Yahya Ibrahim – Ramadan 2018 – Daily Tafsir – Juz 23

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a scene where Dylan discusses a loss of demand and Hannah is talking about a woman named Hannah with Allah. The men are in a quiet room and discussing the creation of skies and stars, the origin of the day, and the use of signs and symbols to differentiate people. The transcript also touches on controversial actions from leaders in Canada, including decisions to disobey the Br seal and the Br seal's name, media use to portray different people, and the importance of testing people for their actions. The transcript also touches on the tests of various leaders, including a woman being led in prayer and a woman being approached by a man with a mask, tests of being sincere and not giving false false advice, tests of the Quran and its power in shaping one's behavior, and the importance of not giving false false false advice.
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Santa Monica Monica to LA vaca. To it's your brother Yeah, here Ibrahim with another daily Tafseer Alhamdulillah we are in doing a juice a day at home Dylan where I use it number 23. I'll also kind of Adana begins juice number 23 in sort of a scene where Allah has confirmed to us the trueness of the message of the prophets I send them that he is protected by a law he's given assistance and divinely by Allah subhanaw taala. And that resurrection is real and that your accounting will be with a law of the Most High in that Allah Subhana. Allah gives a vivid example of a loss of demand and who comes to the prophet SAW Selim and he says, you know, holding a bone in his hand that's

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brittle that he breaks apart and throws it the profits, I sell them. And he says, No, how can I bring this back to life without avelina method and when I see a helper column and you hear Obama, he or amin will say to him, you hear her lady and she was the one who created in the first place is the one who can bring it back. And then Allah Subhana Allah gives us an understanding of his dominion over all that exists, that he's the only one who is in sole control even that the sun and the moon and the celestial bodies that they move in according to precise plan that Allah has set for them there's no chaos in it was chumps potentially the most awkward arena all of this is said about in

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this sorta let Abu shavon have an I told you all mankind not to worship rayshawn not to give your authority, your allegiance to him to Weiner bodoni have Serato Mustafa in worship only Allah, that is the straight path that leads to righteousness. So a law then speaks about that final destination, gender, and the beauty of gender and the blessing of gender, and how we can get there and it's not a male lawmakers have it. The next rule is sort of a soft fat, and use the number 23. And the loss of Hannah with Allah speaks about his, you know, going along with the same theme of sort of the scene of him being the originator in the creation, and therefore the Day of Judgment is in his dominion.

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He is Maliki oma Dean, and to Him will be all those of us who will return subpoena and want to add up in the home can either Lila home La Ilaha Illa, Allah has stuck around even with that knowledge. There are many those who when they are It's said to them worship the one true God, the one alone, they have this pride and arrogance and unwillingness to bow down to the majesty of the Creator of all that exists. And therefore a lot of talks about his creation, the angels and their attributes, the creation of the skies and the stars, and the signs in the constellations and the miracles that have been set around us that are law begin to speak about the day of judgment that in Canada, so

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it's just, you know, one, one announcement from a lot and it will be done one order that is given the disbelievers on that day. We'll blame each other we followed you know, you followed us you were in majority and we only did what you said all of these will be arguments that people agenda will be made clear that people of Hellfire will be made clear. And there will be this ongoing debate between the two of them that will be shown and broadcast by a lot through this surah to us in the Quran. Then Allah speaks about the different messengers that were sent to people and how those who disbelieved in those messengers were of different ways of disbelieving, but their outcome is the

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same. The people also know they disobeyed knew and the people disobeyed the Brahim and Moosa and her own an alias and loop and newness. All of them had the same consequence, even though their acts of disobedience and the reasons they didn't believe in them as messengers and in the path of God were different, a lot of puts a some equation between them. Allah speaks about the people of Paradise versus the people of jahannam. Allah Subhana Allah gives us different signs. So new called to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah for many, many years and very few accepted, Ibrahim called to Allah and the story of the idols is prominently shown there three different things that are shown about Ibrahim

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Ali is that his young days growing up with his father and his rejection of idolatry, smashing the idols and how we lie to his father and his people where he said to them in the self theme, another another time for new doom. And he said this is the day I'm going to do it we'll call it in nice of him I'm sick I'm not going to come to the worship house with you what I thought of Allah him Baba media mean he smashed the idols with his might and the right of his hand. And, you know, he showed them why these idols were not worthy of worship. And then finally is the trial of Ibrahim and this man and it says, If Allah is saying, your father wanted to kill you, Abraham because of his

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commitment to his false god, and he did he tried he threw you in the fire. Can you show that same level of commitment to me overall him slaughter your son, and therefore you see that perfect symmetry committed into Dan as you are a test for others. Others will be a test for you. powerful, powerful sutra so cannot be gotta be lazy. I'm Nancy foon Salama, Alamo. cerimon hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen ends sort of us

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suit on number 38 sort of slot is a mesmerizing soda and in it is a soda that a man will make a soda if you're being led in prayer sort of research that is about an unveiling the doubts that people have, and that the prophets are a testament kind, and that there are different reasons people stray one of them is arrogance. The other is that they assume that it's just, you know, illusion and fraud, and accuse the prophets of wizardry and magic and lies, and others because people before us didn't practice it will follow what our forefathers followed. And we're not going to do any different to what our forefathers followed. And all of these are different examples that are given

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in this sort of, and a lot speaks about different prophets who were given different tests that this surah emphasizes your life even the life of the Prophet is a fitness is a test. All of us will have different tests that wood had a test. His test was a magnificent test and the two angels who climbed into his prayer house and they tested him with their questions to salt water and Rob. Today man was tested with the fineries of the worldly life and in the bath to herbal Hydra antic Robbie. I have shown love for the the the indulges in the luxury of this worldly life and it almost made me forget the worship of my Lord, the test of a YouTube where he's thinks that he has the patience to endure,

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not knowing that Allah seeks for us to not not making is drawn to Allah hurriedly to ask a law for relief. festa janela I answered, though, you the moment he made it to me, the test of Ibrahim and the test of his half and the test of Yaqoob. All of them are set aside in this order, the test of his marine alayhis salam, and the test of liesa and the gift, all of them are mentioned in this Surah Surah Assad, which is a powerful, powerful statement. And Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned to us that the outcome for all of them, the consequence the saving grace for all of them is one thing sub and that is to endure with patience and with Love is the LMA a Kowloon is the opening statement

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given to the prophets I seldom you are being tested by your people false will be patient into what they have made as accusations and slander and ridicule and hardship and an obscenity. That is the thing that is carried through others. This sort of centers around disputes and resolutions. And all of the different tests of the prophets were all around disputes that people had Allison,

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all of them, you know, the Islam, the disputes and interchanging of them has important processes and our greatest disputant the one who we are vying with the most is our own soul, that you are in charge of yourself, and you will be questioned about it. And don't listen to the shaitan and a lot in sort of flawed by reminding us of the trial of Adam, which was a police and a police using Adams inner self inner desires inner one to live forever, and to be in prosperity to be like the angels that surrounded him that shaitan used that against him to lead him further to eating from the forbidden tree. Finally thought of as Zuma is begun in the 23rd chapter of the Jews of the Koran and

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sort of the Zoomer is Surah. Number 39. Allah speaks about his loss, purity of intention, purity of worship, and Allah says plainly to the Prophet hole in Neo mirror to an Abu de la Himachal is on now Dean, tell them and Mohammed you've been ordered to worship me with sincerity of worship, singling me all out. And this Sora is an amazing solar in its beauty of showing us the importance of being sincere, loving of our Creator, our maker Allah subhanaw taala. This surah speaks about the power of the Quran, the importance of the Koran, that the Quran is a cure to that which is in the heart that the Quran makes your skin crawl and that those who have true sincerity to a law are moved by it and

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its word and Allah Subhana Medina says, Your stemming una cola fair Tiburon escena those who are righteous are those who hear the word of the haoran and follow its most correct. fm and cherohala who sadara Who? Who Allah Norman Robbie, the one whom Allah has opened his chest and given him faith in his heart is the one who sees with the light of faith, which is the light directed by the Quran. This is your brother your hyper Rahim with another daily tip see a juice a day and this was just number 23 was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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