Ramadan 2018 – Daily Tafsir – Juz 22

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I said I want each one of them to lie about out with you brother. Yeah, hi Brahim with another daily Pepsi a juice a day and hamdulillah orange juice number 22. So what

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is featured prominently in juice number 22. It's one of those sodas where Allah subhanho wa Taala instills in us a level of gratefulness after difficulty. The prophets I seldom was surrounded by enemies and Allah Subhana Allah

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gives favor upon him and Allah Subhana Allah speaks to the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about his status, that Allah subhanaw taala describes a prophet to the believers that he is close to you, that Allah Subhana Allah knows that the Prophet has a love for the believers. And therefore in return, he advises us Subhana Allah to Allah to be from those who take the profits decisions and his verdict as law to be from those who understand that he is a witness over us that he's a giver of good news that he's a forbidden of evil, that he's a warner he's a color to a lot die in a law. What's the origin monniera he's one who is like a lamp in the darkness whose light radiates beyond

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him sallallahu alayhi wasallam and into the ages until it reaches us today. It speaks about the etiquettes that we must show to the messenger Mohammed Ali Salim. And in this surah is the most beautiful verses in the Lahore meta eco. You saw Luna and the Navy Yeah, Johan levena M and salute Allahu eternally Mota slim Allahumma salli ala nabina Muhammad, Allah speaks about the consequence of being distant from the prophets I sell them or harming other prophets and the law says near the end of the surah Yeah, you are living in Amman, ruleta kulu Kadena Adam, Adam muzaffarpur Allah homie makalu are you believe Don't be harmful to your prophet as those who came before you were

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harmful to Moses on a SNM so it speaks about so but the virtue of El Beit the family of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his children, his grandchildren, his wives sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sort of has Abby's about the Battle of the hijab the good news of victory, that a lot of sense, forces that are unseen, and that the angels are there to assist us. It also speaks in touches about the conquest of Benny horiba. And it speaks directly to the wives of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to be a high standard and a pillar within our communities. And the the veil the order of the veil was established in Saudi Arabia your Navy or messenger of God, prophet of God

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fully as well as you carbon article and he sat in what we need to say to your wives to the your daughters and to the women of the believers You need not only him Angela DB him to cloak themselves with their Jade Bab all of this is found in that surah. And if you have the outcome that relates to divorce and remarriage, and so on, the next era is sort of Sabbath, which is the 34th chapter of the total on and sort of Sabbath is a beautiful sort of it is about a laws, bounties and favors that are changed, be as a as a recompense of misdeeds and disobedience. And the prophets, I seldom is given this prophetic guidance to be appreciating of the near mo of Allah, the blessings of Allah subhanho

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wa Taala in this life, so that they can be extended, protected, and that they can be shared with others. Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks directly about govern those who are governed and those who are governors, and that each of them has a right to each other, and that they are both really a reflection of one another. And therefore, when you don't like what you see in society, it really begins with you looking inwardly to bring about that change. And it's one person who becomes a collection that can bring that change. All of this is an underlying theme in sort of Sabbath, that no obedience should be given in matters where it calls to lewdness and sinfulness and deviance from

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a path of truth. And that is still followed is one of the things that heals us. And these are all things that should be pondered by all of us in our relationship with Allah Subhana Allah to Allah sawtell seven is a very powerful surah that speaks about a you know, a city that changed in its faithfulness to a law, followed by a New Roman law. It is believed in the blessings of Allah and therefore, it was taken from it for alcohol lieberson Juma, they were made to taste hunger and thirst as a consequence, the next chapter is sold out. And actually before sort of faulted, the consequence of that disbelief is that people begin to feud with one another that we don't see. The

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mistake has been within ourselves, it's about blaming others, and that's something that you see in society today. The next order is sort of falter, which is Surah number 35. And it speaks about a lot the word fault it felt at a seminar to a lot that a lot is the originator, the innovator, the only one who was brought out of nothingness Some things are kind of to Allah, it opens with a lot speaking about his angels and his creation of them and their massive

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beauty and then Allah Subhana Allah speaks about

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his aura, and that it is only a law who spreads His mercy, and that it is only a law who can confinement and therefore it becomes an important process for you and I, to deal with a loss of Hannah went to Allah in a way that gains his little from his mercy and that anguish and that saves us from the anguish of our sins and the Wrath of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, Allah subhanaw taala speaks about the purpose of creation and disorder, just like the angels were created, they don't have a choice, you have a choice of mankind, a lot speaks about the deception of human beings about the shaitan and his allure and the allure of the worldly life to lead us away from him. Allah speaks

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about the weakness that is found within us as human beings, that within us we have a dependency on a law and if we don't recognize it, it makes us even weaker if we don't turn to Him in aid. Allah speaks to us about righteous deeds, that they are for our own benefit. It's not something that benefits a loss of Hannah Montana. And a lot gives these in parables he speaks about the blind in comparison to the one who sees that darkness in comparison to the light, the one who's in the shade, and that of the sun, the one who's alive in comparison to the one who's dead, all of it similitude of faith and lack of responses to the people. A lot responds in different ways to us at different

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times. And that we are people who are in a trade with a loss of how to add, you're in commerce with a law you're buying and selling your soul in that which is righteousness, and seeking that which is pleasing to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, all of those are overarching themes that we find in sort of Fatah and Allah Subhana, Allah to Allah asks us to be from those who maintain that. Finally, Allah subhanho wa Taala begins and introduces to us sort of the scene, which is a magnificent sort of, it's dear to the hearts of all Muslims. There's a number of Hadith that have been mentioned on it. Many of them are weak and don't have authentic chains of narration. But the ones that are

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authentic do establish its primary primary role within our belief system as Muslims, it seeks to fulfill two important processes, which is confirming that Prophet Prophet Mohammed Salim as a true messenger of Allah, and what his role is and what the role of the prophets before him were. And second, that the resurrection and that about when the short is a reality that there will be a day where we stood in front of our Creator and asked him questions about how we lived our life, sort of seen comes from the first two letters Yeah, and seen and these letters have been made as a name for the prophets. I seldom he has seen one or an Hakeem in Mecca, because it says if it does, speaking

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directly in NACA, you are Mohammed, lemon and more saline. Although there is no record of this being stated by the prophets, I send them that it is one of his names. It has been given the other other descriptions by their odema it's been called and madatha, the one that defends you, and I will call the the one that, you know,

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settles at matches with a law and it is more unmad the thing that is overwhelming in its comprehensive dealings and nature. There are three important sections of the sutra. The first is the trueness of the message of the Prophet Mohammed Salah SLM, that Allah will protect him, or join them in baby ID him said them woman called for him said that we would avail in a blindness between you and then they won't be able to reach you, you will be protected Oh Mohammed, so I sell them the deeds are written, and that Allah Subhana Allah knows what we say. And the law gives the example in it of a man who heard who at his death sees the blessings of life. And he says, Yeah, later call me

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on the moon. Oh, I wish my people who I'm leaving behind my wife, my children, my and my, my tribe. You know, the city that I live in that they knew what I see now and the blessing that Allah has destined because of my faith and belief in him. And Allah, also, you know, mentioned that there were three messengers that were sent to them. No one believed in them except this humble man. And it's like the example of a dead land that is irrigated and it comes in thrives. Our attitude is to Allah. Finally, it's about the afterlife, which is the beginning of the next Jews. I hope that you continue with me in this process. This is your brother. Yeah. Hey Ibrahim with a daily tip, see, and adjust

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by day This was just number 22 was salam wa alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakato cat