you'll call liberal

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Hakka shot a lot alternates the heart as he sees fit as Allah Subhana Allah determines in his decree. So when you're asking for a diet, make sure in your intention you're asking for both Oh Allah let somebody lead me to that which is good. Oh Allah, let me find the truth. I will love Let me read of it here. Have it witness it let me be a person who recognizes the fact that you have sent so naughty him a Latina. Allah says I will show them my signs, oh, Allah opened my eyes to the signs. But number two, make your intention that he would that hey Daya you're asking for the holder you're asking for is that your heart opens Chateaux? holla that's what moves ads for rubbish roughly

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suddenly, and that's what the prophet was given a definition of Hanukkah song. Haven't I prepared your heart to receive the truth? A lot of Musharraf's so do Ronna a woman Cana made them for Ariana, which are unhappy with Allah who Nora, the one who was, you know, dead to the dead to the spirit of faith, and we gave them life we put in their heart light. This is the second level of hidayah it's inspired by Allah, Allah casts into the heart a sense of softness that opens it to accept the truth that it sees with its eyes and hears with its ears. May Allah give us the both levels of guidance Aloma I mean sadly there are many rules see guidance with their eyes but their hearts will not

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recognize it and love warns of this in the aura and that in the halo Tamil upside well I can Tamil oolitic has to do it's not that the eyes are blind and they can't see the reality but the chest contains a heart that has no perception and is deemed to the truth. A lahoma in the SLO get Allahu there are a lot I asked you for this guidance, the two levels of guidance. What do I know Allah bless me with taqwa what Taka, Allah in the local Buddha, what Allah blessed me with guidance and also piety. piety is the thing you need to discover guidance and Allah tells us this in the beginning of sort of Al Baqarah. Valley, Kalki tabula rasa Buffy, who then lil Mata in this book is

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a guidance to those who possess piety and therefore to receive that piety that we're asking for it to Allah open a heart to show us the truth that we can follow it and practice it. It requires a sincerity of heart

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And a piety of purpose and being in the soul at UCLA who now your piety is internal, we ask a lot to make the tulcea of our collusion that was one of the drugs we learned two or three days ago. May Allah accept it and you can return to it maybe you're at number 23 or 24 a lahoma in me as a local who that what took on piety or Allah piety is not just a feeling in the heart a man which is in the heart Laysan, Emmanuel determine me whenever the highly when I can imagine Mr. Walker often called was under common Eman is not what you know when hopes for it is what takes residence in the heart and is proven through deeds, its actions you perform, and therefore a man the purpose of a man and

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taqwa which are interchangeable. I took means faith in Allah and that faith is in your heart, but it must be proven through deeds. So here Allah, the prophet is asking Allah show me guidance, which is what I will believe in my heart and give me taqwa, which is the actions of the body. Whenever taqwa is referred to in the Quran, in the tradition, it means deeds, not just the leaf in the heart. I love him and he said, okay, Buddha was too hot when laughs if Allah grant me chastity, may Allah grant us and our families and our homes and our children and our offspring, chastity, I sense of a fair, a fair to neps there's a chastity of the soul where you don't seek what other people have.

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You're not a jealous person, you're not a greedy person. You're a person who is content with what Allah has given you aspire to greatness. But if you don't achieve it, because it is sinful to achieve it in the way that others have, then you're happy to be where you are, because that is better. What is better for you for your dunya and after a fair to neps is that you don't seek an excessiveness that you have an ability to say, Oh, now I have enough and Allah has blessed me with much. And I'm thankful for it to be to be a person of high five is that you are able to control your bodily organs in particular, the three most important the eyes, the tongue and the private parts,

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that you're able to control your sexual

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desires, you're able to control your verbal impulses and you're able to cast away your eyes from that which is sinful. We ask Allah subhana wa Taala allow me as a Luca and houda what to call when

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when Medina and all Allah enrich us. The Prophet is lm says Alina Vina nuforce Rena neffs true affluence is that your soul can find contentment its internal and therefore to be affluent is a blessing thing that Allah gives you from the different kinds of of worldly material is a blessing thing. We should all aspire inshallah to be multimillionaires, not just millionaires. May Allah bless us all with a vastness of risk that we earn from Hillel visa the two conditions earn in Holland and spend in Holland and give a chair in czaka as it is due, may Allah subhanho wa Taala give us affluence, but recognize that the greatest affluence is the enrichment of the soul that a

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person is able to be content and therefore you see I laugh if we're Latina, Oh Allah give me chastity. And Oh Allah enrich me. I love them. I mean, May Allah give us this affluent enrichment, where we recognize a place with a lot. Don't ever feel shy about craving your share from the dunya and working hard and saving well and being economically empowered. Those are all things that are from the Sunnah of the Prophet and the Sahaba. Or the one Allah Allah you the hand that gives is better than the hand that receives the one who shares is better than the one who is shared with the one who is strong in mind and heart in a man in economic prosperity is more beloved to Allah than

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the one who is poor and weak. All of these are from the tradition and the authentic words of the prophets of Allah what he was saying. We make this drop to Allah for words. Aloma in the SI Luca Oh Allah I asked you at Huda what to call when we're looking at our love letters, and give us guidance, piety, chastity, and affluence. A lot of them I mean, this is your brother. Yeah, hey, Brahim, with another Ramadan therapy, the month of May Allah accepted from us this was number 28. Allah blessed us with a great ending to the month of Ramadan, that we end stronger in our worship and love for Allah than we began this blessing month. Allahumma amin la necrom tahune. Perhaps you will attain a

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greater sense of consciousness.