Prophetic Du’as #4

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Guide Us Among Those Guided

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The importance of guidance and guidance for everyone is discussed, as well as the need for guidance for the next panel. The speakers emphasize the importance of women and men in their roles and how they can benefit from guidance. The negative impact of negative comments on one's behavior and staying true to Islam is also highlighted. Islam has guided individuals to be a Muslim and that guidance and aid have already been given.

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Salam Alaikum and welcome to another episode of prophetic drop. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught a very powerful drive to his grandson and hasn't it hasn't already Allahu Allah and says my grandfather taught me

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to note is, you know, one that you've, you know, seen the Imam doing during wizard. The Stanford wire collusion they make two and they always say this too, because this is the one that is the Sunnah to say drunkenness even though you can say it at any time inshallah. And this is super powerful. The dog goes Aloma Dini female candidate, Allah guide me amongst those who have guided while I have many female athletes, and grant me well being amongst those who have granted well being, whatsoever many females are late and Take me into your charge amongst those whom you have taken into your charge. What radically female plate and bless me and all that you have bestowed upon

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me, while cleaning shutter amalco lights and save me from the evil that you have decreed. Fein NECA, taco De La, La La For indeed you are the one who decrees and none can decree above you or none can influence you. In the hula you illuminate. They cannot be humiliated those whom you have taken under your charge to Dr. Banner, what are they bless it are you Our Lord, and exalted. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam teaches this powerful drought to his grandson. And it's an evidence or it shows us that we should be teaching our children and our grandchildren, what benefits them and will help them in this world and in the next, and he teaches his grandson this really powerful. And it

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begins with asking for guidance, and enough humanidades guide us amongst those who have guided and guidance is the most powerful thing an important thing that we can ask the last panel to either This is why unsweetened Fatiha, which we you know do either we make at least 17 times a day, this powerful throughout that we make what is it that we're asking Allah for? And you know, pseudorandom still can guide us to the straight path. And a person might ask why am I constantly asking Allah for guidance? I'm already a Muslim. You know, we're constantly asking Allah for guidance. what's what's the reason behind it. And the truth is, we are in constant need all the time, for the guidance of

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the last panel to eyelet in every aspect of our life. We need the guidance of Allah azza wa jal in this religion, you know, guidance and staying upon this religion, guidance and our prayer that we pray the right way that we fast properly, guidance and our charity guidance and our clear guidance and our guidance and how we deal with our family guidance and how we raise our children guidance and how you know we conduct our business, how we deal with our colleagues, how we do our jobs, guidance and all of our affairs, we are in constant need of this guidance, even guidance in relative to our past. If we did something evil in the past, we need to be guided now to recognize that what we did

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in the past was wrong and to seek the forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so we ask Allah to guide us, FEMA has eight amongst those who may have, he has guided and it's as if we're saying to Allah, Subhana Allah, Allah, you've guided so many people, including amongst them, you've guided you've given guidance to all these prophets and messengers and righteous people just include us amongst all these many people that use with Allah have guided and then we say what are female, female athletes, and give us well being amongst those whom you have given if your well being if he is well being health, protection, security. And it's a very powerful concept to be asking Allah

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subhanaw taala for an ambassador, the long one who is the uncle of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he was close in age to the Prophet so even though he was his uncle, they both you know were raised in you know, together and were close friends with each other, a lot better the longer and he came to the Prophet sallallahu Allah you send them and he said he also the law, or messenger of Allah eliminate teach me something that I can ask Allah for Teach me do, you know, just like we're trying to learn, he came to the prophet and said, teach me something that I can ask Allah for. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to him, subtle law, if you ask Allah for IVF, for

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well being, you know, health, in your body health, in your mind, protection, safety, you know, the idea that you can wake up and that, you know, you know that you're going to be safe in your life, that your body is intact, and in good sound shape, and that your health is good, that you know, ask Allah for alpha. And so that best took this advice on the prophet and he left. And a few days later, it comes back to the Prophet, so the longer you send them, and he asks him the same question, you know, I learned this to I and I implemented it now messenger of Allah give me another day. And what is the profits a little low, and he sent him say to him, set a low and if you have to do with a

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hero, he said to him, ask Allah for Latvia in this world then in the next. And so it gave him the same over and over, because he's underscoring for us how important this is how important this concept is, I mean to the person who doesn't have health as you know, your email and your faith in Allah, tada, and then your health and what is there after that, you know, your health and your well being is so solid

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Important and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, settled on AFI and another Hadith he said to the people, ask Allah for Latvia, Faina hula neuroglia hudon. How you don't got badly in a minute. He said, For indeed nobody has ever been given anything better. After belief in Allah, after certainty and belief in Allah, nobody has been given anything better than our fear than well being in themselves, in their mind, in their body, the well being that a lot of so john can give us. And then he says, What toil and if you mentor late, and give me we lie, and this is related to the name of Allah subhanaw taala allottee and this name of a lot zoa jen has different meanings, what he is

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the one who is close to you. And when he is the one you know, from the word well, II, which is like authority, or you know, govern ship, that the one who takes charge of your affairs, who's in charge of all the matters, right, who has the authority and is in charge of your issues, the one who's like your guardian, you know, you if somebody comes to you with an issue that that person is my guardian go they're gonna take care of this issue, and the one who grants victory and help and aid and so in this case, you're saying oh, let's Why didn't he take me under your guardianship, your charge your your your you know, be to take me close to you and protect me and put me under your divine

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protections panicle to Allah Fie mentor later, along with all the others who have done this, and a loss penalty. Allah says Allah, what do you let me know your regimen of automatic I know that Indeed, Allah is the Wali, he is the, you know, the Guardian, he is the Protector, he is the helper of those who believe he removes them from darkness into the light. And so Alonzo gel being our world, he, he's taking us under his protection, he is close to us, we receive His divine aid and his victory in His love and His protection. And then the art continues with radically female athletes, and bless me and all that you have given me that, okay, Baraka is, you know, for a lot to prolong

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the benefit of what it is that we have. So we ask a lot for Baraka or ask him to prolong the benefit. And so we're saying all up, give us this blessing, prolong the benefit of all that you've given us. Now, what has a lot given us of course, what hasn't luck has which has given us but you know, as you're making this, you should think about, you know, just as you asked Allah for guidance, think of the fact that Allah has already guided you, he guided you to be a Muslim, he guided you to make this to AI. He guided you to do so many things in your life. Right? So you think about the fact that Allah has already guided you, and you say, oh, Allah bless me and the guidance you've given me.

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And you realize that a lot of surgeon has already given you if he has given you some well being in your life. And so you ask Allah azza wa jal to extend. And to increase that well being, you will recognize that a larger surgeon has given you some divine protection, some divine aid, some wilaya in your life. And so you ask a lost parent either to extend that blessing, Allah has given you all of these things. And this makes you think of all the things that you've already asked the love for that he's already given you from it, and you ask a lot to extend it will clean a shutter on mockolate and save me from the evil that you have decreed a loss penalty either decrease sometimes

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things that we see as evil, but a lie never decrease anything that is purely evil. And even that is evil that we see happen in this world. It occurs because of our greater good. But we asked the last panel to Allah to save us from any evil that he has decreed for any reason well, cleaning shovel America, it saved me from the evil that you have to create. And then this tour ends with fan out on a lot ends with praise to a last panel to highlight in Nikita Lee, what are you Kabali You are the one who decrees and none can decree above you, none can influence you. You know, we are asking great things from Allah subhanaw taala. And we have to recognize and praise a loss of penalty added to

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realize that indeed, it is a great, powerful, capable Lord that is able to deliver us guidance and able to deliver us well being unable to deliver us His love and His protection, some kind of horror to Allah. And so he decrees that none can influence him, you cannot pressure a lot zildjian you cannot leverage against him, you cannot control Allah subhanaw taala will La Jolla qumola more accurately helped me a lot how the other says in the Quran that Allah decides and there is no adjuster to his decision. There's no one who can come and change this decision or adjust in any way. And then he says wait in law, yeah, the lumen Wait, and indeed they will never be humiliated, those

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whom you have taken under your weed Ayah so that concept we were talking about earlier the concept of weed I have guardianship of Allah subhana wa tada taking you under his charge, it's returning back here. And Allah Subhana Allah to Allah is saying they cannot be humiliated, those who are under the charge of a loss of penalty and the profit is making this powerful Do I look at use of allihies Sam, how often do people try to humiliate and degrade use the fact that his son and his brothers threw him to the bottom of a well and they were throwing they threw him into the prison. And what's happened use have emerged as a king use have emerged as a leader use have emerged as the noblest of

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the people. And then the end of his story.

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What does profit use if it is and I'm saying falcoda somehow it went out until we leave dunia will. That Allah is the Originator of the heavens and the earth. And you are my Wali. You are my protector, you are my guardian. You are the one who has taken charge of my affairs. When a lot so just takes charge of your affairs. Doesn't matter what people do to you. They can never humiliate you, they can never do anything to you. Allah subhanaw taala when he is on your side, no one can humiliate you. They try to humiliate and degrade use of throwing him into the well throwing him into the prison, and he only emerged better and stronger and greater because of it. And in the end of

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this do I tell Dr. Benner what a blessing Are you Oh Allah, the Exalted You are the greatest, you are the mightiest You are the highest. You are the one who guides you are the one who protects you are the one who listens to panicle to Allah and none is better or greater than you in all of these things. And this is such a powerful, beautiful do I memorize it, learn it implemented in your prayer in your food and throughout your life and you will find tremendous blessings from this too I in sha Allah said Mr. honeycomb water bottle, your water kettle