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Al-Baqarah 189-196 Translation


AI: Summary © The transcript describes a conversation between multiple speakers discussing various topics, including a bill to bring people out of houses, a woman who wants to be a De Luca, a woman who wants to be a De Luca, and a woman who wants to be a Luca. The speakers discuss various details such as the origin and meaning behind each word, the use of words like "will" and "will" in relation to actions, and the potential consequences of actions.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Muhammad Ali Al Karim another word for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi R Rahman r Rahim. Rubbish rashly surgery with silly Emery

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letter melissani of kahuku the urban resident in

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Lesson number 26 pseudo Takara is number 189 to 196. Translation yes aluna aka they ask you on about a healer the crescents, the new moons.

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See, here it mo RP to means direction time. Lin se for the people

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will hedge and the hedge annual pilgrimage

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when a sir and it is not and will route the righteousness be an at all that or definitely that. That Do you all come elbow

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to the homes, the houses men from zuri hair its backs

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when I can but I'll be over the righteousness man is in Who? In the car? He adopted the core. He feared Allah

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What do and you all come

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to the houses men from everywhere be here it's doors. What the Who? And you want fear? Allah Allah La La con so that you to flee hoon. You all are successful, you will achieve success wakatipu and you won't fight fee in Serbia Li Wei, Allah He of Allah and levena those who you are the Luna comb, they fight you wonder and do not do you all transgress you all exceed limits in Indeed, Allah Allah, they're not you hibou he loves and mortared in those who cross limits.

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What to do home and you all kill them. haizhu wherever or we're supposed to move home. You all found them. What do you do home and you will expel them. Men from Hazel were

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gone. They expelled you. What and and fitna the fitna the persecution, I shall do is more severe is more intense men than from a partly the killing. Wanna and do not Ducati Lu whom you all fight them in the near and must GD the masjid and how long the sacred Hector until you call it lucam they fight you on fee in it for him. Then if Potter lucam they fight you all, flock to new home, then you all kill them. gallica likewise thus, Jessica, who is recompense l Catherine of those who disbelieve

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for him, then if in the home, they stopped, they seized for in. So Indeed, Allah, Allah, of a food most forgiving for human, always are merciful, or Especially Merciful.

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Well and are to whom you all fight them had the until they're not the corner, it is fitness don't any fitness, any persecution, way accoona and it is a dino the religion lilla he for Allah. For him, then if in the home, they stopped further. So not only one any hostility, any transgression in there except Allah against avoid the mean those who do wrong. Those who are unjust.

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I shall through the month and heroine the sacred, be sharing with the month or for the month.

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Hold on the sacred well, and I'll hold

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two meanings first of all prohibitions. Secondly, sanctity or sacred things. There's also archosaurs. Just retribution for men. So whoever, here together, he transgressed Alaykum against you all for to do then you all transgress, I lay against him famously with like, ma that year together, he transgressed. Or they come against you on

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what Taku and you all fear, Allah, Allah, where the mu and you will know. And that Indeed, Allah, Allah, ma is with a mood to clean those who adopt the coil.

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What and I'm frugal, you all spend fi in Serbia Li Wei, Allah He of Allah

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Weller and do not to you will throw the ad come with your hands, either two words, at that Luca the destruction

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What? And I see no, you all do our son do utmost good in Indeed, Allah, Allah, your hibou he loves and mercy Nene, those who do their sun, those who do utmost good. What at the moon and you all complete alhaja the Hajj, the annual pilgrimage, when Irma, and the under the minor pilgrimage, Linda he for Allah

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for him, then if

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you all were prevented from her, then whatever is stay Sarah. It was easily available men from Al Headley the offering the sacrificial animal

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wonder and do not definitely go you will shave

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your heads head there until yalova it reaches I had you the offering the sacrificial animal Mahela who its place or its destination famine. So whoever Ghana he was men come from among you on Maria been in o or V with him and then any ailment and then any ailment. Men from Roxy he has had for videoton then if it is a ransom or compensation

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men from CME fasting Oh or sort of gotten a sadhaka a charity? Oh or Misuk a sacrifice for either than when I mean don't you all were secure? Furman then whoever de matar he took advantage, he took benefit, they earn loyalty with their own healer to or to a hedging the hedge firmer. So whatever is taser, it was easily available, men from Al Hadi the offering the sacrificial animal

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for men so whoever lamb did not get it, he finds firstly m then fasting so that's 33 the Yemen days fee in a hedgy the Hajj well, and sobre seven, either when Roger tomb, you will return

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tilka that I shall return 10 kameena complete, or altogether

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velika that Lehman for who? Lum not yakun he is a who, who his family have led ones who are present and must be at the masjid al Heron the sacred.

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What the coup and you all fear? Allah Allah, we're on the moon and you all know and that Indeed, Allah, should he do his most severe allergy card in the retribution.

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Let's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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done for

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in the

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world ma attorney Welcome to loom

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one fifth Natasha domina

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Hello walking walk on to home

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me as she

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you want to be a De

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in the law

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machiney in

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can I mean

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I mean

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by either

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be lamattina gfms

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