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As-Sajdah 1-14 Translation 1-14

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Lesson number 216 surah two such that I am number one to 14 Translation

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Alif Lam Meem Alif Lam Meem 10 Zulu revelation l kita. of the book

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not labor any doubt Fiji in it men from Rugby Club alameen of the worlds

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or Jaco Luna they say if there are who he fabricated it, but rather who it

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is the truth men from Rob Baker, your little Indira. So you warn Omen a people a nation, man not at home, he came to them. Men from Naveed in any Warner mean from publica before you learn the home so that they yes they do they obtain guidance. Allahu Allah, Allah He is the one who Hanako he created a semi wet the heavens will up and the earth warmer and whatever bainer humor is between them to fee in scitech six a yen this summer then is the where heroes Allah upon allows the throne man not local for you all men from dooney he other than Him men from when he in any guardian. Wala and nor shaffir in any intercessor effort fella do they're not that karoon you all remember you will take heed. You

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did bill he arranges he administers

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the affairs men from a summer the sky Illa to allow the earth so much then, yeah, it ascends LA to him. fee in Yeoman a de Cana it was milk Adele who its measure its scale

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alpha 1000 center years mimma from what they will do, you will count replica that alima is nor a life of the unseen was Shahada and the visible and the seen Allah xizhou the always Almighty of Rahim, the oldest All Merciful,

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Allah The who aksana he made beautiful color, every shade thing clinica who he created, it was better and he originated content creation inside of the human being men from clean clay.

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Some then, Jared he made NASA who his progeny men from selecting an extract men of matte water mahina in worthless summer then somewhere who he fashioned him whenever hot, and he breathed Fiji in him men from ruhi His Spirit was ajar Allah and he need lacunae for you all a summer the hearing will absorb and the sites will either and the heart. Polina man very little, the school you all are grateful will call you and they said what either when Berlin we were last fill up in the earth. Shell in indeed we Luffy surely in Hulk a creation Dedede one new been rather home they build a car with meeting from the hymn of the rub cafe alone ones who deny old say yetta was home. He will give

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death to you. He will cause you to die melaku angel, a load of the debt. Alavi who will kill him he was made responsible.

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He was put in charge become with you all summer then Illa to Prague become your rub towards your own. You all will be returned.

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wallow and if Dada you could see it when almajiri Moon the criminals

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Nike's who wants to bend rules see him their heads are in the near Rob be him they're up. Rob banner. Our other sadhana we saw was a Mariner and we heard for Jelena so return as normal we will do slowly Han righteous in indeed we move the known ones who believe with conviction.

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wallow and if Sheena we will let Dana surely we give color every Nuff said. So who there have its guidance were lacking but how it became true. It became do you allow the word mini from me?

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Surely I will definitely feel. Jehan nama hell, men from Elgin, the gin, one NASS and the people are g marine all together

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for those who so you all taste benign because of what necesito you are forgot Lika meeting yo McComb of your day, hair there this in the indeed we nesina we forgot you

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will do too. And you will taste either the torment punishment and hold of the eternity be man because of what quantum you were

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done. Does he

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me up?

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either Germany

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