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Qur’an made easy, delivered at EIC masjid.

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Nabina Muhammad Allah Allah He has

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become to the 25th years and allows Odin his he tells us that human being is such that when he wants something from Allah, He makes long, long, very long line. And when he doesn't need anything, he just walks by as if nothing actually happened this in the beginning of the 25th views. And Allah says that the human being should reflect that the signs that Allah has given within the human body and the signs that Allah has given outside of this whole cosmos, the whole of this earth, they are enough for a person to know that the truth is there and Allah has created this with a with a clear purpose. This is an EIN number 53 and we will come to suit assura. Now suit assura has, you know,

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there's a lot going on with the people around the messenger solarz. And again, the people who are denying the the afterlife, they're denying the fact that there is a fire, they're denying this, there's done and so on. What Allah, Allah says is for us to think about the creation of the heaven and the earth and how Allah has created all these animals and has created all the things around us. And he says, Well, if you look at the creator itself, there's nothing that is like the Creator, there is nothing like the Creator, Lisa can be cliche, this is a this is an iron number 11. And by saying that, what allowance what law says is that, look, I am the creator, and I've given you this,

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I've given you a Sharia, and I'm giving you a way of life just as I sent it through mohalla Salama center to Ibrahim Musa Isa, and now to Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. I'm sending this. And it says, Well, your duties work to the to the people who are actually believing in this message, Allah says is stuck in be someone that is steadfast on this? Well, I

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don't follow the desires of those people who are calling against this message, or who are meant to say that you believe in this message of the book, and say that you're going to be just and say that your Lord is Allah, my Lord, our Lord and your Lord, and say that, and our actions, our actions, your actions or your actions. LaHood get Sabina webinar from Allah who yet Marina doesn't matter what the consequences are, in the end, all of us will be there on the Day of Judgment, and Allah will gather us and these things are lost telling us to become firm again and again, because the arguments of those people will lead to nothing except for punishment in the end, and number 16. And

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he tells us that logos are on this earth they will benefit from from the life of this earth. And there are those that will benefit on this earth and make something for the Ashura and those who work for the lowly increase the amount again and again, and number 20.

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And if we do something wrong, Allah says there is Toba for you make repentance and I will accept the repentance from you. And there are many things I forgive, even though you don't make Toba or even though you might not ask me, I don't I'm not not Allah is trying to tell us that he's not a lord, who's there just to punish us. No, he's there, he forgives so much that we don't know of this is an iron under 25. And he tells us that in terms of us on this earth, there are those who will have expansions of gifts from Allah, and a good financial status and those that will not have that status. And why he does that is because if he was to give a good expansion to everybody on this

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earth, there would be a lot of trouble on this earth. This is our number 27. Because when we receive that from Allah, sometimes we don't know the limits of what to do. And he tells us that think about think about us on the seas when you travel, how Allah has given us the the ability to travel in the seas and to travel on the earth. And in the end, what will happen is all of these gifts allow will bring us on the day of judgment and he is going to question us, I want to questions as those people who find themselves on the day of judgment that they've been misguided, they will have their heads down and they will be looking from the corner of their eyes. And those who are believers, they will

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say that the losers are those people who have lost themselves on the Day of Judgment, they are the volume in their their presses. So there will be again to come from the dev doesn't and those who actually believed and those who haven't believed. And in the end, Allah says that this this whole message that has come through Daybreak Allahu salatu salam and come to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam it does come with a certain setting it does come with a straight path and a straight path is to take the messengers of Allah Hollis was life as a model and to follow that. Now we come to Sudoku proof. Now Sudoku proof turns in Australia away in talking about Allah azza wa jal and the gifts

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that has given us many gifts and one of the gifts is that we have transportation, this is in number 13. And not on this transportation when we have it we're supposed to get on and we're supposed to read the DA Subhana Allah de sadhana heatherwood macoun Allah homoclinic

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That Allah has given us the power to ride these things, or to control these things. He gives us gifts of daughters and he gives sons and daughters to whoever he wants, but the machine in the province of the law lesson this time leads to bury their own daughters. And Allah says that this is because they follow the weights of the forefathers one of the gifts is for a person to realize that Allah has sent a message to them, and he brings that message, he keeps that message alive. So this poor and just as he was revealed to the Prophet sallallahu Eisenstein, it will be kept alive until the day of judgment. And if Allah wanted to gift for example, the Nala says that I don't have no

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botheration will not bother whatsoever with the with the people who denied this message. If I want to give them houses of silver, I will give them houses so that it doesn't matter what I give them on this earth I number 34. But in the next life, they will not have that in the next slide, they will find that they are empty of the things that they had on this earth. And Allah reminds us that many messages have become For example, musala salam came and he asks, he asked, and what happened is wrong use the gifts that he had. And the status he had the power he had to show that musala Simmons belittled in front of him, and the same handle Isa la salatu salam, that the people of the people of

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people around the Salah, they went against his message though he had the truthful message with him. And he says that on this earth it was because friends to friends because of friendship, they started to make alliances with one another. And you can see this happening today on the earth. One friend backs another friend up. And Allah says the Day of Judgment, all friendship will break this is in Iran number 67.

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All friendship will break. And what will happen is alone call the believers his own servants on the Day of Judgment, not to fear not to have any not to have any grief. And he will give them the best of what's there in what their eyes actually love and make no idea to their eyes. Allah will give them fruits Allah will give them many different gardens and it will say these are in return of your actions. And those that didn't believe in the message, they will actually call to Malik who is the guardian of Hellfire and asked him to ask Allah to get them out of there. But it will be said to them that look, you had your chance on the earth and you had your gifts and you turned away from

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this message. And, um, you know, towards the end of the surah Allah says, Well, clearly he Yara been alive. Even the province A lot has been turning around saying that these people are not actually believing in this in this message Allah subhanaw Swann homochiral salam that comes upon when you have to turn away, and you have to you just have to say piece by Sophie element. Soon they will know what the consequences of this is. We come to sort of ohana and pseudo Han captures a part in the province of the lungs that our lives on this time where these people actually they were supposed to be. They're supposed to believe in the message they didn't they challenge the Prophet sallallahu

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wasallam. And he told them, that alone will bring about a miracle and who will seize these people. And what he did is Allah brought about a drought in Makkah. And because of the drought, they actually start seeing smoke in the air. And a lot of tried to bring them through that to the message just as he tried to bring the people around to the message through musala de la sala. And he reminded us that all the gifts they had of the springs of water, they had many different plantations, many different fruits on all of it came to an end. And not neither the sky nor the earth cried over them when they came to an end. And finally, in the surah what Allah tells us is, he

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talks about a tree in jahannam kusa comb, and those who are sinful will eat from this tree, which will burn right through their stomachs and they will be given boiling water on top of that, and boiling water on their heads as well. This is all around I number 4043 onwards, and it talks about the people in general where they will have many different brocades and many different beautiful clothing in Ghana. And they will call you know, they'll call one another to the best of fruits in peace, and they will never never taste death ever again. Once they're in Ghana. Finally, we come to sudah Jaffa now surah jazzy again, just a strong surah that captures the

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captures parts of the day of judgment and parts of this world. As for this world, Allah says that if we were to think about how Allah azza wa jal has created this earth, how he provides us how he sends the winds, how those winds create certain will brings bring about the rains and from those rains will be crops and from those we eat and so on, and the cycle of life that is created that will be enough for us to believe in.

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In the truthfulness of Allah, then to believe in the truthfulness of this actual Quran itself. And if you if those of them who turn away from the Quran, they will find themselves that behind them the god jahannam and those of us that are believing in this, Allah tells us whosoever does good actions are not Allah says that is that is for yourself. And if you know if you've received certain things from Allah, you should know that Allah has given better things to the abundance, right? But because they never took benefit of those they find they found themselves, you know, in disruption and found themselves without this eventually alone bring people on to the knees on the day of judgment and

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that's the whole point is Sujata only brings them on to the knees, Allah azza wa jal will not remind us and again, from the Day of Judgment, he will say that when he was said to these people to believe in the truth and believe in the in the last hour, they said, We don't know what the last hour is, we don't know what this is. And on the Day of Judgment, there will be certain people who will rejoice, vanilla Hammurabi some of those of those who have actually taken heed of this. Allah says to to Allah belongs the you know, to all praise. He's the Lord of the heavens and laws of the earth Lord of the world, and allows it which is the Mighty One, he's the one that is wise. So in the end, the

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salvation will be for those people who actually keep on to this message and not forget the day of judgment, laughter

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and happiness.