Ramadan 2018 – Daily Tafsir – Juz 18

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Santa Monica Monica Monica La Habra calculates your brother yo Hey Ibrahim with another daily Tafseer Alhamdulillah we're in June number 18 of a juice a day.

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juice in number 18 begins with salt and noon and salt and noon is a soda that is Dearly beloved to the believers it's you know it's the description is about belief and unbelief and a law speaking about the consequences and the rewards for either side, the sort of begins with a listing certain characteristics that the believers have called the moon successful or the believers alladhina home, they are those who and then Allah mentioned certain traits, peace, solidarity and pleasure on the first of them is that they have humility and horseshoe and awareness and awe and supremacy of a lot in their prayers. They abstain from vain talk they are giving of their own sons aka, they are

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guarding of their private relationships and have a careful not to fall into sexual misconduct. There are those who are watchful of their trust in the covenants that they exchange with others, they fulfill their covenant. And they are those who, once again, this or that team halfway through when they guard their prayers. So in the beginning, a lot begins with prayer that a person has humility. And in the end, Allah says that they're guarding of it, they're very careful with it, that it's done on time in the right way and in the right capacity as best as they can. It's a powerful, powerful beginning to that chapter, then I'll transition to speak about the signs of disbelievers. And a lot

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does this by speaking about the story of nuclear saddam and other nations that were destroyed by a law. The law speaks about the people of North as being a rebellious people who had arrogance and who are unwilling to conform to what easily could be recognizable as a statement that calls them to purity and a path to, to to faith and truth. So a law speaks about this by speaking about the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala upon them, and them not being worthy of it because of their rejection of it. And that other generations who followed continued in that disbelief except the few who came to believe, and Allah wants us to be from those who are believers who have certain signs

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and a lot of shares more signs, there are those who have a magnificence and then all of a loss of kinda with to Allah, they have a firmness of faith, and they are those who do not make shift who don't want to join anything, in worship with a law knowing that everything that is a value spiritually is for Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and they give their fear only to Allah subhana wa Tada. They are cognizant of the relationship with their maker and creator and how they live with other people impacts that relationship with the Almighty. The disbelievers, on the other hand, are given two primary characteristics, that they are those who are arrogant and proud. And they are

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unwilling to accept truth that is clear truth, and unwilling to come to a path even to a compromise of what they know is right and what they know is good, because it is come from a particular messenger. Whenever the messengers would come to them, they would reject faith on account of their arrogance and pride. The second characteristic is that they're wasteful of time until the moment comes of regret, and they don't take care of the amount of years that Allah has blessed us with the wealth we've been blessed with the health we've been blessed with in the life that we live. And then Allah speaks about them returning on the day of judgment call into a little bit about john and then

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slowly hand over law returns to the life that we will do righteous deeds. Give us another chance. We missed out this time. Allow us one more opportunity. Kela in the hair, Kelly Mattoon, who call it what law says no. Rather it is just a word that you say in another place. What a root doula a doula man knew who they were to be returned they would do exactly the same and make the same bad choices. So a law then speaks of a consequences that the trumpet that the heralding of the day of judgment will be blown and everyone will know the matter has been decided and deeds will be weighed, and people will then begin to have conversations about the regrets that they had and that people have

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genda will be proud and the people of Hellfire will be worried. Now lawmakers from Abuja mean Allahumma I mean, the disbelievers therefore, can never be can never find success, and therefore success and belief are used interchangeably in the surah called the F Lucha moon and mostly known alfalah hoan. Me known are those who are successful, because successful are the believers. They are those who at the end of the day do one particular thing which is the most pleasing to Allah, after tawheed which is to ask Him for His forgiveness. This leads us into the next chapter, which is part of Jews number 18. where Allah subhanaw taala speaks to us in Surah number 25, sort of the nor the

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light, which is referenced into the verse of light, which is halfway through the surah Allah Subhana Allah speaks about solar to node that is a sort of that speaks about social conventions and what is moral and what is immoral, especially as it relates to sexuality and sexual misconduct. It all

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speaks about the importance of guarding the tongue and how we use it. And Allah subhanaw taala has verses about chastity and honoring each other's relationships. The worst of evil is for indication from the act that a human being can do, allowing his base desire to take over their, their mission in life. And there are punishments and consequences that are listed in the first page of the surah accusations against chaste women are as severe as committing sexual this act of misconduct. rulings of Leon are established if someone suspects their spouse of having committed adultery, what are the ways of taking an oath to this, the incident via his or her data to it, which is outlined in the

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second page of this sort of, and it's prominently featured in the sooner in the Sahara, Bahati and Muslim is directly spoken about in this surah, and her innocence is declared by a law from above the seven heavens, the etiquettes of modesty are outlined in the sutra. Don't enter someone's house without permission, don't look into people's place without permission, keep your gaze lowered from that which is enticing and that which you don't have right to see, do not display openly your beauty in a way of vulgarity to attract attention from others get unmarried people should be tried to get married as soon as they're able, and people should try to assist them in getting married. Do not

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compel those who are captive into immodest dealings, and don't marry people who practice prostitution as a living seeking the pleasures of this worldly life by making money out of it. All of those are verses that are mentioned in this order. Then a law speaks about the guidance of a law and the imagery of the light of a law is used as the source of guidance. Allah who knows it well out of Matthew Nuri, he commish getting free happiness by God, Allah subhanaw taala the Almighty is the light of the heavens and the earth to Panama. It's a beautiful, beautiful verse. It's one of the most commented on in verses and I recommend for you to listen to the Tafseer of it by my dear

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brother and colleague Dr. Yes, of course he he's got a wonderful statement and YouTube videos on it and child love. Believers are those who benefit from the light of Allah. And Allah gives the parable of the unbelievers as having one of two things. Either they see a mirage or they see something that they think is right when they get to it had that Elijah who lent me a Jewish eye. When they arrived to it, it's just a mirage. It's nothing or they're in the other state, which is just complete darkness. Lulu mountain Babu halfhill Kaaba darkness above darkness, either.

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They if they were to put their hand in front of their face, lemmya kadjar Ah, they can't even see it. The third section of the soul of Allah subhanaw taala speaks about the signs of belief that everything claims, belief in Allah proclaims the purity of worship of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. Some will turn back from this soulfulness and come back to a law and repentance is always open for a believer who has come and defiled themselves in the sight of Allah. Those who truly believe are those who give there's a cat and that's one of the first things that is mentioned and establish their sada and have righteous actions in particular with their society and those who they live with.

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Allah then speaks about the needs and the seeking to protect children and those who are in bondage. And Allah speaks about the rules for the elderly and Allah speaks about the call of the prophets I seldom is to call people to that light of a law and call them to that which will enrich them in life. The closing of the Jews begins sort of alpha con which is the 25th chapter of the Quran.

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Allah Subhana Allah speaks about so little for clan, which means that criteria the divider between right and wrong, good and bad, halal and haram, but also to heat and shift and add good action from bad action law speaks about it by speaking about the importance of praising the almighty identifying him before the day of judgment, where the full con will be made for us as well, where we will be divided into two groups that believers and unbelievers it's the very first initial openings of solo Telfer con that is found at the last pages of these Jews, Jews number 18. I pray that you will join me in sha Allah for another juice a day. In our daily tip. See with your brother, Yeah, hi, Brahim.

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This was just number 18 was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh