Nouman Ali Khan – Ramadan 2016 – Surat al-Baqarah – Day 13

Nouman Ali Khan
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh

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are all the wilhemina shaytani r Rajim

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with all our abou Khalil mela in Asia, fill out the halifa callooh a geography Sufi her YSP could be

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one afternoon Oh sahbihi handicare Wanaka de sulak color in the Dhamma Allah tala Moon

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is everywhere certainly every while Dr. Emily Sania kalief Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah by the Allah he was at pH Bahrain from Burma back once again everyone sort of oligomer to barakato. So inshallah inshallah we pick up from where we left off, I give you an overview of the story and some of the main themes and lessons that are to be drawn from the story and now inshallah we go IRA by IRA and highlight some of the things that we haven't been able to do thus far. After Eliza will declared his announcement to the angels that he's going to put a halifa on the earth, and they raised their criticism, are you are you really going to put someone there that is going to

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cause corruption and spill blood? They offered themselves as an alternative and that's an unanswered kind of question thus far. We're not no no sub B homie. chanukkah wa naka de sudak. When you say the word national here, that's it that turns this sentence which is supposed to be verbal into a nominal sentence. In other words, it's it can be you can say in Arabic without mentioning national news, Happy Holi Hanukkah, Hanukkah de sulak. Deal. Okay, young man set up, set up. You're a young man, all people can lie down. You need to sit up. Okay.

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All right. Yeah. So the thing is, I give lectures and you will think that I don't care about awkward moments. I embrace awkward moments. So if and that's that's part of being a teacher. So one of these days I'm just gonna like stop walk over to the back and see the lady chewing on like, whatever potato chips she's eating and call her out. I know there isn't one there isn't one don't look back.

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But if there is one she's really embarrassed right now but anyway.

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But I will do that and I have no hesitations. I'll have the camera people follow me back and make you famous. Charla okay.

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But in any case, and especially by the way, it's not to embarrass anybody but especially young people. I love calling them out. It's a good thing is good. It builds character. Right so but anyway, so National Assembly will be handy come on oh god the select the word national

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suggests what's called as a principle of Arabic and it's bad to Allah halal file. Here's what that means in Simple English, it actually suggests that we're in fact the ones that declare your perfection. And in parentheses, not anybody else. It says though, they're saying Yala, we're already here are kind of creation, meaning angels already does what you want them to do, we do your tests B, and we carry out the responsibilities that you give us. So we don't understand the rationale behind putting something else. So if you don't read this carefully, one possible wrong way of looking at this text is, why do you want to create human beings? We're so much better already. We're the ones

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that do the real thing. What afternoons are behind behind the COVID? Actually, they're, they're saying this out of confusion. Their confusion is, I thought that the purpose of all creation, their their thing, the purpose of all creation, Is this me. Like Allah himself says, You said, Behold Allah He manifests somehow it will not fill out everything in the skies and the earth declares a lot perfection. And angels do that to perfection. They're constantly doing this we have a lot. So why put someone on the earth who will have the choice to do it, and not to do it which is implied in the word halifa. He's left to his devices if he chooses to do it fine. If he doesn't choose to do it

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fine. Like Allah will tell humanity directly later on in the Quran. In all Hakuna Arabic come from India, of a human woman shall have a look for the truth is from your master, whoever wants they should believe in whoever wants they can just believe they should just let them disbelieve, you know, the choices given. So they're confused about that. And so they declare were the ones who declare your production we'll look at this hulak and we and it sounds kind of repetitive, and we declare your sanctity. So I wanted to dig a little bit deeper into these words because these are, this is part of very important terminology in the Quran. The speech of Allah, declaring a less

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perfection as I translate it is a very common terminal Quran and a very powerful concept in the Quran. So powerful, in fact that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will say, you know, Subhana Allah He knows full meezan when hamdulillah hit him low, right, that is the sayings of Han Allah is half the scale and saying Alhamdulillah completes the scale. In other words, in recognizing, you know, our, our fundamental relationship and our appreciation of Allah. These are the two statements and one of them is the beginning of the Quran right al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen and several sutras begin with that as we have Allah Subhana Allah dsrip akihisa bahala Lima for sama to fill up

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some survey holy life is somewhat to fill out several sources of the Quran begin with this this be of Allah and then there are students that begin with the hand of Allah Allah. Al Hamdulillah, Allah De Anza la Kitab right. So these are very powerful statements in the Quran. Today is an opportunity for us to discuss one of them. That has to be the word sub, I'll read something for you for you. At this V homebush. DEF CON minute sub. There's the word SV that we do Subhana Allah Subhana Allah subhanaw taala is derived from the idea of sub or Sabha, which means to float or the swim was sub who Mr. Rosario filma it actually means to move quickly in the water or to float in the water was in

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Hawaii and also in the air. So birds also do a kind of floating in the air, and that's actually called sabaha also. So anything that floats or remains in its place, it's called the it's set to be engaged in the act of sabaha with this V Hooton, z hula, hula hula was SLU, el muro, Cerebro, fillory, Bada, some are actually argue because sabaha actually means to move quickly. That is, when one moves quickly to the worship of Allah, they're engaged in the act of to speak. But the other meaning is that, you know, when something floats, it refuses to drown, right. And when something stays in one place, that means that it's maintaining its position. What it is, is we have we learned

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some things about Allah, we learned that he's one, we learned that he has no child, we learned that he's eternal, that he's for it since ever and forever, we learned that he's perfect in every way we learn things about him, everything you learn about him, now you've declared a certain status for him. Now for you to say anything that takes away from that status, is you're bringing that level down, like you're making the the praise of him drown a little bit or sink a little bit. You can't allow that to happen. Everything you say about law, everything you do in service to a law should match should should actually reflect this be the idea of a lost perfection, that you don't bring

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down anything and you let these names and attributes. And you know, the descriptions of Allah float where they're supposed to, you don't let anything sink down even a little bit. To put this in practical terms. You know, we have relationships in life. We have for example, a relationship with our parents, and there's a certain level of respect and love and you know, loyalty and obedience you have to maintain with your parents. But sometimes your parents put that to the test. Sometimes your parents asked very unreasonable things of you, they lose their cool, they blame you for things you haven't done. You know, parents can do all kinds of things sometimes. And at those times what

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happens sometimes a person loses their cool and their appreciation or their respect for their

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Parents dips, it goes down, right? And then they have to like apologize and go back and bring it back up again. Right? But the idea is, this is why you'll find in the Quran, when people say blasphemous things, when people attribute partners to Allah or say inappropriate things about Allah, then the response to that is Subhana Allah to Allah subhanho wa Taala he's so he's too perfect for you to say that. You have to maintain that perfection. That's actually the idea of saying Subhana Allah to declare the perfection of Allah and not allow any flaw to be attributed to him, and that the imagery is drawn from something floating. But then Allah adds to that statement new sub B, who

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we don't just say new sub B who you know, no sub B hola Ha. Like we said, Subhana Allah we don't say to somebody Hola. We know suddenly he'll be humbled. Ah, the Quran continuously adds this phrase, suddenly has Moravec on the one hand you can declare the perfection of the name of Allah by saying Subhan Allah. But then there's some this mirror because I will suddenly be humble Arabic. And I'll highlight one of them for you today, to declare a less perfection by praising and thanking him. Two parts to this. The first part of this is you have to understand what hummed his hand is to be appreciative of Allah, to appreciate the things that Allah does. Like if Allah azza wa jal has

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created something beautiful for you to admire the beauty of what Allah created as part of him. That's one part of it appreciation. And the other part of it is thanks, to acknowledge that a favor has been done to you look, when I appreciate a beautiful mountain, I'm into mountains, when I see a beautiful mountain, I'm appreciating it. But the mountain didn't do me any favors, necessarily. So I'm not thanking a lot for the mountain. But I'm certainly appreciating a lot for the mountain. Right? So but the idea of home visit combines thanks and appreciation together. And now by tying this idea of how to test be new sub before we handicap, the angels are saying that the way we

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declare that you are perfect is that we constantly find things to appreciate about you. And we constantly acknowledge things to be grateful to you for a human being cannot declare the perfection of Allah without appreciation and gratitude. That's actually what we're learning. This is a very powerful concept. the perfection of a lie is not a philosophical construct in Islam, like in philosophy, you can discuss whether God is perfect or imperfect, or eternal or not in theological literature, or in philosophical literature, but in the Quran, it's actually tied to human emotions. the perfection of Allah can only be appreciated when you are appreciative. And when you're grateful,

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and both appreciation and gratitude are matters of the heart, something is beautiful, you will see you see its beauty, you appreciate its beauty, where in your heart, some favor has been done to you, you feel gratitude were in your heart. So instead of these being philosophical ideas, these are actually spiritual ideas that this we have a lot is a matter of the heart, which is a very powerful realization for us to acknowledge that the angels themselves are saying that they have a heartfelt appreciation for Allah's perfection, and yada yada, you're gonna create someone who's not in your presence who's left on the earth, he's not going to be able to see you, he's gonna have to believe

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in you in the unseen. And when out of sight out of mind, he's not going to be acknowledging your appreciation. He's not going to be grateful for what you do for him. You're invisible to him. So he's just going to live his life and complain and forget about you. So that's captured in neck No, no subiaco behenic. The next thing I wanted to before I move on about the perfection of Allah that I wanted to highlight in this phrase, is something that just really struck me about the way Musa alayhis salam spoke to Allah, when he asked for his brother to help him on his mission. I know that's not related to these ions, but it mentions this be there. So he asked Allah azzawajal to

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allow his brother to join him in his mission, which would be He, as he, you know, actually Kofi Emery make him a partner in my mission. I can't do this mission to go challenge the pharaoh Pharaoh alone. I need him alongside with me. He will he will give strength to my back. Make him a partner in my mission. Why should you make him a partner in my mission? kainuu sub de haka Catherine, one of the core aka Catherine so we can both declare your perfection a lot. What is that? What is the mission with Pharaoh and have to do with declaring Allah is perfection? And why does he need you know, his brother? How old are they Salaam to declare he could do this by himself. So why is he

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combining his brother in this mission and saying so that we can declare your perfection? What are the opposites things are recognized to be of daddy? What is the opposite of perfection? imperfection, right flaw was the opposite of flawless, flawed.

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I and my brother are going to do our best to serve your deen and sometimes I will need to be corrected because I need to do something better. Sometimes he will need to be corrected because neither I nor my brother are what? We're perfect and when we are corrected, that will be a reminder that the only one that is beyond correction who's not always perfect is Allah azza wa jal as a matter of fact

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When somebody corrects you or me, and when somebody advises you or me, when somebody picks up after a flaw of yourself and myself, and we acknowledge that flaw, and we say so hard Allah, we're actually saying, of course, I have a flaw, because the only one without flaw is Allah. And when someone refuses to acknowledge their flaws, and when someone puts a blind spot behind, you know, over their flaws and gets upset, when some flaw is pointed out, even out of genuine concern, then they are actually denying in their heart that this we have Allah, they're denying the idea that perfection only belongs to Allah. So powerful. And that's something that they've, you know, embodied

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in the statement of suburbia, we have the Arabic embedded in it is the idea, we're concerned that this creature, even when he's corrected, he's not gonna acknowledge his mistake. You know, he's gonna, he's gonna mess up, and he's gonna fall short in declaring your perfection by actually attributing more greatness to himself. He's gonna be full of pride and ego, and then they add one who cut the sulak and this seems like a synonym. You know, some of us who don't even said, at the spear who attack this will be Magnon, meaning that the idea of declaring a lust perfection and declaring his holiness or his sanctity is all one in the same thing. But of course, there's a

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principle in the language of the Quran is Mr. taraka It's abahlali principle. It's a rhetorical principle of Arabic also, when two words are next to each other, they necessarily mean two different things. Allah does not put two words next to each other without a purpose. They and they and highlights their distinct identities. So what is the word that these mean? Let's dig into a little into it a little bit at this one which stuck with me lol codes, well, kudos It comes with sukoon or without ama codes or and kudos. Blizzcon well, kudos to be lamattina tahara and kudos actually means purity. Purity condesa means to declare something pure or to make sure something remains pure. Now

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from it you get words like Luca Dasa,

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the the set the sanctified land, you know, kudos, the one of the names of Jabra Islam what are the names of Allah Allah Quddus also comes from the same origin. The thing is that creations of Allah can be more cadets, they can't be masaba

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teach creations of Allah can actually be declared, sanctified, holy, like the land can be considered holy, pure, spiritually pure. That's an album called de, Bethel, Bethel, knock this for example, right? sanctified holy land. But this bee is only for Allah. There is no such thing as an herbal masaba. And as a matter of fact, you can say that does to Rosalyn, I consider that person, a very holy person, a sacred person, oh, this person is innocent of any crimes. They're actually pure, they're innocent. That's actually a kind of duck these also you can do do duck these have a person, but you cannot do this be of a person this V has only for a lot as origin. So when they say new

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conditions, secondarily, it's beautiful. Because first they mentioned an act that is only for Allah, new 70 it will be humbly Arabic that can only be for Allah. Then they mentioned an act that is done for Allah and can be done for other than Allah also. But what they did is something beautiful, instead of saying Nuka the suka, which is what is expected in the Arabic language, we declare your sanctity we declare your purity, that actually is naka de suka. They say naka de su laka they put a lamb there this is additional is that is that the kasara love the casserole manner. They say in Arabic If wording is added, meaning is added. So what's the added meaning here? They're saying we

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declare you holy and we declare declare you pure from all flaws, like we declare nobody else on the one hand we maintain your perfection. On the other hand, we never think of anything pure impure associated with you. We never ever think of that. So this is particularly about purity. And that's why the the tequila with the implication of it is I am Nikita Allah Who are you only do that which is pure. Now why is that related to the what we read it read already in this ayah? we've understood so far in this ayah is they say, Yeah, like you're about to put on this earth, someone who's going to commit crimes, cause corruption, spilled blood, but please note Yala, by us asking this question.

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We are not saying that you make less than wise decisions. You're still perfect. We don't understand. You're still perfect. So we're not putting this question forward as a criticism. We're still declaring your perfection, you understand. We're not trying to cross the line here. We're just trying to understand for ourselves, this is a huge lesson to learn that when you don't understand something about the book of Allah, then when you don't something, understand something about the teachings of your Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And you say this is not making sense to me this is I'm trying to understand that immediately you acknowledge that even though I don't

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understand. That is the lack of perfection of my understanding. There's a lack of completion of my mind, but Allah and His commands and his wisdom and his teachings is always perfect.

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Don't take anything away from Allah. This is where shaitaan gets you, you know, being not understanding something and asking a question anybody can do. And it's human, it's gonna happen, you're gonna have questions. As a matter of fact, if you're a serious student of the Quran, most of your study is about questions, unanswered questions. Most of your study is every Ayah poses a certain set of questions, it creates a curiosity, and you're digging to find the answer to that question. But what will keep your attitude in check, that will be one afternoon somebody will be handicapped. And that then thereafter will know that this will work. And certainly we never

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attribute anything impure to you. I'll give you a recent example. You know, because I get, I don't know how people find my email address, but they do.

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And they send me all kinds of crazy questions, right? There's all kinds of questions. And people Muslims ask questions about the Quran, and that's okay. They don't know what they're asking. But sometimes you can tell the tone inside a question. You know, it's one thing to ask a question. It's another thing to be critical and condescending of the Quran, when you're asking a question. So they're like, you know, there's a question about like, you know, the Sultan got half and, you know, the child that was killed or if you know, the story of you know, of heaven and musala salaam, and they passed by a boy and that kills the boy. And then the email question says, you know, what kind

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of God allows for a boy to be killed? By God's own command? What kind of sick thing is that to do? Isn't that murder? Isn't that unjustified? Isn't that a heinous crime, etc, etc. There's a way to ask that question. And but the way that it was posed in an email like that, it takes away from the test, we have a law there is no harm in asking, I don't understand why a child would be killed. I'd like to understand why how we can consider that still mercy. How can we consider that still an act of wisdom from Allah xojo that's a fair question. But the tone taken and the words used and the exclamation marks and the extra capitalizations.

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There's a, there's a problem of this be here. And when that goes away, then this is the tone of at least the accusatory tone, you made me slip. Why should I do such that? You know, this is this is his tone, don't fall into that trap. And so when you cut the Select and we consider we always consider that you do the pure thing and you do the pure thing, and allows original response to them. His first response in the animal mulata animal, he says no doubt about it. It is I who knows better or know most of what you don't know. And could here be considered a secret

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and if it is then the MA is of La la, which means I am the best knowing of what you don't not only do I know what you know and I know best what you don't know. I know best what you don't know and the other meaning is assembled on it which means certainly it is I in fact who knows what you absolutely do not know and that's why the beauty of it here is that a levy Lata and a boon he says my Allah tala mode if it's Allah de la luna was highlighting one particular thing you don't know what he's saying. Allah tala moon mammogram is a mobile, mobile, mobile, mobile, suggesting there's all kinds of things you don't know. Angels you have, you are looking at one angle of this. But there are

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several angles too many for you to internalize. And those are the ones I know and you don't. And now the rest of it is going to be unlike the story I told you from the Jewish accounts, the extra biblical Jewish accounts where angels are burned alive for raising a criticism or they're destroyed. Allah azza wa jal decides to demonstrate to the angels, some reasons that they don't know they don't realize certain things that make the human being capable of this responsibility that's been handed to him. And so we begin with Allah de melasma, Aquila, and Adam are the same, he taught Adam alayhis salam, the names all of them. Unless Mark comes from the Arabic word Western, which means a marking,

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it also means that description. ism is not just a word for a name, itself is not just a word for a name. It's also the word for a description. So when the less has a light heart, other nslm the smart it means he taught him names of things. And he also taught him descriptions of things, attributes of things. This is fire, it burns. This is a rock, it's hard in nature. This is what you can do XYZ with it, etc. So he's not just telling him the names of things, but he's also giving him an education of their descriptions. Now, Allah azza wa jal when he taught Adam Allison these names This is already also different from the biblical account. In the biblical in the Bible's account, Adam

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went to the earth or like put him showed him the earth, and he started pointing at different animals and Adam started naming them himself. And he started picking the names of these things himself. You guys are way too hyper. Okay. You said apart from your friend, is that your brother, your friend,

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cousin of you can sit together you have to have an adult in between you so I don't hear you guys again. Is that cool? Where's the adult? That's not an adult that's empty space. Find me an adult that sits in between you and the guy the little kid who keeps getting thirsty and goes for a walk. I will

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Find you next time.

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Because every time that door opens, I can hear the wrestling match happening in the hallway.

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So you sent a referee.

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Okay, okay. Okay, all right.

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Alhamdulillah This is all good. I don't get bothered by this stuff. And actually, this is an opportunity on a tangent, to remind you of something a little lost Allahu alayhi salam.

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When he speaks, it's the most important speech. And when he leaves the prayers, the most important prayer and when when the people behind him were listening to Quran being recited, then there's nothing more valuable than that. Standing in a mesh of the nabawi. On a pseudo last item is the mom. The Sahaba are behind him, following Him in prayer, and also alasa hears the whimpering and crying and the noise of children in the back.

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Now when we hear that noise, Oh, forget.

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The only thing in your mind is, which parent Am I going to educate after a lot is done.

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That's the only way.

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That's all you're thinking

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about so lasala will finish and he'll actually the son Navid Canada serum Ancelotti,

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he used to shorten his prayer when he heard children cry.

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In other words, the recitation of the Quran, nothing more important than recitation of the Quran. Nothing more important than standing in front of a love for Rasulullah Islam, reciting the word that was revealed to him. And yet when it came to just a courtesy extended to children, he would shorten that. And he wouldn't finish it and give a speech saying, Don't bring your children to the masjid.

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He wouldn't give that speech, he just shortened the prayer. And that's it. That's all we learned. you shorten the prayer so hard Allah, you'd have a soul loss, I sort of in the middle of his speech, or his grandchild would come and start crying or not, and he just picked them up, take care of him, like there's a pause button on the lecture.

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And you take care of him, and then put them back. Now we have to be practical as well. So sometimes when we are in a gathering, and there are children that are just, you know, they're a little too, since I've put on origin, I consider it a little duper tongue. You know, they just can't sit straight, you know, they're developed to what's Palestinian and number something.

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So you know, what, just be courteous parents, take them for a walk, let them bang their head into a couple of walls, like they've been wanting to do, and then bring them back, let the sinuses clear out, you know, so

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that so that's this as a courtesy to the people around you. But certainly there's this is not enough reason to be harsh towards parents or towards children. Because that actually goes against us and our messenger sallallahu wasallam. Anyway, so other artists from Allah taught him the names and descriptions, I was saying, of all kinds of things. Kula have the word cool in Arabic could mean all things but actually, you don't take that literally. Just like in any language, you know, there, there is a friend who tells his friend, man, I did everything for you. That doesn't mean you did everything for me, it means you did a lot of things for me. So when you say the word everything or

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all sometimes that actually means all kinds of things. So all all manner, all variety of things were done for other medicines, education, all kinds of names were taught to him. Now, this is a very important moment in the Quran, because Allah azza wa jal is teaching us that education begins with naming and descriptions, which is, by the way to this day, all the sciences, some of you are specialists in engineering, others are studying biology and medicine, others are going into finance and accounting. Yet others in physics, you're going in different directions in your sciences, and humanity is now developed so much that it's physics is not one science, it's 100 different

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specializations under physics, chemistry is not one thing. It's 1000 different specializations under chemistry. So there are specializations and sub specializations, and sub specializations, right? everything, from the field of medicine, to history, to Sociology, to psychology, there are just these exhaustive fields. And what happens when two physicists are hanging out at a party. They're talking in their language. And everybody else is like, what is going on here? One, there are two people specialized in photography. And they're discussing camera technology or camera settings on their devices, or the newest releases or whatever, nobody else in the room understands what acronyms

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they're using, what release latest releases, they're talking about, when a couple of software geeks are talking about the new iOS update, or the patches or new new standards for HTML or whatever else, everybody else's rules, like what languages are they speaking? What are they talking about? You know, the same thing happens with the language of cars, the language of video games for young people, the language of programming, the language of medicine, right? When people get into it, and you know even happens with like religion, students, people that are studying when they get into terminology in La La, La La Jolla. adhyatma. They are cool. Nobody knows what they're saying. When

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people get into grammar discussions, Arabic discussions, nobody else knows this far el mon for sale. by me, Mr Delta, the rules

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Nobody cares what what is that? You know.

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But you know what, at the end of the day, all of these sciences, the farthest you go in any science at the end of the day, you know what it boils down to terminology and description. At the end of the day, you are in your field, you are familiar with certain terms, and the concepts and descriptions behind those terms, that's at the end of the day, your field, when you're studying in college, any course you're taking, there's always a glossary of what terms and you're like, Man, what does that mean? What is this? half your test is about definitions, you know, true false, or fill in the blank or whatever else? Scantron? I don't even know what to do nowadays, or online tests. What does that

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term mean? Oh, my God, what does it mean? This one or this one? Oh, I got the definitions confused. At the end of the day, all sciences boil down to what definitions? I want you to think of it like this, either at a salon was given the seed, which is the base definitions for all things, the next generation of human beings comes along, they take his definitions, and they build on it and build sub definitions. The Next Generation builds more definitions and more and more and more like a seed growing into a tree and giving fruit and having all of these fruit, all sciences all human knowledge, that boils down to terminology is actually rooted in what was given to Adam at a salon.

00:31:17 --> 00:31:58

You know what that means? It's profound, who taught Adam at a salon these things? Allah azzawajal taught him to name things in this world, and to document to document to make references to things and as a result, he was able to pass that knowledge on to his children and data. There's no data, there's no data there's which means all knowledge of science, all knowledge of medicine, all knowledge of sociology, all knowledge of psychology, all knowledge of any field of human inquiry that that humanity is involved in today is actually an extension of revelation itself. Allah azza wa jal revealed the base source code on which all of this is being built. It's as if to say, give me

00:31:58 --> 00:32:31

this example easy for you a lot as a child gave other mothers lambda Legos, if you're going to build an entire building out of Legos, it's still made out of what the Lego is the source code is still the Lego blocks, those blocks that were given to them at a salon. And so when somebody says, I want to study Dean, I don't want to study donia when students come to me and say, I really love the study of psychology, I love it, but I want to study Dean instead I was like, You are already also studying lean. Yes, you should be studying Quran and Sunnah. But when you're studying finance, when you're studying accounting, when you're studying, you know, psychology, sociology, political science,

00:32:31 --> 00:33:10

history, when you're studying engineering and medicine, when you're studying these things, you are studying an extension of the gift given to Adam alayhis salaam, that was also revealed. He said, I learned Koran. He Allah said he taught the Quran here he says Allah melasma he taught the names, and the names of things, the descriptions of things this is sacred knowledge, human knowledge, all of it is sacred. And that's why Allah boasts about it in the first revelation allemaal in Sanibel column, he taught to human being worth what the pen is the pen only used for Quran and Sunnah. Look at human history where is the pendant has been used for every bit of human knowledge that has been used. And

00:33:10 --> 00:33:48

Allah says Allah is the one who inspired the use of dependent humanity. He is the one who inspired the human being to put the paper to pen you know, the, the pen to paper, profound reality in the Quran, Allah azza wa jal inspiring humanity to inquire to study, you know, there are several religious traditions in which if you're going to become more religious, you have to leave the world. You have to think about the next world and leave and abandon this world, you have to go into a monastery, and you have to just remember God and worship and not explore this world and find and discover and be scientific or you don't do that. But on paints a very different picture, but on

00:33:48 --> 00:34:28

paints the picture that humanity was sent on this earth to explore, to learn to take the building blocks of knowledge that Allah has given other at least 11 to keep on expanding on them. So halala Now, here's where the story takes a very interesting turn. So this this building block of human knowledge of Allah has been given, Allah has given to other artists that Allah says, Allah, Allah whom, Allah Monica, then he presented them to the angels now What is it? What in the world is this them? Them includes all the things that are them learning to what name? He presented them to the angels. The problem is you don't notice anything off in the English translation. But there's

00:34:28 --> 00:34:59

something completely outstanding in the Arabic of the ayah. It doesn't say summer Ababa, ha, Alma, Erica, if it's genetic seed, you just say tomato how he presented them before the angels. He says another home, which is used in arkin with an investor molecule was able to happen when the creatures that possess intellect and creatures that don't present possess intellect are all combined together. Then you use home. What am I getting at? Adam alayhis salam wasn't just

00:35:00 --> 00:35:41

taught the name of a tree, and the rock and the river and the bird and the elephant and the snake and all of that. Other medicinal, as we will learn in the Hadith was actually taught if you combine the ayah and the Hadith, he was actually introduced to every single human being, all of his children he was introduced to, and he learned all of our names, and he learned all of our descriptions. The father was introduced to all of his children. It's amazing. And so we read this there are several narrations I'll read one of them. Have you heard about the Allahu Allahu Kala Kala Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam love mahalo, calm, Haleakala de la hora, hufa sakata min la de Luna

00:35:41 --> 00:36:23

Somerton, Hua, Luca ala yo milky Yama, when a large xojo created Adam alayhis salam he passed over he didn't muscle over his back and from his back from his spine, came to Luna summit in every breathing thing. And now some actually in Arabic means a soft breeze. And if you look at the origins of the word, in Arabic, it comes somebody also which is also what a soft breeze. And if you look at the word knifes, it comes from nothingness, which is a breath. So the idea is that the rule is somehow described in the Quran as something of a breeze. And so all the souls of humanity were pulled out of Adam alayhis salaam and created all at the same time, and the ones that will come

00:36:23 --> 00:36:38

until the day of judgment, so they have resurrection. So my children and their children and their children and their children, all of them were now created all at once in front of other maladies Salaam, sama, sama Jalla Bina in a coolie in Santa min home Bobby son, I believe.

00:36:40 --> 00:37:16

Then Allah azzawajal showed him that between the eyes right here on the forehead, Allah azza wa jal had placed a thing of light, a brilliant light but he can like some brilliant star or shining light on every single human being. That's the note Allah gave us that's the federal law gave us you can see it on their faces. And that's why I actually use some some look at this and say that Allah as always have describes on Judgement day when we come back to Allah, would you want to maintain now there are, there are some cases, some faces on Judgement Day that are lit, they still have the light that Allah created them with to begin with. So now here's the here's the scene, Adam alayhis salaam

00:37:16 --> 00:37:23

is looking at the entire sea of humanity. And they all have a light on their faces, a light glowing on their faces, okay.

00:37:24 --> 00:37:49

And so from my home, Allah Adam, so he presented same exact word. So he presented all of them to other sakala Arab men, how Allah, other Elisa said, Oh, Master, who are these people? Who are they? He doesn't know who these are. And by the way, if he said hula iica, they would have been far away. He says, Man, how Allah who has these? Little Kareem? They're right here in front of me. And ally zone says,

00:37:50 --> 00:38:16

How will I either react? These are your offsprings? The Ria comes from the word Dora the Robin spec, and some say the word Zarya was used because they were so many like the specks of sand on in the desert. There are that many human beings there. And so Adam is I'm seeing all of his children for Allah Minh home or Jabba who knew Nabina and he saw he saw all the human beings there he sees one man among them

00:38:17 --> 00:38:35

and the light on his forehead somehow catches his attention yeah Allah I'm wondering who's he gonna pick you know there's everybody has laid on their forehead but there's one light that stuck out to other artists around and he picks up on that one and he says to Allah for call a rock man haha he's a master Who's this?

00:38:36 --> 00:38:58

How is gonna guess it's gonna be a lawsuit Allah sallallahu Sallam is going to be Abraham la Santa is going to be who's it going to be? And so hazaragi lumens realtech fee acid in Oman you Carla who doubt is that this is a man for later in later generations that will come from your offspring. He's called download download so I mean, he's awesome but like

00:39:00 --> 00:39:01

all of humanity

00:39:03 --> 00:39:27

otherwise and picks out the elderly Salaam like there's like other messengers and stuff. When I pick on them, why do you pick on this one? Now get to that at the end for so he looks at him and he says fuzzy to me normally our brain Asana, he loves him so much. He sees a connection or bond without it sounds so much, he says Yala take 40 of my years that I was gonna get on the earth, give it to him.

00:39:28 --> 00:39:45

Give my meal 40 less years in this world. Give him my 40 years otherwise I was gonna live 1000 years. And he allegedly he has a lot of given 40 of those years. Carla is talked about Dr. mercola too, but then fine, it's been written and it's been sealed and it's not going to be changed done deal. I will give him your 40

00:39:46 --> 00:39:59

and because he asked in another nation, how long is he going to live? He said 60 years. He said yeah like give him another 40 let him live 100 years. So now find out man Casa por cada amaru Adam yahoomail local mode when when otherwise have came on

00:40:00 --> 00:40:11

Earth he lived his life and has the time of his death came the Angel of Death arrived him color Olivia Emiliano salah and he sees the angel of death and says wasn't didn't have 40 more years.

00:40:12 --> 00:40:51

And the angel tells him our lamp Dorothy ha aplicado didn't you give them to your son download? Remember, it also says for Jehovah Jehovah to Korea to and he made that argumentative case and look at his children. we've inherited that in some sense, what part of the nature of the human being is to want more and when we give we forget that we had given fantasea nesea ademu Fantasy at Berea to Adam forgotten his children forget for hottie Adam fossati avaria to Adam made a mistake, his children make mistakes. That doesn't mean that we are born into sin. That means part of our nature is that we're forgetful part of our nature is that we want to hold on to this life. Part of our

00:40:51 --> 00:41:13

nature is that we make mistakes and that nature was part of the nature of Adam alayhis salam. So that still doesn't answer the question. Why now Elisa when really there is no definitive answer, but the closest I've ever gotten to that answer is that there's this beautiful connection between the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam in the entire Quran, the word halifa is only used for two people

00:41:14 --> 00:41:56

at the militia and out Alisha Yeah, the Audrina janica Holly potential of the the title of Khalifa is never used for anywhere else in the Colorado except to Adam and down and now you learn that before we even came on this earth and Alex Ramses the rest of humanity and somehow something sticks out to him. I have something in common with this kid I think I want to give him 40 of my years. So how nulla and how suddenly the Quran captures that when Allah says yada yada in Nigeria Naka Halliburton Filardi that would be made you a Khalifa on the earth. And Alaska says to Adam about otherwise have amnesia, I don't fill out the Halima so beautiful that that connection was something

00:41:56 --> 00:42:33

naturally Adam and Sam knew he's gonna have so when you what that means for the student of the Quran, which we're not going to do here for the serious student of the Quran is to actually do a comparative study and a close analytical study of the life of a syrup and the guidance given about the exam and other medicinal to understand the concept of a lava completely, because there's that connection that's been drawn from the very beginning of creation. Now, we're learning that Allah azza wa jal taught Adam alayhis salam, not just the names, but two descriptions of what everyone so he knows my name, he knows my, my, my qualities. He knows all that he knows my daughters, he knows

00:42:33 --> 00:42:46

hustler. He knows what he knows Hoda, you know, he's the father. He's our father. He knows all of his children. He knows all of his children. He knows so much about us. And that's part of his education. So hello Allah. Now, Allah takes that same sea of humanity.

00:42:48 --> 00:43:09

And he puts them in front of the angels. So my Allah home, lol Malik, therefore the word home. Now the, you know, the last thing the angel said was, we don't know what's gonna happen on the earth, we think pretty bad things are gonna happen. And then the law says I'm not sending 100 I'm gonna send all these. So if you think that's a problem, take a look at this.

00:43:10 --> 00:43:42

And now he sees all of them now Do they know the names of these know who taught the names of humanity and their qualities to Adam? Allah did right? Allah has not taught this to who? Angel so the angels Look at this. And Allah says, For Kala MB only be a smart Allah in the Quran, Allah St. Angels, why don't you inform me of the names and qualities of all of these if in fact, you're telling the truth. If you're truthful in your claim that he's going to spill blood, he's going to cause bloodshed, he's going to kill etc, etc. is gonna cause corruption. Why don't you describe to me what these people are like, help me out, inform me.

00:43:43 --> 00:44:21

And they say callooh subhanak they say you're too perfect. You're too perfect. We they repeat themselves. Yeah, Allah we didn't mean to be blasphemous in any way. And when, by the way, when you acknowledge a flaw in yourself, that is the time to acknowledge the perfection of Allah, they acknowledge the lack of their knowledge, and how do you acknowledge the lack of your own knowledge? You say somehow Allah Subhana Allah, how perfect you are la Mulana. There's absolutely no possibility of any knowledge in our possession in llama lantana except what you've already taught us, other than you, having taught us we know absolutely nothing. In the Antelope Valley, Al Hakim,

00:44:22 --> 00:45:00

you're the one who knows everything. In other words, you know, all these names. We don't know all these descriptions. We don't know your name. And you're also al Hakim, Yama, whatever decision you've made to put them on the earth, we know that it's full of wisdom. We already acknowledged the wisdom in it. Even if we don't know that wisdom yet. In NACA until Alamo, Hakeem, that is the attribute that the attitude of a believer now moving along Kalia Adam ambi won't be as smart as him. He says Adam, inform them of their names. So what are the lesson I'm going to do now? Adam Allison's gonna pick one by one by one by one and he's gonna

00:45:00 --> 00:45:11

To describe and tell the name, and then the description of everybody in humanity and who's he going to introduce them to the angels. This list is going to include fit on

00:45:12 --> 00:45:14

this list is going to include Hitler.

00:45:15 --> 00:45:56

This list is going to include Charles Manson. You know, it's going to include serial killers, it's going to include *, it's going to include, you know, criminals, genocidal maniacs, people who declared themselves God. It's going to include all kinds, Abu lahab is going to be in there. But who else is going to include? It's going to include Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, it's going to include Ibrahim alayhis. Salam is going to include Busan, and he is going through all this list for who, for the angels, the angels are now being introduced to humanity for them. That's why lamola taraki when eventually he was done, informing them of their names and their descriptions. Now the angels notice

00:45:56 --> 00:46:10

something. The angels notice that there are lots of people in the list that are exactly what they were afraid of. What were they afraid of? He's gonna cause corruption. He's gonna spill blood. When they get to Pharaoh. They're like, yeah.

00:46:14 --> 00:46:52

I mean, exactly. So they're actually finding confirmation for what they said. But when they come across Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, Ibrahim Alayhi Salam no holla Islam, zaccaria Elisa, Elisa, the Sahaba, the Allahu taala, who's married, when they come across the great solid heat of this of the of the world, the good people of the world, when they come across the young people of the cave, when they come across all these people, they're like, wait, we're not entirely right. There's some pretty messed up people. But then there's also some pretty amazing people here. There's some pretty amazing people here. So now they've been proven wrong because of the potential humanity

00:46:52 --> 00:47:27

possesses. And they see that they have some pretty amazing potential here. They have some pretty incredible qualities here that whose descriptions have been given. So Allah says cada alumno, Coleco, did not tell you did I say to you in the movie, but somehow it well, I'm the one in fact, who knows the unseen of the skies and the earth? Now, why did Allah mentioned the unseen of the skies in the earth, Allah could have just said, I know about them, and you don't need to be him, I know about them. But he says animal Eva sumati Well, I know the unseen of the skies and the earth is so beautiful, like you mamarazzi and others have commented,

00:47:29 --> 00:48:02

human beings are made up of two components, the physical body and the right hand side them, and the room inside them is from the same art. And it's the secret of the same art. And the beautiful formation of them from the from the earthly material is actually the part of them that's the earth, human beings are the ultimately kept secret of Allah, the unseen of the skies, and the earth finally revealed this great accomplishment of a large image of the human being. I know the unseen secret of the skies and the earth will allow me to do and I know what you make obvious, I know that you've made your concerns known. Well, Mark went on Dr. Moon, and I also know what you've been hiding. Now

00:48:02 --> 00:48:36

what what have they been hiding? This is an interesting question. One thing they had been hiding was while they revealed the potential for the human being to do bad, but they never said anything about the human being also doing what good they I mean, they even though they knew he had probably has both potentials, they highlighted one and not the other, so they hid one of them. And Connor can be used for an emphatic reason, meaning I definitely know what you're hiding also. But it's also interesting that the angels in their ranks, there was one who was not actually an angel, please. And Allah azza wa jal will describe about at least, that even though he had obeyed the law before this

00:48:36 --> 00:48:46

incident, and he was made in charge of the angels, the Quran will tell us Can I mean caffeine, he was always from the unbelievers, he was always from the ungrateful.

00:48:48 --> 00:49:27

In other words, he had always had pride. It just never came out. But the seed was always there. And they don't even know. That's why I was used. I know better than you what you show, and I know what you've been hiding. You don't even know who you're hiding among you. You're hiding the the most arrogant creature in history among you, and you don't even know it. So let's say well, Michael, don't talk to me, even after being shown this display and being shown the superiority of the human being, there's one among you that is still unconvinced. All the angels are now convinced, but there's one among you they're still unconvinced. And unless alluding to that that creature was

00:49:27 --> 00:49:59

unconvinced. And the last thing I know what you've been hiding, and that's why in the very next hire, everything comes out full circle, where it's called lanell. mala cutters, Julie Adam, for surgery libraries. When we said to the angels makes sense to other they all did. So with the exception of the police, by the way, please. The word police is not an Arabic word. It has pre Arab origin. And you know, it has maybe some Greek influence also Diablos and there are variations of that and in Spanish, this is Diablo for the devil. Right? But it's that's the beauty

00:50:00 --> 00:50:37

least part Diablo says from the employees from Diablo says from there, so there is an a, a pre Arab connection to the word also. This is the actual name of Iblees. This is the actual name. And you'll notice I didn't say shaitan. Here, he said he believes some other places. He said what shaytaan. But here he said, at least so what's the difference? The difference is here, it was the name of the father of humanity, Adam, and on the other side is the name of the father of the enemy of humanity, at least so the two fathers are actually put together. Elisa Lam has Luria and at least has furuya and his his offspring, and his offspring include child teen, he himself as a shepherd, but he

00:50:37 --> 00:50:46

includes nothing. So the two original people, the two entities in conflict first are actually mentioned by name now, so Allah says when we said to the angels makes sense.

00:50:48 --> 00:50:55

To them, they did so with the exception of Emily's here inshallah, before I conclude today, I'll wrap it a little bit early, I think five minutes or so I'll be done.

00:50:57 --> 00:51:13

I do want to share with you a controversial opinion that I am convinced of, I don't mind sharing it with you, because I see a lot of merit in it, you are completely free to disagree. There are only a handful of people that have found themselves in agreement with this opinion of mine.

00:51:14 --> 00:51:48

But I also share it with you again, you are free entirely to disagree with it. There's a concept in Islamic Studies called essential to technique, the such that the prostration done out of nobility, meaning before Islam, you could do sighs that to other than Allah also out of honor or respect for them, right. And so when the angels are told to do sighs that to them, they did it out of respect for them, or to acknowledge that other malissa will have some kind of superiority over them. Some have also suggested like the Koran says, angels were put to the service of human beings, there are angels that document our deeds. For example, there are angels that travel with us that carry us

00:51:48 --> 00:52:25

there are angels that goddess when we're traveling, when we're driving and you know, UCLA, kochava solarz origin and Quran will describe later when the believers die, the angels come to them and tell them that no oleocanthal Hayato Neo phylloxera. We wear your protective friends and worldly life and in the alpha. So angels were put to the service of human beings and that's being suggested by this such that, but what I found was I was I always had a kind of a trouble internalizing the size or to the cream concept, like the idea of studies are being done to other than Allah azza wa jal, there's only two of these mentioned in the Quran, one of them is to Adam and insulin, the other is by the

00:52:25 --> 00:53:04

children by the brothers of Yusuf and the parents of use of to use of a celebrity and of siliceous have two sides does to other than Allah, right, that are still considered acceptable. What I found difficult to internalize is actually the lamb here when you say such it was to do Li Adam the lamb actually can be considered grammatically llama tallien llama Talia means makes such that not to Adam, but because of Adam, it's possible to interpret this as makes sense that not to Adam but because of Adam. Now what does that mean? When the when musala Islam through the stack the staff, and it turned into a snake and it at other fake snakes? What did the magicians do?

00:53:05 --> 00:53:33

They fell into such that the default is such that to the staff or because of the staff. Because of it, they acknowledge the greatness of a lot and they fell into such that the idea and you know when something amazing happens in front of you, you because of it, you fall into size that you understand. People do that for weird things like Pakistanis when they win like a cricket match. They do say that because of you know, because of the amazing thing they want to match. Yes, it's miraculous. You want to match Yes, I agree to.

00:53:34 --> 00:54:15

So you find when musala salaams families reunited, it seems to make more sense to me to say that because of this amazing thing. They were overwhelmed by the plan of align the wisdom of Allah and the humility Allah put them to that instead of being humbled to their brother, they were humbled before Allah azza wa jal they found such that because of use of not to use, okay, like people found signs up because of miracles, not to the miracles and that further is in my mind, it was reinforced only because Allah says they lie. Yes, you do one for someone to fill out only to Allah, everyone in the skies in the earth do such that Allah use the phrase only this is Lila macadam suggests there is

00:54:15 --> 00:54:24

only and only done for Allah, which pulled me more in that direction, then will put me even more in that direction is the fact that when we do such that we do so decide what direction

00:54:25 --> 00:54:59

the Kaaba, the Kaaba is built by Ibrahim alayhis salam, but we know that its foundations were actually first raised by Ottoman Islam. And then it was reinforced and built again by Ibrahim Elisa, what was the purpose of the Kaaba and by Hara Beatty the tie in with Aquafina workarea sujood you're gonna purify my house for people who do tawaf go around it. Attica people who stay there while rocard people who do recover and what what's the final one as pseudo people who will do, Sasha Ibrahim alayhis salam built that house so people will only do siza to Allah azza wa jal Ibrahim Alayhi Salam has to say

00:55:00 --> 00:55:41

It's my end his heart. He teaches Islam to his marine he teaches Islam to his heart is how he teaches Islam to who Yaqoob yaku teaches Islam to who Yusuf Ali Salaam, and their Islam is the Islam of who their father Ibrahim, is that is that clear to everybody? Now, Ibrahim Ali Salam is the one who built what the Kaaba, purpose of the Kaaba to do such that only and only to Allah azza wa jal, and of his lineage is Yusuf Alayhi, salaam and jacoba A Salaam, and these prophets are named wasallam. Even in prison, Yusuf Alayhi Salaam made reference to the fact that I follow the religion of my father, starting with Ibrahim Alayhi, salam, he made reference to that. So I have a hard time

00:55:41 --> 00:56:15

imagining that in the religion that emphasize such not only to Allah to the Kaaba, for the Kaaba, that you would allow for Saudis, not to anyone else. It doesn't seem like there's room left for anywhere else. And I don't see that this is a problem because there's not a hadith about the size of the cream. There's not an ayah about the size of the cream. It's a grammatical interpretation that says that was done to them. I My heart is more subtle on size that was done because of them. It's more subtle that it maintains the integrity of this very powerful institution of size that that it didn't like all of a sudden, Allah azza wa jal revealed total sudo la Salaam, that from now on sighs

00:56:15 --> 00:56:49

dies only to Allah such that, to me seems like from the very beginning, one of the most powerful acts of worship before Allah. And if you study such that in the Koran, such that has done it the most amazing places, like when the human beings are the most humbled before Allah, they are to fall into such that and when luck creates his greatest creation, which is what the human being, that is when he compels the angels to do such that so even though I was gonna say I was gonna finish in five minutes, I'll take three more of finished right on time, I'll tell you this one last thing, who were these angels that alleged talking to, these are the angels carrying the out of Allah, there's these

00:56:49 --> 00:57:27

are the angels in the close company of a luck and I'm in Bora Bora. These are the noble angels. And Allah has now created the human being either an insolent and alive, so proud of this creation. And Allah wants the his closest angels to acknowledge the greatness of this creation so much that some even argue that all of them whatever tasks they were doing, were told Garuda who sadly didn't fall into such that because of him, fall into six that before Allah declared the greatness of Allah, because of this human being that's been created. And so all these angels that were busy doing all kinds of things, the legions upon legions upon legions of them, all of them just drop into such

00:57:27 --> 00:58:05

that, because of the greatness of Allah, this manifests in the creation of Adam and Islam in the creation of the human being. It's an incredible thing to realize, the honor that Allah has given the human beings, the honor that Allah has given, because Allah has not asked for such that, for small things. People don't fall into ServiceNow, for small things, and for all of the angels to fall into size that how much nobility has a lot given this human being. And now put it in perspective. Here we are 2016, some of you watching on your mobile devices or at home on your desktops or laptops or something. You guys sitting here in Russia, Allah has given this human being such amazing capacity.

00:58:05 --> 00:58:12

The first of those things was his ability to learn. And what do we do with this ability to learn? Thumbs up on a stupid video?

00:58:14 --> 00:58:21

Or what do we do with this ability to learn, except earn more trophies on our ps4 game, so we can be ranked higher online?

00:58:23 --> 00:58:47

What have we done with this mind that Allah has given us, this faculty that Allah gave us, this heart that Allah gave us that we have wasted so much of it drowned, drowned zombies into entertainment, that we didn't think about the role for which we were placed on this earth, I for 1am, not against entertainment. But you know, there's such a thing as overdose.

00:58:48 --> 00:59:24

And when you overdose on anything, it's bad for you. And when you overdose on entertainment, and just kill you this beautiful mind that Allah has given you this incredible gift that Allah has given you. When you wasted away on entertainment, then it's the greatest tragedy, this creature that was able to learn and it was learned he learned so much, he was able to impress the angels. And now all he learns is useless things. That's all he learns. And the only reason he learns is he wants to make more money. That's just as pathetic as video games. We didn't come on this earth to learn to make money. We came on this earth to learn to make this world a better place. And to learn how to make

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our master happy again, and to reconnect with our master. That's why we were put on this earth was that Moroccan fee Ha. Allah says he puts you on this earth. He wanted you to build on it. He wants you to develop on it. This was the goal of the human being. I especially say that to young people, you have fresh young minds fulfill the legacy of Adam Edison and put your minds to work Don't underestimate your intellect. The intellect is an amazing thing. You know a mom Rockefellers for honey under Article the first comment he made his masala Kala halcon Chroma Allah He Malakal. He didn't make anything more noble that he gives more nobility to them the intellect of the human

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And being respect this intellect This is what put us in this position to begin with our ability to learn, you know, that that we will be given a level past angels will be given the level past javelina isms of how the law how would we How can we earn that this is this is something that really has to be thought about me allarakha wouldn't make us worthy of the honor that he granted us and not make us forget that we are not insignificant, that we are not our lives are not worthless, that they are noble and dignified to Allah. And that's when we understand this is what I end with the word of Allah when he says, what are called kolomna. But he Adam, we thoroughly honored and dignified the

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children of Adam. Before we even came on this earth. Allah has dignified us allies dignified you in a way that doesn't matter who makes fun of you, or who insults you, or who makes fun of how fat you are short you are ugly you are, you know, the fact that you're Muslim or the fact that you have an accent or whatever. You have been honored in the highest of heavens already. Nobody can take that away from you, especially when you carry that Illallah me allows me to keep us as people of dignity. barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan delves into Ayat number 30 of the esteemed Surah Al Baqarah that emphasizes the decision of Allah to send down a Khalifa on the earth. Khalifa in this Ayat refers to Prophet Adam AS, and our Prophet ﷺ because he was the Khalifah of Allah SWT appointed by Him to implement His laws. 

When Allah SWT informed them that He was going to create a creation on the earth, the angels raised a question about this with Allah SWT only for the sake of learning and they wanted to know the wisdom behind such a decision. If the wisdom behind this action was the worship, praise, and glorification of Allah, then that was already being done by the angels.

He (Allah) said: “I know that which you do not know” which implies that only Allah SWT knew the benefit of creating this type of creature. He would create Prophets and send Messengers, people who are truthful, martyrs, righteous believers, worshippers, the modest, the pious, the scholars who implement their knowledge, humble people and many more types who love Allah SWT and follow His Messengers AS.

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